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Cuba Libre One

One is not the loneliest number. 

That's because I've been aggressively sidling up next to these lovely cigars since the day I first saw them, and they haven't shown me the backhand even once.

Cuba Libre One is a stellar new handmade from Nestor Plasencia, finally released after two years of work, now available to all (all those with a pulse and a checking account that is). An ultra-bold, mega-flavorful super-premium, this Nicaraguan's most apparent trait is its thick, dark Habano-seed ligero wrapper - a gorgeous leaf grown in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras that's brimming with flavor and giving off an oily, flawless appearance. Below the surface is a robust blend of Cuban-seed ligero long-fillers from the Esteli and Condega paired with additional ligeros from Honduras. It has two binders: a Habano leaf from the Jalapa Valley and a flavorful Costa Rican leaf. From first light to final puff, Cuba Libre One is rich, complex, and balanced. It's powerful but balanced, and layered with notes of coffee, earth, pepper, and cream complemented by a spicy-sweet finish. 

Strong, delicious, refined. A traditional and Cuban-esque blend with some punch and zest you won't soon forget.

Get this:

A deliciously stout, 4.5"x60 vitola was crafted for those seeking the ultimate in full-flavored goodness. It's known as 'The Brute' and it's downright tasty. Layers of deep, concentrated flavor are waiting....while they last!

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $130.00 $69.99
5-PACK In Stock $22.00
No. 2 Belicoso (6.1"x52) BOX OF 20 Backordered $140.00 $69.99
5-PACK Backordered $22.00
Robusto (5.0"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $110.00 $59.99
5-PACK In Stock $18.00
'The Brute' (Gordo) (4.5"x60) MAZO OF 20 Backordered $130.00 $59.99
5-PACK Backordered $18.00
Toro (6.0"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $64.99
5-PACK In Stock $20.00
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Customer Reviews of “Cuba Libre One”
CUBA LIBRE ONE is the BEST $3 cigar made. Over the past week I did smoking comparison to PADRON, AVE MARIA, SAN MIGUEL, and MORRO CASTLE, all fine smoking premium cigars. CUBA LIBRE ONE offers the same quality and same level of it's own fine flavor.
RH of Coraopolis, PA
Cuba Libre One, outfreakinstanding, Wow! Chocolate, pepper, wood, a nice creamy oil, geez, this stick is loaded w/flavor. I personally believe, for the money, there's no better deal. Jump on it now! ill modestly rate it a 93.
KB of San Francisco, CA
This is a very spicy and robust cigar. I got these on special so I paid very very little for these, and it was a great deal.
TC of Wallington, NJ
I have been a customer for a few years but never compelled to write a review on a specific cigar. Cuba Libre One is legit. I have been a fan of Plasencia for years and this new blend is a flavor bomb. Smooth draw and lots of flavor...Smokes like a premium at a reasonable price.
TM of Overland Park, KS
Run out and get yourself a steak dinner and then top it off with a Cuba Libre One. Best one two punch since Ruth and Gehrig. Full strength and full bodied, i just loved this stick. Coffee, earth, pepper and a creaminess not often found in a powerhouse cigar. That's it....enjoy.
KB of San Francisco, CA
Im right there with ya DS! It would be a rough job but we'd be doing it for the greater good. Started off the day with one of these sticks. I mean cmon I piss rocket fuel and eat nails for breakfast how strong could it be. Well I didnt finish it. It was a long smoke and I had to set it down to attend to a matter. When I returned bout 10-15 min later it was out. I smoked at least half and enjoyed the initial 1/3. I was entering the 2nd third when I thought, Hmm should of had more nails for breakfast. I'll have to try this one again towards the end of the day. This cigar has a very attractive wrapper . Very nice looking cigar, draw, smoke and finish were all good.
RR of Spokane, WA
Sitting here, on new year's eve, truly enjoying this cigar... Smoking I believe the 4.5X60, or something like that, and it draws well, burns well, has great flavor, and the volume of smoke is just right! Purchase with confidence, especially at the price!
DW of Pasadena, MD
Received 4.5x60 on Thursday all I have to say is heavy in the hand and great smoke,I really hope they make this size available on a regular basis ..
MB of Daytona Beach, FL
CI (understandably) hypes up a lot of cigars. However, this one lives up to it. Like others have said, it is full bodied, but not in Cain/Ruination territory (which is too strong for me anyway). This is very similar to JDN Dark Corojo, but it burns better. I don't get all the nuances that others do. But this cigar is probably the best under $5 full bodied smoke out there. Wait, it's better than most that cost even more. This cigar really is an absolute steal for those who like bold smokes. $60 a box, are you kidding me? Cuba Libre One is an extreme rarity....a really affordable great tasting spicy cigar. I'm not kidding, I bought some Pepin Blue's a while ago that aren't as good as this and cost more than twice as much. I think I've just convinced myself to buy another box of these. I never thought I'd be able to have my cake and eat it too.
AD of Rochester, NY
After smoking a 5-pk. of the toros I'm ready to call this one of THE best finds, for the money or otherwise, in a long time. Truly a rich and delicious smoke to be savored. Now that my 5'er is gone I'm already jonesing for more!! Bravo Nestor!!!
CL of Rochester, NY
very nice. love the pre-light scent of the tobacco. it smoked very well and has a nice aroma. i even got a nice buzz driving to work. will be stocking up on these in the near future.
AV of Quakertown, PA
excellent, very smooth cigar, at a great price, got on daily deal, cant go wrong with this one!!
RA of Clark, NJ
Got the brute on daily deal, and wow very good lil cigar, smooth slow burning, great cigar for the money. no doubt
RA of Clark, NJ
Have had the toro, torpedo and Brute ... like them all, but especially the Brute ... all improve much with decent time in the humidor soaking up that cedar love.
SL of Mclean, VA
A big thanks to Steve-O for writing this cigar up. See, I sort of trust Steve-O's taste in cigars, so his review got me to ordering the robusto size of the Cuba Libre One. I am already a big fan of the Cuba Libre. This blend is an excellent addition to the line-up. Excellent cigar, perfect construction, great price. After thoroughly enjoying 6 of these, I will confidently state that this is one of the nicest cigars available. Period. Very nice and an easy recommendation for anyone that likes complex, medium-full cigars. Just read Steve-O's review - it says it all very eloquently.
PJ of Crystal Lake, IL
I was. I was hesitant to order....ya know not having a well-known brand name and all. Now I'm hesitant to write this review because I don't want everybody to scarf them up and leave none for me. JK - A cigar worth every penny and then some! Enjoy. I am :-)
SR of Dunedin, FL
I always enjoyed the original Cuba Libre, so I thought I'd give this one a try and I was not disappointed. This is rich, slow burning and even the robusto is a good 45 minute smoke. Lit one right off the truck and it was great. Goes very well with coffee or your favorite sippin whiskey. Not a first cigar of the day, but just right for that afternoon relax time. A few weeks in the humi and this will be a super premium class smoke. Once again the folks at Cigars International come through for us with a damn good cigar at a good price. PS - Ya know guys, if you needed somebody to fly to all those countries and taste test all those cigars, I would sacrifice my time to help you out.
DS of Casey, IL
What can I say, " that's a one a spicy smoke " ! I smoked one when I first got them and right from the start the spice was all over my lips and tongue and hit me right in the gut. The draw and burn were perfect and the construction was excellent. This is not for the beginner! If you like spice and full body this is it. Thanks CI for your great prices and service !!!
MD of So. Plainfield, NJ
The Cuba Libre One is a great extension to the original line. Well made, lots of flavor, and nicely priced. Medium plus bodied, with a ton of flavor.
JW of Plainfield, IL
Just finished my first "Brute" and I have to say it was a wonderful cigar. Starts off with a bunch of pepper, then turns smooth and slightly sweet. It's a rich tasting cigar that burns well and ends strong. Well worth purchasing.
TS of Corona, CA
Cuba Libra One blew me away! I read the reviews and was hoping they would live up to the expectation. They did and then some. Really impressed with the taste and the burn. I bought the 4.5X60 size and they easily smoke for an hour. Great cigar and I'll be ordering more.
TL of Loves Park, IL
This cigar was very satisfying. Constuction was well and burn was good, producing plenty of smoke. I will keep these in my rotation.
RW of Cheektowaga, NY
Waste no time in snapping these up at the current paltry prices because this cigar is easily a $7/stick smoke. Comparable to the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo, this cigar offers impeccable construction feeling heavy in the hand and all 5 I've had so far (belicoso) have burned razor sharp. Notes of dark chocolate, raisins, wood, and sweet tobacco flavors abound in excess. Complex medium-full bodied, the Cuba Libre One is now one of my favorites. Do yourself a cheap favor and give these a shot. Very highly recommended.
CZ of Gainesville, GA
this cigar is perfect... it is what it is. perfect construction, seamless wrapper, holds a 3 inch ash... spicy, subtle, complex and smooth throughout... flawless construction and delicious flavor these have become my go to stick... all vitolas are equally excellent... a killer cigar that should command a much higher price point... buy them now before the crowd catches on and you end up paying alot more
JK of Brookville, IN
This cigar is simply AMAZING! A very tasty full flavored cigar with out the full body punch to the gut. I smoked 3 the day they got off the truck. One of the best cigars I have had in a while.
JJ of Brooktondale, NY
"Just re-ordered my 2nd box of "The Brutes" - These sticks are amazingly complex, balanced , and so delicioso!"
JS of Cumming, GA
CI....I confess!! Guilty as charged. I just finished my first Cuba Libra One(toro) And I feel as if I have ripped you off for what I paid for this box. CI Nation I am not gonna waste your time describing this beauty,I am just gonna say buy a box or two NOW. That way I will have some cell mates also guilty of "Grand Theft Cigar"
BW of Hamilton, OH
Cuba Libre One, the cigar that just keeps giving and giving and........
BW of Hamilton, OH
A masterpiece.
BH of Salt Lake City, UT
Just Received my 1st Box of Cuba Libre One Cigars (and absoutly not my last). Smoked one Off the Truck and put the rest in the Humi to nap a while. 1st impression is Gorgeous thick dark wrapper very heavy in the Hand (i got the No. 2 Belicoso 6.1" x 52. Pre lit aroma had my mouth watering. Smoked it to the Nub heading to the Humi for another after this review is finished. Not my #1 Cigar (sorry the Diesel Unholy is my #1) but in my top 5. Make sure you have some food in your belly as this is a power house Spice, Leather, Earth, perfect draw, excellent burn, i'm ordering another box right now before the price changes!!! Thanks CI!
RG of Bremerton, WA
After a year and a half of smoking cigars on a regular (daily) basis, I finally pulled the trigger on this one. I've found several I have made regulars but they are mostly true full-bodied smokes. When I got this in a sampler, I was a little leery, but damn what great cigar! I was thoroughly impressed with its flavor, burn, and the fact that it's not a whopper didn't bug me at all. I'll be adding this cigar to my favorites!
JM of Hickory, NC
This is a VERY spicy full smoke. It'll burn your lips it's so spicy. If you like em spicy, you'll love this one. If you like em mild, keep moving along.
TC of Wallington, NJ
Holy Mother of Pearl! I've had the pleasure of indulging in many a full bodied, full flaored sticks over the years, but this one takes the cake! I prefer 'The Brute' for the complete package... coffee, earth, spice, and a sweet and long complex finish like a perfect shot of topshelf Scotch on the rocks. This is the only cigar I have ever had that is even smoother on the retrohale than a standard puff. Even my wife enjoys the bellowing white smoke flavors and that's saying a LOT! This is clearly a masterpiece for any fan of full flavored, full bodied cigars! Simply awesome... enough said, hallelujah, amen!
MR of Lawrenceville, GA
A complex cigar that is minimum medium to full body. How smooth it is and how steady it burns you feel like you stole from CI when purchasing these. Sorry Oliva, the Brute and Diesel Shorty are the only "Nubs" I like to keep steady in my humidor.
KN of West Babylon, NY
excellent cigar at a good price,period.
DJ of Sullivan, MO
I bought a mazo of these. From the first stick they became my favorites. Tons of flavor, very complex, with a peppery ultra strong opening, and a cheap price. This cigar transitions to a very complex medium within the first third. It does this without notice because of how smooth the transition is. The cigar then starts building until it reaches a super full bodied crescendo of flavor in the final third. Cuba Libre One is every bit as good and better than the reviews indicate. I believe the score of '94' to be too low. What a boom stick.
JH of Bolingbrook, IL
I've been hooked on Olivas' Nub cigars for a while, and since then anything under a 60 ring gauge just doesn't cut it for me. I saw these (the brute) on the Daily Deal and decided to give them a try. I was blown away! Plenty of tobaccoo, great flavor, great aroma, an even burning wrapper..this cigar has it all, at a crazy value. Definitely recommended!
JS of Bristol, TN
We have a winner! Got a half dozen of these a week ago in a "full-bodied" sampler. Threw them in the box and this is the first of the bunch I've tried. Great burn and great flavor. Got a good hour and a half out of a Toro (I smoke to the nub, a habit I picked up in the seventies). There is definitely a box of these in my near future. At $3 a stick, I may have found my "go to" cigar. Thanks CI!
JJ of Parker City, IN
A Good Cigar, Strength, Cream, Chocolate.
MF of Bogalusa, LA
Very pleasantly surprised with this one. I got this stick with the 12 Angrier Men sampler and really didn't know anything about it. I gave it a try after smoking a few of the familiar sticks and was blown away by the flavor. This is definitetly a super-flavorful, full bodied cigar. I was also very impressed with how tight it's rolled and the overall construction. I really enjoyed smoking this one and according to the other reviews, so have a lot of others. I'm gonna jump on a box of these babies before the price jumps.
ST of Fpo, AP
all i can say is WOW. Picked up a ten pack of the Brutes, Fantastic. Verry fulfiling, wonderful flavor, and it packs a punch, still feeling the after effects the next morning, I guess you would call it a cigar hangover. This cigar produced smooth creamy flavors for which i smoked this thing to the nub. My lord great cigar.
DL of Henderson, NV
I got the robusto from the sizzler sampler. It was the best smelling cigar of the bunch and great looking too. It has full flavors and aroma to die for. You won't regret buying these...
JM of Aguada, PR
Yummy!! nuf said...
I got chest of Robustos and fell in love. This cigars has to be the value of the year, or decade! Near perfect construction, draw, burn and taste consistancy. Taste profile is very close to a good Cuban, maybe better! I'll bet you can't smoke just one! NUFF SAID
This cigar is an absolute winner!!!
CC of South Chesterfield, VA
Bought a 5-pack of the Brutes. Had them spaced over about four months of humidifying. Like the flavor, but I think all 5 had mild burn issues. Seemed there were some less dense spots internally that caused faster burning and unevenness. Apparent after ashing....Have more on the way, maybe it was just a less than ideal batch. But hey, for that price can't be too picky.
RR of Williamsville, NY
I got a fist of the Cuba Libre One robustos a while ago from a friend of mine and thoroughly enjoy them. I'm not a cigar connoisseur so I don't get into trying to capture flavor notes of each stick I smoke, although I appreciate the reviews that include those details. I just sit down and enjoy the flavor of good tobacco from a well-made cigar, and the Cuba Libre One delivers that, exceptionally well. I find the CI rating of medium-full to be accurate and the construction is firm, with an easy draw. As I said, its flavorful, and packs a bit of a punch about halfway into the 45 min to 1 hour burn. This stick has aged in my humidor for about 6 months and is mellowing nicely, compared to my first few smokes. For my experience (15 yrs off and on) I haven't smoked many examples of any brand that were constructed any better, and it certainly qualifies as high quality smoke.
Once upon a time, I found myself sad, lonely in a hotel, far from family and friends. With me I had three single sticks whom I hoped would keep me company. Stick #1 slapped me in the face, humiliated me. Stick #2 was willfully offensive and insulting. And then, all that was left, Cuba Libre One. I had been mistreated, and abused by her predecessors. But she lifted me. Finally, flavor... Richness... Joy met my palate. Muchas gracias Cuba Libre.
WP of Clarkston, GA
I've enjoyed many of these in all sizes. They are great tasting nice and spicy, well built and last a good long time. Would recommend them to anyone who doesn't restrict themselves to milds.
Quite tasty smokes... And WOW!!! what a price.....
Kudos Nestor on the best bargain in smokedom. After years of enjoying the robusto, toro & No. 2 belicoso, nabbed a mazo of the Cuba Libre One Hammerhead. Superb construction, like an oval. Love the ligero wrapper. Wow, what a sweet smoke.
I received the Cuba Libre One Robusto in my very first sampler ever. I just had this gut feeling to leave this one for last. The wait was well worth it. When I first lit that cigar and took that first drag and that full bodied smoke hit my taste buds, I decided right then and there that that was going to be the gar that I was going to smoke every night to unwind. Even though it is a full bodied stick, it is an extremely relaxing smoke for me. Pair this stick with an ice cold beer and the creatures of the night, it doesn't get much better than that. I can't say enough good things about this cigar. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an exceptional smoke at a reasonable price. I will definitely be ordering some more of these delights. Kudos, CI. Keep up the good work.
CP of Clearfield, KY
Mr. Plascencia has outdone himself with this one. Smoked a Cuba Libre One on Sunday.... It was was dead on, a lot of depth.... Savor the flavor for $3 or less? No brainer. Get some.
BB of Massillon, OH
I have always liked CL1's but this deal made them great. This is a good stick with constant flavor never too weak or strong they are well worth the money.
SB of eldora, IA
The review by Steve R is on target. This is definitely a great cigar full of great flavors and a consistent burn. I love the Toros. My rating is between 95 to 100.
GR of Inglewood, CA
Amazing smoke, nice & chewy, great bargain!
DM of Gurnee, IL
Hey, uh, sorry for the immediate follow up, but I just HAVE to reiterate what a delight this baby is. Heavy in the hand, perfect burn, hearty ash, flavorFULL retrohale, and the delish-factor continues to unfold. I'm still new at this, but man, CLO may just fill up my humi. I've got more to explore, but as of now…just WOW!
PS of Decatur, GA
My first Cuba Libre was the Churchill & I fell in love. I just received my 2nd 5 pack, this time, Robustos. While I've been saving my last Churchill in my my humi for a few weeks now, I'm going to just hang on to it. Those babies are back-ordered! And while I want the rest of the Robustos for myself, I wonder, "Is it possible to get all the pleasure of a Churchill concentrated in this Robusto?" So far so gooooos… SO damn good… Get'em while you can, people. This one is sublime.
PS of Decatur, GA
I see the prices on the rise for this cigar throughout the market place, so the secret must be out. I don't write reviews normally, but this is one of the better cigars in the market today. I smoke 4-5 cigars per day, normally Churchills, but I like Belicosos, Robustos, etc. This cigar reminds me very much of a fine Cuban, with a Brandy! It's going to be cold as heck directly, this cigar, a brandy and a lady called Ms. Brandy is all you need to have a Merry Winter. I like cigars with taste, this one has it all. I like a cigar that bites a little,, yep again! I like a cigar, not a cigarillo, give me power, and the Cuba Libre One is it. I have been smoking these Cuba Libre Ones several years now, I knew sooner or later the prices would go up. It is too good a cigar to stay in the cheap range forever, but hey, thanks for the great and cheap smokes I did get for years. I'll keep buying them, same as I buy La Gloria's, Partagas Black, Punch, etc. Can't stop now!!
OM of Orangeburg, SC
Great cigar. Nice firm construction, even burn, nice draw, truely a premium. Starts of spicy, mellows out, then ends full flavored. Reminds me of a partagas black. Make sure you eat first and smoke slow or you could get sick. Got a bundle of 20 and they got real nice after 2 weeks. The 60 size are on sale for $1.5/stick right now which is crazy. Am debating pulling the trigger on a second bundle
EV of Farmington, MN
I picked up a 5 pack after reading Katman's positive review and he was right. This cigar is excellent for the price, I've spent way more for far less pleasing sticks. I will be picking a lot of these up in the very near future.
GH of Chino Hills, CA
Been wanting to try these for awhile and finally ordered a 5 pack of Toros. I resisted lighting one up right away and gave them a couple of days in the humidor and tried one tonight at my favorite cigar lounge here in Sioux Falls. The Cuba Libre One is a powerful cigar alright. I have never experienced anything like it. I am used to smoking mild or medium cigars and I kind of got my butt kicked. I loved the flavors and amazing bouquet of just pleasurable smoking experience it gave me. When I had it down to just past the label I had to quit smoking it though. I hated to stop, but I was on the verge of being nauseous ... I loved it!!! Gonna give them a long nap until I try one again. What an amazing smoke!! I know I am always going to have some of these in my stash!
CA of Sioux Falls, SD
As I sit here watching the sun go down and the world go by over another War torn day far away, my only thought was that the Guys at CI had managed to get me another couple of boxes of CLO's. Armed with one straight from the box smelling fresh I cut the end and lit it with the matches provided and I can only say the Guys were right, from the first puff to the final puff, Cuba Libre One is rich and tasty and brought may day to a close with a mellor frame of mind. Thank you Guys
This cigar is fantastic. Firm, tight, and oily. Strong and flavorful. Get a box today if you want a full flavor bomb.
JW of Tupelo, MS
excellently constructed, the burn is nice and even, Perfect mid-morning cigar for my tastes. I find this cigar to be medium in body and taste for my pallet.
Great tasting cigar. Bold and thick smoke.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA

Cuba Libre One

Posted by Steve R

SPOILER ALERT: Rarely will you see me give a cigar a 94-point rating. But guess what, I just did. Here’s why.

Throw out what you think you know about Cuba Libre....even if you’re one of the many that enjoys this hearty stick on a regular basis. Cuba Libre One is bold, fresh, and entirely new. A bigger, darker, badder brother fully equipped to soothe your palate into submission. It’s rich. It’s eventful. And many will find it to be surprisingly potent.

Like its predecessor, Cuba Libra One is hand-crafted by Nestor Plasencia. However, it’s produced in his massive Nicaragua factory: a veritable fortress churning out delicious super-premium for more brands than you can even fathom. Fortunately, he has the manpower and the resources to make each and every cigar perfect; just as delicious as the last, thousands of cigars over.

This new breed of Cuba Libre is something I find gazing at for some time before even clipping the cap. The wrapper is dark, leathery in appearance, and oozing with oils. Then there’s the band....a crisp, glossy white band with impressive silver and blue accents – the band literally jumps off the dark Nicaraguan Habano ligero wrapper. A beautiful contrast. The pre-light aroma heightens the rituals, filling my nostrils with a warm, barnyard scent with a peppery tickle from the all-ligero blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers. Oh yeah, this baby is a brute.

The cigar sits very heavy in the hand. Because, well, there’s a ton of tobacco rolled into each one. In addition to a thick wrapper leaf and heavy ligero long-fillers, each Cuba Libre One contains two binder leaves, a practice used not nearly enough in the industry - a feisty Habano leaf from Jalapa and a smooth Costa Rican leaf.

All these tobaccos produce an exceedingly complex cigar from first light down to the nub. Like most strong cigars, Cuba Libre One opens with ample spice. A big, peppery beginning coating the palate with spice and dark tobacco flavor. Flavors that linger long after each puff. Don’t worry, this opening merely awakens your taste buds, preparing them for a deep series of rich, velvety flavors. Roasted coffee tones meet bold earthy nuances, both of which are smothered in cream and delivered in chewy fashion throughout the burn. The finish is always spicy and sometimes sweet, while the bouquet is smoothly presented with perfect balance. And then, the power creeps in as the eventful array of flavor steals the limelight. What was once medium gradually approaches the full-bodied realm, just before a strong, spicy finish ices the cake.

Now that, my friends, is a cigar. I am well aware that not everyone will like this cigar. Hey, not every cigar is for every enthusiast. But I’ll be damned if 90% off full-flavored, boutique fans don’t add this meaty handmade to their regular rotation after trying just a couple.

(To Mr. Pete Johnson....I hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks for the request - keep'em coming.)