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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro

Double maduro beauties from SLR.

This new, full-bodied SLR blend combines a toothy, jet-black Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro on the outside with a second Connecticut Broadleaf serving as the binder. These rich tobaccos conceal a robust mixture of Nicaraguan long-fillers and promotes a full-bodied, full-flavored smoking sensation. A complex smoke with rich tobacco flavors delivered in a smooth, slow-burning fashion.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (6.1"x54) BOX OF 25 In Stock $196.25 $107.94
5-PACK In Stock $23.50
Churchill (7.0"x58) BOX OF 25 In Stock $222.50 $123.38
5-PACK In Stock $26.50
No. 6 (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX OF 25 In Stock $196.25 $107.94
5-PACK In Stock $23.50
Rothschilde (Robusto) (5.0"x56) BOX OF 25 In Stock $173.75 $95.57
5-PACK In Stock $21.00
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Customer Reviews of “Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro”
If you smoke three you'll smoke a hundred - and you'll enjoy every one of 'em (Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro) !
JM of Hillsboro, OH
I think this is one fine smoke. If you like maduro's and large ring sized cigars (6X60, my favorite) this baby really delivers a quality smoking experience. At $4 each that's about half what I pay per puro at the smoke shop. Try it, you will enjoy this beauty.
RD of Culver City, CA
They're excellent smokes (Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro); consistent burn & flavor, curing well in the humidor with no wrapper failure when smoked months later.
BM of Conway, AR
You know... my brother-in-law got me turned on to these, and the first couple that I had didn't do anything for me. I was up in Vegas on business and stopped by a cigar warehouse and it just happened to be the distributor for Saint Luis Rey was there. He over heard a commentary I gave on another brand and heard me mention something about the Series G, and well... he could have interrupted me if what I said wasn't true to be experienced. But he didn't and asked to talk to me after I was done speaking. I finished speaking and walked over to him and he asked me to try a few more. He mentioned that they working to keep them aged longer, as my comment was toward inconsistency. He openly acknowledged that fact and winked at me and assured me these were keepers. Well, after trying what he suggested. I am converted... I not only was impressed by the consistent aging in the almost dozen or so that I tried over the next month. I really got to see how really good they taste and smell. This is maduro is a bit ashy... but the oily traits offer a bounty of sensual indulgences not often found in many cigars for the money. The bouquet is absolutely stellar as well is the burn. If lit properly the crown [of ash] will burn like incense and the draw is equally satisfying all the way down to the spicy, leathery finish. This rates high with me, spice notes with a sweet and fragrant draw make this a simple delight to enjoy and has made my cabinet. The Series G is one you buy a box or two and stash for at least a couple years then crack open with a nice 12 year old scotch or cognac. My rate this stick: 91
CS of Sourthern, CA
This cigar is one of the best I have ever smoked (Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro). The burn is slow and even with a gray-white ash and the flavor is complex and evolves throughout the smoke. While theses are definitely Full Flavor, they are remarkably smooth with notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts and some spice.
RH of Greer, SC
if you like the saint luis rey, try this cigar (Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro). it is hands down one of the best smelling cigars i have had, bar none. your nose will thank you.
MC of Azusa, CA
I bought two of these Saint Luis Rey Serie G's at a local cigar shop to tide me over until a shipment of RP Fusion MM's that I had ordered off CI arrived. I think my next box order from CI will be a box of these babies! The full, yet incredibly smooth taste is tantalizing and even just the smell of the unlit stick is enough to make my mouth water. A smooth draw; a rich, leathery, almost meaty flavor, and superbly constructed Maduro wrapper have put the Saint Luis Rey on my Top Five list definitely!
JS of West Bath, ME
This is a GREAT smoke (Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro)!! Apart from the price it is hard to beat the quality. I had this at the local cigar shop and I was recommending it 5 minutes into it. From start to finish it was smooth but delivers a great flavor punch. Try it you will like it
JM of Miami, FL
I love a good Maduro, and the SLR Series G Maduro is, simply put, a fantastic cigar. Drawing on an unlit stick produces a smooth, almost honey-sweet flavor. Light it up, and you have a rich, full-bodied spicy flavor with hints of chocolate a smooth, leathery's delicious, all the way down to the band. This cigar also produces an incredible amount of smoke, making it that much more enjoyable. It does tend to burn unevenly and will canoe if you don't even it out. They also tend to need a re-light about 2/3 in, at least for the Churchill. I figure putting them down for a few months will resolve that, but so far I've not had the discipline to leave them alone that long. I've lit up a few of these around my buddies, and I always get a least one 'Wow, that cigar smells great' comment. It's without a doubt in my top 3 and I don't plan on ever being without one in my box. A box of Churchills come out to about $6/stick, but this cigar will easily compete with other sticks in the $8-12 range.
KB of Irving, TX
6x60 Saint Luis Rey series g maduro is a awesome cigar at any price, 100 bucks for twenty-five cannot be beat. Chocolate leather, coffee and smooth creamy with perfect draw and construction. I have burned about 250 of these babies and maybe 3 or 4 were a little tight but still very nice smokes, I rate it a 95 superb. I hope you ignore this review, more SLR's for me!! My favorite cigar hands down.
Amazing cigar at a great value. I always get a box of these to hang on to because I enjoy them so much. Only gets better with age, highly recommended
The only comparable stick to this cigar is the La Gloria Black. La Gloria, for me, is something I burn when looking for something different. However, the LGB does not have the overall consistency the SLR does.
NB of Weirton, WV
I picked one of these beauties up at my local tobacconist and I was really surprised. Being a straight medium smoker I thought this was not going to be what I would like. Oh how wrong was I! I get a oaky earth taste. Very pleasing, There is something else to it I can't put my taste buds on, but I will. the draw is good not perfect the ash is strong and even. This is a great smoke try it I think you will enjoy it......CEDAR that's the other taste, I knew I would get it. If you haven't figured it out I am smoking it right now. I will comment latter when I finish this beauty.
I discovered these a month ago and have had 15 since then. 6 x 60 ring size. They offer a firm feel without being over packed so the draw is great. Wonderful flavor with a whiskey in the evening. There's an hour of enjoyment in these sticks....
DM of East Brunswick, NJ
AWESOME! Oily wrapper is chock full of flavor, dark and delicious!
RB of Ballston Spa, NY
Best cigar I ever smoked. Smooth and meduim body. I can never have too many.
AA of San Jose, CA
Thanks to Joe's Daily Deal, I was able to try the Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro 6x60s for the first time. I was so impressed, I bought a box shortly thereafter. I love my Diesels, but the SLR is a strong, flavor-filled smoke that delivers tons of billowing smoke in a cool, slow-burning style. You might need to occasionally touch it up on the burn, but overall they are very well constructed. I don't think you can go wrong with this one at all. Awesome.
GD of Orlando, FL