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Graycliff G2

For a limiited time, enjoy an additional $15 off Graycliff 'G2' boxes! Discounts reflected in the prices below.

Graycliff is well-versed at creating bold, complex blends - cigars that earn top honors and top ratings. But a mellow, mild-bodied blend was never an arrow in the Graycliff quiver....(cue dramatic music, release doves).....until now! Behold, Graycliff G2.

This lovely little Graycliff has it all: it’s got substance (not just a pretty face you see) and it’s an astonishingly cheap date to boot (more on that later). The G2 begins with a seamless, Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper, silky-smooth and an oily sheen. The aged mixture of long-fillers from Nicaragua are carefully blended with Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos to promote a rich bouquet finished by creamy nuances. Notes of nuts and toast are noticeable along with a pleasant touch of leather and sweet elements plus a unique doughy aroma. Its richness becomes more present as it burns, bringing this mellow array of flavor builds from mild to medium in body toward the nub. Complex, yet sophisticated and well-balanced, the G2 is Graycliff’s ultimate anytime cigar. Topped off with an absolutely killer price point with CI’s discounted introductory offer - this cigar is the gateway to Graycliff if ever there was one.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
PG (Robusto) (5.2"x50) Sale
BOX OF 20 In Stock $175.00 $44.99
PG (Robusto) (5.2"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $20.00
PGX (Toro) (6.0"x50) Sale
BOX OF 20 In Stock $200.00 $49.99
PGX (Toro) (6.0"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $30.00 $21.00
PGXL (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Sale
BOX OF 20 In Stock $250.00 $64.99
PGXL (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
5-PACK In Stock $25.00
Pirate (Torpedo) (6.0"x52) Sale
BOX OF 20 In Stock $225.00 $54.99
Pirate (Torpedo) (6.0"x52)
5-PACK In Stock $22.50
Presidente (7.0"x48) Sale
BOX OF 20 In Stock $225.00 $54.99
Presidente (7.0"x48)
5-PACK In Stock $22.50
Overall Rating 4.31 out of 5 Based on 67 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Graycliff G2”

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3 out of 5
Go for the Gordo!
I found the Graycliff G@ PGXL Gordo much more enjoyable vs. this cigar.
5 out of 5
Maybe your medium body nice aroma in Burns well
3 out of 5
G2 is a fairly consistent, mild cigar, with a nice aroma. I've only had one that had a hard draw, and have had several boxes.
1 out of 5
waste of money
like inhaling through a straw.waste of money even for the price
3 out of 5
Bitter to me
I found this box to be a bit harsh. The wrapper is bitter on the tongue and the smoke a little acrid. Letting them rest for a month seemed to mellow some of the sticks but not others. The construction and burn have been good.
5 out of 5
Mild, Full-Bodied Mouthful
If there is a better mild, full-bodied, mouthful of smoke producer available for anything close to the price point of this cigar, then please let me at it. Who cares what the MSRP is? I have smoked two boxes of these now, and there has not been a bum stick yet. The burn is even, the draw has the perfect amount of resistance to produce a cumulus cloud of smoke, and the construction is equal to that of a unit twice the cost. It is firmly packed and the cap hangs in there like a cat dangling from a curtain streaming from an airplane window. Now, if you are one of those guys who likes the taste of rubber tires mixed with asphalt and spiced with skillet char, then this one might be a little light for you. Otherwise give this Graycliff a go.
5 out of 5
I enjoyed them
I'm only a novice I don't know the correct terms to use so all I can say "I enjoyed them".
5 out of 5
NIce and smooth
5 out of 5
Love it...
4 out of 5
Good smoke
Very mild and relaxing smoke, decent 20 minute cigar.
4 out of 5
Awesome cigar for the price!
The taste was mellow and the burn was very nice. Great smoking cigar!
4 out of 5
after smoking several I didn’t
after smoking several I didn’t think they were as good as the first one smoked. I’d give them a 7 out of 10.
5 out of 5
Graycliff G2
I really enjoy this cigar. Since first trying them a couple years ago they have actually become my favorite. Mild pleasant long lasting smoke with consistent construction and great aroma.
4 out of 5
Good yard smoke
Good for a every day smoke while working outside in yard.
3 out of 5
Graycliff G2 PG
There were several gars which had a fowl taste. The rest had an awesome flavor and were great. However I don't think I will purchase them again due to the number of the ones which had to be trashed. Sad because I really enjoyed the good ones.
5 out of 5
Delivered quickly. Good smoke.
5 out of 5
Nice easy smoke. Good flavor
Nice easy smoke. Good flavor and a great draw. One of my go to sticks.
4 out of 5
This is a great everyday smoke. Mild and flavorful the perfect Golf Course cigar.
5 out of 5
Good smoke & price
I order 50 to 75 cigars from CI every two weeks. I always order my regulars and then try a different brand each order. I was pleasantly surprised with the Graycliff G2. Found it to be mild to medium and very well constructed. Thinking about adding it to my regulars. Try them.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Great cigar....Greycliff my new go to smoke!
5 out of 5
Graycliff G2
It had been a while since I purchased G2's but I keep a list of cigars I really like. The 1st one I lite up, I remembered why it's on my like list. I only smoke 1 - 3 cigars a week. I smoked it right down to the nub and said "that was good" I buy and enjoy mostly cigars that are mild - med and have long-fillers from Nicaragua and this one has a tasty blend
5 out of 5
Always the best
For years I have not had a gar as good as the G2. Best for the money my favorite even over the big brands
4 out of 5
Terrific Value
A great everyday cigar made by one of the best brands. No, it doesn't smoke like one of the $15 Graycliff cigars, but is a fine smoke for the money.
5 out of 5
The G2's are wonderful
Never had a bad product from you folks, and it's been for many years. Thanks...CHUCK SHUMWAY
1 out of 5
Gray cliff cigars G2
They were no way as good as the original Graycliffs .... I find them bitter as a cheaply made cigar. You might as well smoke cardboard instead of G2.
5 out of 5
My husband was so excited when he received these. He fell in love with the G2 on our honeymoon 4 years ago in the Bahamas and has not had one since. Said it was the best father's day present ever.
4 out of 5
Good everyday cigar
Being a mild-to-medium guy, I feel that this cigar is good for an everyday smoke. Plenty of flavor for a mild.
5 out of 5
Excellent mild cigar. Almost ready for next box.
5 out of 5
Great Value!
One of the best cigars for the dollar! The G2 is a great smoke for those of us that love a mild cigar.
2 out of 5
Graycliff G2 6X60
This was my second try for the Graycliff’s, and probably my last. The flavors just weren’t there and tended to get hot way too early.
5 out of 5
My goto cigar.
A fantastic smoke, well rolled with an unbelievable quality for the price. I am loading up on these whenever I can....
4 out of 5
Great everyday smoke
This is no go-to smoke above all others. Nice medium flavor and produces a lot of easy to draw smoke.
5 out of 5
G2 robusto
This cigar is a must have in my humidor. Smooth and buttery, the G2 always delivers. Perfect construction, effortless draw and razor sharp burn right to the nub. With the taste of sweet fresh baked bread, it's a great cigar with your morning coffee or any time of the day. It's a must try!
5 out of 5
Great bang for the buck. Just reordered
Great everyday smoke. Price is right, burns good and at first a little buttery and then gets spicy.
5 out of 5
G2 always a good choice
G2 always a good choice
5 out of 5
Quality Cigar!
Extremely pleased with my purchase of Graycliff G2. A pleasant smoke from start to finish at an outrageous value!
4 out of 5
G2 is a great smoke
G2 is a great smoke at a great price, very consistent. Highly recommended have been smoking them for few years now!
2 out of 5
Too hot, no flavor
Received two in a sampler. The first half was okay, a little lacking in flavor, the second half was harsh. I'll keep the other stick for giveaway purposes.
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
they r alright but they
they r alright but they get a little hot at the end
4 out of 5
Excellent Cigars - Very Reasonable Price
Now on my third box of these G2's and have enjoyed every one - usually accompanied by a good single malt scotch . They are attractive and well made - burning and drawing evenly, providing a stable ash and plenty of pleasant, aromatic smoke. I prefer full size mild/medium Dominican cigars and these certainly satisfy. There has been, however, a very slight inconsistency in their "bite" and after taste so I'd categorize them as excellent but not superb - nor would I expect them to be for the very reasonable price at which CI has made them available. James, Jupiter FL
4 out of 5
A diamond in the rough
I knew nothing about this smoke when I went out on a limb and ordered a box of 20. Sure glad I did. Very pleased with the burn, flavor and finish. Would recommend.
5 out of 5
Graycliff G2
My boyfriend absolutely loves them!
2 out of 5
5 out of 5
on time. Great product
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Smaller in size but big
Smaller in size but big on taste nice smooth mild flavor. great every day with breakfast or an after dinner drink.
5 out of 5
Box after box whoever smokes these will love the consistency they offer! If you can't visit Graycliff in the Bahamas this is undoubtedly the next best thing!
5 out of 5
Good service quick delivery
Good service quick delivery
5 out of 5
Consistently Consistent
G2 is my everyday cigar. It can handle a little breeze riding with the doors off in my Jeep to mowing the back forty (OK, back 1 1/2). I don't recall getting a bad burn on a G2 and if I did I'd conveniently forget it due to my overall view of these puppys.
5 out of 5
Vic P. Oak Lawn Il.
Only my second order but very satisfied with the first. Very good smoke, great price.
5 out of 5
It is my morning smoke.
It is my morning smoke. A light smooth cigar to start the day.
5 out of 5
Always liked yellow label.
These "yellow label" were not for export and I always got a bunch when I was in Nassau. Not expensive, but top quality. Unless you visited their facility in Nassau, you'd never know.
5 out of 5
great smoke
graycliff g2 is my go to cigar great for 9 holes of golf highly recommend to any one
5 out of 5
Great smoke and a fantastic value
Very consistent smoke. Easy draw and they produce a lot of medium smoke. Not too hot and not too mild. Great every day cigar and I always keep 60 or so in the humidor.
4 out of 5
Mellow and Creamy
If you are in the mood for a mellow everyday smoke this is your answer. Great burn, fantastic draw and good construction.
3 out of 5
ok but nothing great
I got this cigar in a sample pack of mild cigars. The G2 is a ok cigar but not something I will buy again. A slight bit harsh but nothing bad. I would recommend the Victor Sinclair Primeros , Nat Sherman Host , Gispert over this cigar
5 out of 5
Graycliff never fails!!!
Very smooth,tasteful and balanced blend with a perfect draw and construction .
5 out of 5
Graycliff G2
I have been trying many mild cigars and found the Graycliff and for the money this is a great cigar, very mild and a good draw
5 out of 5
BEST mild blend on the market!!!
My description for this stick is simple; think of a buttery pound cake. This is by far the best cigar to pair with any coffee beverage (along with Graycliff's "Espresso Black"). The burn is even, the wrapper is gorgeous, and the price point is amazing. One of the few cigars that I buy "by the box." Great job Graycliff!
5 out of 5
I keep coming back to the Graycliff G2
I am getting a pretty nice stack of G2 boxes and ran out of things to use them for.... I switch off once in a while thinking I'll find something better for an everyday smoke but the G2 keeps that honor. Whether I'm driving the Jeep with the doors off, the old Ford with wing vent windows open or just mowing the field the burn is always consitent. Never had a hard draw that couldn't be fixed easy by rolling it a little. A great value for my money!
5 out of 5
The best for the money.
Been going to Graycliff in Nassau for years. They always took good care of me. I was given some G2's to try. Very much like the ones they made for "locals". In fact they probably are since so many U.S. customers would go there and buy them. Make no mistake, Graycliff is a premium cigar. Don't let the price fool you. If you like a mild smoke, these are the best I've tried and the Graycliff label says "not cheap", even though they are.
5 out of 5
Graycliff G2
I really like the G2. It is fairly mild but is consistent down to the 1 inch nub I smoke them to. Very well constructed so they keep burning evenly without constant puffing, I find them better than a number I have smoked costing as much a four times more.
5 out of 5
G2 has been consistently well constructed and good quality.
4 out of 5
Mellow with great price
one of my favorite inexpensive cigars!!!
3 out of 5
Acceptable, but not to die
Acceptable, but not to die for
4 out of 5
good and mild . long lasting
Customer Testimonials
Was at the Bahamas and went to Graycliff Mansion to buy some first hand. Fell in like and will buy them again.
A very satisfying smoke. Peppery, but not overdone. Creamy and a touch of sweetness. Rolled very well, with a velvety feel. They're in my top ten!
I got this cigar in a CI Brown Bag special. Looking at the cigar it looked great, nice color, nice oil on the wrap, and only a few small veins. The cigar cut nicely and held its shape the whole time. The pre-light drag let me know it was light, flavorful, and not packed too tight. The cigar burned well and held its ash great, but I was not a big fan. It had good flavors and is worth the price, it is just too light for my liking. I would smoke it again, but it would not be in my top choices.
Honestly, I am a huge fan of the Graycliff G2. I think it's the cigar that got me into the hobby. That being said, the PGXL 6x60 size just didn't do it for me.... I'll stick to the 6x50, delicious.
I have smoked at least 60 of these in various sizes in the last two years and they are my favorite Connecticut wrapped cigar without question in the correct size. They all burn very well and have an excellent draw producing huge clouds of smoke with minimal effort. I have found that these hit their stride between 3-6 months of aging, if you can wait that long. The toro and robusto sizes are my favorite for sure, providing me with an hour or 40 minutes of smoking time respectively. The description is spot on after 3 months, and if you manage to wait 9 months or more you may even pick up some vanilla. Early on these display some pepper on the first 1/3, especially the foot. This mellows out after about 4 weeks and is mostly absent after a few months. The wrapper cuts cleanly 4 out of 5 times at least and has a nice chewy elastic texture. The smoke is creamy with a semi wet mouth feels and is very nutty, somewhere between peanuts and cashews. The smoke finishes semisweet with cedar and is thick and white. Ash is about 2 inches consistently, and very tight. Unfortunatly I have had bad luck with the Pirate/torpedo size turning bitter towards the end. The smoke is mild-medium for the majority, turning to a medium body the last third with a bit of medium roasted coffee entering the flavor profile. I highly recommend these and cannot wait for the up and coming Maduro version, as I also smoke quite a bit of the maduro variety up to and including full bodied cigars.
The Graycliff G2 is my favorite stick. I purchased a box when they first came out, some years ago now, and still purchase boxes to replenish my stock regularly. I love this cigar because I can smoke it anytime, anywhere, on any occasion. It has been great cigar to assist in bringing buddies to the cigar smoking experience. The tobacco is flavorful, but delicate enough for new smokers. The creamy smoke and aroma not only enhance the flavor, but also help with the visual ambiance that cigar smokers look for. You will not regret this cigar.
Smoked my first G2 just after putting some recently purchased upper-tier Graycliff's down for a nap. Amazing cigar, this one. The burn was perfect, even ash and never needed a relight even when left sitting for a few minutes. Flavors range from a jasmine-like floral quality to a sweetness not unlike a graham cracker or gingerbread. I am so impressed by this little G2 that I can't wait to try Graycliff's more premium offerings. Even so, these sticks will likely become humidor staples in this house.
I had this cigar sitting in my humidor resting a bit. I purchased a five pack awhile back. I pulled this guy out and toasted the foot. Quickly noticing the fantastic aroma. The smoke had a good draw with lots of ash. Tasting a mild smoke with nuts and cream. The ash was silver and held on tight. I found myself puffing abnormally fast because it was so delicious. I smoked this to the nub, taking in the aroma and bellows of smoke. I will smoke this mild-everyday cigar more often. I'll keep this guy in my humidor.
A good cigar.
I agree with many here - The wrapper is a little fragile, but the smoke is smooth, even and delicious. These will always have space in my humi.
Very good mild cigar, enjoyable anytime of the day! Another winner from Graycliff.
Smoother than a politician running for re election.
The Graycliff G2 Pirate torpedo is a consistently good smoke! Opening a new box will give you smoking pleasure from the first individually wrapped stick until the last!At less then $60. A box the recent 20% off that CI has been offering has made this guilty pleasure really quite affordable! Thanks CI, just ordered another box!
I'm reluctant to write such a positive review about this inexpensive cigar for fear of them increasing their prices but if there is a better 2 dollar cigar out there, I haven't found it. It lights perfectly, has a nice draw and good flavor. The ash is Montecristo-ish with creamy smoke. It's a 6 dollar cigar for 2 bucks. I travel with cigars and usually offer this to novice smokers. By the end of this stick, they are thinking about getting into cigars. If you like a mild smoke, you must try this stick as it's the most punch for your dollar you will find.
Took one of these out last Halloween (dressed as a 20s mobster, so the cigar fit the character). Great construction, even burn, flavor consitent throughout, and it stayed lit through the light drizzle! Very impressed with this cigar.
Well constructed, burned nicely, but... where's the flavor? I like a mild smoke now and then, but this was all air.
This is a great cigar for the price. I smoke on average 3-4 cigars a day so I am constantly searching for a quality cigar at a good price and this is currently on the top of my list.
After a rum tasting & cigar rolling at the Graycliff I knew I had found the perfect brand for me. True to what they say every cigar is perfect. I bought a box of theses and just love them. I know it's not their top of the line cigar, but for the price, they are just perfect. These cigars are a great smoke, working out in the yard or just hanging out with your friends. The smooth draw and great aroma makes them a wonderful cigar. I will not hesitate to buy more, box or mazo doesn't matter to me.
Always a great mild smoke.
Graycliff G2 bought the sampler pack on sale, best purchase yet, with a month or 2 of humi time. Core flavors are of Cream, Leather, and Sweet Nuttiness. Medium finish. Flawless construction. Perfect easy draw, no touch ups required, even burn. Great mild cigar in the AM. Would try the Gurkha Elegance, Park Avenue, and Castlehall if you like cream and leather. I rate G2 an easy 89
I have ordered these since CI first offered them and keep coming back for more. These are my favorite mild cigar. The Robusto size is perfect for a short smoke, with a light flavor of yeasty bread and almond. Unlike some other mild-light cigars, these won't dry your mouth out, yet perfect with a morning cup of coffee or with friends at a card game (an advantage here because they won't make the room spin and throw off your game).
I received one of these Graycliff G2's in a sampler and I must admit I was thoroughly pleased. Mild to medium flavor very nice draw. I heard a lot of negative things about these cigars, but I'm beginning to realize that in the cigar smoking world, don't knock it until you try it yourself.
I personally found it to be more towards mild rather than mild-medium. Burned well, evenly the whole smoke. Also burned very cool down to the nub, a huge plus in my book. 50 minutes for a Robusto to the nub. Very smooth and creamy from start to finish. I wouldn't buy a box, but if a 5 or 10 pack came along on sale, I would grab it for morning with coffee smokes. Not bad, not great. Had better cheap sticks, but had worse; ALOT worse.
....Given the limited choices of cigars between some European and American machine-mades, and on the other extreme end, the authentic and very expensive Cuban cigars that are in Tehran (Iran), tried this G2 Robusto with delight. Need to mention that, amazingly, it had retained much of its moisture due to the use of cellophane. And after a few days, allowing it to rest and gaining back some of its lost moisture, was time to smoke. Mild, sweet, creamy and with a very sweet aroma. A good cigar for an introduction to hand-mades perhaps for someone used to smoking machine-made cigars .... A gateway indeed to hand-made cigars in general for the novice, or for those who just enjoying mild cigars or looking for a change of pace.
Am excellent smoke! Mild and smooth without over powering sweetness and a real ciger taste. Great balance!
These are very mild cigars and in my opinion, great for a morning coffee break.... I was skeptical at first, but so far, this is my cigar to start the day or even when I want to give my taste buds a break. They are very cheap and CI does a good job in keeping these babies in my possession. Great for newbies who are getting into the cigar world. They will have a special place in the a.m. .... Thumbs up!
New to the game and haven't really smoked a lot of mild sticks yet, but this one is pretty full of flavor for how mild it is. Smooth draw, lots of thick smoke, and several flavors throughout(creamy, light pepper, hint of coffee). I'll be buying more no doubt, not only for myself, but to share with friends.
This one hits all the marks good feel, good wrapper, easy draw, even burn, good ash. It was a little milder than I usually prefer. I didn't like the flavor all that much but for the price it is definatly worth a try. Flavor is such an individual thing. Overall a good smoke.
This is a decent cigar at a decent price, nothing less, nothing more.
Pretty good smoke...good draw, even burn, however it left a pretty bitter after taste...not sure if I got a bad batch...all in all, its a decent smoke
A few years ago I was likely only one of a few buying these little gems but apparently the whole world has discovered the incredible bargain and delicious taste of the G2. I always keep 15 or 20 around for those gatherings around the firepit with my buddies. I used to pay over $8 a stick for other brands that didn't quite honestly match the flavor of this sub $3 stick. It's my go-to smoke and pairs great with pretty much whatever you have to drink.
Well I bought some of these G2 a few months ago and was really surprised, smooth. I am getting ready to order some torpedos. I love good cigars , but now, why should I try anything else, as long as I have my G2
The G2's have been very consistent in taste and quality and are now my everyday smoke. For the price CI sells them at, I can burn one anytime I like.
I told you a few years ago this is a great cigar, bout the dude who handed these out to his friends and they hated this lovely smoke. SNOBS! Every friend I have given one to is blown away, even the D.P.G, M.O.W, etc, fans This is a great cigar in any class. For you Conn. fans try them, you'll love them.
Creamy, toasty and a hint of spice.Not usually a fan of the mild-med bodied stick, but this PGX Toro G2 is the exception.Tons of flavor without being in your face. And big booming clouds of smoke that have a very appealing aroma. Will always have these on hand.
Fantastic Smoke! Mild but very flavorful. They have a permanent spot in my humidor and rotation. I usually prefer medium to full bodied cigars. The G2 may be mild but it makes up for it in taste. Do yourself a favor and buy a box today.
Love the G2 Torpedo - one of the top five cigars smoked in 2011! A real pleasure - one is never enough.
I've lately been preferring very full-bodied, stronger cigars. But it's cold outside and the wife said I should just smoke in the house tonight. Being the thoughtful guy I am, I selected a G2 instead of a stronger one I got in a sampler and settled in for what I expected to be a pretty bland smoke. It's not at all. It's creamy, flavorful and quite exquisite. Constructed perfectly, burns perfectly, tastes wonderful with notes of cream, nougat, and nuts. I am definately getting more of these. A really good cigar.
If you like mild-meduim bodied cigars then the Graycliff G2 should be on your radar. The G2 is a mixture of nicuraguan and dominican tobaccos that create a smoooth flavor without being overpowering. There is also some spice to this cigar along with the mild-medium body which keeps it from being boring like so many bargain basement "mild" cigars. Draw is better than some reviews claim, I keep my humidor around 68% and havent had any problems with draw. These cigars are easily worth the price and considering what most graycliff cigars sell for the G2 is a great deal.
G2 Pirates are my new every day cigar. After years of smoking RP and ITC torpedoes, I noticed a reduction in their quality. The G2 Pirate is consistently delicious and of the quality one expects from Graycliff.
I bought a some boxes of these to hand out at my daughters wedding. The reception was outdoors and folks were burning G2's all over the place. I got a lot of compliments on them and managed to end up with about 15 leftover for my own private stash. I've had a chance to relax with a few now and really enjoy the mild smooth smoke.
Ah, my morning is off to a great start now. I got a G2 Toro from CBID and I am so glad I did. I was a bit skeptical, having seen some reviews say this stick was bland and lifeless, what a pack of lies. This cigar is wonderful as a breakfast cigar with a cup of coffee. However, given it's mild to medium body profile, I would suggest eating at least a doughnut or something of the like prior to smoking. I don't feel sick or anything, but there was definitely a shift in strength and I can feel it still. I'm buying a box!
This is one beautiful cigar! It just does not have a flaw. I bought a bundle of another brand(that was a disappointment to say the least) and was offered a five cigar sampler by the sales clerk over the phone.It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.This is one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. I'm ordering a 20 pack right away! And one more thing:the price is a steal at less than 2.50 a pop! I highly recommend it!
After reading the mixed reviews of the G2 I didn't really want to spend the $$ for a cigar that I wasn't sure of. But when I saw the Massively Mild sampler fleshed out with the Perdomo Reserve Champagne which I love, and Gurkha Symphony I always enjoy I figured why not. I just finished the Graycliff ’G2’ Pirate Torpedo and the only bad thing I can say about it is that it was over too soon. I immediately wanted to light up another one. It had an easy draw and burned down completely evenly. I wont try to talk about flavors, that's too subjective. I will say that if you enjoy the 5 Vegas Gold, the Perdomo Reserve Champagne, and the Gurkha Symphony you will be very happy with the Graycliff G2. My next order will include a full box of the Graycliff ’G2’ Pirate Torpedo.
I'm not a cigar aficionado, but, the G2 Pirate is a damn good cigar.
I bought a box of these and only have four left. I've smoked quite a few, and I've given quite a few away. I'm not impressed, and neither were my friends. The G2 robusto consistently had a firm draw with an average amount of smoke. The flavor was decent though. Overall, an average cigar at best.
Some how when I was in college I missed the class that introduced you to the taste of leather, wood, charco, paper, and all the other words some use in describing a cigar. What I do know, this is a cigar that I will have no problem in purchasing them by the box. It is as smooth as any cigar I know of, but not so much that you don't notice the flavor. No burning of your mouth or tongue all the way down to the buring of your fingers since you don't want the cigar to end. Shame on you CI for including this in the sampler pack. You knew that this would create a rise in purchasing this cigar. Then again, it was a great way to introduce this smoke to all those who purchased the sampler. I can't say enough on how much I have enjoyed every samper pack I have purchased. Each one has included a smoke that creates a purchase on my part of certain cigars in the group.
This is a well made cigar, but I made a mistake by smoking it when the sampler pack arrived. I didn't take CI's advice on leaving it in my humi for a few days after receiving. Becase of this, the draw was tight as if it had been in a higher humidy level. I was able to smoke the cigar by using a slim punch I have. It is a well made cigar, not meant for those who prefer mild, but not to strong for those in the middle. While I enjoyed the cigar, I like the Diesel Toro much better than this one.
I just tried the Graycliff G2 torpedo I got in a sampler and loved it right down to the nub. Burned beautifully and evenly with a smooth draw. Even when it was set down for a few minutes it didn't go out, allowing me to resume my enjoyment. This will definitely be added as a regular.
They say you can't go home, for me this is true. But I can get a flashback of Moms fresh baked bread, just out of the oven, thick sliced, maybe lightly toasted with gobs of real butter. How is this possible you may ask? Well it happens every time I light up a G2. Is the somewhat doughy taste suggestion really true..? Oh ya! I bought a box of these on (June 22nd, 2010) sadly I am already on my last one. In humi's filled with Runations, big Gurkhas, Pepins, ect., oh yes and Gurkha Symphony's which are not nearly as mild. I got to longing for a good early morning with coffee cigar. "Go ahead" save the calories on those fatty pasteries, just spark one of these babies with your joe and you may as well be sittin right in your favorite bakery,(where cigar smoking is generally not allowed,) I might add. Oh and don't believe the veiny comment, these are flawless, all of them! I'm not big on Greycliff except for the 1666. / I will tell you now. CI has the best price on these and I just can't see it lasting. Buy em while the gettins good!
The wrapper was a bit veiny, but the structure was well put together allowing for a good draw and a compact ash. This cigar drew well and made for an easy smoke. It had complex taste that went with it in the beginning of the smoke a nice earthy and nutty flavor with a nice peppery finish. Although, as the cigar evolved the spicy peppery flavor began to overwhelm the rest of the flavors of the cigar. My suggestion is that if you are a fan of the spicy flavors of a cigar this is for you.
Picked up some torps in a sampler. After one day downtime in the humi, I sparked one. Tasty! Toasty, nice spice through the nose, good flavor, a mild to medium well constructed pleasure. A good stick at a great price point. Especially for a Graycliff!
Got a couple of torpedo's in a sampler. Great tasting cigar with even burn. The two I smoked had poor draw, hoping I just got a couple that were wrapped a bit too tight. Maybe they are suppose to be like that, but I perfer not to turn blue when drawing.
I received my first CI sampler recently, and the 1st cigar I smoked was my g2...I admit that I am a total amateur, but I found this one to be a complete joy to smoke...I had it with a nice Doghead IPA 90 minute ale. It was better at the last 4 inches.
FINALLY ! I had the privilege to sit back and enjoy a G2. I enjoyed it so much I ate the wrapper off the second one . Just kidding. I handed some out on New Years day to some friends and family members and not one person had anything negative to say about it. This cigar is welcomed in my humi. anytime alongside some other great cigars Thanks C.I.
These are great! An inexpensive GrayCliff will not disappoint, what a nice even burn! Mild, great in the hot tub!
A mild cigar with hints of tea and a medium finish. Nice, even burn with silver ash, ample amounts of smoke. Refreshing. One of my go to everyday cigars. Cannot go wrong with CI's price. Get them while their still "affordable"!!!
Wow what an awesome stick and the limited time price.This is a mild cigar for everyday smoke! Thanks CI will be picking more up soon.
Got some of these on the CI thanksgving weekly special I really enjoyed these anytime mild-med puros. They provided really nice flavors ..sweet leather, cedar and nuts. They look ,feel and smoke like a $7-$10 stick. I can't believe it's only 3 bucks for a box??!! Gonna grab a box for sure.
Let me set up this fan mail by explaining whats in my humidor right now. Its full of mild to medium cigars, with a few sample packs mixed in too. When I got the G2 I didn't know what to expect. After smoking it my opinion completely changed! It by far, beat the other 15 mild type cigars in my humidor. It is now in my top two cigars to watch for. Its clean, light smoke stood out from anything that I've had before. Definately a must buy for any mild cigar lover!
has anyone had the pleasure of trying a G2 ? I've heard soom good things but it would be nice to hear from those who have actually tried them
Has anyone tried these? I'm interested in hearing any feedback before I purchase any. I read the staff reviews and it sounds o.k. but you don't know what to expect until you tried them and there all on backordor'

Graycliff 'G2'

Steve R

Finding a mild-bodied cigar with substance can be tough. Tougher still is finding a mild-bodied handmade with enough gusto to rival the likes of Ashton and Davidoff, without the hefty price tag. Well, one has arrived from the most unlikely of sources: Graycliff.

First some info on Graycliff. This Bahamas-based factory is tiny, housing a mere dozen Cuban-born rollers that – combined – craft just a couple thousand cigars each day. A drop in the bucket compared to a brand like Macanudo, where daily production is well over 100,000 cigars. These rollers were trained by none other than the late Avelino Lara, the Cuban-born cigar legend known best for creating the original Cuban Cohiba. To this day, Graycliff utilizes the rarest, aged tobaccos in uber-small-batch fashion to craft some of the world’s most prestigious blends and priciest cigars. A veritable breeding ground for luxury, including award-winning cigars ranked among the world’s finest.

Enter Graycliff ‘G2,’ the factory’s pioneer blend into the realm of mild-bodied boutique handmades. Each cigar is seamless in appearance with a light, chocolate brown hue. The blend is comprised of Connecticut wrappers grown under the natural valley mists of Ecuador and aged, Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican. The aroma is soft but pleasant – some barnyard, but mostly sweet tobacco and cedar.

Off the bat, the smoke is notably rich and creamy in nature. Very creamy, in fact. The smoke is thick and heavy, leaving a velvety texture on the palate with each puff. The aroma is toasty and woodsy, enjoyable. After a few minutes I get into the meat of the cigar, and pick up a distinct doughiness, like baked bread....something I have only found in one other cigar – that I can recall. I love this nuance, and if you read through my past reviews you’ll know what I am talking about. It’s coupled with a toasty, nutty note from the Ecuadorian wrapper and a rich, leathery flavor from the Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Dominican tobaccos lend a sweet tobacco flavor that complements these unique flavors quite nicely. For a mild-bodied cigar, the ‘G2’ is complex....these flavors are not subtle, nor are they overpowering. And the best part is, they are presented throughout the entire smoke in a balanced and soothing fashion. This truly is a full-flavored, mild-bodied cigar with rich, satisfying qualities....but one that’s mellow enough for anytime enjoyment. The bouquet does not get harsh or grow more intense at any point during the burn. There are no twists or turns....just a solid, straightforward cigar that’s flavorful from start to finish.

I am impressed and – to be honest – surprised. Many mild-bodied cigars are just that: mild airballs with nothing more than tobacco flavors going on, which is why I lean more towards medium and full-bodied blends. This is not one of them, and considering the price per box I can easily find myself adding Graycliff to my regular rotation – something I never thought I’d say.

Graycliff G2

Jeff K

I’ve burned through most of the regular Graycliff lines (Professionale, Original, Crystal, Espresso, et al) and after each one, I kicked my self for dropping upwards of $20 on just one cigar (I know - I should have learned my lesson after the first one, but I’m an optimist). Don’t get me wrong, their stuff is not bad, and if I paid $5-8 I would be thrilled…but $20+, c’mon! So while I’m not normally a huge supporter of Graycliff, the new and improved Graycliff G2 definitely piqued my interest. Dude…a $3 Graycliff, that’s what I’m talking about! Yes, you read that right; we’re rolling them out here at CI for just $59.99 per box of 20. So at a price I can actually stomach, I figured I would give Graycliff’s newest offering a whirl.

Graycliff G2 features a Connecticut-seed wrapper grown in the fertile soils of Ecuador. The wrapper is slightly spotty, but it has an attractive, golden tan color with a smooth appearance and a nice sheen of oil. And unlike some of the other Graycliffs I’ve dealt with, G2 is firm and well filled. Inside, lies an aged two-country filler blend from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Pre-light, this thing looks decent and has an enjoyably mellow smell, enticing enough for me.

After lighting, I’m pleasantly surprised. This cigar is smooth. It’s fairly mild, but the smoke just rolls off the tongue. The flavor is crisp, with notes of cream, cedar and a nice sweetness completed by an extraordinarily clean finish. And there’s some richness in the aroma, which adds to the experience. As it burned it didn’t change much, straightforward and satisfying all the way down. Throughout, it burned straight, but a bit quicker than I prefer.

Overall, Graycliff G2 was enjoyable. I can’t see it winning any awards, but I could see myself burning one fairly often. A well-made, milder offering at a solid price. And if you’re into this sort of thing…your friends will probably think you spent top dollar on them.

Graycliff 'G2'


Thank goodness for cheapskates like us, yeah, that means you and me there kid-o.  The chieftains at Graycliff rarely feast on our hard-earned dollars.  $300 for a box of cigars...whoa sonny....that just ain't in my appetite of daily cigar pleasures.  I think they finally realized that the bargain barrel, odd-lot shoppers just won't shell out that kind of mortgage payment on cigars.  Enter the everyman's Graycliff, the new 'G2'.  OK, it's not exactly new, but I finally ponied up the guts to try what many have termed "Graycliff's lower-end cigar".  Call me a sissy, worse things have touched my lips, but I simply didn't want to tempt my delicate palate with a potential atrocity that would scar me for life. 

I picked up a 5-er of the Toros, and they look pretty darn scrumptious.  A beautiful Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper (but to the less-than-skilled master-magician hairy Gonz eyeball, sure looks like a true Connecticut to me).  Firm in the fingertips, a quick clip and light jumpstarted my newest carnival ride.  Immediately, I'm intrigued by a peppery and lingering finish which exploded on the front tongue, very surprising from what I thought would be an uber-mild powder puff.  I then expected it to disappear within a few draws, but it didn't.  I'm two full ash-drops in (each about 3/4" - not bad, eh?) and the finish continues to linger.  The smoke is mild, no doubt, and with a firm draw there's very little smoke to infect my precious new office space.  No doubt it's chock full of mild Dominican tobaccos, a touch of seco thrown in perhaps, and a sliver of Nicaraguan richness to provide a little extra body.  Overall though, a touch above uber-mild, but not much, thanks to the spice that keeps it interesting for a solid 45 minutes....a perfect anytime cigar.

The chalky white ash and perfectly even burn are pluses, while the draw is indeed firm, not vein-popping, I like smoke surrounding me and I need to draw pretty hard to get that smoke ring around my noggin.  I think these would be better served if a touch on the under-humidified side.  Completely unintrusive, this could be smoked in nearly any company.  My Graycliff budget may indeed be established, a definite inclusion in my bursting humidor of cheapskate favorites.  At $2.50 to $3.00 per stick, these qualify as a new fixture.

Light'em up,

- Gonz