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Gurkha Master Select

Gurkha is a dynamite, top-of-the-line super-premium.

The delicious Gurkha Master Select cigars are hand-rolled from fine tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, expertly blended with an aged mixture of Dominican, and Honduran long-fillers. The gorgeous, dark and silky, Dominican-grown Habana 2000 wrapper imparts a rich, creamy flavor with a hint of spice and pleasant finish with a burst of flavor. They're damn tasty, and now sport a highly reasonable price tag. One that will ensure daily enjoyment, as well as a becoming a fixture in your rotation.

The Gurkha Master Select received a well deserved 91-rating in addition to 'Humidor Selection' honors. Here's what the experts had to say: "A supple cigar that emanates a toasty aroma. Rich smoke imparts a panoply of cream, cocoa, nut and earthy spice flavors. The finish is long and satisfying."

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Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.2"x50)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $176.00 $64.99
Churchill (7.2"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $44.00 $20.00
Robusto #4 (6.0"x50)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $168.00 $59.99
Robusto #4 (6.0"x50)
5-PACK In Stock $42.00 $19.00
The Duke (Belicoso) (4.2"x60)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $59.99
The Duke (Belicoso) (4.2"x60)
5-PACK In Stock $40.00 $18.00
Torpedo #2 (6.2"x52)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $184.00 $69.99
Torpedo #2 (6.2"x52)
5-PACK In Stock $46.00 $21.00
XO (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $184.00 $69.99
XO (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
5-PACK In Stock $46.00 $21.00
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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Master Select”
The Master Select is a fantastic cigar. I used to have to buy them by the 5pack or find them in samplers. Now that I've found CI, I can buy them by the box...easily a third of what other sites charge. The box I received needs to rest awhile...the six pack sampler that came with the order will help pass the time. A great offer from CI.
RL of Manassas, VA
Nice cigar. Good draw and burn. Well made. Medium/full to full flavor. Became very nice 20 minutes in. Would buy again.
My favorite standby over the years. The 'Old Guard' from which I base all others. Rich flavor, thick smoke, and greatly fulfilling. Slow burning. I wear my bias on my sleeve and I asked for a Ghurka Master Select at 'The House of Fuente', and they were not amused.
HS of Pierre, SD
The flavor profile on these were not as full flavored as I expected. There are cigars out there that deliver a more robust flavor profile experience. This left me wanting a little more.
DP of Danville, AL
The Gurkha Select is a great find. One of the best sticks that I have ever smoked. The spice and cocoa aromas were very pronounced initially. But the remainder of this cigar was well balanced and quite flavorful. A must have for your humidor!
I've been smoking Gurkha cigars since they only offered a couple blends and have loved most of them, I've been a Gurkha fan since before the symphony was called the symphony, I ran across the ORIGINAL Master Select blends when they were a limited production and smoked them until they weren't available anymore which was a big let down, so I tried other Gurkha blends and loved most, then they started making this new master select blend, and even though they are a pretty good smoke they do not compare with the original blends, they even changed the shape of the new Master Select blend, the originals were the double tapered shape similar to the current Gurkha centurion, which was the cigar I replaced the original master select cigars with but I still enjoy the current production ones too, but they just aren't as great as the original blend was? Maybe the shape had a lot to do with the flavor profile? Or maybe they tweaked the blend a bit? Whatever they did that changed the flavor profile of the original to its current one just doesn't do the original master select justice and I wish, no I pray someday they'll go back to making their original version of the master select because sometimes it can be hit and miss on getting the exact flavors you expect from a cigar called master select. With all that said I still do smoke the current version but I prefer the centurion more because it does come a lot closer to the originals flavors, the ones that hooked me and left me wanting to smoke even more and left me broken hearted when they stopped making them. The prices on these are pretty low so it does make it more appealing but still I'd rather pay more and get the same taste I got from the original master select. A side note on the Centurion, every one I've ever given one to have always said it was the best cigar they've ever smoked and the flavors were amazing to them, when I give them a master select though they weren't as impressed as they were with the centurion.
I was excited to smoke this cigar. However the flavor was kind of flat for me. It burnt very unevenly, and I was really disappointed. It did have a nice aroma, but that's about it.
AY of Whittier, CA
These are my favorite cigars so far, I got them in a sampler and loved them so now I got the box of 20. Beautiful box, fantastic smoke and on sale! Win! Win! Win!
JB of Friendswood, TX
A good little didy. These babies landed here today, and boom, I got me a new favorite stick
MB of Corona, CA