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Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas

One of Pepin's first blends.

Jose 'Don Pepin' Garcia is the man behind so many of today's highly sought after blends, and the proud recipient of countless 90+ ratings. Among these high profile blends, his original creations truly exemplify what Pepin is all about. Consider Vegas Cubanas, a medium-bodied handmade that started it all. The secret is a vintage mixture of Cuban-seed Corojo long-fillers cultivated from the dark, fertile soils of Nicaragua back in 1999. These aged tobaccos are cloaked by a light-brown, Habano Rosado Claro leaf, completing a complex cigar with balanced notes of earth and leather, with spicy, herbal undertones and a luxurious aroma.
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Customer Reviews of “Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas”
I just had one of these today. It rested in my humidor for a year before going up in smoke. It was different than other DPG sticks I've had, but I really enjoyed it. Construction was excellent. The flavor was very light, with subtle notes of nuts and dried fruit, and none of the signature DPG pepper. But the nicotine punch was solidly med-full. The draw and burn were perfect, and the initial ash held for 2" before dropping. Maybe not so good right off the truck, but be patient, and this is a great cigar.
HS of Seoul, AP
I agree with SH of River Grove. This blend is a rare miss for DPG. I experienced a weird spice that irritated the back of my throat, the draw was too tight, and the wrapper, with its big veins and odd coloring, was unappealing. The cigar did not want to burn after the second third. Like I said, a rare miss for DPG.
AF of Bloomington, IN
When you ran the Joe's deal on these a few weeks ago I told myself "I don't know" So, i went to my local cigar shop and bought two to try before i bought twenty. I absolutely enjoyed everything about both my samples! (Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas) Needless to say I did order, I would recommend them to anybody who enjoys a smooth med-full flavor cigar that loves every charictaristics of Pepin's. These seem to kinda be a secret, I'm gunna stop wastn time and re-order NOW!!
MA of Wichita, KS
Awesome Original Pepin!! Like many others have mentioned, the Vegas Cubanas has an excellent Pepin bite once first lit. After that it immediately smoothes out to an outstanding, nutty, toasty, caramel flavored medium smoke!! I love every cigar Josie Garcia makes and this is no exception. Yes, not as strong as most, but definitely an excellent any time cigar! Great job Pepin!! Thanks CI for the awesome MMAO deal on these for my birthday!!!
CK of King George, VA
I received a Vegas Cubanas invicto in a sampler when I first began dabbling in the world of cigars a little over a year ago... so it's been in the humi for quite some time now. I thoroughly enjoyed this stick this afternoon- smooth with a little spice and very even burn, accompanied by one of the most perfect draws I've experienced so far. A little out of my price range for an everyday smoke, but definitely worth keeping a few on hand!
KS of Johnston, RI
Don Pepin Garcia makes some fine cigars. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. This was more on par with a good machine-made stogie. Good construction, loose draw, uneven quick burn, dry, and lackluster flavor. If you want to get a real taste of Pepin, get a Cuban Classic or 601 Green.
SH of River Grove, IL
I received these cigars in a "Sunday surprise". I didn't know what to think because I never heard of them before. What a fantastic smoke! Started out a little strong the first third, but turned into a great medium to full cigar. Very tasty..
GR of Aberdeen, NJ
Good cigar. Gourmet flavor not abusive or tangy. As good as any AVO.
CP of Groveland, FL
What can I say other than every vitola that Don Pepin Garcia crafts is pure gold.
CS of Trenton, GA
This cigar falls right in the middle strength and flavor wise. Earthy and aromatic with unobtrusive notes of cedar and spice. It smoked right down to the end in perfect form, draw and balance. There should be more vitolas, at least a robusto for an every day smoke. Overall a good cigar worth having in the humidor.
PW of Charlestown, RI