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Supre Sweets

- Mild and sweet with a hint of vanilla
- Pleasant aroma
- A quick smoke with a smooth, toasty character
- Consistent flavorful cigars that won’t break the bank
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Cigarillos 10/5's (4.5"x28) Shipping Constraints BRICK OF 50 In Stock $28.50 $24.50
Cigarillos 20/5's (4.5"x28) Shipping Constraints 100 CIGARS In Stock $57.00 $44.50
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These items cannot be shipped to Maryland or Washington state addresses.
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Customer Reviews of “Supre Sweets”
These are great cigars (Supre Sweets) for a cold winter night. They are a fifteen minute smoke with a smooth sweet flavor. I just got done smoking one of these with a -10 temperature and a wind chill of -22. I can't find these in stores around here so I usually order 100 each time.
KP of Darlington, WI
Very flavorful (Supre Sweets) like they said and surprisly fullfilling that great need of a great smoke!!!
DS of Chula Vista, CA
This is a decent cigar but not the best-not even compared to other machine mades I've had. For the price I guess it's okay.
R of SWoodbridge, VA
these are probably the best machine made cigars i have ever seen. (Supre Sweets) the flavor doesnt compare to a real stick but it also doesnt have that characteristic hot cardboard taste most machine made sticks seem to have. tastes like sweet vanilla smoke the whole way through and leaves a nice sweetness on the lips for a while
QL of beaver dam, WI
these are great cigars way better than i thought they would be (Supre Sweets) i like them better than swisher sweets,they leave a sweet flavor on your lips. i will buy more thanks CI.
SB of shorewood, WI
A great little cigar. Sweet and mild just like they say. I tried many other machine made cigars, but always come back to Supre Sweets.
Wish CI would get the perfectos in these. They have a great sweet flavor perfect for a beginner that is just starting to enjoy cigars.
CS of Antigo, WI
Wow! After some researching I wanted a mellow cigarillo that can be satisfying, but under 15 minutes. I can truly say these bad boys are it. No wonder they are always out of stock. They are easy to smoke and your lips are covered in eternal sweetness. The sweet vanilla taste is long lasting till the nub. Almost burned my fingers since I smoked these babies til' the very end. I got a brick of 50 and wish I would have bought more. Thanks CI for another very well priced alternative when I don't have time for a good cigar. Great for 15 min breaks, on a nice 15 minute drive or even on the go.
VM of Alachua, FL
I'm from Appleton WI. I was delighted to find these on line. They are fresh , soft and tastie. The Supre Sweets avalible local are stale, hard, and alot of times broken.Now that I have done a review, I'm going to order some more.
DS of Appleton, WI
Since I discovered these little Supre Sweet nuggets about 4 years ago, I've been ordering a couple of hundred a month when they are in stock. I'm beginning to think that I need to get an extra hundred to hold in reserve for those times when the smokes are back ordered. I have given away my 45 year collection of pipes and assorted paraphernalia and I haven't even thought about buying a pack of cigarettes in several years because these little sticks are so satisfying. In my opinion this is the best little cigar available anywhere for the money.
LA of Dawson, GA
Holy crap these are awesome cigars! I prefer mild and sweet cigars and these are the best I've ever had, seriously! These are better than Swisher Sweets! 50 for only $24.50 is an awesome deal. Looks like I'll have to order more.
BW of Pomona, CA
One of my new favorites! I love these cigars! Better than Swisher Sweets IMO. If you like sweet cigars like I do then buy these!
BW of Pomona, CA