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Cu-Avana Natural Sale

Extraordinary quality from Manuel Quesada, legendary Dominican cigar maker.

Cu-Avana’s resume is impressive, to say the least. Here’s just a few of many highlights. First, it’s made by Manuel Quesada – the man behind Fonseca, the 93-rated Casa Magna, and the creator of the original Dominican Romeo y Julieta. Second, Cu-Avana has sat snugly atop our top-sellers and top re-order list for nearly a decade. Finally, it’s (extremely) modestly priced and among the most consistent cigars on the market. And now, Cu-Avana just got a whole lot better thanks to a significant price drop. The only catch: we’ve ditched the boxes in favor of more cost-effective bundles. But hey, you can’t smoke the box….and the new low prices more than make up for the loss. 

Cuban flair, Dominican mildness. If you enjoy smooth, pleasant and mild to medium-bodied cigars, Cu-Avana should be at the top of your list. Now made by Manuel Quesada, the hall-of-fame cigar maker responsible for many of the top-rated brands in the Dominican Republic, including Fonseca & Licenciados, Cu-Avana has experienced a major revival. This gorgeous cigar offers a genuine Connecticut shade wrapper and superior long-fillers from the lush Cibao Valley region of the Dominican Republic. Smoke after flavorful smoke, Cu-Avana is consistently delicious and quite relaxing with nary a bad burn or dud in a dozen boxes. Despite the smooth and unobtrusive taste, there are some subtle yet distinct flavors of creamy spiciness, along with some coffee and almost lemon-like flavors, making this light cigar a treat you can enjoy any time of day. So if you want a powerhouse with robust and rich flavor, Cu-Avana is definitely not for you. But for the mild to medium-bodied cigar lover, Cu-Avana has to be hands-down among the top 10 premium cigar values in America. Considering the quality of construction and stellar Dominican tobaccos, not to mention the silky smooth, flawless Connecticut shade wrappers, a cigar this good for as low as 2 bucks apiece is just not common.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (6.2"x52)
BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $98.00 $44.99    
Churchill (7.0"x50)
BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $92.00 $44.99    
Robusto (5.0"x50)
BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $76.00 $34.99    
Toro (6.0"x50)
BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $84.00 $39.99    

Customer Reviews of “Cu-Avana Natural”

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Great cigars. Unfortunately these freebie lighters are free for a reason. This lighter is almost unusable. The cigars are as always great CI quality.
One of the tastiest cigars I've smoked in awhile. Smooth and creamy. I have a little trouble with with draw with some of the belicosos, but a little tweeking, and they smoke great.
I simply love these cigars. And a true bargain at the price! Very to exceptional quality, and craftsmanship puts MANY more expensive brands to shame! The draw is great and the taste is creamy and toasty. They produce volumes of white smoke and hold a very respectful firm whitish grey ash. If you haven't tried these yet, you honestly don't know what your missing in a mild/medium cigar. Get a box and give them a couple of months in your humi and they will only get better over time. Enjoy fellow aficionados! I will. Time after time after time...............
It should first be noted that I am more of a medium to full body cigar individual. However, there are times that I just want a mild smoke that still has flavor. Many times I have tossed away brands that are mild, since they were more like drawing air than smoke. Not true with the Cu-Avana, this is a cigar that is packed with flavor, great draw, and even burn, from start to finish. This is the best mild brand that I have tried, and I've smoked most of the ones offered on CI. In addition, you get a better cigar for your money than these other high priced cigars that don't come close in quality to the Cu-Avana.
I bought a 5-pack of Cu-Avana, not expecting much from them. I let them sit in my humi for about 2 months before I decided to smoke one. Much to my surprise, I found them to be nothing short of extraordinary! Definitely somewhere between mild to medium. I found the cigar to be delightfully creamy and flavorful. Very smooth with no hint of harshness. Cu-Avana is a rare gem that's as tasty as the $10-$20 cigars, but cost only a fraction of that price. Definitely worthy of being kept in your regular rotation.
Toasty, tasty, very mild smoke for when you just want to cruise on a smoke and not be dominated by it. Like pleasant background music on a lazy quiet Sunday morning, NOT muzak!
I got one of these in a sampler and was impressed with it. It's definitely a mild cigar but it's good and smooth. So much better than the maduro's I have had. I wouldn't be upset if I got another one of these in a sampler.
Actually a very tasty cigar. I purchased a bundle and had to try right away. I'm glad I did, this cigar will be a new everyday smoke, very smooth.
The cigars are well worth the price! and as to the free lighter, I have given a few to my friends, had to show them how to use it, it works fine and is mostly windproof. Must have dexterity if not pick out a buddy that has and gift him or her. Maybe CI will put video on use, hopefully with a miss something or other in a bikini.
Not a good cigar. I tried a bundle on a special deal....I like a mild cigar, that's not the issue. Though they look good, they burn poorly, do not taste good at the start....I was not expecting a lot for the price and was still disappointed.
Very enjoyable cigar indeed. Was one of Cigars International Brown Bag Sampler Pack. Kept the big ring Torpedo shape Belicoso and wasn't sure to smoke or save it as a collection piece since it is described as mild. Finally, decided to give it a try and smoked it late at night cruising around highways in Tehran (Iran). Satisfying mild and flavorful cigar and not overpowering. Now have three or four new favorites thanks to CI sample pack. Thanks again CI.
Great smoke, very smooth. Lighter is useless.
Tough draw, somewhat harsh. Just a slight hint of creaminess toward the end. Even burn but with wrapper issues.Overall not a fan.
Smoking a belicoso as I am writing this. Got one in a CI brown bag sampler. Very nice, light smoke. Not overflowing with flavors and complexity but its a damn nice smoke none the less. Good draw, decent amount of smoke, well constructed stick. Id recommend to those who enjoy mild smokes and for those who enjoy something stronger its a nice change of pace.
From all that I can find out, the Cu Avana is wrapped in a genuine USA Connecticut Shade wrapper, and so right away it is a great value, if this is indeed true. It is a mild-medium cigar with consistent taste all the way through. Excellent burn and lots of smoke. That's all I need. The Maduro is wrapped in a USA Connecticut Broadleaf and is a bit stronger and sweeter. Oddly, Connecticut Broadleaf often gives me the hiccups, but I love it all the same....
A great mild smoke for the money. My daily go to cigar, burns well, nutty tinted flavor.
Is it a 94 rated? No. Is it good? Yup. DONT PASS THESE BUDGET FRIENDLIES UP!!!
I've been smoking cigars as a hobby for about a year, so I'm somewhat of a newbie. In that time though I've explored a wide range of brands and prices. I've smoked Fuente Fuente Opus X. I've smoked Davidoff. I've smoked $1 sticks. I've smoked a lot in between. I've discovered a lot of great-tasting cigars at bargain prices. The Cu-Avana is one of them. The Cu-Avana is not just a great $1.75 cigar, it is a great cigar period. I've given them to several of my cigar-smoking friends to try and they are amazed that it is a $1.75 cigar. The Cu-Avana has earned a place in my humidor.
Not a bad cigar, but I am more of a medium-full bodied kind of guy. I had 2 of these in a sampler and the first was decent, the second one got pretty bitter in the last 1/3 to the point where I tossed it. I usually smoke cigars to the nub till I can barely hold it as long as the taste isn't compromised. I wouldn't turn one of these down, but there's too many other smokes out there for me to buy them again.
This is one of my favorites. The taste is somewhat dry with a clean finish. The construction on these are as good as many boxed smokes that cost twice as much. The Cu-Avana has a very distinct aroma too. Very nice. I've kept about 10 of these in my humidor for a year or so. I smoked one yesterday and it was bad a**! You can't go wrong on these for the price.