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Arganese Connecticut

Note: Arganese has undergone a packing change. The new packaging is set to arrive soon, so I'm offering up a rare chance for you to grab the old stuff at a serious discount. Supplies are very limited.

Oh so smooth!

Arganese is not a household name....probably not even in the Arganese household. But it certainly will be after this massively discounted offer! Tasty, well-made, and flavorful handmades starting at just 30 bucks per bundle!

Arganese Connecticut utilizes a mellow, well-aged long-filler blend underneath a seamless Connecticut shade wrapper. Smooth and creamy throughout with a backing core of crisp, toasty tobacco flavors. Mild in body, but impressively tasty.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Robusto (5.0"x50)BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $108.50$24.39    
Toro (6.0"x50)BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $119.80$27.89    
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Customer Reviews of “Arganese Connecticut”
Was surprised by this cigar. It falls on the high-mild side. It offers a good spicy pepper and woody combination flavor. No hint of bitterness made this a enjoyable Cigar. Worth a try at C.I.'s reduced cost prices.
RH of Coraopolis, PA
This is an excellent cigar. I bought a bundle of the torpedo size and have been floored by the flavor profile of this puro. Not only would I put this cigar up against a Dominican Montecristo, I actually did. Yesterday I smoked a Montecristo Toro. Today, I smoked the Arganese Connecticut. The Arganese was better. If you're looking for a good, flavorful, mild-medium body cigar with lots of flavor, look no further. I've tried bundles of Brocatus, La Perla, Padilla Hybrid, Maxim, Sol Cubana Connecticut B, El Mejor Emerald in search of a good everyday smoke. Arganese answers the bell in spades. The Nicaraguan Arganese is also excellent. Highly recommended.
RH of Jackson, MI
Excellent bang for your buck ! Nice smooth cigar with mild nut flavour . I would compare these to to Perdomo Connecticut Frescos .
JF of West Nottingham, NH
If you're on the lookout for a mild-BODIED cigar that's still got FLAVOR, then look no further than Arganese Connecticut. This puppy is creamy and mellow, but packs a flavorful oak core with a nice dash of pepper on the finish. At this price point, it's tasty enough to give 5 Vegas Gold a run for the money!
BC of Portsmouth, VA
Arganese torpedoes are a great tasting smoke,this is an everyday cigar that hits all the right notes. Burns even,has a easy draw when all the flavors touch all the right notes on the palate. At this price you can't lose .i've smoked these cigars every month for 2 yrs. Churchill's are great but torpedoes are my favorite.
AS of St Clair, MI
Excellent smoke refined flavors nutty,earthy flavor . There is a mild taste of spice, very slight peppery taste toward the end. I have smoked many cigars and by far arganease Connecticut torpedo .this cigar is a 9 and in the top 5 cigars I've ever smoked . This cigar is a home run for cigars international . I haven't smoked any other cigar in 2 yrs.
AS of St Clair, MI
Great Value in a Connecticut. Picked this up at a very low price at auction, so I didn't know what to expect, but will be back for a bundle soon. This robusto isn't the prettiest stick around, but it packs some nice flavors. Smooth, with notes of nuts and wood and a bit of a peppery bite and just a touch of sweetness on the tip of the tongue, it goes from mild to high-mild. Near perfect, even burn. I've had one that had a chemical-y off flavor that burned off after about an inch, but the rest have been great. My new go-to morning smoke with a cup of coffee. I hate to say it, but CI's regular price is almost ridiculously low.
JO of Seattle, WA
I received this one in a sampler pack (robusto) and I was very surprised. It was mellow and smooth with a creamy texture. Loved the Connecticut wrapper. This cigar makes for a very good weekly smoke and when bbq'ng I would reach and enjoy this one with a good bottle of beer.
JS of Arlington, TX
Arganese was one of the very first handmades I ever smoked. I always have at least a small stash of them in my humidor, mainly because they are so darned consistent. Mild enough to smoke all day, but not just a fluff bomb either. The Conneticut, Maduro and Nicaraguan all are great in their nich, and for my different smoking moods. I hope theses are available for a very long time. Keep 'em coming!
SW of Karnes City, TX
Got a fiver of 5 x 50s trying new smokes and was not impressed. Uneven burn with constant re-lights. Smoked it to nub looking for good flavor without bitter aftertaste. Will revisit these again after some humi time and aging as I think I just got some out of cycle and still too green. Until then will stick with VS and La A.
C of Antioch, IL
After some humidor time these Arganese developed into a great cigar. Nice amount of pepper in the nose and a savory med/light body with lots of smoke. The flavor is woody, nutty, salty and just plain yummy, never bitter too. Bought another fiver of churchills and they are the same good smoke rott this time so my previous review is for a wet cigar. My new favorite evening smoke. I smoke them to the nub and it only gets better at the end leaving you wanting another right away.
C of Antioch, IL
I am a full-flavor, full-bodied nut. That being said, this cigar is on the very mild side offering good buttery smooth flavors. Hints of oak and cedar powder the palate with some very enjoyable tobacco flavor that we all crave. My friend who is a Gurkha beauty fanatic, was unable to tell the difference after I removed the band. If you enjoy mild, creamy cigars buy this. If you like Gurkha beauties, buy this. If you like a well crafted handmade that's imported, buy this. I smoke these daily now as the fuller cigars were beginning to get boring. Had to reset my palate!
Made a huge mistake with this cigar. Bought and tried immediately, didn't like them initially, and so I put them at the top of my rotation so that I could "get rid of them." I thought they lacked flavor and burned poorly. However, from my original bundle, I kept four in the bottom of my humi over winter. Having forgotten about them, I came across them and took 'em out to the course this past month. No I'm kicking myself. Distinct flavors and even burn with mild-medium body. Very pleasant. Some cigars just need a minute before they blossom, I guess. Will be buying again this year for use next spring!
These definitely get better with age. I bought these early this year, intending for them to be my smoke as I did my weekend warrior work in the yard. The first 5 or so that I smoked burned unevenly, tasted ok at the the start, but ended up tasting nasty by the last third. I like to be able to smoke my sticks to the nub, but not these. I don't think the grass I was cutting would've tasted any worse than these. Anyway, I'm not one to toss good money out the window, so that last 6 or so sat in my humi for 3-4 months. I forgot about them and took one out last weekend for the weekly grass cutting. I had to stop and make sure I hadn't grabbed one of my good smokes by mistake. It tasted much better. Not a premium by any stretch, but pretty good. I tried another the next day to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Still tasted good. But I still can't smoke these to the nub. Still tastes like grass by the end. I can't say I'll try these again. But if you've got 'em, age 'em. They'll get better.
I wasn't blown away by these. There wasn't much flavor other than the generic smoke taste. You get what you pay for I guess.
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
I really enjoy these... consistently smooth, mild but flavorful and no tongue numbing bite that so many of the less expensive cigars develop about 2/3rd of the way down. These were the best of the bunch in the "Uncle Stu's" mild churchill sampler and I've been buying the Arganese Connecticut churchills and robustos ever since. I seriously doubt there is better value for money in the entire catalog.
these are great for the price!
SD of mashpee, MA
Big bang for a buck! Great burn and taste straight OTT.
AS of Berlin, NJ
nice mild cigar for the price
DD of Danbury, NH
a nice surprise medium strength
JP of west milford, NJ