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Original Cubans

The heavenly taste of a 1959 a Joe Six-Pack price!

Most know that despite the hype and reputation, the shine is gone from the Cuban cigar industry. Thanks to decades of communism and the exodus of cigar making talent, the best cigars being made today come from outside Cuba. But in their heyday, Cuban cigars were the pinnacle of the cigar maker’s art. Those that remember the legendary, authentic Cuban cigars know that they tasted sort of like vanilla ice cream soda. And about halfway through, you’d get a bit light-headed and realize that these babies were potent – but you’d notice it more in the belly than in the palate. “Original” Cubans bring back that incredible taste. Made in the Dominican Republic, these beauties offer a perfect draw and sweet, smooth power that pleases the palate, all while tricking the belly into thinking these are the real deal. Covered in a gorgeous Ecuadorian Sun-Grown (ESG) wrapper leaf, you will fall in love with these cigars!

"Original" Cubans - a time machine back to pre-Castro Havana.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (6.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $80.00 $39.99
Corona (6.5"x42) BDL OF 20 In Stock $70.00 $34.99
Double Corona (Churchill) (7.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $80.00 $39.99
Robusto (5.0"x50) BDL OF 20 In Stock $70.00 $34.99
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Customer Reviews of “Original Cubans”
amazing cigar! I have been smoking them for about 4 years now and have a whole draw designated for original cubans. This is a real good quality cigar and the price can't be beat. Just age them for about two weeks and you wont be disappointed.
JD of Staten Island, NY
Chalk another one up to the guys at CI!! Good smokes! Really smooth with a nice ash. I will be buying these again. The Churchill's smoke about the same as a smaller. So spend the extra 5 bucks. Good job boys!
BG of Gilbert, AZ
For the price these cigars are great (Original Cubans). They remind of the real Cubans that I smoked in the fifties. They have a great taste, the draw good and they are consistent from start to finish. A nice mild cigar that my buddies can enjoy every day. Keep up the good work CI.
DB of Woodstock, GA
I have many cigars in my humidor.Some buck a stick cigars,some super premiums.No matter how many I have,no matter what kind I have, I always seem to run out of Original Cubans first.These are just plain good.
GS of Islip, NY
I just smoked one of the "Original" Cubans...I have to say, WOW!" Now that's a cigar! Much better (and more authentic tasting) than the communist stuff they sell these days. It really does taste sweet, and not too powerful. I will be buying more once these are gone! Thanks for the great deal!!
EE of Jackson, MS
Awsome!! Cigars I am going to buy more alot more(Original Cubans)
DB of Glens Falls, NY
Ditto to what everyone else has stated. Good for the price, great everyday or mowing cigar(Original Cubans), a throwback cigar...blah blah Original Cubans are good cigars that could pass for real Cubans to those who don't know any better (it'll be our little secret). With so many high quality cheap cigars out there today like Original Cubans, the only problem is which one to fire up today!!
DB of Omaha, NE
I am normally a "cigar snob" (as described by my friends). I love the highly rated/high priced smokes, but after reading Gonz's review, decided to try these (Original Cubans) anyway. After smoking a few, I HAD to try an experiment...I handed a few of these out to friends and didn't tell them anything about them. Nothing but raves from even the toughest critic among them. One even commented that these are almost as good as the Cuban Cohiba he smoked in Ireland a little while ago. They flipped when I showed them the price. My observations: Opens with a slight peppery note with a smooth, effortless draw then seamlessly transitions to a smooth and creamy smoke with a VERY subtle sweetness...a sublime smoking experience. "Original" Cubans have earned a prominent spot in my humidor next to all the "biggies". Thanks Gonz, your review was right on target.
SO of Barstow, CA
I am old enough to remember smoking pre-embargo Cubans for several years here in USA. I was skeptical about the brand "Original Cubans", but then amazingly found that the blend used here really is close to Cuban flavor. Rich cigar flavor, slightly sweet (don't mean sugar dipped), and smooth enough to smoke all day. Aroma before lighting is enticing, and after that continues to be satisfying the end. A well chosen substitute, when you can no longer buy a legal Cuban. Not long filler, but ash holds up well, and filler is sufficiently tightly rolled that this stick does not feel like you are squeezing a marshmallow.
AV of Paoli, PA
I bought the first bundle of these Original Cubans because I was attracted by the ad. I have bought two MORE bundles because I really like these cigars. There's a certain taste, sort of a slightly sweet "lemony" flavor that has sold me on them. Mild-medium bodied.
BV of Columbia, TN
I love to try everything out there mild to full bodied . I have to say I compare everything I smoke to these (Original Cubans). Sure there are better cigars but for the price they can't be beat .
RB of Hellertown, PA
Slow burning with a great salt and pepper ash (Original Cubans)- not tart- great draw- nice EGR wrapper-MORE BANG FOR THE BUCK. The sweetness lingers in the palate leaving me to wonder when I'll find time for another. I do not share these with anyone!!!
KG of Schenectady, NY
These (Original Cubans) are what cigars are meant to be good construction great draw and lots of smoke perfect.
JB of New Port Richey, FL
I tend to stick with the old-reliable cigars - Hoyo, Punch, etc because I have been burned by 'seconds' and 'off-brands' in the past. In fact, I was skeptical of this entire CI concept, I mean cigars at THESE prices? Must be something wrong. So I decided to try CI and try not to spend too much money at the same time. These "Original Cubans" are my first CI order. After 6-8,I am impressed, a believer and now a loyal CI customer! The description and review are spot on - smooth on the tongue with a bit more body than I thought they would have. Good taste and aroma without being heavy or harsh. I thought they would burn hot, being so loosley packed. But not at all - cool and flavorful. A good smoke at a great price. Thanks CI!
CM of Austell, GA
I'm a bit of a cigar snob but since the economy has tanked, I've been looking for a good inexpensive smoke (Original Cubans). I usually choose OpusX , VSG, Padron etc. for a full bodied stogie. This cigar is a great alternative to the high end smoke. In fact, I would say it's great. Nice draw, long ash and plenty of taste. Who said you need to spend a lot of money for a good cigar. This is my new everyday smoke.
DG of Chester, NY
This is just another "Right On" review from CI . . Only a Cigar smoker for 2 years I am still trying whatever I can and learn from there. The draw on this smoke (Original Cubans)is effortless and the sweet smoke just lingers. Very smooth and quite flavorful. I had 2 of these yesterday while riding the lawn mower . . . They really hit the spot . . . I usually by a bundle of something more upscale / favorite, along with something I have never tried before. Once these are gone, I will be coming back for more !!!! Great work boys !!!!
SR of Nashua, NH
I am a fan of good cigars (Original Cubans) , now I know that is a matter of taste but without arguement some are just better than others. They burn better, don't get hot and on and on. I generally smoke Cohibas, Partagas, Romeo and Julietta, Five Vegas and on and on. I bought a couple of packages of these cigars a month or two ago. I am still working on them but you know they are pretty darn good. No doubt worth the money. They aren't the smoothest but are in no way harsh. They burn even, taste decent, don't get overly hot and all for about a buck and a half apiece. That is a pretty hard bargin to beat by my thinking. Don't expect a Davidoff or Gurhka or whatever here but for a decent everyday smoke they are a real value. I would break them out in just about any social situation and not be ashamed.
DO of Soldotna, AK
By far the best bang for the buck (Original Cubans)! A very nostalgic cigar with above average construction, an east draw, and intriguing taste. One of my all time favorites!
CC of Jacksonville, FL
Original Cubans- OK...I had seen these in the flyers and obviously they piqued my curiosity. I read the staff and customer reviews and thought to myself "still not sold". But what the heck...I figured for the price I could hand them out to my "friends" ( ya know, not your REAL friends but the ones that show up when you open the humidor), still look like a prince and not be taking too big a hit in the wallet. Got my order real quick(nothing new there) and popped one out of the wrapper. Smell-hmmm, nice. Lit it up, nice draw...smooth...creamy taste..OUCH...I just burned my fingers!!!! MAN...that was a good smoke! Probably a fluke.. Nope friends, these suckers are consistently good from one stick to the next. The ONLY bad thing that I have noticed is that they seem to work better with a plug cutter.......and if THAT is all that one can find to complain about, you have found yourself a WINNER!!! I have added these to my favorites and you will also. Take a chance, you will not be disappointed. Thanks CI for the Prime Rib at Hot Dog prices!! BH
BH of San Antonio, TX
There is actually little sense in me making a comment; it's just going to parrot what everyone else has said. I dislike the phrase 'for the money'...this is a good cigar regardless of the cost. I'm going to keep a supply of these.
MM of Leesburg, VA
two words ... excellent stogies ... two more words ... buy em
TM of Reynoldsville, PA
I just smoked the Partagas 160 Cifuentes Especial I have been saving for months, and smoked an Original Cuban shortly thereafter. To be honest, I should have spent the $30 on another bundle of Original Cubans! I always keep about a thousand of these things around because they go QUICK. Slightly sweet, creamy smoke with lots of nice smoke that lingers on my porch. Tasty!
TG of San Diego, CA
“Sometimes all you need is a quickie,” the Major said as I was whining about time. He then gave me one of his Original Cubans to try. It was a wonderful, very mild and smooth cigar with a quick burn time of about 30+ minutes. Its flavor was light-almost sweet with a bountiful blow of smoke.
This is an very enjoyable smoke (Original Cubans). Excellent draw and burn and the taste is pretty good too. A fairly mild smoke and for the price makes a good everyday cigar. I make sure I have these in my 3000 cigar humidor. Excellent to give out too for the price.
RD of Danielson, CT
I love this cigar (Original Cubans)! How can a cigar with this price be so good? This cigar is just about perfect as far as I am concerned. I like a full bodied torpedo and this is the best one i've ever had. Tons of delicious flavors. beautiful construction and s-m-o-o-t-h draw with tons of flavorful smoke. Just strong enough to let you know you've just smoked a real cigar. Thanks for the great bargain,C I. These will always be in my humi!
HS of west warwick, RI
People watch me licking my lips after every puff and think I'm smoking an expensive cigar. They don't know how creamy these cheap little buggers are.
BV of Columbia, TN
I'll be honest with you, I've only been smoking cigars for maybe a year now. I have basically been purchasing samplers to try out different ones to find out what I like/dont like. I purchased the "rereleased" Original Cubans because of the description and price. To be honest with you I don't taste the vanilla notes as noted by some other reviewers. It could be that my palate is not as refined....yet. But what I can tell you is that these are quite an enjoyable smoke. They are smooth tasting and even burning and for the price, they cannot be beat. I'm still trying different brands but I'm going to keep some on hand as an excellent "go to" cigar.
BF of Rogersville, TN
I was a bit skeptical about trying this cigar because of the rather low price. But I was definitely wrong once I lit it up. The cigar was very creamy and smooth in flavor and burned very well. This is by far the best bargain cigar I've ever smoked, it definitely may earn a more permanent spot in my humidor.
AR of Whitehall, PA
An absolutly incredible cigar for the money (Original Cubans). Well made, fantastic burning with a nice ash and smooth flavor. A smooth cigar taste that even a full bodied cigar smoking aficionado will enjoy. Guaranteed you will be back for more. Great job CI.
RW of Trevose, PA
Great cigar. (Original Cubans) My brother brought me back a cuban while he was over seas. (at least i thought it was.) the original cuban was very close. great prices CI
CL of Monterey , VA
You could punch these cigars (Original Cubans) with a pin and the amount of smoke would still be ominous. I don't see these tasteing anything like a cuban, only a cuban tastes like a cuban. But that is not the point. The point is these are very unique cigars. I generally hate a grassy cigar but these taste like a lemon grass and I must have more of them. I am now worse with these than my cigarette buddies. Is it odd to have "original cuban" withdrawls?
JH of fort myers, FL
Unbelievable! Totally on board with these- took a chance with all the write up being good, not one bad one at all. I let them sit in the humi for a week, a great smoke, great flavor,and easy draw. The wrapper is real nice, these I will buy all the time. CI you da man.
TP of Wallingford, CT
Well worth the coin--Very consistent(Original Cubans), well-made cigar for a great price.
PD of Denver, CO
Love 'em! The CI Knockoffs - Macanudo were my favorites till I tried these. These are my new favorites now. Just like the other testimonials say, good taste, good draw, good burn. Good job CI on recommending these. THANKS!!!
J of LMontoursville, PA
Just got these today (Original Cubans), bundle of Churchill's, couldn't wait to see what all the hype was so I tried one, trust me, BELIEVE all you read, these are great, I can't wait to see how much better they'll get after a while in the Humi...thanks C.I.
FS of Leominster, MA
(Original Cubans) - I picked some up and was amazed. What a bargain. I gave some to a friend and did not tell him the name. He smoked them and asked for more. I told him to buy his own, the rest were all mine. Well rolled, didn't notice and blemished. Lights easily and the draw was great on each that I smoked. Nice ash and decent amount of smoke. The flavor is very close to the ones we are not supposed to be smoking. Great value for the money. I hope CI continues to stock these.
CT of Mililani, HI
I just picked-up a bundle of the "Original Cubans" and I gotta say they are a fine smoke. The torpedo has a perfect draw, great flavor, pleanty of smoke and just an overall great cigar. Dont let the price fool you, get this one and you will be quite pleased my friend.
JM of Columbus, OH
This is my third bundle of Original Cubans in Churchill size I've ordered and quite honestly they're one of the best tasting for their cost cigars I have encountered recently. Don't care if they're mostly "cut/mix" filller, they seem to burn even and draw just right !
VT of Blue Springs, MO
Excellent cigar (Original Cubans)! Very classic taste, creamy with a slight coffee aftertaste, LOTS of good thick smoke. Definitely worth the price.
DC of Kellogg, ID
I'm fairly new to this whole cigar thing therefore, i have tried several different types of cigars and by far the best i have tried are these "Original Cubans" they were so good i bought a whole pack invited some friends to try them needless to say they got their own as well and we have all continued to buy them over and over. A++++++
RG of Escondido, CA
I have been smoking cigars for three years. These original cubans have a most unusual taste. A great smoke. Everything they claim it has it does. I smoke them all the time now. keep up the good work guys and keep them comming.
JK of Lexington, SC
Wow!! I smoked 2 of these jewels back to back as soon as I opened the box and opened the bundle. I could not control myself! I think the Devil double dog dared me. Growing up in Florida, getting some Cuba smokes was not a problem. These are to good to be true at this price! Smooth, mild, full, the flavor you search for and are often let down on. A fine smoke.
DM of Royse City, TX
I too was curious because of the reviews about Original Cubans. While smoking the first one I was thinking the description in the ad wasn't very accurate. It says it tastes like vanilla ice cream soda, but this has a very rich tobacco, creamy, smooth almost coffee-like taste. A great versatile cigar that can go great with a cup of joe or a beer or anytime of day or night. My regular cigar is Hoyo de Monterrey. I feel it's the one of the best smokes out there - rich flavor and semi-reasonable prices especially on sites like this. To my surprise, the Original Cubans reminded me A LOT of the Hoyos I always smoke. What else could I ask for (a 2-Fer maybe)? In my opinion, this is THE best deal out there. Don't be afraid to buy this off-brand, it's well worth the money & the wait. Thanks CI for this great cigar at this incredible price. Please keep it low. Why should we have to pay an arm and a leg for a good cigar? My favorite is the original Cohiba (cuban not red dot) and have always been disappointed that there's nothing else like it. I've tried Carbon Copy & other off brands, but who are those marketers kidding? This tastes so much like a Hoyo I'd swear it is in a blind taste test. Anyway to get that original Cohiba flavor in a reasonably priced cigar like this? Just think about it'd make a bundle. Thanks again!
If you've been contemplating the Original Cubans, do yourself a favor and order them already. Great cigar all around from taste, burn to build quality. You wont be disappointed. As always CI delivers a great product with a great price and awesome shipping. (ordered on a thursday, had them at lunch time on friday with standard shipping)
DN of Litchfield , CT
Over the past 20 years, I have been an off again on again cigar smoker. As such, I constantly try new cigars, looking for an affordable, good daily smoke. These are the best I have found. Period. I kept reading descriptions that talked about cigars being "creamy." I never knew what they were talked about until I bought these cigars. They're great, and creamy. Get some.
RS of Frankfort, KY
Well, I'm starting to wonder if I actually bought the same cigars as everyone else here. Or maybe if I was delivered the wrong item. I mean, my invoice SAID "Original Cubans," and the package had the correct label... But what I'm smoking is absolutely nothing like what is described by all of these fans. Before anyone writes this off as a negative review, it isn't. Not entirely. I've had a few of these so far, and didn't find them to be awful. But not really memorable, either. Rather... nondescript, actually. The nuances of the flavors people describe? Nope. I'll smoke the rest, but if they're anything like the first few, I'm not sure I'll buy these again. Just simply not as described. At least not the batch I received.
RW of Lincoln, NE
My tastes generally prefer a stick beginning at $7.50 plus, but I can honestly tell you that these do not disappoint. I was extremely pleased with the draw - while the burn may have been a little uneven, the flavor was outstanding! The additional affects were even better. This cigar delivers a taste which enrichens the pallete and provides a tremendous delight for the consumer. For the money this cigar cannot be beaten - I have handed them out to all my friends and would recommend them to anyone wanting a quality smoke.
KA of Coldspring, TX
Everything CI says about these cigars is true. Well, almost everything. No belly ache that I can recall. I bought twenty of these fellows about ten weeks ago. After about three days in the humidor, I had a few. Very good cigars indeed. Then I forgot about them for the next two months, that is until tonight. The results. Wow! They cut smoothly at the shoulder. Light easily and evenly at the foot. Burn cool and gradually. Draw easily. Hold together all the way. And just taste great. Nice ash. Thick rich smoke. Almost a caramel like quality to the aftertaste which leaves you wanting another one. Must be the most underrated in the CI lineup. This is why we smoke cigars.
MH of Gardena, CA
Wow is all I can say. Let me start by saying I am not a cigar snob I just have always had better luck with higher end name brand cigars I think you get what you pay for, but something about the write up about these in the catalog and all the reviews on the website had me curious and thinking for the price what do I have to lose. Everything I have read is true. I got these in the mail about two months ago but they have sat in the humidor waiting for the weather to change around here as soon as it was nice about a week and half ago I lit one up and I couldnt put it down smoked it all the way to my lips. Flavor was there but smooth all the way through never harsh and so so smooth. The price incredible $2 a stick is crazy I would pay more for these in a heartbeat defintely a everyday smoker sometimes more than one a day. I am ordering a 3rd humidor just for these things. I will still have my Davidoffs but these are defintely going to be a common part of my smoking hobby. I have a hardtime saying they are good for the price because they are just flat out good the price just happens to be crazy incredible. Now I am just torn on whether or not to share with my friends because they will always be asking for them. I dont normally write fan mail on here because I think a good cigar speak for its self and not need a average joe like me raving about it but this my be one of the best sticks I have had. So So So impressed with flavor smoothness and how consistent the flavor is from the begining until the very end witch always leaves me wanting more
EB of Rockton, IL
These are some mighty tasty cigars. I wasn't sure about these but I took a chance and I'm sure glad that I did! They have a nice draw and they are mild to medium. They do have a taste that pleases your palette. You won't regret buying these once you smoke one!
KE of Mcarthur, OH
Bought the robusto bundle and these things are smooth and slightly sweet. Real mellow flavor and not over bearing. The draw is nice and it burns evenly all the way through but u always get one or two that doesn't. No biggie still smokable. I love these Cubans. Fantastic purchase and you wont be disappointed.
CR of Orlando, FL
Great taste, good burn, outstanding price. I am smoking one as I type this. Buy some you will like em!
DO of Davenport, IA
I must say I bought into all of the hype about this has a very strong taste and is very smoky..I normally smoke a med-full bodied cigar and this one is kinda is a strong smoke! feel the buzz half way through which is excellent but im still looking for my vanilla cream soda..LOL!!!!...Should have know that wasn't possible to taste in the form of smoke..If i could trade them out for something else i would..:-)
BM of Memphis, TN
I will be as honest as I can about these. I had high hopes after reading all of the reviews. I got my Churchill's from the box and excitedly went to snip one and lit it up. Immediately I noticed that I had tobacco everywhere and they were very dry. That first cigar needless to say was a total mess. The wrapper starter to detach itself almost immediately and within minutes the business end collapsed in my mouth into a solid mass of mush. The taste was harsh as these were obviously green. A second cigar went much the way of the first and I decided to put some age on them to see if it would help. After a week in the humidor I tried again. The flavor and build issues improved, but I could tell that it still had a way to go. I let it sit another week and the taste improved dramatically as did the construction issues. It is no Cohiba or even Gurkha, but it is a decent knock around cigar after it has at least a few weeks of age on it.
SP of Manassas, VA
These are great cigars. I usually go with Drew Estate but I think I found a new favorite. I was intrigued by a Cuban cigar even if it's not a true Cuban. These are great, I was thinking they would be crap but boy was I wrong. They are smooth, a bit sweet and you can really taste the cream soda if you sit for a min. I would recommend these cigars to anyone. Thank you CI for a great cigar!
DN of Fairport, NY
Started with these about 7 yrs. ago. Tried "many" samplers and handed them out to friends for evaluation. Pound for pound the Cubans won out---mostly due to price per cigar. You CI folks are tremendous and patient with all of us. That being said, the Cubans don't come into their own until about a half inch into each cigar---but when they do I've been very satisfied. Would like to order some upper shelf brands but am on fixed income and the budget gets in the way, oh well---the Cubans are quite satisfying, thank you!!
JM of Weippe, ID
I have to agree with all the good reviews. I bought a box when I saw them in the catalogue. Sparked up the fist one right out of the shipping box and was very pleased. These are great cigars. I can't believe their so affordable. Tons of flavor. Vanilla, cashews, wood smoke and very smooth. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely be buying more. Thanks CI!
AJ of Honolulu, HI
As with any cigar, these are better after some proper aging in the humidor. 2nd bundle and not disappointed. Thanks C.I. for an inexpensive and enjoyable cigar.
RV of Wheeling, WV
This is a great cigar. The only cigars I have found that I would go for before one of these is a 5 Vegas Classic. With a bit of time in the humi, these cigars are great, and the price is nice, too.
Purchased this on a gut feeling. Turns out to be one of the best in both my humidors. A smooth draw with a great taste. I continue to buy again and again.
DM of Elmira, NY
For the past few years I have been wanting to try these, but I just never pulled the trigger. In addition, I never saw the attraction of those who smoke any ring size below 47. In order to better understand those who like smaller rings, I killed two birds with one stone by ordering a box of the Original Cubans in a 6.5 X 42. Hey! This is a pretty good cigar even if it is on the smaller side of my normal sticks. All and all it has been well worth the cost, and I'm amazed at the abundance of smoke, construction, and even burn with this cigar. This is a cigar that has enough flavor to please those like myself who are more on the full body side in taste. Yet, I see no reason why those who like the milder side would have a problem with the Original Cuban. I've not experienced any type of feeling in my stomach that the description speaks of, which is a good thing to me. At this price it is worth your money to purchase a bundle in the size you desire.
DM of Taylor, MI
Just tried these cigars for the first time... they are a great cigar..very smooth and great taste.. definitely will get more..
SC of Spencer, WV
Possibly the best everyday cigar on the planet! I have to spend 5 times the price to get a cigar I like better. Have tried many others over the years, but they remain my "go to" smoke.
My brand "Original Cubans" @ CI been smoking them for 10 years.
BL of Phoenix, AZ
I have to disagree with most of the reviewers here. What I got was the Bellicoso. Mushy stick, with a cheap, bitter wrapper. Poor burn, most sticks run up one side in the first third. Didn't like these at all.
ER of Amelia Court House, VA
....Wrapper smell resembles the real deal, taste is nowhere close.
AB of Omaha, NE
Great burning cigar for a cheap price. Bought for my son and he loves them
CF of Steeleville, IL
I am new to cigars and still trying to figure out what I like. I do know that I like this cigar, so much so that I had a friend try one. He is a cuban cigar smoker from way back. He came back wanting to know who made the cigar, going on about the draw and the the burn but especially how cubanesque this cigar is. He is going to order some now as well. Thanks CI.
JB of Arvada, CO
Surprisingly nice smoke for the price. Makes great fillers for my humidor allowing me to save my expensive cigars for special occasions only.
LB of Duluth, GA
Pretty decent all-around cigars to keep the humidor stuffed without emptying the wallet, especially about after a month in there.
JB of Anaheim, CA
Very smooth and a nice first pull. I love these cigars when I am relaxing in my backyard!!
JS of Lincoln, NE
An amazing cigar- Really does have the "old style sweetness" before you feel the effects. Head & shoulders above many more expensive smokes. This will be a keeper in my rotation.
CD of Bristol, CT
Good cigar for the price, lots of flavor, good draw, GREAT BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!!
JK of philadelphia, PA
BANG FOR THE BUCK! Great little cigar for every day.
KS of Red Lion, PA
Too loosely rolled. Not impressed with the burn or flavor. Good price though for a knock around.
JS of Orlando, FL
Just tried one "Original Cubans" not a bad cigar, I'm not sure where the vanilla ice cream soda reference comes from. It has a nice mellow taste to it. Very mild, which is what I like. Are they worth the forty bucks. I say yes, but not a WOW deal. But definitely a good deal.
RM of Vista, CA
Fantastic cigar! Smooth, mellow and finishes with a tap to the head. Very enjoyable. I will definitely buy more in the future. Thanks, CI! Columbus in Kuwait.
These are just plain great cigars! They do have this great "nose" that comes off of them as they burn that speaks of age. They don't taste green and have this sweet pungentness to them. Although everyone says they burn fast, I timed it and they burn just as long as any handmade, long-filler cigar, about 1.5-2 hours. They are a little loose but not bad, and it certainly doesn't affect the smoke. They are honestly just great cigars and perfect for me to smoke so I stay away from my expensive sticks so that they may "age" a little. Thanks CI!!!
SG of Pompano Beach, FL
Is a yard gar when riding around in a circle but over all is not my cup o'tea.
ZR of Mechanicsville, VA
Nice & perfect gift!
BS of san antonio, TX
Actually a nice smoke if you can get past the loose tobacco periodically in your mouth. I can!
Love this cigar!!! By far one of my favorites. Just let them sit in the humi for a couple weeks and enjoy. Some are on backorder, please please please get these back as soon as possible A+++
WW of oneida, IL
Great, cheap and quality smoke never goes together! But these certainly exemplify all dimensions and I traditionally like a lighter smoke. It took looking at their little continuum to see it's a Full :) Well done!
ED of Bloomington, MN
Mild taste and pretty decent cigar for the first time cigar smoker.
RN of Morrow, GA
Original Cubans are proof that you can spend much more and get much less. Everything about this cigar is outstanding. If you find that it burns a bit too fast my advice to you you is simply light up another one. Once again CI got it right!
JS of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Anyone thinking about buying them should. It's a very nice cigar. I just received my bundle this morning. I opened it and put what I could into my humidor...I underestimated their size. The churchills are huge. I just lit one and I am smoking it as I write this. Although I do not taste the flavors described in the original description, I will say that this cigar is very smooth to me. It has a very good draw, and it is very pleasing to the palate. I will be ordering more in the near future; I can promise that.
AD of Marlow, NH
Good value. Good kick. Smokes smooth. Satisfied.
I just got my first bundle in of these and I am already smoking my second cigar. I have never wrote a review, but wow, these are better than all the reviews. I'm now placing an order for 40 more.
MP of Guthrie, OK
Not a bad cigar, the taste is well above the price asked. Especially good for everyday, hand 'em to a friend type cigar.
HH of Fort Drum, NY
Not bad! It's not the best cigar but you will not beat it. Best cigar for the price. I will buy it again.
KH of Gretna, LA
Very well put together stick mild spice creamy slight vanilla a definite rebuy to keep in my humidor
SC of Ypsilanti, MI
Nice smooth cigar, its worth every penny. Leather and earth mediun blend.
Easily the best "bargain" cigars I've ever had!
RP of Macomb Township, MI
Mild and smooth such a great smoke
JR of Voorhees, NJ
These are inexpensive and need to stabilize in your humidor for a bit, but it is a very smooth and satisfying smoke. Definitely worthy to be in my daily smoke rotation.
Excellent cigars!
KH of Dearborn Heights, MI
This cigar has become one of my favorites. It's very smooth and creamy. I usually think things that are labeled "cuban" are gimmicks. My favorite cigar is the real deal #02 Montecristo and this reminds me of that cigar. I would recommend this cigar if you like a smooth creamy stogie.
AS of Winter Park, FL

"Original" Cubans

Posted by Gonz

I used to think this column was an easy task. I smoke a couple of cigars per day, I know what I like and I just need to explain it in gonz verbiage. I used to smoke a cigar once and know it was going to be one primed for Gonz's Pick. Now, I smoke 2, sometimes 3 in a row before I can qualify it. There are so many good cigars out there right now. The market has really come full circle and it's quite exciting. The no-name crap that came on the scene 6 or 7 years ago is nearly cleared out. We're now left with manufacturers getting creative about their blends and really honing in on what people like and dislike.

That's the theory of the "Original" Cubans. I admit, I was duped the first time I saw these in the humidor. I did a double-take when I saw the label. The label reads -- "Original" Cubans, Re-released. --- It took me awhile to figure it out. Re-released Cuban originals, rolled in the Dominican Republic! Get it? That's funny. After having now smoked a 1/2 dozen or so of these (see, it's beyond just qualifying it for a pick now, I'm getting infatuated with this friggin' column) it seems the goal here is to take a grassroots approach to cigar making. It's all about flavor. This brand goes after the original Cuban flavor, and is not really meant to imply that these are the originals from the days of old. That's a pretty steep goal nonetheless.

It's a good looking cigar, soft and seemingly packed loosely. With a simply clip, it lights up with ease and draws effortlessly. By the way, I'm drawn to this cigar not only by its name, but also by its price at about $1.50 per stick. Peanuts, and if it lives up to it's expectation, it'll be a real gem. The flavor becomes solid right away. Medium in strength, but full-bodied with an abundance of smoke, and a cornucopia of mild to medium flavors. The cigar burns quickly and the flavor doesn't deviate one bit. The ash forms for about 1/2 inch before it requires a tap - yet it never really hold firm.

The burn is solid, even, and doesn't streak one bit - you'll never need a second light. I've picked up the Churchill and it's barely a 1/2 hour smoke - maybe I'm dragging to fast. The flavor is so creamy and smooth that you'll have a propensity to continue dragging. Nearly halfway through, I've got a little buzz going. I love a lot of smoke. I love smoking out my neighbors if I can. This is my third one this week. Last night, I lit one up after I got home. We're putting up a new front porch so I walked around the house investigating the contractor's work. I did a full circle and when I got back to my starting point, I could still see the path of smoke lingering. Awesome. I love it when it surrounds you. I find it comforting and relaxing.

To my surprise, there is no harsh or bitter aftertaste - just a little shock wave in the middle of my tongue, the pleasant flavor hangs on. I guess I expected a harsher cigar if it claims to be similar to an original Cuban. Now, here's the real test, I'm going to need my loyal readers to send me some REAL Cubans circa early 1980s. I've only smoked about 2 or 3 in my lifetime (regardless of what I may have told you or my poker buddies in the past) so I don't have a real good sense of how these compare. Regardless, they're an excellent smoke. Oh, and this is the first cigar I've smoked with an ESG (Ecuadorian sun-grown) wrapper. My guess is the flavor cornucopia is driven from that wrapper. Very nice!

By the way, I gave a few of these to Ranger and he claims that he puked after having one. What a skirt!