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Pueblo Dominicano

Pueblo Dominicano cigars: a horse of a different color.

In the stuffy, ultra-traditional world of top-shelf handmades, Pueblo Dominicano cigars throws its hat into the ring. But it dares to be different - eschewing all the time-honored norms of its tight-knit group of peers. And those brave enough to follow will be rewarded handsomely with flavor in droves.

It begins with a bold, but well-aged, blend of hand-selected, long-leaf ligeros that are ripe with flavor and character. These rich, powerful tobaccos are finished with a dark, leathery Habano Sun Grown Oscuro wrapper from Ecuador. The result is a strong, heady smoke that's impressively balanced and refined. Notes of earth, cedar, coffee, and spices overlay a creamy, hearty tobacco core, creating an eventful and highly-enjoyable experience. Full-bodied, but so smooth you might not even notice, Pueblo Dominicano cigars are among the most masterfully blended cigars I've come across in quite some time.
  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Robusto (5.0"x50) BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $140.00 $99.99    
5-PACK Out of Stock $30.00    
Toro (6.5"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $155.00 $109.99
5-PACK In Stock $38.75 $33.00
Torpedo (6.2"x54) BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $170.00 $119.99    
5-PACK Out of Stock $36.00    
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Customer Reviews of “Pueblo Dominicano”
I bought the Robusto on a Joes DD; $17.50 (reg $30)..from what I can find, CI is the only one to offer PD as five packs. Other websites praise this cigar too & from what I can gather, La Aurora and Leon Jimenes, Jose Blanco are all tied in some fashion (you read everthing and tell me I'm right or wrong) to this Cigar. The one I smoked this afternoon after 3 weeks in the humi (a robusto) was magnifico..3 long ashes, 1HR and 17Min it took to smoke it without a relight..great through the nose and it is strong but very can really taste the leather and to me, the quality of smoke I used to inhale when my Gr.Grandpa smoke his Fuentes from Cuba in the late 50's and before the embargo. I compare this baby to LaFlorDominicanaLigero in quality and construction. CI is also spot on with their box prices. Outside of the Fonseca 55, I'd take this one as my deathbed cigar. Semper Fi.
JH of Mena, AR
The 6.5"x50 Toro is an awesome cigar. Equal too the Undercrown I smoked in every way, except in price Pueblo Domincano is a great, full-favored option.
RH of Coraopolis, PA
Pueblo Dominicano is a top notch cigar. Well made, deep rich flavors, I hope they can be provided at affordable prices for the less than wealthy. The ones I've had, have been very good and satisfying. I'd like to know a little more about them: tobacco composition, who makes them and where. One of the better finds in this past year.
SL of Mclean, VA
Pueblo Dominicano is a great full bodied cigar. It is rich and very smooth as advertised. A great cigar for anyone who prefers a strong smoke, but wants a change of pace. Highly recommended!!
KF of Greenwich, CT
This is my new favorite cigar. I like bold flavor and a smooth draw. This cigar has it all. I've smoke several boxes of the torpedo and they are consistently a top drawer smoke. So much so, I am introducing them to all my cigar mates. CI featured this cigar and you rarely let me down in your bold offerings. I am a huge Padron fan but Pueblo Dominicano gives them a run for their money. It's a win win for me...and you!
TG of Roseville, MN
I purchased a box of Robustos on a hunch. Best "gut" feeling on cigars I have ever had. Well made, good draw, and very flavorful without being obnoxious. Highly recommend this to full flavor fans. Great down to the nub.
DA of Council Bluffs, IA
Received in a sampler. Very impressed with this smoke. I'm not a connoisseur of what flavor is what. I just like a cigar that is smooth, burns nice, and a good draw. This cigar passed my criteria with flying colors.
MT of Memphis, TN
I picked up a box of robustos on a hunch and was rewarded with an amazing smoke. Incredibly rich with a smooth strength and depth of flavor found in more expensive cigars. With the spot on flavors, excellent construction, prodigious smoke production, and perfect burn characteristics, ordering another box was a no brainer.
JH of San Leandro, CA
I got it for the name, loved it for the taste. Very unique smoke, I plan to have a few of these available in the ol' humi all the time.
ET of Pueblo, CO
When I fire a smoke that turns yucko -- tight draw, crummy taste, flimsy construction -- I pitch it in the huckleberry bushes. Pueblo Dominicano cures the blahs. My go-to cigar to remedy a bummer stick. Love the distinctive taste of earthy coffee. Terrific Ecuadorian wrapper and smooth draw on this consistent salvation cigar.
Currently smoking one now and I am very impressed. I got this in a sampler and has been in my humidor for 3 months. Tons of smoke and a slow burn. I'm ordering a box ASAP. Awesome stick.
JY of Rochester, NY
Whoa now!!! Got one in a sampler and Oh Boy... Good cigar. Looking for more deals on this one. Great smoke.
Pueblo Dominicano Salomon...Smoothest Habano I ever smoked. Nice spice, long white ash, and a great burn.
ND of Nooksack, WA
These are an excellent cigar. Very tasty. Bought some awhile ago and they have been resting for about 8 months. BTW, a little hint (or plug) check out the AJ Fernandez everything sampler for the blender of these.
I really like these right out of the cellophane but the next pack I will age for awhile. The flavor really comes at you and they can bite your belly, so use caution. Highly recommended.
BV of columbia, TN
My family has been in the cigar biz for over 100 years starting in Cuba and now operating in Central America. Having had the privilege (truly a privilege) of smoking thousands of cigars over the years and learning to discern and distinguish a variety of blends I can undoubtedly say that Pueblos are easily in the top 20% of cigars I've smoked. They are consistent in flavor, body and construction and offer one of the best bangs for the buck in the industry.
Got one of these in a sampler and it's now one of my favorites! Great smoke, very well made, beautiful flavors.
AR of Baltimore, MD
Rec'd a Toro (6 x 50, slightly shorter than the size in boxes / 5 pack) in the A.J. / CI Kitchen Sink Sampler. My sample had a significant crack in the wrapper from the foot to the half way point. This did not effect the burn. The binder held well and the cigar smoked well and cool. The predominant flavor I got was of dry earth with very subtle hints of coffee. The smoke was very dry on the tongue. This is a good cigar, but I can't say the flavor profile was to my taste. I wouldn't buy these in boxes or 5 packs, but if one or two came along in an A.J. sampler, it wouldn't deter me from getting the sampler. Love most of A.J.s blends.
Habano & Oscuro go together like a horse & carriage. The muscular, leathery leaf that graces my $1.75 Toro is a sight to behold! Thanks to CI & MMAO, I am puffing away on another superlative AJ Fernandez medium/full bodied concoction for 69% less than the already low box price of $5.49. Seriously, even at full price, Pueblo Dominicano delivers the mail. Creamy smooth & loaded to the brim with flavors of oak, anise & an underlying sweetness that takes this blend way over the top. Something tells me that the wrapper leaf, the Habano Oscuro previously mentioned, is attempting to steal the show from its brethren tobaccos. An all Nicaraguan effort, PD is a high quality example of the blending art at its zenith. Me likea allotta! Give it a try if you are an appreciator of powerful tobaccos delivered so buttery smoothly, that you don't know what hit ya from the halfway point, all the way to the nail staining, fingerprint melting end! I don't think the big boys have caught up with this magnificent specimen yet, as there are no 90+ rantings going about, to my knowledge. Allow me to be the 1st. Pueblo Dominicano Toro 6" X 50. 92/100 Shouldn't this all Nicaraguan puro be called Pueblo Nicaraguo? Hhmmm?
I am smoking my last Pueblo Dominicano toro & enjoying a vanilla double expresso this morning. Strong coffee's flavors seem to compliment the powerful Cuban seed ligeros in play, that are hidden beneath an Oscuro wrapper, which takes the whole creamy smooth experience over the top. Iwill need to restock with more, ASAP. Luckily, I noticed an eye-popping bargain on the PD Flight Sampler, that allows me to try all the sizes & save a whopping 60 to 70% off of retail pricing. Laying hands on this outstanding blend for less than two clams a stick would be considered sheer lunacy, except it's not the 1st time the boys at CI have offered such a deal. Thanks to them, I have 3 humidors filled with dynamite sticks I have obtained for bargain basement prices. And Pueblo Dominicano is a great example. I call it Man-O-War Ruination light, because its flavor profile is similar. Not as full bodied, but containing that signature AJ Fernandez flair, in a medium/full strength. Peppery & refreshing, PD is delicious. It should be on every fullheads short list of affordable vitolas. After Core, Man-O-War & the San Lotano blends, it's the one I reach for when nothing but one of Mr. Fernandez's cigars will do. Don't sleep on any deal you come across that puts you in possession of PD cigars. Your taste buds & your wallet will thank you.
good gar. nice tobacoo sweetness. doesn't overwhelm the palate. i hope the flight is still on sale when i get paid!
CE of Milford, PA
This is a solid cigar. It's well made, good weight in the hand, lots of smoke, and tasty. It's a full bodied cigar though not overpowering. Starts off smooth with a cocoa taste and aroma; then works it's way into some spicier, earthier flavors - the cocoa lingers though, which I liked. I would recommend it to fans of full-bodied cigars.
Many recent reviews have focused on the burn aspects of cigars. Alec Bradley has taken some heat. Others as well. But I had not had an AJ Fernandez stick with a burn problem in, well, forever! But I lit up a big toro I received last week this evening & the 1st 1 1/2 inch have resulted in a weak draw, accompanied by a "Y" shaped ash, split right down the middle. I managed a good toast of the foot & achieved a decent start-up, but it began to burn down one side immediately. At 2" one side of the ash falls & the draw opens up slightly. I remove the rest & continue rapid puffing to see if it will continue to tunnel or burn irregularly. 4" left, the burn is much better. 1 small section of wrapper continues to lag behind, but at 3" left, any signs of former burn issues are gone. I finish without further problems. Even an AJ offering can have problems. Often we blame ourselves or storage, or hitting them right off the truck, but the occasional cigar will perform under expectations. In this case, I suspect some of the filler burned poorly. In defense of Pueblo Dominicano specifically & Mr. Fernandez in general, I really can't recall another instance where any of his cigars did not burn exceptionally well. As always, Pueblo Dominicano is excellent, affordable & highly recommended.
Really nice flavor. Easy lighting, even burn, nice ash, easy draw, but again, really nice flavor. No bourgeois adjectives just damn good flavor.
JJ of Burleson, TX