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- A top-seller for over a century
- Filled with a mild blend of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos
- Extensive sizes, shapes and flavors
- Mild, smooth and consistent
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Blunt (Corona) (4.9"x41) Shipping Constraints
BOX OF 55 In Stock $39.99
Blunt Strawberry (Corona) (4.9"x41) Shipping Constraints
BOX OF 55 In Stock $39.99
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These items cannot be shipped to Maryland or Washington state addresses.
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Customer Reviews of “Phillies”

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Ahhh... An American classic! Nothing like a Phillies and a bright, summer day!!
Good cigar-reasonbly priced. (Phillies ) Pleasantly surpised by the hint of sweetness. A great companion for evening walks, or sitting outside meditating.
Good cigar-reasonbly priced. (Phillies) Pleasantly surpised by the hint of sweetness. A great companion for evening walks, or sitting outside meditating.
BEST BUY (Phillies).
its good to smoke it up (Phillies)
These cigars (Phillies) are great. I love the smooth flavor of the peach blunts.
My son-in-law gave me one of these Phillies Blunts the other day, and i thought at first it tasted fairly decent for a tobacco paper wrapped cigar, but the more i smoked it, the worse it got. By the time i got down to the nub, i had a horrible bitter taste in my mouth and was very nauseated. This cigar made me remember why i never smoke these tobacco paper wrapped cigars anymore. What a sorry excuse for a cigar Phillies Blunts are!!!!!!!!!
Always was a favorite for me & still is!!!
A very good cigar for the price, sure there are better ones out there, but they cost 3 times as much.
I remember seeing my Dad smoke these Phillies a lot when I was young... So I am hoping he still likes them . Also found and ordered some Garcia Vega's (he used to smoke those too!). Normally, I buy him the affordable CI deal Cigars » 2-Fer Bedlam » Magellan Dominicans.. (he seems to like these a lot as of late) as they are similar in size.. So we'll see what he likes better.. Phillies, Vegas or Magellans! More later!
I love these cigars so much I share them with my sister!
I absolutely love these. I have them at work on drives I know are more than a half hour. Lighting them with matches really brings out their true taste! Mild, yet deliver that aromatic punch you can't beat. Two thumbs up
I usually don't like MM cigars, but they do smoke evenly till the end. This is about a little more than a 1/2 hour smoke and at nearly the same as a handmade dollar cigar, I would rather buy the handmade one as they last more than an hour or so depending on type. MM cigars is often flavored like this one and they tend to get sticky on the mouth after awhile. This one does, but not as bad as others, and once in awhile they slightly unravel at the tip. These type of cigars do have their place as a "quickie" rather than a "more quickie" cigarillo.