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Gurkha Park Avenue Maduro

Park Ave, now available in dark!

Park Avenue has been a top-seller since Jump Street. It’s mild, well-made, reasonably priced and absolutely delicious. So adding Maduro to the family became inevitable and Kaizad Hansotia of Gurkha Cigars was itchin’ to get it done. The Maduro is finally here....and she’s a beauty, let me tell you boy.

For Park Avenue Maduro, a Habano Maduro wrapper grown in Jalapa, Nicaragua was selected. Pitch-black in color, smooth and loaded with oils, this handsome leaf is primed for flavor. Under the sheets, the same mellow, Nicaraguan long-filler blend as the original Park Avenue was retained. All in, it’s a few notches up in strength level, brimming with rich, smoky, spicy and sweet flavors. Smooth, balanced, delicious from start to finish.

For this limited edition run, only 5,000 boxes were created. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Torpedo (6.2"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $130.00 $69.99
5-PACK In Stock $21.00
Torpedo + Colibri Cutter (6.2"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $159.00 $74.99
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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Park Avenue Maduro”
You need to set these in your humidor for 6 months or so. I smoked one when they first arrived and it hit me with a strong spice and bitter cedar. I gave them a rest for 6 months. Now, you get a bit of pepper when you light it with almost a heavy body, but this fades away and the cigar mellows out 1/4 into the burn, becoming more smooth with some woodsy, unsweetened cocoa notes. It continues to mellow out further into the burn all the way to the end. For the price, and if you have the time to let them season, they are a nice smoke.
SL of Elmwood Park, IL
Very different from the connecticut wrapper, this cigar competes with handmades three times it's price! There's a simplicity and consistency to this cigar that very few at this price point live up to. Cocoa...until the nub. As always, through the sinus for flavor, spicy cocoa and cream! The burn was very straight and the draw was tight enough for a long, slow pull. Limited it up and smoke it with a coke or a fine wine!
NK of Bettendorf, IA
My order just got here and I'm having one of the Ghurka Park Avenue Maduros. Right out of the box these are GREAT. They are a solid medium, smooth, easy draw and tons of smoke. Not much on describing the taste, but, I can promise, if you don't go ahead and order 2 boxes, you'll be kicking yourself after you get a taste of these, cause 1 just ain't gonna be enough. Honestly can't imagine these getting any better with time in the humi, but, we'll see.
DS of Casey, IL
By all means this is an excellent cigar. It is very smooth and I thought the smoke was "creamy." Pre-light: it was firm and a great odor of a good fermented wrapper found in most great maduros! The first third was very smooth with flavors of creamy coffee and chocolate. The ash held on my first one for about 1 inch, and the burn was even. The second third was a more dark chocolate and woodsy taste with a slight pepper starting to appear. The burn was still excellent--no touch ups needed yet! The final third was still mellow and smooth...not too strong. The flavor was still dark chocolately and the woodsy taste was starting to subside and gave way to more of an espresso. I ended up smoking the thing to the nub through the first three of a box to date (Mid Jan 2011). Bottom line up front: you need to give this one a try. Personally I liked this version of the 44 better than the lighter Connecticut wrapped Gurkha #44. This is an excellent cigar and if I was to give it an overall grade, I would give it a 9.2 out of 10, only because I am a fuller bodied cigar fan. This one is mild to medium. One of the best mild-med. that I had in a while, though. Just my dime's worth of input...
JB of Garfield Heights, OH
A smooth spicy rendition of the 44 Park Ave. Still a damned fine morning smoke for a guy who likes the heavy full power full flavor maduros. If you are thinking about pulling the trigger on this one, do it you will not regret it.
JO of Jacksonville, NC
So a friend of mine said try Gurkha...CI had a great sale on Park Avenue Maduros so I thougt what the hell, give it a try. Up front, I'm a novice. I've only been smoking cigars seriously for three months or so. Take this for what it's worth. I've seen guys say, "this is a great everyday smoke," but didn't really know what that meant...until now. The Gurkha Park Avenue Maduro is freakin' awesome. I could smoke it everyday. It has a mild to medium taste, lights easy, burns even, thick ash, thick smoke, great draw, awesome flavor...what else is there? Buy this and then buy it some's that good!
SK of Apo, AE
I bought a box of these about 5 months ago and they rocked!. Everyday smoke I thought. And I treated them as such. Well I was bored tonight and dug deep in the "Humi" tonight and found one, and OMG. This "Everyday smoke" became a 91 in my book!! Buy them, smoke some, and let the rest sleep for a while. Thanks AGAIN CI!!!
BW of Hamilton, OH
I bought this cigar on the strength of the other recommendations on CI and I am sold! Being a woman it is not easy to find a good medium cigar with great taste at a resonable price. This cigar is one of the best I have ever had and I've been smoking for the last 16 years. I am purchasing another box after I press send on this review. I wish I had a bigger humidor at home to hold more. The taste starts out great, the middle is yummy and the finish is strong and flavorful. A well made cigar that is impressive to women and men, beginners and seasoned smokers alike! Thank you Gurkha!!!!
PL of Bowie, MD
As good as I hoped for, these babies taste just as good as they look. If you are a fan of medium bodied smoke, that is a pleasure from start to finish give these a try. Hey at $2.50 a piece these are such a value you will wish you had purchased a couple of boxes. If the dark wrapper concerns you, (thinking it might be too strong), then try the straight Park Avenue. Another winner that looks and smokes like a $9.00 cigar.
Overwhelmingly spicy upon lighting up, gave way to a mild smooth creamy flavor. Personally not a fan of the flavor of the habano maduro wrapper. The strong full flavor maduro paired with the smooth creamy filler/binder does not mesh well, in my opinion. I would have preferred ligero, but unfortunately drives up the price$$$. Ash hung on for a good 1in+. Definitely well constructed as great burn, draw all the way through. A quality smoke especially if you like that flavor. For the price it is worth trying.
Absolutely the smoothest maduro I have ever smoked. Grab these while you can, they can't possibly stay at this price. The burn and draw are close to perfection. If it has a draw back, it is its lack of complexity. The sweet smoothness more than makes up for this is my opinion. On every stick I find myself digging out a cigar pick to enjoy it down to the nub. I have gone through 3 boxes and am returning for more. For the price, construction, consistency, and did I tell you...for the smoothness, try these -- you can't possibly go wrong.
Is there possibly anything anyone can say bad about this cigar? I don't think so! It's definitely medium bodied, full flavor. Awesome maduro, that gets tastier as it goes!
DF of Elmhurst, IL
A personal favorite of mine. A pleasant smoke. When I'm done, I know it's time to leave the practice putting greens.
AG of Yonkers, NY
Good smoke, good price. Nothing more, nothing less.
BK of Columbus, OH
Smooth but not much flavor. Wrapper seemed to be more color then oil content. Will not be buying these again.
RD of Maywood, NJ
This is one great cigar, I have been a fan of Gurkha Cigars for some time now and highly recommend them, great favor, easy slow burn, great after taste.
HC of Carlstadt, NJ
It starts strong, but after couple of drags, it's very nice and smooth.
Just received my box of Park Ave Maduro's. After letting them rest for about 1 week just had my first one tonight. The good=very flavorful and slow burning. The bad=harsh feeling smoke in my mouth. Will let them sit for 6 months and I hope they get smoother.
Found one of these in a hole in the wall cigar store and it made an impression on me. Nice smooth medium smoke.
FT of auxvasse, MO
A lovely cigar with great taste. Yes, it has a taste of sweet bread and other surprising flavors.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Excitement turned into disappointment as soon as I opened the box. The description says "Pitch-black in color, smooth and loaded with oils". What was in the box was nothing like that at all. Looked more like a Habano wrapper to me, but it sure wasn't "Pitch Black and loaded with oils"!! Thinking there had been a packaging mistake, I called Customer Service. It took the nice lady I was speaking with a while to understand what I was trying to say about the wrapper not matching the description and the possibility of it being a mistake in packaging. At the end she offered to set me up for a return, but I decided to keep them. I'm glad I did because the first one was a great smoke right out of the box. There is a reason I love black oily maduro wrapped cigars, and that's why I decided to give these a try. Even though they ARE NOT Pitch Black and loaded with oils, they are a great smoke for the money.
MG of Granbury, TX
Another hit by Gurkha! If your a maduro lover this one is for you. Even burn and easy draw. Medium cigar with great tobacco taste. Very smooth cigar.
AB of Pleasanton, CA
Awesome cigar; very smooth.
ST of Brooklyn, NY
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