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Palma Real

An inexpensive treat, courtesy of Jose Blanco.

Jose Blanco has crafted some real quality, sleeper cigar blends, and his Palma Real is a classic mild Dominican cigar. At CI prices, Palma Real is steal. Filled to the brim with Dominican grown long leaf tobaccos covered in a Connecticut-Ecuador wrapper, this blend combines to produce a surprisingly tasty smoke along with a pleasant aroma and consistent taste and even burn time after time. A hidden gem at CI.
  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Lonsdale 2-fer (Lancero/Panatela) (6.0"x44) 50 CIGARS In Stock $100.00 $59.99
Presidente 2-fer (7.5"x50) 50 CIGARS In Stock $120.00 $69.99
Toro 2-fer (6.0"x50) 50 CIGARS In Stock $110.00 $64.99
Torpedo 2-fer (6.5"x52) 50 CIGARS In Stock $120.00 $69.99
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Customer Reviews of “Palma Real”
I have finally found my "daily smoke". (Palma Real) This cigar is one of the best deals I have found so far. It is well constructed, it has a smooth draw, and it is great all the way down to the end. I am on my 10th cigar out of the bundle and have yet to run into a bad one yet. Thanks CI!
CH of Lexington, SC
Nice construction and even burn. For a mild cigar it has good flavor. Great morning smoke. I normally do not care for a mild cigar but Palma Real is quite a nice smoke.
RW of Hopewell Junction, NY
DT of Belleville, NJ
What happened? I’ve smoked Palma Real for 10 years and the last two bundles have been light, loosely rolled and burn unevenly.
JI of Carriere, MS
Very nice, very mild, and very smooth. Palma Real is an excellent deal that always provides a consistent smoke.
JA of Cincinnati, OH
The Palma Real is, I believe, a mild, almost bland, inexpensive cigar that is perfect for those who really want a mild cigar with, perhaps, their morning coffee. I like a wee bit more flavour, but I do keep a few of these in the box. Certainly worth the money.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
The only thing I dislike about this stick is that the bands are glued down too well. You will want to remove the band because this is one you will want to smoke to the nub!Think of an AVO at five dollars off...
SC of Picayune, MS
Palma Real was the surprize winner among the "Sorry You Missed It Sampler." A $1 stick that smoked smooth and creamy and was as enjoyable as any of the cigars at 15X this price.
SO of LA, CA
Once again, the staff at CI have described this cigar (Palma Real) perfectly. I received the lonsdale bundles and have truly enjoyed this smoke. Thanks again CI for bringing enjoyment to our lives! Keep up the good work.
MK of Mount Prospect, IL
Just received my order of Palma Real yesterday. Burned one right out of the shipping box. Wrapper more veined than your high end cigars, but that was expected, the construction was very good. The draw is one of the smoothest and easiest draws I can remember of late. Mild and creamy, this is way better than the Liga IV I also received in the same shipment. As a filler for my humidor and a stogie to introduce a newbie or novice to I would not hesitate handing this out (and for this purpose it will serve well in my humidor), as for burning one for myself if I got nothing better to do and in a mood for a mild one - not bad.
EG of San Diego, CA
Nice construction, smooth draw, mild but not bland. Under $2 a stick. Impressive cigar! I'll be adding this to my mix of daily smokes.
TP of Lima, OH
I got the robustos. Construction, burn, taste, aroma...solid, good. What more can ya ask from some rotten, rolled up leaves? Yep on Palma Real. Likee.
KD of Burleson, TX
The Palma Real is a great purchase for the money, and smokes like one double in price. The only thing I would do different, is not order the 6 X 60. Regardless of how long I keep them in my well maintained humidor, there seems to be a problem with the outter leaf breaking after 3 inches down. It would appear that they are packed to tight, even though the draw is smooth. However, if all they had were the fat boys, I would still make another order. I've found a way to bond a broken leaf, which allows me to smoke any of them that break. I have a timer that I use on every cigar I smoke, and this 6 X 60 will give you an hour of pleasure. Give them a try, and I doubt that you will be sorry.
DM of Taylor, MI
I picked up a five pack of the torpedo's for about a dollar a stick. I would say it is a solid medium flavored cigar that has a simple, straightforward, classic tobacco flavor. It's not great or complex but I prefer it much better than other one dollar sticks out there like Brocatus. The wrappers are a little loose but these aren't high end sticks so it's not a huge complaint. If your on a budget and like medium bodied cigars these would be worth trying.
JE of Pine Grove, CA
I agree with most of the other "Fans".This light Dominican cigar is a "sleeper"! I paid about one $ a stick.In a "Blind Taste Test",this cigar would hold it's own with many 5 to 6 $ cigars.The wrapper is a light Connecticut,the filler Dominican,propable "Ligero". The burn was perfect,from start to finish.Mild,with black coffe,and dark un-sweetened chocolate.Only complaint,the cigar is a little "soft" to the touch.This did not lead to any burn,ash,or flavor issues,and I "re-lit" after taking a phone call! I'm glad I have a few left.I enjoyed the over 1 hour smoke.
TW of Lynn, MA
This is far and away the best cigar for the money on earth.
Ga of ry PollardKalamazoo, MI
I can't go back and update my original review, but I wanted to add an update. These Palma-Robusto's have been sitting in my humidor aging as I smoke them. I must admit that as they sit, they become increasingly smooth and almost creamy. I wouldn't dare compare them to the creaminess of actual factual cubans. For me, as they have aged, they have taken on the smooth creamy vanilla notes I remember from those marvelous cuban cigars I smoked while in the Caribbean cruising. If every bundle is like this, you can DEFINITELY bet I'll be buying another two fer and seasoning/aging them the same way. They have sat mostly by themselves in the humidor with the spanish cedar liners from other cigars I've bought in tubes that have been enjoyed already. Just wanted to let y'all know, these have moved up from knock around cigars in my humidor to actual decent sticks I'll reach for when I'm in the mood for something smooth/mellow/creamy. Nothing dramatic about the flavor, but very even and impressive. They've been seasoning about 6 months (maybe?) and are damn near perfect. Didn't want my original review to reflect incorrectly on these (becoming) absolutely awesome sticks.
KN of Freeport, ME
Nice cheap cigar, I purchased this in a pack just for hand out cigars and I ran out of good ones. I was thinking I was gonna get a horrible burning, horrible tasting cigar but it wasn't bad. If someone is looking for a cheap one I recommend you try this!
RZ of Elizabeth City, NC
For the money, not a bad smoke. For the most part they have an even burn (it is a $1.20 cigar after all), good flavor, and great price. I've been smoking Palma's for years as an everyday smoke and I will continue to do so.
MC of Ontario, NY
This smoke is one for all time. Smooth, tasty, terrific burn. Unbelievable for an every day burn. Terrific with wine!
NP of Lexington, SC
This is a mild cigar that's loaded with flavor, and with the 2 fer can't beat this stick with a...well, you just can't! Depending on the size, it's like 99 cent to $1.40 each. Everytime I see these prices, I smile...and think about the time I spent spending $8.00 each for the same cigar in a store. Thanks CI!
SS of Aston, PA
Got these on a 2fer deal and am very happy with the purchase. The CI description was dead-on, smooth & mild. Followed the advice of other reviewers by aging in a humi, hope they mellow and sweeten as they have said. Consistency of construction may be an issue, however. Most have been rolled tightly with a good draw but, occasionally, I find one that is a bit loose with a dry & brittle wrapper. But, Hey, for less than a buck a stick, I ainta gonna complain! Thanks CI.
WH of Enterprise, OR
Awesome knock around cigars. I split these with a friend. Not something you'd debut to "show off" but a great easy smoke when you have a hankerin' for a cigar but don't have the hour plus to enjoy a 'name brand' beauty. I haven't had any problems with uneven burning, and the flavor seems pretty consistent across the bundle (I'm probably 15 into the bundle of 25). I'd get these again, but I might try the Palma Real-Maduro wrapper next time. . . Nothing tremendus about these, going into it, I knew less than a buck a stick I wasn't getting Rocky Patel 90+ sticks, I am impressed with what showed up though.
KN of Freeport, ME
Good good tasting everyday smoke
PM of Indianapolis, IN