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San Lotano Habano

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Full bodied fans rejoice - San Lotano Habano is here.

Few cigar makers are as in demand as AJ ’Abdel’ Fernandez these days. Looking at his impressive portfolio of top-notch blends, it’s easy to understand why. Take for instance his already impressive portfolio boasting the likes of Man O’ War, Diesel, Morro Castle, and 5 Vegas Triple-A - all winners, no doubt. AJ’s highly successful blends are indicative of his ferocious passion and deep seeded desire for perfection.

But now, AJ has taken his craft to another level with the first major release bearing his name, San Lotano by AJ Fernandez. A truly complete ensemble, the San Lotano collection offers something that everyone can rejoice in. Ranging from mild to full, the new San Lotano line is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

The San Lotano Habano is the epitome of what a full-bodied cigar should be. Strong and flavorful, yet balanced and smooth, San Lotano Habano is extraordinary. Blended using an exquisite medley of rich Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran tobaccos, the Habano is anything but boring. Accompanying the complex blend is an extremely rare Brazilian-grown Habano wrapper, available to merely two manufacturers in the world. Together, the unique wrapper and fillers strike a resounding accord of flavor, body, and complexity. Once lit, the Habano graces your palate with nuances of wood, leather, and spice. Expect an even burn accompanied by an easy draw and long finish. Easily one of AJ’s best blends yet!

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Churchill (7.0"x54) BOX OF 20 Backordered $156.00 $139.99
5-PACK Backordered $36.50
Lancero (Lancero/Panatela) (7.0"x38) BOX OF 20 In Stock $146.00 $130.99
5-PACK In Stock $34.50
Robusto (5.0"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $144.00 $128.99
5-PACK In Stock $34.00
Toro (6.0"x54) BOX OF 20 Backordered $148.00 $132.99
5-PACK Backordered $35.00
Toro Gordo (6.0"x60) BOX OF 20 Backordered $182.00 $162.99   Notify
5-PACK Backordered $43.00
Torpedo (6.5"x54) BOX OF 20 Backordered $156.00 $139.99
5-PACK Backordered $36.50
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Customer Reviews of “San Lotano Habano”
Without question one of the best cigars I have tasted this year. Construction is excellent. Burn is so even it is scary. Holds ash forever, as a matter of fact I have seen the ash hold to an inch and a half from the end. AJ has hit a Grand Slam with this one. At our local B&M it has become one of the best selling cigars in the store.....gotta to go and light one up....
RW of Hopewell Junction, NY
Just finished my first stick and this thing is one of the best surprises I've had in a long time. Not a lot of changes as it burns but that is not a negative. Consistent flavor, outstanding burn and draw. An excellent cigar by any measure! Highly recommend.
HB of Edgewood, MD
Love this cigar. If you like this, and it's one of my top 5, you'll love the San Lotano Maduro. The box press torpedo is my favorite all time smoke. AJ Fernandez flat out nailed this tribute to his grandfather. Way to go AJ!
WC of Seeley Lake, MT
Awesome cigar. Easily my favorite cigar of 2011. I am a big fan of AJ Fernandez, and his Man O' War line, but the San Lotano line, especially the Habano, is simply awesome, granted i haven't tried the Maduro yet.
DT of Waterford, WI
These cigars are only sold in a box, so I took a gamble and hit the jackpot. Dominated by mocha and cocoa with a refined cinnamon sweetness, they are perfectly balanced. These monsters sport a leathery, oily wrapper with an excellent draw. This is a relaxing silky smooth spicy cigar. If you like A.J. Fernandez smokes try a box. The box is a work of art and the double bands make these Habanos stand out.
PW of Charlestown, RI
Oh my gosh this is a Powerful cigar! This Stoggie reminds me of Cuban Bolivar cigars! Except Bolivars have taste and more flavor. Loads of nicotine here that will give you the jitters. If you aren't use to the strength from a full bodied cigar this is not an entry level smoke. This cigar tends to be one dimensional in taste. There is an earthy taste that is always there and the aroma is on the acrid side. To those that like this I salute you. Just not flavorful enough to me.
JS of Arlington, TN
I just received a 5 pack of the San Lotano Habano Toro (6”x54) as part of a CI weekend deal for $14.99 with free shipping. After a nice dinner of steak covered in mushrooms, onions, and A-1 sauce, I figured I needed to try a full-bodied San Lotano. Do not be afraid of this smoke. Unlike many so called “full-strength” cigars, this smoke does not burn your lips with spice; rather it is heavy on leather and earth, especially in the first ¾”. The smoke then mellows out but remains earthy. The last 1/3 adds white pepper while maintaining the mellow earthiness. The construction and draw are perfect, lots of smoke, tight white ash. One of the tastiest cigars I have ever smoked. Do not be afraid of the “full” rating of this smoke (I would rate it “full” in taste but not in power). It will not knock you on your backside. Order some the next time you see a deal on CI. You will not be sorry.
At the price point, it is my absolute favorite smoke. It's my daily smoke, in fact. Since it's release, I've probably smoked (conservatively) 40 or so boxes of the toros, a couple of boxes of the robustos and a box of the torpedos. In those hundreds of cigars, I can recall one cigar that had any construction problem (which was a stem, that was an easy fix). Full bodied, velvety baker's chocolate throughout the smoke. If I could blend my own cigar for personal consumption, at this price point, this would be it. The only thing I might change is some smaller ring gauges in the blend (a traditional corona gorda or a corona would be fitting for the blend).
I've smoked and ordered many cigars from CI. I bought this San Lotano Habano as a single, instead of jumping into a box I didn't sample first. I'm glad I was prudent. If you are a fan of full flavored, full bodied cigars, this is not for you. This is a medium bodied cigar, not too much smoke, not too strong of flavor. On the upside, if you like medium cigars, this one will work. There are better for the price though, IMO.
DF of Elmhurst, IL
This is bar none one of the best cigars in the WORLD! In a world on decent smokes...this one stands apart from the crowd. The Churchhill is my favorite size in this blend...but all are AMAZING! If you want something that is a real treat give this flavor bomb a try
A San Lotano Connecticut Robusto rated as the 2nd best cigar of 2012, behind only an Oliva Serie V Toro, according to Cigar Journal. Habano seems a clear winner too. The 6' X 54 Toro is draped with a rare Habano wrapper that is mud brown in color. It is a bit veiny, yet supple, as it cloaks the somewhat soft frame. It burns rapidly as a result, but doesn't disappoint in the flavor or volume of smoke. I have to agree with a previous reviewer & classify the experience as medium. As the burn progresses, I do become a bit light headed, indicating some power in the tobaccos. Waves of spice & light pepper greet you upon lighting. An inch in & five minutes later, the bouquet blooms into flavors of caramel & oak. Very pleasant. The ash is grey & dislodges itself as I lay it down at 1 1/2". A. J. Fernandez makes some exciting blends & Habano is one I like particularly. Considering the cost & the rapidity at which the stick burns, I can't see myself purchasing a box. However, I will be looking for this blend on special or in a sampler, so that I can stow a few away for special occasions.
Very good stick. Good construction and good burn. Too strong and too expensive to burn as an everyday cigar. Would not buy them by the box, but IF they go on sale for a good price would pick up a 5 pack to age and smoke as an "occasional" stick....
One can easily see why AJ Fernandez's masterpiece, San Lotano Habano garners so many absurdly high ratings. It tastes so devilishly delicious, that one cannot help but fall in love with it, praise it to high Heaven & formulate a plan to secure a stock for immediate use. I have one more Toro stowed away in the "last stogie" humi & then there are no more. They raised it 20 clams & took all 5 of the San Lotano offerings out of the "Kitchen Sink" sampler, so 2 bones per vitola is not in the near future. I'm gonna need to figure something out, because San Lotano Habano is a must have, go-to blend deserving of all the accolades, all the fuss & even the 94 ratings. AJ can claim another occupant in my top 10 best list. With La Herencia Cubana Core, Man O' War, San Lotano Oval & Diesel Unlimited already there, Mr. Fernandez is crowding out some mighty fine competition. This is the blend that almost everyone should love. It's strong, but not too much for most veterans. I love it! 95/100
Summing up what the others have already said. Outstanding habano flavor, even burn, delicious finish. Top it off with an excellent price point, and this baby can't be beat! I prefer a stronger stick, and this one does not disappoint. Thank you Mr. Fernandez, job well done!
CL of Vinton, VA