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Casa de Turrent

Casa de Turrent....Spanish translation: dirt cheap handmades.

Mexico. You can't drink the water, but surprisingly, their tobacco ain't half bad. And thanks to a massive closeout I just scooped up at a muy aggressive price, I'm giving you a brief opportunity to try some flavor-packed handmades from the country's only respectable factory - on the cheap.

Alejandro Turrent is a fifth-generation blender responsible for the 90+ rated A. Turrent Triple Play and A. Turrent Puro Corojo. Long story short, I bought his entire Casa de Turrent line for a measly sum. A few pesos and a handshake, then BOOM: boatloads of these bundles ripe for the pickin'. Utilizing a Sumatra wrapper and 100% Mexican tobaccos, expect a mild to medium-bodied array of rich tobacco, nuts and wood. I’ll shoot straight with ya, Casa de Turrent won’t have you planning that early vacation to Mexico, but for about a buck a stick it’s pretty darn solid. All at pesos on the dollar.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill 2-fer (6.5"x50) 40 CIGARS Sale Out of Stock $180.00 $44.99    
Magnum 2-fer (Gordo) (6.0"x60) 40 CIGARS Sale Out of Stock $200.00 $49.99    
Robusto 2-fer (4.7"x50) 40 CIGARS Sale Out of Stock $160.00 $34.99    
Toro 2-fer (5.5"x50) 40 CIGARS Sale Out of Stock $170.00 $39.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Casa de Turrent”
The only thing keeping this from being a premium cigar would be the wrapper. If they put a higher quality wrap on it I could see these selling for $5 a stick. The binder and filler make for a nice mild smoke.
KB of Shelbyville, KY
Bought as an "add-on" deal for original purchase. Glad I did. True story; ya' won't go runnin' across the border for em', but steady and dependable enough for the dog walk and yard work kind of smoke. No burn or draw issues. Out of the box or humi it just gets it done while saving some coin. Pairs good with any of the drinks I've had with em' too. Perfect for unexpected guests when you wanna be stingy with your "good" stuff. I'll keep em' on stock for this price.
CM of East Lansing, MI
Not a bad smoke especially for a buck a stick
I bought these as an "after-ride" smoke for those long motorcycle trips with my mooching buddies. These cigars aren't pretty but they are mellow. They have a really easy draw, a bit too easy for my taste. At a buck per stick, there's no way to go wrong, especially when you end up handing out two or three to friends each weekend.
wow i must have gotten a horrible batch.... they are very bitter. they burn very uneven. they go out really easy. i have to constantly relight them. the draw is incredibly tight. to the point my cheeks hurt. i get so frustrated with them i throw them away after trying to puff on them. i don't think i have yet smoked one of them to the halfway point. now i am stuck with a bunch of them. i guess i can save them and give them away when i get a chance.
Not a good burn...smoke is too light compared to the 60 ring much better don't know what went wrong on sizes but the 60 is 100 percent better.
JM of Ridgewood, NY
Wide variation in wrapper shade. Darker wrappers not bad. Lighter wrappers not so good. About what you'd expect from a $ .75 Mexican cigar.
AS of Greensboro, NC
Not that bad at all. For a $1 per cigar these are really nice. Some cons are: burns too fast, and not a lot of smoke after a drag.
VS of Forest Hills, NY