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Drew Estate Copper Label

Drew Estate's finest creation.

Jonathan Drew is a creative force, formulating some of the industry's most innovative cigars. His inspiration for the 'Copper Label' was a fusion of ACID, Natural, and traditional blends....and he nailed it. Hugged by a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, this stunning handmade combines bold Nicaraguan long-fillers with a leaf of Dominican Piloto. These lush tobaccos have been carefully influenced by the delicious nuances of amaretto and hazelnut, completing a savory experience. After a sweet start, it coats the palate with loads of creamy smoke, offering a rich core of coffee flavors complemented by notes of hazelnut and pepper. Mild to medium-bodied and oh-so-enjoyable.
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'Copper Label' (Toro) (5.7"x54)
BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $79.99
'Copper Label' (Toro) (5.7"x54)
5-PACK In Stock $25.00

Customer Reviews of “Drew Estate Copper Label”

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I am a novice cigar smoker and like the flavored and sweet cigars. My favorites are the Ion cigars, but I have found this copper label to be excellent!!
I keep a spreadsheet of all the cigars that I've tried, giving them all a rating out of 100. I'm not a flavored or infused cigar smoker, although I do have a number of those on my spreadsheet. I prefer full bodied, full strength cigars, and wasn't expecting much out of the Drew Estate Legend. I'd smoked a Kuba Kuba, and an Isla De La Sol, both of which scored in the 70's on my rating chart. I gave this sucker a is the highest rated cigar on my spreadsheet, beating out my personal favorites such as the Cubao No 3, No 8, CAO MX2, Alec Bradley Prensado, Family Blend, Tempus, and SCR, and Cain F among others. It is the only Cigar I've ever scored 25/25 on flavor, and I'm not a fan of sweet smokes. Burn was great, 23/25, 15/15 construction and 32/35 overall for a 95/100. Maybe it was a fluke, but I bought myself a box, including a separate humidor to keep these in.
The CI Legends Copper Label by Drew Estates is currently my favorite cigar. I'm a sweet/infused guy but I don't care for the floral/fruity infusions you find in most of the Acid line. The amaretto and hazlenut are subtle but present and the sweetness is mild but lasting. The construction is top-notch and the burn is true. The 5.7" x 54 size is a near perfect 75-80 minute smoke that I can sit down and savor without coming away light headed or smelling like an ashtray. While these aren't all that expensive, I still can't afford to smoke them daily... until I can these will continue to be my Saturday Morning treat.
How much do I enjoy the Copper Label? Presently in my humidor I have Don Carlos, Oliva Serie V, Camacho Triple Maduro, Alec Bradley Family Blend T11, Rocky Patel Vintage 1992, Nub Cameroon, Avo Domaine, a cuban RomeoyJulieta short churchill, Nat Sherman Host Hobart, along with a handful of Tabak Especial Cafe con Leches, Macanudos, Perdomos, and Ghurkas thrown in. Most of these smokes have been aged for 1-5 years. I can literally slip my hand in my humidor blindfolded and pull out something I know I can enjoy. However, for some reason, my hand always gravitates to these Copper Label sticks. Being a Pacific Northwest out-on-the-patio-when-the-family-is-gone smoker, my cigar time is rather limited so you would think I would want to fire up one of those premiums I've been so patiently aging. I've literally had one of those cigars in my hand, clipped, and ready to light with my sports section and coffee waiting for me when I would change my mind, run upstairs and grab a Copper Label. I guess I'll have wait another few years before I light up one of those other cigars I have in my humidor. Will I enjoy them as much as I do these Copper Labels? I don't know, but it'll be delicious finding out!
I picked these up a couple times as "Joe's Daily Deal", and they've totally turned me on to Drew Estate. This is a really great mild-to-medium smoke with plenty of flavors and a lot of thick aromatic smoke; the notes of coffee and the sweetness of the wrapper make it my hands-down favorite after-breakfast smoke; its size/shape just happens to be my favorite, too. But, a word of warning: if you're anything like me, once you've had a couple of these treats you'll be scarfin' up all the Dirt, Blondies, Kuba Kubas, Cafe Con Leches and Redeyes that you can afford............
These are very smooth, down right yummy !!!
This cigar is Aces. My favorite infused cigars are Drew Estate's Kuba Kuba, Toast & Earthiness. I saw this cigar while browsing the website and was looking for a lower cost alternative to the others. At $3.50 a stick you just can't beat the price and the quality. An excellent all around smoke.
Fantastic smoke! Great deal for black Friday 10- of them for 29.95.
Just tried the Copper Label by Drew Estate, and overall, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Great draw, perfect burn and lots of smoke. With that said, I will issue one warning: Whoever wrote "slightly sweet" in the description needs to have his taste buds recalibrated. This cigar was so sweet that I nearly got a cavity! Not that I should have been surprised - after all, it is made by the masters of infused cigars. I normally smoke the Drew Estate La Vieja Habana, which is not an infused cigar. Based on the listed description of the Copper Label, I assumed this was not an infused cigar as well. You know what they say when you assume... No big deal - I still thoroughly enjoyed the smoke, although I will be moving the remainder of the box to a separate humidor so as to avoid accidentally infusing my other cigars (yes, they're that strong). Bottom line: if you like the other infused cigars from Drew Estate, you will LOVE the Copper Label from CI Legends. And the price is unbeatable.
I was given one of these gems by a friend after work. Didn't think anything about it until you smell the bouquet of it. They just smell great for a flavored cigar. Excellent draw, a very good looking ash and tons of smoke. The flavor coats your mouth and leaves a sweet taste on the lips. Very enjoyable. I will be buying these again!
Drew Estate knocked it out of the park with this cigar, the smooth yet luscious flavor is mind blowing. This is a good morning, afternoon or evening cigar. There is never a bad time to smoke this fine rolled piece of heaven.
I bought a 5 pack just to give them a try. After the first cigar it was like WOW, these are almost better than sex!
The first cigar I smoked that really got me hooked was an Acid Blondie. I moved on to non-flavored cigars starting out with mild and medium and eventually working up to some full flavored smokes. Some of my favorites through the years have been Rocky Patel Old World Reserve, La Aroma De Cuba EE, 5 Vegas,and Gran Habano Vintage 2002 to name a few. I tried the Copper label a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. This is now my go to smoke. In short I think it is the best value on the market. Every time I light one up on the golf course my playing partners always comment on what a good smelling cigar it is. This would be a damn good cigar if it was not infused. I prefer to have my cake and eat it too though!
This is my #1 cigar by far, and is always my go to smoke, not to mention a daily or second smoke of the day for sure. I understand that this is an infused cigar and thus presents different flavors and profiles. I have had several boxes of this one, and more to come. At $3 and change when bought by the box, it is a “Best Buy” value in my book.
A brother-in-law turned me on to the Copper Label. I was looking for a cigar that had a sweet taste and aroma, which it has plenty of both. I enjoy having one on the golf course or just sitting around having a few drinks. It is a great smoke and my wife loves the smell. It is my favorite and cigar of choice. Drew Estates in my humble opinion nailed it with creation. I will continue to buy and share these with my family and friends.
The Copper Label is a great everyday cigar for anyone. I feel this cigar falls in-between the traditional and infused cigars. It will not over power with infused flavors, there are only enough to give beautifully blended hints of infused flavor, yet still has good amounts of mild tobacco at its core. The size is also perfect in my opinion.
Not only do they smoke good, they taste great. Acid smoker oh yeah!
This is my go to cigar. Perfect for the golf course or lounging in the pool. Friends always want more and they are a mainstay in the humi! Best deal on CI!
If u dig Kuba Kuba, u will love this at 50% of the price. Though not as sweet, it is heavily infused.
This cigar is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and even better to smoke. I think I'll go have one NOW!!!!
What an amazing cigar. Been smoking drew estates for over 10 years and saw these on the site and said worth a try. What a winner and steal of a price. Will need to order more Monday
This cigar is a great way to start the weekend.........
Being a mild to medium cigar smoker, I sometimes enjoy a "sweet" smoke. I have tried many looking for a consistent "go-to" when the urge hits. Some I have liked and some - not so much. Knowing Drew Estate's reputation for great cigars and their work with infused flavors, I decided to give the Copper Label a try. I was able to catch them on a deal and bought a 10 pack. The pre-light aroma is wonderful and the taste is just as great. Smooth with a nice smoke billowing around makes this a definite keeper. I now have 2 main "sweet treats" and wouldn't you know it, they are both by Drew Estate. Between the Copper Label and the Isla del Sol, I don't need any others to satisfy my sweet tooth. Thanks CI!
I like an infused cigar every now and then. CI and JD, what else is there to say. Quality cigar in every way, at reasonable prices. Just finished number 10, not one problem to report. Time to re-order.
Yup, I've tried many kinds and qualities of cigars, and the Copper Label is my favorite. Sweet and tasty for "chawing" while producing smoke others love. Recently I was in Las Vegas, and the strolling cigarette/cigar gal stopped and said "What is that cigar? It smells so good!" Thanks CI and Drew Estate.
You won't believe the flavor of this cigar. I am in love with them. They are now going to take the place of the Cojimar Earth Supernatural Tom Tom's as my go to every day smoke.
Last evening I had the copper label cigar and it was enjoyable, nice slow burn with a 2 inch ash. I will be having another this morning with a mug of coffee. These sticks will be wonderful anytime of the day. Thanks for the reviews that got me hooked.
Slight Pepper and Oh so sweet. Love this cigar!
This cigar is a great tasting cigar with sweetness. Burns even and very smooth. I have to order more in the future.
Copper label has a great taste. They are one of my favorite cigars and the price is right. They usually burn straight and stay lit.
Creamy, smooth and generally awesome. Thanks Drew Estate. Just got done with a sampler of five and I'm going to buy a box now.
Best Cigar EVER!
My favorite cigar, at least so far. Medium strength and delicious! A tad sweet and beautifully creamy!
Right from the first puff flavors of creamy nutty goodness come alive, not from the infused nonsense but from a very well cared for Connecticut wrapper that does an excellent job of taming some very potent fillers and really shines with coffee and sweet pepper flavors that grow slightly along with strength that creeps up on you, this cigar really surprised me, definitely worth every penny....
Its a nubber every time! Delicious! Great balance of infused flavor and spice!
It is hard to beat this cigar, especially for the price. Now if only they would restock, I knew I shouldn't have handed the last of mine out to all of my friends.
“I probably shouldn't be reviewing this cigar, because it will do nothing but diminish the inventory of CI and hamper it's availability to me. However, in the interest of helping out the "uninitiated". I will only say this: If you're looking for a cigar that is: quintessential Drew Estate, smooth, consistent, even burn(light it once and you're done), infused but not overly so, one that women...yes women say, "WOW...I love the smell of your cigar!", et al......then this IS the cigar!!! Last but certainly not least(in this economy)...check the price. A value beyond comparison. Enough said...if you don't like this smoke...I don't know what to tell ya.... Seriously though..this is THE bang for buck, in my humble opinion. ”
These are a favorite in my household. My wife loves these along with her Blondies. They are a great cigar, even people who don't like flavored/infused cigars enjoy smoking these as they are so well balanced.
A GREAT, inexpensive cigar! A five star.
I've enjoyed the Acids, although they smell a lot better than they taste, and I generally think CAO does a better job with flavored cigars, but I had high hopes for these. I bought a box of these from the rave reviews, but they didn't live up. The flavor reminds me of bourbon-flavored cigars I've had...fairly artificial-tasting. A well-constructed cigar and by no means bad, but not great....
I'm awaiting my second of Copper labels to arrive. After a 5 pack and then 1 box I must say these are amazing cigars period! If you enjoy cream and hazelnuts flavors these are for you. Even if you don't normally smoke infused sticks these are worth a try! I'm an Acid and Java fan and for non-infused I love the Undercrowns however you can't score a box of any of those for less than $120 on average. Copper labels are a steal! No wonder they sell out of them.
Just got these yesterday. At first I thought I made a horrible mistake. I like JD cigars, but mostly Liga Privada and Undercrown. When I first put the copper label in my mouth I thought "oh God, WAY to sweet". But, it was cut so I lit it up. First third was hard to get through, but after that the sweetness was a background note and the tobacco flavors came forward. Really good flavors with just a touch of sweet. Construction was top notch. I probably won't buy these again, but I can smoke what I have.
I ordered a 5 pack to try these to see if they lived up to the Drew Estate name. I like a flavor infused cigar every once in a while and I have smoked Acid Kuba Kuba and a Natural and loved them, but the box price is a little out of my price range. For the price of a box of Copper Label I could enjoy them on a regular basis. These sticks did not let me down! Flavor was great, so was the construction, draw, and it produced a nice ash. In closing, these are well worth the money and I'm ordering a box of these sticks!
Very, very good smoke. Flavor is outstanding and the price is great. Burns cool, smooth and straight with a very long ash. I just keep ordering these!
I've read all the other reviews and one word seems to sum it up "WOW". Boy were they right. Just a great cigar. Like one guy said, really started out to sweet. Like smoking sugar. After about a third though, it settled down and was just a great smoke. I have only been a serious smoker for about 6 months and prefer a medium-full bodied cigar. But this was really a great smoke. I was ready to smoke another right after finishing my first one. I will definitely be getting some more and letting my cigar smoking friends know what a great smoke it is. Thanks JD.
This is one good smoke. Nice and mild. A little too sweet at the beginning, but only for about first third. After that, just right. Love them for a mild cigar.
Wow, this my new favorite cigar. Sweet taste that builds to a very mellow, yet tasty smoke finishing with just a hint of pepper. Try one and you will be hooked.
WOW! What an incredible experience and cigar. Great draw, very good burn, amazing flavor. Will definitely be ordering more of these for the humi. Thank you CI.
One of the sweetest, smoothest cigars I've smoked. Can taste the creaminess and I love it. This is definitely going to by my every day smoke for a while!
Prelight draw was great though the taste on my lips was overly sweet. That's the way the first third went, too. Great draw, excellent burn, but overly sweet. The second third matured nicely and was a pleasant smoke. The final third was a huge disappointment with tar overpowering the taste....
I must say I am a younger cigar smoker, and have always been a fan of the sweet tipped cigars. This cigar tops the charts in so many areas. The sweetness on the wrapper is just right, not too sweet, but plenty flavorful. It has never fallen apart on me. They are very consistent in quality. The smoke flavor tastes good; medium smoke. I do highly recommend this cigar. It is one of the few that have a notable flavored tip. I have not had much luck finding many online cigars under five dollars with a good flavor. I would easily give this a 8/10.
These Copper Label Legends are OUTSTANDING! Found me a new everyday smoke!
Great cigar! Easy drawl, nice even burn with a little flavor. Mild/Med. If you like the Kuba-Kuba you will love the Copper Label. Oh, nice price too!
A great cigar for anytime of the day. A slight sweetness, but a real nice smoke. I love them; great value, too
Always awesome and at a great price!
I can't say enough about the Drew Estate Copper Label cigars. Not as strongly infused as the Kuba Kuba's, but they have a very nice smooth flavor with lots of complexity. Never monotonous, always with lots of smoke and a deep flavor profile. I will always keep at least a box on hand.
I generally do not smoke infused/flavored cigars, but these are a tasty treat Beautifully crafted, sweet vanilla flavored cap, simply amazing!
The finest cigars, they just fit MY taste perfectly
Great Job Drew Estates, again for the Cost They are Fabulous. Compares to Café Con Letche. HUMMM .
These are the "best" for us rookie cigar smokers!
Every Drew Estate Copper Label cigar has been consistant in every aspect. A very enjoyable cigar I look forward to enjoying the "stick" during many a herf fellowship-gathering.
Sweet, smooth, very good overall.
A Full course meal for under $4 a stick. Solid firm thick burn. Every buddy I'v given 1 is hooked.