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Swisher Sweet Premium Selection

For a limited time, take an additional $10 off every Swisher Premium Selection 2-Fer purchased. Discount reflected in prices below.

8-year-aged handmades, insanely discounted blowout. 

Swisher Premium Handmades? Indeed....and they've been patiently box-aging for 8+ years, waiting for a day like today. Crack open the box and 20 vintage handmades greet you behind yellow cellophane sleeves. Extremely yellow, in fact. Hailing from Nestor Plasencia's massive factory in Honduras, each Swisher Premium Handmade combines a carefully selected blend of Dominican long-fillers, hand-rolled inside a seamless, golden brown Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. Each cigar burns exceedingly smooth, offering subtle notes of sweet tobacco, sweet cedar, and a touch of cream. The finish is long yet refined, completing a surprisingly elegant bouquet for just pennies on the dollar. With three sizes to choose from, this 2-fer box blowout is your all access pass to 8+ year old treats on the cheap.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Long Corona 2-Fer (6.0"x42) 40 CIGARS Sale Out of Stock $180.00 $34.99    
Panatela 2-Fer (Lancero/Panatela) (6.2"x33) 40 CIGARS Sale Out of Stock $160.00 $29.99    
Robusto 2-Fer (4.7"x50) 40 CIGARS Sale Out of Stock $200.00 $39.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Swisher Sweet Premium Selection”
so, I curiosity got the best of me. honestly, not a bad smoke. A great morning smoke with a cup of black cafe'. I got the corona size, don't think I would go any larger. definitely buying it again. Impressed.
I am really impressed. This is a great everyday cigar. It is very well constructed and has a great ash. It is a Swisher, but this one tastes a lot better. I got the box of 20 (4.7" x 50). I like a 50 ring. The burn on this was even down to the nub. Well I will be buying more of these goodies, I think the next time it will be the two fer. Trust me it won't let you down.
Was pleasantly surprised! They taste great, not like a regular Swisher Sweet, and are very well made. The smokes burn with a nice, even ash, and they smell so good my wife is not threatening to throw me off our balcony! It's a win-win. Will definitely restock.
Sweet on the tip. I got the long corona, but wish I got the shorter ones. These are a bit bitter compared to machine made Swishers. The first half isn't bad, but the shorter it gets the more bitter it becomes. A little disappointed and not what I expected.
PM of Indianapolis, IN
What a pleasant surprise, just like I remember them forty years ago. Sorry about that I did not aim to hit send. Hand made and long fillers to boot. They smoked cool and even rite down to the nub, with the sweet tip as usual.
I am really impressed with this cigar, my father had claimed they were really good and he was right. One of my favorite cigars and the price is excellent. You will not be disappointed with this product.
BB of Palmerton, PA
I tried the panatelas . . . and what a delightful surprise! Well made, nice draw and pleasant flavor for such an affordable cigar. The perfect size and price for a quickie smoke.
DL of Chandler, AZ
What a great stick for the price! My father-in-law turned me on to this over the summer- liked it so much it just became my everyday smoke as a bday present! Surprisingly well made, smooth even burn, nice mild flavor and the nice touch of flavor on the tip(but not too much). Recommended for sure.
JS of Oreland, PA
Go for the Corona rather than Panatela. The smoke cooler with a great draw. The Panatelas I got on a 2fer didn't seem to be made of the same tobacco..... not as fine a taste and hard to keep lit. I like Swisher Premiums but pretty disappointed with this lot of 40.
RS of Finland, MN
Nice pleasent morning smoke. Very very mild, without any bite. I will order again as the price is right.
My Dad smoked Swishers before he discovered hand-mades - But wait - these Panatela-like smokes are Swisher's Premium Selection and they are hand-made and make a great short smoke when at the barn dance or while riding the range on the mower - Long/Short of it is - They make a nice change when you're looking for a short and sweet smoke that is still of sufficient size and quality to be something you'd want to enjoy.
CS of Lakehills, TX
An okay cigar. Good for a quick smoke.
RW of Mountainair, NM
If you like flavored cigars this is a great stick. I grabbed a box on Make Me an Offer for a little over a dollar a stick and was pleasantly surprised. Just ordered another box while they were still offered.
GP of Batavia, NY
A very nice inexpensive smoke with a sweetened end. This is a good after dinner cigar.
Nice cigar that you have to try to believe. Smooth clean smoke for anyone wanting to start smoking cigars or for a daily treat.
RM of Westbury, NY
This was a pleasant surprise, nice construction, good even burn, tasty smoke for yard work!
DR of plains, PA
SWEET! These are so smooth with a nice caramel vanilla finish. As you get to the end, a wonderful smoke. I was delightfully surprised!
CM of Clintwood, VA
I regularly smoke the cigarillos as an every day puffer so I wasn't expecting much from these(I figured at this price I'd just give em a shot). WOW was I surprised, they were great tasting and soooo smooth that I would have been sure they got the order wrong if it weren't for the bow. A great stick at a great price! Good job CI!
DH of Johnstown, PA
These need some time in a humidor to mellow and adding a little vanilla really helps flavor. Not me top pick but good for a short smoke on these short winter days.
LG of Mason, OH
These are terrible Hot burning & bitter taste. Wouldn't recommend these to anyone.
JS of Clark, NJ
These cigars seem old and bitter tasting, not mild as advertised.
JB of Indianola, IA
I ended up picking up the panatela size, since that was the only size in stock. Fired first one up, and while not bad at all. It won't win any awards. But will say it is by far the best Swisher I have tried, and being hand made is a plus. Overall it makes for a good short smoke, and is a great deal at the 2fer price. Would buy again, if my other favorite small cigars are backordered..... like they were at the time of this order.
SM of Kokomo, IN
The price is great,and the cigars are as well aged as advertised. I always remove the sleeves when I put new stock in the humidor. I use Spanish Cedar shims between each layer of ten, so the cigars come back to smokeable quicker. In less than a week and a half they changed completely, The taste was smoother, and the burn was manageable. Not a $1.00 cigar but they are doable if you smoke them slow.
DL of Eugene, OR