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Puros Indios Reserva Maxima 2003 Boxes

Tasty, patiently aged morsels.

Reserva Maxima from Puros Indios is a very special blend, one created to celebrate Rolando Reyes Sr. and his 70 years in the business. Comprised of a smooth, complex blend of long-leaf tobaccos originating from Brazil, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic, wrapped in a lovely Ecuador wrapper. These puppies are a special edition called "Anejado 2003," consisting of only three sizes rolled back in '03 and boasting five additional years of box aging. Don’t hesitate on this because it’s a no-brainer.

In fact, look closely at this’s outrageous.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Corona Larga (Double Corona) (6.5"x46)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $150.00$34.54    
Presidente (Churchill) (7.2"x48)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $170.00$37.37    
Robusto (5.0"x50)BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $140.00$33.22    
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Customer Reviews of “Puros Indios Reserva Maxima 2003 Boxes”
“I am a working guy on a budget who started out smoking Ronald Reyes' Flor Del Toro which i enjoy a lot more then some $5.00 cigars I've tried. I really wanted to try one of RR's premium cigars but couldn't afford them. But the Reserva Maxima 2003 was priced right, and I decided to splurge and try a box. This is a medium bodied smoke with a earthy flavor that I liked a lot. Reyes is a great blender and his cigars have definate FLAVOR. If you like the Flor, and want something a bit more refined then the Flor without breaking your checking account, I'd try this one.”
DH of Washington, DC
“I bought a box of these babies about 5-6 years ago..only, they were a 6 x 55...I have about 7 left. My father-in-law gave up smoking 2 years ago and I gave 20 to him 5-6 years ago...I swear that the aging has made them one of the smoothest and tastiest mild (on the medium downside) cigars you can age. The price is killer compared to what I paid for them then and I would rate them at a strong 88 to 90. Would give them a higher score except they will canoe a little if you do not have a cigar indentation in the ashtray big enough to hold them out of the ashtray.”
JH of Crowley, TX
“Love this cigars (Puros Indios Reserva Maxima 2003) what an incredible deal! I've enjoyed everything I've ordered through CI.”
D of WCleveland, OH
“The first time I smoked this particular species of Puros Indios(Reserva Maxima 2003) I had gotten a couple of them in a sort of "grab bag" style of bundle on some sort of promotional offer, I think it may have even been from CI. I liked it better than anything else in the pack. I saw the 2 buck a stick price in the CI mag and decided to order a box. I just smoked the first one out of that box tonight. The cigar was in perfect condition (now it has been cremated...just about as much as it could have been without actually being subjected to a cremation machine) with an excellent draw and a very good burn. The flavour was just excellent. A true knuckle burner (or fingernail burner, whatever one's past habits and such may dictate...I am referring to biting one's fingernails or course). I am going to have to order more. Please forget that you read this review so CI doesn't sell out on me or raise the price.”
JR of Pinckney, MI
“I willl happily admit to being an admirer of the Puros Indios/Cuba Aliados brands. The Maxima Reserva is a fine cigar only very slightly spoilt by a somewhat uneven burn. The draw, aroma and excellent flavour more than make up for it, though. Always a worthwhile cigar.”
MM of Leesburg, VA
“KC from Hawaii hit the nail on the head. Mellow and ever-changing. I would add that you do get a taste of sweet, classic Dominican flavor once or twice. Well worth the dough.”
JH of las vegas, NV
“So glad I bought these (Puros Indios Maxima Reserva '03)! I tend to stick with stronger smokes but these are great to have around to give to buddies or to sit back and enjoy a lighter smoke. The cigar is medium bodied, burns even and has a beautiful wrapper with nary a vein. I get a ton of ceder and warm bread on the nose with a bit of syrupy sweetness (similar to the Cusano Xclusive or El Rey del Mundos both of which I would highly recommend). Expect to buy a box and put them away for a year or two although it will be tempting to smoke them now considering they have been aging for seven years already! This cigar is an easy 90 so don't luck out and buy some today.”
MC of Claremont, CA
“why is this so cheap ,i guess they dont sell,this cigar is fantastic. (Reserva Maxima 2003) the robusto was very woody, toasty with a hint of mint or was it parsley.i cant put my finger on it, i taste the same thing in macanudo's. ,but this cigar is fuller in taste,burned a little hot on the finish ,2 dollars a smoke .how they do it,i dont know.”
JS of hamilton, OH
“Very enjoyable full flavored smoke.(Reserva Maxima 2003) The flavor developed nicely from pepper & earthy, through hints of licorice and leather, to a creamy, rich finish. I think these are an amazing cigar for the CI price.”
DA of Harrisburg, PA
JC of tecuseh, KS
“Great every day cigar! Its no premium but for the price its a premium.”
EW of Vandalia, IL
“I'm relatively new to cigars. I ordered a box of the Indios Puros Anejado 2003 (Reserva Maxima 03 Presidente) about 3 months ago. I keep a record of each cigar smoked. Initially did several samplers. When I smoked the first of these, a week or two after receiving the box, my initial response was 'why did I order these'? After a couple months in my humi, I smoked another one tonite. Wow! Actually one of the best I've smoked so far! Smooth, tasty, good to the end! When I smoked the first of these a couple months back, I'd made a note to myself not to buy anymore. Didn't enjoy the first one much. Totally changed my mind with this last one. If the next one is near as good, I may in fact order again.”
DW of Onalaska, WA
“I was really disappointed in this smoke. The whole bundle was almost tasteless, poor drawing, many flaky broken wrappers. I wont buy this puro again”
BT of Bowling Green, IN
“Great cigars, phenomenal deal. Highly recommended for the $$.”
MT of Wagontown, PA
“If nothing else...this cigar is a veritable roller coaster of a smoke! Starts off kind of rough and tasting like dirt. About an inch in it opens up and takes on a new persona changing gears to a more mellow peppery flavor. As if that weren't enough, in the last few inches a strong menthol-like overtone coats your palate. Pretty interesting to say the least!”
KC of Kaneohe, HI
“I am a big fan of these cigars. Similar to PI Viejos, just a bit more towards the medium-bodied range. The robustos have all draw well and have great construction. Love the cedary, nutty flavors...not to mention the low price. I'll be ordering more soon.”
MR of Ridgewood, NJ
“These are definitely different from the other Puros Indios cigars I've smoked (the Viejo & Puros Indios blends); these are on the same level with the Special Aged, which I've savored for some time now. I bought a box of the Corona Largas 2 yrs ago last month and put 'em in the aging chest; I broke 'em out last week and all I can say is "NICE!!!!" Silky smooth, mild-mannered and tasty, an anytime of the day smoke. Maybe I haven't been fair; maybe I should try aging some Viejos......maybe I'll just buy another box of 8yr old Reserva Maxima '03s!!!”
TK of Belleplain, NJ
“Didn't like them that much. Maybe not my cup of coffee. I'll be handing them all out to friends maybe someone likes them. ”
MU of Seaside Heights, NJ
“One of the most under-rated cigars you'll ever come across. I rate this one a solid 88. It is a great cigar for any time of the day. It is a little on the soft side when it's in your hand which is why I wouldn't rate it 90. Burn is good. Ash is a little flaky. Taste is very mellow and smooth. One of my "must-have" in my humidor rotation... look at the price for Gods' sake! If you're the type who appreciates a mild-medium cigar with not too much flavor complexity, get it. It is a "no-nonsense" cigar.”
RE of Springfield, NJ
“I really like the Puros Viejo so I bought a box of these in robusto. Great price, great cigar. Others must agree, when I went to buy another box they were sold out. CI always has the best deals...”
JH of Pavilion, NY
“When I first ordered a 5 pack of these, I wasn't impressed (probably a little dry from shipping). I put it in my humidor and forgot about it for about 6 months. I tried one after that. Oh man!!! Delicious complex flavor that almost doesn't even follow the 1/3 rule. There seem to be about 5 different slight flavor changes during the entire smoke. Time to order more!!!”
TP of Athens, GA
“I don't know why all the good reviews. The draw on this cigar was good but it tasted like I was smoking hay. Wrapper had issues with peeling and flaking. The cigar had very little character and flavor. Look at the price and don't pay attention to the description. This cigar is priced low for a reason. The construction was good but they missed on the blend.”
EF of Murrieta, CA
“just got a box of the robustos last night and had to smoke one of these this morning. puros indios was one of the first cigars that got me turned on to "real" cigars. from what i can remember of the traditional line, these are reminiscent of them. very earthy and spicy, picked up a good deal in the second half. it did get harsh a little sooner than i like, left about a 1/4 of the stick, couldn't smoke it because the flavor turned bad. these aren't the prettiest cigars, the wrappers show discoloration... the ash did have a decent amount of "yellowing" so i believe the claim of aging. if you like the traditional puros line, you should like these, just don't expect too much look wise... now the nica libre potencia that i ordered with these... wow what a gorgeous cigar!”
CE of Milford, PA
“At first I thought ,how good can they be at these prices.I let em settle in humi for a short time and oh wow !I smoke one of these even before morning coffee(zombie land)nice med smoke good any time.with a little surprise at ending of mild spice.You will burn your fingers on this one”
AD of Callensburg, PA
“Creamy and smooth, I regret not buying an extra box or three!”
CM of Clintwood, VA
“a very well made cigar, mild taste even burn, great price for the size, only drawback is draw could be easier but not too bad.”
EP of Monroe Township, NJ