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Tatuaje Black Label

The highly coveted, rarely available “cigar in a jar!”

Sold out. Backordered. Gone for good. Fans of the original Tatuaje Black Label from 2007 have long been suffering these words, and have been restlessly seeking out this elusive, exclusive, highly prized handmade. Well, it’s time for a bit of good news – Black Label is back, and it’s just as good as it was before, if not better. Uniquely packaged in jars rather than boxes and boasting a bevy of complex, intriguing flavors, this is the very special something you’ve been waiting for. Trust me.

Here’s the lore: brand owner Pete Johnson took a magical vacation to a private island, one of those trips where his biggest concern was which flip flops to wear for the day. While there, an old man on a bicycle shared with him a hand-rolled cigar that changed his whole life. Ever since that day, he sought to recreate the taste and the experience of that highly personalized stick, and with Tatuaje Black Label, he succeeded. While it’s not the prettiest, most polished stick in the bunch, it does boast a near-mystical myriad of flavors that you have to taste to understand. Clear your calendar to enjoy this one, because it absolutely deserves your undivided attention.

This is a Nicaraguan puro that’s positively bursting with unique, complex, nuanced flavors that are guaranteed to entice the palate. Notes of sweetness are complemented by a distinct feisty quality, and the even construction delivers a smooth, consistent experience. Go ahead – get it while you can, before it goes away for good.

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Tatuaje Black Corona Gorda (5.6"x46) JAR OF 19 Out of Stock $190.00 $169.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Tatuaje Black Label”
Lordy. These are almost too good. Excellent the first inch, and then it REALLY gets nice!
These are so good you want to eat the nub so that nothing goes to waste. Brown sugar and cream with just a hint of pepper with dark cherry in the last inch. Almost as complex as the LP T52.