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San Cristobal

Ashton's finest, and most highly anticipated release....ever.

After 2 years of careful blending and planning, San Cristobal has come to fruition. Skillfully handmade by Jose 'Don Pepin' Garcia, a Cuban expatriate who is quickly becoming the biggest star in the industry, San Cristobal is a luxurious cigar built for the achieved palate. It all starts in the black, fertile soils of Nicaragua. Here, the leathery, Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper used for San Cristobal is born, as well the blend's rich mixture of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers. Carefully balanced and patiently aged, these hand-selected tobaccos present a rich, earthy smoke with complex notes of toasted wood, roasted nuts, coffee, and sweet spices. Indeed, San Cristobal is a sophisticated cigar one must truly take the time to savor.

San Cristobal received an amazing 93-point rating, which commented:

"This dark churchill has a pointed, torpedo-like cap. The first draws load the palate with spice, nutmeg, and cherry flavors. A very rich and balanced smoke. Body: Full"
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Clasico (robusto) (5.0"x50) 5-PACK In Stock $40.50
Clasico (robusto) + Lighter (5.0"x50) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 22 In Stock $187.00 $167.99
Coloso (Gordo) (6.7"x62) 5-PACK In Stock $50.00
Coloso + Lighter (Gordo) (6.7"x62) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 21 In Stock $220.50 $197.99
Fabuloso (torpedo) (6.1"x52) 5-PACK In Stock $45.00
Fabuloso (torpedo) + Lighter (6.1"x52) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 22 In Stock $209.00 $187.99
Guajiro (pigtail) (Lancero/Panatela) (6.6"x46) 5-PACK In Stock $41.50
Guajiro (pigtail) + Lighter (Lancero/Panatela) (6.6"x46) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 22 In Stock $192.50 $172.99
Maestro (perfecto) (6.0"x60) 5-PACK In Stock $50.00
Maestro (perfecto) + Lighter (6.0"x60) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 22 In Stock $231.00 $206.99
Monumento (churchill) (7.2"x49) 5-PACK In Stock $50.00
Monumento (churchill) + Lighter (7.2"x49) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 22 In Stock $231.00 $206.99
Papagayo (gordo) (5.7"x55) 5-PACK In Stock $45.00
Papagayo (gordo) + Lighter (5.7"x55) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 21 In Stock $199.50 $178.99
Papagayo XXL (gordo) (6.0"x60) 5-PACK In Stock $47.50
Papagayo XXL (gordo) + Lighter (6.0"x60) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 21 In Stock $210.00 $188.99
Presto (Toro) (6.5"x52) 5-PACK In Stock $46.00
Presto + Lighter (Toro) (6.5"x52) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 20 In Stock $190.00 $170.99
Supremo (toro) (6.0"x50) 5-PACK In Stock $42.50
Supremo (toro) + Lighter (6.0"x50) Shipping Constraints BOX OF 22 In Stock $198.00 $177.99
Shipping Constraints:
Due to shipping and carrier regulations, adding this item to your order will cause your entire order to be shipped via a slower, ground method. Shipping times up to 3 weeks could occur depending on your location. This item can be shipped within the Continental US only.
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Customer Reviews of “San Cristobal”
Another stroke of absolute genius by Don Pepin. This is the most sophisticated full-bodied smoke I have ever tried. It doesn't just stimulate your palatte it expands your mind in every direction just trying to keep up with all the different flavor profiles as it burns from foot to nub. I highly recommend the toro size, though I'm sure they're all fabulous, the toro provides the right combination of complexity and heat to make the perfect cigar. Don't just light this one up for the heck of it: really take your time and appreciate all that it has to offer. This is the ultimate expression of Pepin's blending genius, IMHO, and I've tried and loved almost everything he's ever made.
SS of Portland, OR
If you like full bodied cigars, there are 2 smokes you must try. ( The Oliva V, and San Cristobal).
AD of Rochester, NY
The Robusto was phenomenal (San Cristobal). The first third started off spicy, and very full bodied with hints of cocoa. The rest was mellowed a bit but extremely smooth and full of flavor. Construction on this cigar is absloutly top notch. The burn equally as impressive. A close look at the gorgeous wrapper let's you know how special this cigar is. What do you get when you mix a Don Pepin Cigar with and Ashton flare and flavor? A masterpiece! A+
GT of San Jose, CA
This is a full-bodied cigar with beautiful construction. The cigar burns evenly with a nice ash and absolutely no flaking. It's pleasant cigar best enjoyed after a meal.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
What a great smoke.........heavy in the hand and very mild in the begining. Through the first third the tobacco was very well defined with a hint of coffee and sweetness. It only gets better after that. Got this in a sampler and let it rest in the humi for three months before trying it. The other one will wait for another three......If I can help myself!!!! A sure order for more for special occasions. The "Don" can't be stopped!!!!
KR of Wilmington, DE
I was playing craps in Las Vegas, doing pretty well and I told my wife to get me a cigar "What cigar?" "I don't know, I'm on a streak here, just get me something rich looking". A few minutes later she came back with this heavy figurado with a San Cristobal ring on it. I fired it up, still playing and it was hideous, acrid and hot. I thought - well those are the breaks and kept winning intending to put the cigar out but... well you know us smokers, we always have hopes and so I sipped at the smoke thinking it would maybe get better. Then it did. It got GREAT, at 1 inch it was one of the most fantastic cigars I had ever had - all memory of those first few puffs were washed away. That cigar was so good that I pulled down my bets, took my chips and went to a bar so I could devote my full attention to my new found smokey friend. This is one of the few truely remarkable cigars I have come across in 20 years of smoking.
GM of Yucaipa, CA
Smoked a San Cristobal.....I've already ordered more. All i will say is "WOW!", what a cigar.
VB of San Francisco, CA
I've hunted from store to store for a San Cristobal & was unable to find any until I purchased it from this site. When it came it, I took a nice long look at it before retiring it to my humidor. The opportunity to smoke it came a few days later when I was able to sit & relax for about an hour or so. I was skeptical on how it would taste because I enjoy a mild Ashton or Montecristo White cigar & didn't know what to expect from the corojo wrapper. Immediately upon lighting it, I could tell that this was going to be a great hour of cigar & RNR. This is one of Ashton's finest Cigars. Maybe my new favorite from Ashton. This cigar was sweet, creamy, nutty & spicy. A very mild to medium taste that takes its time with you. The blend was so enjoyable, I immediately went online & ordered more while I was still lit up. I only bought 5 to test them out. Now I only hope those 5 make it until the new ones come it. Try this cigar, you and your palate will be quite pleased with the results.
JF of Milltown, NJ
The SC is a good solid smoke period.
SB of E. Taunton, MA
I got these in a DPG sampler (robusto)… In a word… Exquisite! Smooth as silk, but enough spice and strength changes to be delightfully complex. Construction and burn… perfect! This cigar is easily placed in my top 5 smokes, period. I will be buying a box of these.
BN of Zion, IL
Buy this. Smoke this. Love this. I know people say this all the time, and everybody's taste buds are different but ... cuban.... thats all I'm sayin'.
EK of Rahway, NJ
Great cigar,the taste is fantastic!!!Always keep some in the humi.Great price from C.I you cant go wrong!!
MK of moulton, AL
The Buddha's first encounter with nirvana came while smoking a San Cristobal. True story.
RF of Bettendorf, IA
This was given to me from a non cigar smoker. Never heard of it until today. A very pleasant smoke. Consistant right down to the nub. Very good aroma. Pretty even burn..... Excellent construction. Good draw and plenty of smoke. Yes I said thanks to that non cigar smoker two more times.
FS of Middle , MD
San Cristobal is a wonderful smoke. Extremely flavorful, excellent burn down to the nub.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
I'm not going to wow you with the ability my palate has in coming up with all of these flavors. The truth is, when it comes to the San Cristobal, my vocabulary just can't come up with the words to describe this wonderful cigar. It is a master piece worthy to be framed, and displayed in a Smithsonian Museum. It has a bold full flavor that burns slow and even for a good hour with the Churchill. The taste is remarkable, and I tip my hat to the person who put these different tobaccos together. This is one of the best, if not the best cigar I have ever smoked. Not to sound boastful, but I have smoked more cigars than I can remember, some from Cuba. If I had the ability/money, I would send every person who read this review a San Cristobal. If I'm wrong on the quality, then do nothing. If I'm right, then send back the cost of the one cigar. I'm more than certain that those who are honest would be paying me back. At least purchase a 5 pack of these, then you will know what I'm trying to say.
DM of Taylor, MI
A very fine cigar witch is suitable for a special occasion. A real class act!
GM of Belchertown, MA
All I can say about this work of art by "DPG" Be prepared to burn your fingertips and singe your mustache, the "San Cristobal" is that good!!
BW of Hamilton, OH
I've been smoking cigars for nearly 20 years now. On a friend's suggestion I gave these a try for the first time while at a local B&M the other day (had to buy from them since it was darned cold so I was using their cigar lounge). Anyway, I'm sorry I waited so long. I'll be ordering a box soon. Very sophisticated flavors, strong bodied but not harsh in any way. Very smooth. It was also my first perfecto. I absolutely loved this cigar, in fact, it may be the best cigar I've ever had!
JG of Annapolis, MD
I have smoked many brands. The San Cristobal and Viaje Oro are my favorites. It started with a prelight draw of barnyard with a touch of honey. First third was zesty spice and cherries with black moist earth. This continued with the cherries and honey moving in and out. Until about half way when a very smooth well aged tobacco taste moved in a bold yet refined way and finished that way gaining some strength in the final third. Long finish with an enjoyable aroma and aftertaste.
PW of Rosedale, IN
Yes yes, smooth like butter, complex with coffee and chocolate. Believe it or not some guy in the Bahamas told me to try having an Almond Joy candy bar and a root beer while smoking this cigar. Try it, it's Nirvana!!
One top notch cigar, the San Cristobal is a rich, smooth, full-bodied smoke; very consistent in flavor. Construction and burn are excellent. I tried the perfecto and it surpassed all my expectations.
CC of Norton, MA
out of the wrapper this Cigar smells like candy. So full of flavor. What a rare smoke. Two thumbs up
DH of Ridgeland, MS
Amazing, full bodied smoke! I normally stray from cigars touted as full body, but seeing an Ashton creation gave me the comfort to try them. I ordered a couple five packs of the Robusto. Nice, dark, oily wrapper and great construction. What really excited me is how bold they were, but smooth at the same time. I in no way got that heavy buzzed feeling that can keep you in your seat for a while after you finish the stogie. Just a high quality, flavorful, and well constructed cigar. This is a must try for anyone who is not sure about the bolder cigars. If you stick with high quality like San Cristobal or LaAroma De Cuba, you can't go wrong!
CC of Vacaville, CA
If your looking for a great smooth full flavor, this is the one!
I have been purchasing San Cristobal Classico for some time now and I have to say that this is my favorite smoke. The fragrance is earthy and leathery out of the wrapper and the feel is comfortable and warm. I have never had one of these that had anything other than a perfect draw, which is very important to me; I mean, who wants to work that hard? Not with this smoke. Perfect draw, nice even burn and then those wonderful earth and leather tones along with a hint of oak makes this a wonderful puff with a good bourbon or scotch. This is a full-bodied, beautiful smoke and I would recommend these to anyone.
i know this cigar is a tad pricey for some. however it is well worth it. Just a very smooth flavorful smoke. enjoy!
NB of Maryville, TN
I like the big ring. Got the 6x60. Smoooooth 2 hour cigar. Easy to smoke. No bite. Construction, burn, look, feel, cool, .....get your own box!!!!!
Excellent smoke, great taste even burn, nice aroma
Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy smoke output that is creamy and oily on palate. Mild to medium strength with medium to full flavors. Flavors of sweet, dark fruit, earthy coffee and molasses with a sweet, leathery, medium length finish. Very rich flavored cigar with no spice and easy to smoke.
Wow what a cigar! I got a 5 pack of the monumento. This is a flavorful, transitional smoke. Consistent sweet hay, earth, deep tobacco & slight cocoa with a little sweetness in the first half. Then it hits its stride. Then the espresso takes the forefront. It does not drown out the other flavors however. Nice balance to this stick. Perfect draw, nice burn & excellent smoke output. Beautiful construction. This a fine cigar. Word to the wise. It likes a nice long draw. Don't get in a hurry with this one. Put aside at least 2 hrs, take your time & let it take you away. Highly recommended.
JR of ennis, TX
Very good smoke.
I have two top-of-the-list faves: San Cristobal & La Flor de las Antillas. Now, the SC is just incredible. Delicious, well constructed, consistent. Liked them so much, I gave a few to a friend. It is now his all-time favorite cigar (he prefers the robusto) and that is all he smokes. SC is addictive! If you haven't tried 'em yet, DO SO SOON!
RH of Hungry Horse, MT
A very well constructed cigar, burned flawlessly. I had one on the 4th, worth the 10$ per price tag.
EF of Valdez, AK
This cigar is in the top 5 on my favorites. I don't see it being knocked off anytime soon.
JW of Bowling Green, FL
Found three of these robustos in the bottom of my goto humi. Been there for at least two years since I remember thinking they weren't special ROTT. With a little age SC has gone to the top 10 list. These are excellent with even burn, tight ash and great flavor. Ordering the box and watching CI for their special so I can really load up.
The name fits! The flavor fits too. A beatifully constructed cigar with a great taste. It is very meaty and smooth in aroma and taste.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
I got a 5-pack of Supremos (toro) 3 months ago. I've been wanting to try these for quite a while, especially after seeing the unanimous positive reviews. Smoked my 1st one today and was both surprised and impressed by this cigar. Surprised because it's not the DPG spice bomb like My Father or even the mellower Flor de Las Antillas. I expected a similar experience with this, but when I sparked it up what I tasted was almost a classic maduro profile, very smooth and little spice. I say almost because there was something else besides the maduro flavor I couldn't quite pin down. About a third of the way in, the flavor changes, becoming more full-bodied and a bit more spicy, progressively building more intensity as I smoked it further and further. I was most impressed with the last couple inches, just about the most flavorful cigar I've ever had, all the while remaining quite smooth and never harsh or hot. Smoked it down to less than 1/2 inch and regretfully put it out, wanting the experience to go on and on. Will most definitely be buying more of these in the future (hopefully on a sale price - they are a bit costly) but are good enough that I would pay regular price if I have to. Awesome cigar.
TS of Elkhart, IN

San Cristobal

Posted by Steve R

The first few months leading up to each RTDA include a massive influx of hype, whispers, ratings, reviews, and of course excitement. Each year, several cigars remain the focal point throughout the show. Whether they’re from CAO, Felipe Gregorio, Perdomo, or Rocky Patel...these are the cigars we’re all waiting to try. And so we hit the show floors with burned-out palates, ready to purchase all the cigars you, as an enthusiast, open our catalog hoping to find.

During this time, it’s easy for a cigar to fall short of our clouded, manipulated expectations. Today’s cigar makers are doing amazing things with tobacco, and we expect a lot out of them. This does not mean the cigar is ‘bad’ or undeserving of praise, but we often need to re-evaluate a cigar with an open mind in order to truly appreciate what it has to offer. On the other hand, some cigars are winners out of the gates. Such is the case with San Cristobal.

San Cristobal is a collaboration between Ashton and Jose ‘Don Pepin’ Garcia. It hails from Pepin’s Nicaraguan factory, and is comprised entirely of Nicaraguan tobaccos, including a dark Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper. Each cigar is fitted with a triple-cap in true Cuban fashion, and sports traditional sizes with a few extras betwixt.

The cigar is crafted well. Heavy in the hand, no soft spots, top-notch wrappers, and perfectly applied caps. Throughout the burn, I pick up a mixed bag of complex flavors. It opens with a robust, spiceness and morphs into a rich smoke with various notes of cedar, nuts, cocoa, and coffee. There’s even a little saltiness to the cigar that somehow fits. The flavors are smooth and balanced, hitting different parts of my palate as I roll the smoke around the inside of my mouth, and each puff finishes with a long aftertaste that hits the back of my palate in a bold, yet crisp manner. The flavors are pronounced, yet far from overwhelming, and manage to keep my mind off the full-bodied nature of the tobaccos at play. The aroma is that of sweet wood. The ash burns white and firm.

Try it.

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