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Varina Farms Breakfast Blend

Smooth, crisp, and creamy.

Look, I'll be the first to admit, it's easy to get caught up in the sleek n' shiny packing of some of our industry’s more 'marketable' brands. But what's most difficult is identifying a great cigar, that's a great cigar for actually being a great cigar. And I think this new guy fits the bill rather well. In a word, it's simple. But that's much of the charm - rustic packaging, a classic line up of sizes, and most importantly, a high-quality cigar that's well-blended and damn tasty.

Varina Farms debut Breakfast Blend comes dressed in a silky-smooth US-grown Connecticut Shade wrapper which conceals a rich, well-aged mixture of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican long-fillers. The result is crisp, creamy smoke that's brimming with notes of oak, toasty tobacco, coffee, pepper, and a touch of sweetness on the finish. Smooth all the way down and mild to medium in body, this aptly named handmade has plenty of flavor without any unnecessary bite.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.2"x54) BOX OF 24 In Stock $168.00 $114.99
5-PACK In Stock $35.00 $29.00
Robusto (5.2"x50) BOX OF 24 In Stock $144.00 $99.99
5-PACK In Stock $30.00 $25.00
Toro (6.0"x52) BOX OF 24 In Stock $156.00 $109.99
5-PACK In Stock $32.50 $27.00
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Customer Reviews of “Varina Farms Breakfast Blend”
CI you hit this one right on the spot! After getting my free sample pack of Varina Breakfast Blend cigars, (with an internet box order of another brand) I decided to light up the middle sized Toro, and to my absolute cigar smoking surprise this was one of the best mild-medium's I have ever smoked and I've smoked my share. Even my wife, who does not smoke, commented that it smelled like fresh baked country biscuits! So cigar smokers, CI got this one right on and Varina Farms knows how to make a great cigar!
GL of Dallas, TX
Bought 5 churchills and smoked one immediately after receiving them....I couldn't wait, sorry. The description of this cigar is "spot on." I did notice a buttery oily taste, but it was faint. I would recommend these to anybody who likes mild cigars with very nice flavors.
TS of Corona, CA
What a great smoke; took the name for it's word and lit one up for breakfast this morning. One of the best cigars I've ever had.
TE of East Greenbush, NY
I have found so many reasonably priced cigars at CI, that I'm reluctant to try any newcomers. I got 3 of these on an "over $100 order" for free. They are very mild and the draw is a bit too easy for my liking. Construction and appearance are good, wrapped in a snazzy wrapper. They remind me of the Graycliff G2's, which I think are a better value. CI has too many other cigars that I would prefer for the same cost or sometimes less.
PO of Clayville, NY
Well I take back what I said earlier. After smoking the other two, I find that these are indeed a nice smoke. Great draw smooth mellow to medium strength. More complex flavor than I found on the first one. Sorry, I don't get the biscuits flavor, but maybe the butter a little. All in all a fine smoke for the money and one that will be a regular in my humidor. It just goes to show you don't jump to conclusions after only one cigar. Opened up the third one in our local cigar bar and realized half the customers were watching me "unveil" my Varina Farms. They're not just for breakfast anymore.
PO of Clayville, NY
Superbowl sunday and I smoked the 3rd of the sampler of these. Mild for sure but I must admit they have all been very enjoyable to the end. All three sizes had good construction, even burn (all three sizes had a 1/3 solid white ash easy) and the flavors are most enjoyable for a mild cigar. Current sale making it a bit less than $4 a stick is worth it for a nice mild smoke to start the day (I somehow did manage to have all 3 for breakfast)
JB of Concord, NH
Being a fan of full-bodied cigars, I'm very picky about mild cigars. I received one of these in a 'cigar of the month' club. I was pleasantly surprised! It did remind me of eggs and bacon. Two factors stood out for me. The complexity of the flavor profile and the 'weight' of the cigar. This baby is packed full and still has a great draw. Well worth the price.
A great cigar for those who like to smoke a milder cigar every now and then between full bodies. This is far from the type of cigars I smoke, Diesel, Edge, etc. Nevertheless its smooth body flavour last all the way to the end of the 7 X 54 I smoked. For me there was a strong hint of cedar through the nose, along with a potpourri spice. A cigar that should be tried by all smokers.
Like many of the reviews contained here, I'm a big skeptic when it comes to believing someone's review of cigars without ever knowing who they are. Well, ya gotta trust me on this one, even though you don't know who I am. I've been smoking stogies for a very long time. What a huge surprise when I took the gamble of buying these Varina farms sticks. They are every bit the cigars that the reviews say they are and then some. Great construction, tasty tobacco, amazing draw, and an unbelievable price!! They are even wrapped beautifully and I even kept the box. Buy some and you'll know why I wrote this review. I don't ever do but I had to tell someone who appreciates a great cigar.
I received two of these in a sampler pack, and while I enjoyed the taste, I was not happy with the construction; the wrapper on both cigars cracked and unpeeled the first about 1/2 way through, the second after about 2 minutes. I havent had this problem with any other cigars in my humidor
These have quickly become regulars in Kismet Shrine's Cigar Club humidor. Flavorful, easy to smoke and one of the most pleasurable cigars we've enjoyed.
RM of Great Neck, NY
A great cigar, will have to buy a new humidor just for my vfb
Hands-down one of the best Connecticut-wrapped cigars I have ever tried! Perfect with morning coffee...
RD of Dallas, TX
Very easy light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. No touchups required and a solid ash. Heavy smoke output. Medium thickness and creamy mouth feel. Mild strength with solid medium flavors. Sweet bread, sweet caramel and light coffee notes. Average length on the finish after each draw and the cigar remains very consistent from beginning to end for strength and flavors.
Living up to the name, this is a perfect AM cigar! I mostly stick to heavier cigars, but these sticks really work to start the day. More medium than mild, they burn and smoke well all the way to the end. Flavor has good notes of leather and the cigar finishes clean. The great packaging of these cigars is a definite plus. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.
LG of Alpharetta, GA
Excellent! Has a Connecticut Shade wrapper and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, just like the great cigars of old. It is mild, as the name suggests, but has plenty of taste, and an even and slow burn, and plenty of thick smoke. A winner.
Love the cigars but the wrappers are a tough to remove.
WM of Lorena, TX
Absolutely amazing smoke from first to last draw. This one will not disappoint!
JZ of Wayne, NJ
One of the best cigars I have had, I think I am addicted to them. When I had a long day at work all I think of I coming home sitting in my chair with a glass of Irish whiskey and Varina breakfast blend. They did something right when they made this blend.
SC of Brentwood, NY
A great new cigar! The build quality of these cigars is wonderful. They are a very tasty mild-medium cigar, and the individual wrapping is pretty sweet.
Sorry to all of you dyed in the wool, full strength he-men out there, I am an occasional cigar smoker and enjoy mild to med cigars. I even enjoy a sweeter cigar once in a while (this one is NOT sweet). Of everything I have tried from "tastes just like" to Macanudo, the Varina Farms Breakfast Blend is mild, tasty, burns nice, and most enjoyable. In fact, one of the best mild to med cigars I have ever tried. A bit expensive for my limited budget, but these were a real treat.
TM of Ellicott City, MD