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Camacho Pre-Embargo

Camacho's finest. A robust, yet elegant treat.

Camacho is synonymous with ‘full.’ Full-bodied, full-flavored, and full of character. Indeed, Camacho blends tend to be powerful yet well-balanced smokes that offer superior flavor and aroma characteristics. This is precisely why makers Christian and Julio Eiroa have developed such a loyal cult-like following.

Camacho Pre-Embargo is one of the most unique cigars on the market. The blend begins with a vintage '99 Jamastran Corojo wrapper draped around a complex filler blend including a significant portion of authentic pre-embargo Cuban tobacco - the very same tobaccos used in Camacho's beloved Liberty series. Medium in body with a rich flavor profile, Camacho's 1962 Pre-Embargo size brings copious amounts of flavor, including wood, leather, nuts, and spices.
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Toro (6.0"x48) BOX OF 25 In Stock $500.00 $499.99
5-PACK In Stock $125.00 $100.00
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Customer Reviews of “Camacho Pre-Embargo”
One of the best cigars I have ever smoked! The wrapper, pigtail cap, shaggy foot, box, band, and presentation are all A++ The taste is one of a kind! Lots of spice and wood. Hints of pepper through the nose. Mostly medium in body but will pick up flavor to more full body for some of cigar. The most interetesting thing I found about this cigar is the flavor. The combination of the wrapper and the filler tobaccos! It is impossible to describe! I know there is a portion of pre-embargo filler leaf and all I can say about this is you can tell there is something special in there when you smoke it! Definitely something different! Try the 3 box soon but be careful they are so good you might have to buy a 25 box!
RN of Laguna Beach, CA
I tried the three stick sampler for 40 bucks. Loved them. Got two more samplers for $30 when they were on sale. I've smoked them all and I'm considering the box. That's how good they are! They aren't cheap but they sure are good!
BK of St. Louis, MO
Being unemployed, I have been living on a diet of inexpensive cigars. I bought a couple of these just to see if they lived up to the hype. they! I savored this cigar like no other. The complexity was divine. The full bodied strength tempered with a smoothness I've not tasted. I have one left and will hold on to it until a time comes when I think I deserve it. "If I were a rich da dee dee dee dum!"
PK of Kenosha, WI
If you're familiar with the CAO Vision, then prepare yourself to meet it's bigger, badder, better brother... an extraordinary cigar!
EJ of Pittsburgh, PA
I had this cigar last night for first time and was blown away by how smooth it was. It had an incredibly easy draw too. I have been overseas before and had several Cuban cigars, including Cohiba and other premium makers. None of the matched this sticks smoothness.
TG of Marlboro, NJ
Awesome!!!!In my personal top 5 cigars of all time along with the Liberty 09'.It will be a sad day in cigar world when this special,rare tobacco runs out!
RK of College Park, MD
I'll keep this simple. The (Camacho Pre-embargo) is a MUST have!!! I have sampled many of the finest brands from Graycliff to Opus X, Montecristo Habanos to Partagas D4. This cigar is easily one of my personal favorites. From first draw to the band, the PE is absolutely amazing. It is everything the refined palette could ask for (and more).
DS of Milwaukee, WI
First of all I have to say for people deployed down range, CI processes orders very quickly, I usually receive my orders within 5-7 days and that is ridiculous for Afghanistan. Next these Pre-Embargo Camacho are hands down the best cigar I have smoke. I am a fan of Pedomo Lot 23s and Gurkha V Empire series. But these Comachos I recommend for a special occasion. Such as redeployment! Just put in my last order of them!
JR of Salem, OR
This cigar starts out smooth and toasty,then develops into a full flavored spicy treat. Is it worth the money? The CI box of three is worth a try. Bottom line is this cigar very satisfying. The less expensive corojo or black label are just as good and full flavored but this one is unique. Rolled excellent and spongey with a perfect smokey draw. A+
PW of Charlestown, RI
Hands down the best cigar I've ever smoked. This is coming from a man who's first favorite was the diamond crown maximus, then onto Padron '26 and '64, Camacho 10th anniversary and liberty, Cain by oliva, and a bunch of others. There are great cigars, plenty of 2nd place winners, but this one takes the gold.
JB of McDonough, GA
Awesome cigar! Smoked my first one for my birthday since I was born in 1962. Will smoke one for every birthday going forward. I only wish I had a birthday and the $$$ to smoke one every day.
The Camacho PE...gimmick or not? IMHO it comes across as a wonderfully balanced and complex med-full bodied cigar. The wood,nut, and pepepper notes are right up my alley. The experience is unique and refreshing. There is even a bit of strength to remind you it's a camacho. The cost is totally justified for such a enjoyable stick. I'll be buying more soon.
AG of Greensboro, NC