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CAO The Sopranos Edition

An offer you can't refuse.

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This is one of the most exciting releases of the past several years. The cigar is a legitimately fantastic premium blend. I must admit when word of this project was first heard, I assumed it would be a tad gimmicky. But this cigar is very tasty, easily among CAO cigars finest blends. In fact after just 4 months on the market, it was named among Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars in the world for 2005.

Made in Honduras with a dark and chewy Brazilian wrapper leaf, The Sopranos Edition cigar boasts an intoxicating blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican and Columbian tobaccos with a Honduran-grown binder. This hearty combination works wonders and caters to those looking for a bold, but smooth smoke. Thick clouds of smoke float above as you enjoy a variety of pleasant flavors. Hints of coffee and toasted wood swarm the palate, and are complemented by a sweet, syrupy note on the finish. Complex, balanced and totally satisfying.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Associate (Robusto) (5.0"x52)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $224.00$111.95    
5-PACK Out of Stock $56.00$41.00    
Boss (Belicoso) (7.0"x56)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $309.00$153.95    
5-PACK Out of Stock $77.25$57.00    
Soldier (Toro) (6.0"x54)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $269.00$133.95    
5-PACK Out of Stock $67.25$50.00    
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Customer Reviews of “CAO The Sopranos Edition”
AG of San Pablo, CA
“I just finished a Boss (CAO The Sopranos Edition) gifted to me by my son, WHAT A CIGAR! It was smooth, creamy, medium bodied and consistent right down to the nub. I can't recall a cigar that was this consistently smooth from beginning to end.”
H of AArmada, MI
“The CAO Sopranos Soldier is a very nice cigar in my view. The aroma is very nice and the taste of something that should certainly please most smokers. I'd have to say it's a medium to full cigar. Beautifully made, excellent draw and even burn all add up to a very pleasant smoke. Would I pay retail price for it? No. But then again, from CI that doesn't really happen.”
MC of M Leesburg, VA
“What an awesome cigar! This is one of my favorite cigars that unfortunately I can't always afford along with montecristo white. Lucky for me with CI"S special I was able to buy both for thirty bucks, you can't beat that. This cigar is heavy with an almost syrup taste, burns slow and even and keeps you wanting more. Thanks CI”
JR of manahawkin, NJ
“By far I feel the CAO Sopranos should have been rated at least a 95. It has it all,taste, aroma, even texture.”
CF of Bronx, NY
“Dear C.I. let me tell ya about this CAO Soprano cigar. first off the wrapper and box is the coolest that i have ever seen! second the taste and smell is the best that i have had in a long time .i like the Boss the best when i smoke it i fill like Tony Soprano.Even my wife that hates the smell of cigars says "it one of the best smelling cigar that i've smoked around her". this is one of my all time favourites and even at this price tag it's a great smoke that everyone should try.I love them long time”
JL of el mirage, AZ
“I have to say that out of all the cigars i have smoked the Soprano (CAO) by far is the best. I noticed that you rated it as a 90 but for me its a 98 the smell and taste alone are wonderful. You dont have to light it just pull the cigar and you can taste the leather. I'm deployed right now in Iraq and everyone around me knows that when i get a shippment in I'm on cloud 9.”
“First half? Just good, not great. Second half? Like a whole other cigar! Glad I waited! Not a gimmick or marketing scheme but a quality stogie. Enjoying it with a Makers Mark double/rocks as I type this. Deelish! Smoke well my friends. BN, The Peoples Republic of China, oops I mean Illinois! LOL”
BN of Zion, IL
“I recieved the Sorpano sampler a few weeks ago but put off smoking them 'till I finished watching all the season. CAO The Sopranos Edition Tonight came the day where I found my favorite cigar. I gave one to my smoking buddy Richie and he lit his before me and all I heard was OOhh! OOhh! he got a case of the Paulie turrets, but the smell not the smell the AROMA that came out of that cigar I knew we were in trouble. It was perfectly made continuous with the CAO style. Amazing flavor from begining to end. Excellent draw, it has that sweetness in the end that makes it very enjoyable all the way to the nub. The only problem is that we are out and must patiently wait for the next order to arrive.”
J of JBaghdaddy, AE
“After reading the reviews on CI, I was geeked when the weekly special for the Sopranos 12 Pack was available. I had my first Soprano, the soldier, yesterday. I was not overly impressed. I am a big CAO Brazilia fan, and expected to also like the Sopranos. It was good, not great...”
PM of Mullica Hill, NJ
“"Okay; you wanna piece of me?" Hey Paulie, light up one of those fine cigars! Thsi is my fav CAO cigar! Nothing compares to this one when the time is right! You wanna pay me my "vig"; send me this cigar! The Associate is usually the best one due to the long burn time of moss; earth, nuts and coffee with a heavy choclate after taste but the Soldier and Boss would be recommended because if you have the $$ and time, you should spend it with this cigar! Always look for a deal on these!”
PW of Hartland, MI
“After I lit one of these up, I didn't want it to end. I judge all other cigars based on the CAO Saprano Edition. Perfect!”
SF of Tucson, AZ
“This cigar is no joke. Very strong, full bodied smoke. I love to give this to my friends who don't really smoke. Watching them try to work through it is priceless. If you regularly smoke cigars, like myself, The CAO Soprano is a good cigar that will get attention. If you are new to cigars or prefer mild blends, don't be a "wiseguy" and try this or you may end up sleeping with the fishes.”
DW of Argyle, NY
“Boss edition has to be one of the best torpedos I have ever smoked. I was expecting a full bodied onslaught of spices but I was pleasantly treated to a well balanced flavor. Earthy undertones with a bit of complexity. Smoke was simple amazing. Beautiful aroma, with excellent white ash and a perfect draw. The only down side is the price but you get what you pay for. This has to be one of my favorite premium cigars. Simple amazing so just buy it if you are reading this review because you will not be disappointed.”
YC of Los Angeles, CA
“This is hands-down my favorite cigar. I like the "Associate" for a nice, relaxing smoke while on vacation; but when I feel like making a statement during poker night I reach for the limited edition "Tony Soprano" stick. Full-bodied the whole way through, it starts off mellow, and builds up to full-flavor about 1/4 of the way down, and stays consistent the rest of the way. The "Soldier" sticks seem to have occasional tunneling issues; but I have never had that problem with the "Associate", "Boss", or "Tony Soprano" sizes. The only cigar I've found to compare with these is the Camacho "Triple Maduro"; which has double the price-tag, and can leave you in a coma by the time you finish. ;-) This is a top-shelf cigar, with high-quality construction, beautiful looks, and consistent flavor. Very highly recommended.”
AS of Stevensville, MI
“Is this a good smoke you wanna know.....??? Fugetaboutit!! it's awesome!!!”
AG of Clermont, FL
“Oooooo!!! Yeah, I just finished my sampler box of these Saprano's Edition, what a freakin great cigar you guys put out there. The best in the box was the Tony Saprano cigar, but the rest were good too, ya know what I mean ??? Keep up the good work, or else... "What can you do"? ”
“Bought a trunk (box) of the Associate on the weekend special and let me say it was the best cigar investment I have made! The presentation is top notch, and the smoke is phenomenal! My suggestion is to buy a box or three while they are still available. They may be pricy, but they are worth every penny. CAO outdid themselves with this beauty.... a new favorite has hit the humidor. 1 down, 19 more to go and they're all mine...muhahahaha!”
“By far one of the best smokes you will try. You must try before they discontinue these awesome top rated smokes.”
BB of toluca, IL
“Ok, I wrote a not so good review after my first one. Must have been something wrong with it, because the next four (15 left) were great.”
“Two words for anyone looking for a great cigar. "TOP NOTCH!" I bought a sampler pack first to test the waters and I immediately made the purchase for a box of Soldiers. I will be buying another box soon, that's for sure. Keep that cheap price going CI...You guys are truly the best in the business as far as I am concerned!”
MH of Madison Heights, MI
“Not quite sure about all the huss and buss surrounding this. Decent cigar, at best.”
FR of Staten Island, NY
“The best cigar I have ever had. No joke. I have been a cigar smoker for years and have a great collection of fine quality stogies in my humidor. I consider myself to be a fairly good judge of cigars and have nothing but great things to say about the CAO Soprano. I bought a box of the Boss size and just finished my first one an hour ago. The burn is perfect. The flavor is medium to full. A very well-crafted and slow burning cigar. Mine lasted a solid hour and 15 minutes. I came online to order a second box and decided to leave a review. Definitely my new favorite! Comes in a very cool box too, a hard plastic case made to look like the trunk of a Cadillac. Great packaging, great smelling cigar, beautiful clouds of thick smoke....Looking forward to another with a glass of Scotch.”
JT of Carefree, AZ
“I first tried this cigar in the same year as it was in Cigar Aficionado Magazine's Top 25 (2005). I picked up the sampler box from C.I. last month and opened the box trying to figure out why I ever stopped buying this TV tribute line of fine tobacco. Just looking upon the dark and oily Brazilian maduro wrapper, knew that this was going to be the best hour and a half of my entire day! So I proceeded to spark up my 2 butaine jet lighter and began to toast the foot of this work of tobaccan art. As I puffed and rotated the stick, a wonderful rush of licorice, spicy nuts and a hint of cinnamon filled my pallete. An hour later, I was still completely immersed with this cigar and its Columbian, Nicaraguan and Honduran filler blend. The burn, construction and finish were as close to perfect as possible compared to any cigar that I have ever smoked. Definately for medium to full body connoissuers. As a point of note, just like the fate of the fictitious crime family the stick is named for, The "CAO Sopranos Edition" will also end its run soon, so I would highly recommend grabbing and storing an extra box or two. It surprised me to hear it was being discontinued despite its success which leads me to believe that they may have run out of some of the tobaccos to make this masterpiece. This will only increase this cigars scarcity in the future. What ever you wind up paying for this, it will certainly not disappoint! Consider pairing with Jonnie Walker Red on ice. Enjoy, my friends!”
BG of Melville, NY
“I love these Cigars. Just finished the sampler just ordered 20 Boss. I am going to buy another 20 of Boss before they run out. I wish that they keep the Sopranos Edition Around instead of discontinuing them.”
GC of Germantown, MD
“....I hope I was just unlucky and got a box rolled by a trainee. Have been a CI customer for several years and never had a problem as bad as this. The cigars I got are rolled way, way too tight and some are hard as rocks. Tried to smoke four of them, stabbing them with a big needle to loosen them up a bit and create some draw. It was hopeless and I'm really bummed out because I was really looking forward to enjoying what were supposed to be world class cigars....HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM? Or, as I said earlier, was I just unlucky. ”
“just got the robusto size couldn't wait fire one up great flavors but tight draw and some burn issues hopefully little time in the humi will fix it”

CAO The Sopranos Edition

Posted by Brandon S
Every year the cigar industry holds an annual tradeshow where the manufacturers often debut the newest products and most importantly, the newest cigars to over 3,000 eager attendees like me. And, as is the case every year, the boys from CI were there wrecking shop to bring you the newest of the new and the best of the best.

It seems that in every crop of new smokes there are at least one or two cigars that stand out head and shoulders above the crowd and this year was certainly no exception. As expected, CAO delivered two completely new blends to their already staggering lineup of successful cigars: The CAO CX2 (Cameroon times 2) and the CAO Sopranos.

My initial impression of the CAO Sopranos was that it had to be some kind of a gimmick. The packaging is designed to mimic the trunk of an old Cadillac and if you’ve ever had the good fortune to see the movie Goodfellas, you know what gets stuffed in the trunk… Open it up and inside you will find 20 beautifully crafted cigars, each one finished with two distinct bands. The first is a black band of traditional placement towards the cap of the cigar and features an ominous looking CAO logo in metallic red. The second band shrouds the foot and is produced from a blood-red ribbon with the Sopranos logo prominently emblazoned on it. Allright, enough of the presentation as it’s clear that the folks at CAO know how to package a cigar!

Samples were in short supply but Jon Huber was kind enough to set us up with a couple of these new cigars right from the display box. Closer inspection of the cigar itself revealed a solidly constructed cigar with a gorgeous, reddish-brown and marbled Brazilian Mata-Fina wrapper. I fumbled for my cutter and grabbed some matches in anticipation of what this cigar might deliver. Billed as full-bodied, I would argue that it’s more towards the medium-bodied range of the spectrum but the flavor is damn near as intense as the show this smoke is named for. Undertones of coffee and black cherry envelope your mouth at the start and almost immediately it begins to change and build in complexity. About an inch in and you really begin to notice some spice which is likely due to the generous helping of Nicaraguan, Colombian and Dominican long-fillers that make up the bulk of this cigar. The ash is nothing short of concrete (no pun intended) and the aroma is pleasant and unoffensive as my 5X52 sample aptly named the “Associate” billowed forth huge clouds of bluish-gray smoke. The CAO Sopranos will be available in 3 sizes when they finally hit our shelves with a 6X54 Toro called the “Soldier” and a huge 7X56 Torpedo named the “Boss” rounding out the lineup.

Whether you’re sold on the whole “Sopranos” theme or not, make sure you give this one a try. It’s a legitimate cigar and after all, it’s made by CAO!