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Erin Go Bragh

Erin Go Bragh! Irish eyes are smiling!

What happens when you combine the cigar making prowess of La Aurora, the oldest factory in the Dominican Republic (the same folks who make top flavored cigars such as CAO Flavours and Tatiana) with a subtle taste of fine Irish Whisky? You get one heck of a unique smoke. Sweet, smooth, mellow and creamy. The slightly sweet cap and subtle flavor remain true throughout the smoke. Go Irish!

If you like Erin Go Bragh, also try Slainte (pronounced slahn-ja), another winner from La Aurora. Not content to create just one fantastic imbued cigar, they’ve outdone themselves with Slainte. Slainte is a handmade, long-leaf cigar with a different Celtic twist: the subtle hint of Single Malt Scotch. Quite pleasant with a rich, layered complexity. The sweet cap seals the deal - one pleasurable smoke!
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Erin Go Bragh


I usually look forward to writing my reviews as a nice break to the everyday, but I've been so dog-gone busy lately that I can't even find time to smoke a cigar and actually enjoy doing what I love most about my job. This time around, I found myself agonizing over it, trying to find just 30 minutes. Dammit. Ugh.

Well, that's not exactly the attitude I prefer when I go into this exercise. The positive thing is that I picked up a cigar I've smoked before and you're not going to believe when I tell ya that it's a cigar that's imbued with Irish Whiskey. I can hear it now "Ahh hell, Gonz, now you've lost me." Hang in there buckaroo, you won't be disappointed, I promise ya.

Some quick specs. First, it's inexpensive at about $2.50 a stick. Second, it's made in the La Aurora factory - the oldest factory in the Dominican Republic who output millions of top-notch, top-rated, top-quality premium hand-rolled cigars like the La Aurora Preferidos, Leon Jimenes, CAO Flavours, Tatiana, and many, many more. I realize many of you refuse to pick up a "flavored" cigar. But ya know what, a terrific aroma with an ever-so-slight whiskey flavor is a pretty damn good change of pace every once in awhile, particularly in the winter when you have to stink up the garage to have a cigar and the wife yells "close the damn door, that icky smell is getting all in the house!!"

Erin Go Bragh is a long-filler, perfectly constructed cigar with what seems to be a beautiful Ecuador-Connecticut wrapper leaf. The cigar is firm, burns perfectly and yes, has a nice very subtle whiskey aroma before you burn it, while you're burning it, and lingers slightly in the air after you burn it. The supremely mild flavor marries well with mildness of the Dominican filler and characteristically mild wrapper. In fact, the aroma might even convince the wife you can light one up in the basement. Actually, I recommend not telling her beforehand, she'll get that knee-jerk reaction, just say you're burning a whiskey aroma candle to combat the gaseous fumes you're producing as a result of the chili you had for lunch...if she asks. I guarantee she'll buy that one.

I've enjoyed every inch of this cigar. A nice, chalky-gray ash holds to nearly an inch, and it stays firm so it's packed well, never getting mushy like some of those junky super-cheapies. Call me Sally if you wish, but down to the nubbie-nub-nub, I'll puff away and forget about the 485 emails in my inbox. A good deal in my book. Enjoy, let me know what you think.