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Torano Virtuoso

Torano has recently changed Virtuoso packaging from 25-count to 20-count boxes. While they last, enjoy blowout pricing on my remaining inventory of the 25-count boxes. 

A deliciously full-bodied treat from the Torano family.

Out of Honduras comes one of Torano’s fullest-bodied, fullest-flavored premiums. Enter, Virtuoso – a complex joyride for your taste buds that leave you satisfied, fat and happy. Outside you will find a luscious, ultra-smooth Nicaraguan wrapper the color of lightly-creamed coffee. Inside lies a robust, aged blend of long-leaf tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Panama.

Just a side note: tobacco from the Panama is rarely used in premiums, mainly due to the fact that it takes an extremely skilled blender to utilize the leaf’s unique characteristics. The Torano family is known for its creative blending practices, and takes pride in using uncommon or unexplored varieties of tobaccos to create innovative tastes.

That’s Virtuoso, a unique, innovative cigar of the highest caliber. Enjoy soothing hints of wood as an espresso-like richness creeps in from time to time, all while leading up to a robust, spicy finale. Complex, slow-burning and utterly satisfying.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Baton (Lancero/Panatela) (7.5"x38) BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $193.75 $49.87    
Crescendo (Torpedo) (6.5"x54) BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $205.00 $59.11    
Encore (Robusto) (4.7"x52) BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $177.50 $49.87    
Maestro (Churchill) (7.0"x50) BOX OF 25 Sale Out of Stock $205.00 $59.11    
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Customer Reviews of “Torano Virtuoso”
Excellent fuller bodied cigar, great draw, nice white ash, burned great and tons of flavorfull smoke. Smooth down to the nub. I enjoyed this one. survey says YES YES and YES
RR of Spokane, WA
I've been smoking cigars for about eight years now and have smoked my fair share of beauties like cuban bolivars, and montecristos. Through these times I've learned that my pallet will not settle for anything less than a strong bodied cigar. When I lit the (Carlos Torano Virtuoso) encore (4.7x52) I fell in love, again. It's power seemed eminent while the unparallel flavor and smoothness that accompanied it continued to linger through out the cigar. Halfway into it I pondered the idea of being able to stop time, because I simply did not want it to end!!!
MS of Baton Rouge, LA
This is a good cigar. It's the first CARLOS TORANO I have ever smoked. Upon lighting it the first taste thought that came to my mind was NUTS, cashews to be more specific. After the first inch or so that flavor tapered off and became for smooth & steady. It is a medium to full strength cigar. However, my daily cigars are mild so this can be enjoyed by anyone. The draw and construction are great of course. Worth a try.
RH of Coraopolis, PA
The Virtuoso (Carlos Torano Virtuoso) is a masterpiece for the tastebuds. Using the bullet cutter, I enjoyed an excellent draw, a motherlode of flavor on the tastebuds, and almost burnt fingers. I like seeing how long the ash gets before it falls, and on the Toro, I didn't have much room left. I had to remove the label...does that say anything? Excellent after-dinner smoke...highly recommended.
DK of Mt. Holly Springs, PA
WOW! Just when I thought that I was getting bored with my usual cigars, Charlie and Co. come along with these (Carlos Torano Virtuoso) and I gotta tell ya.. I love them. It starts with a peppery spicy flavor and ends with a rich velvety earthiness. This is a flavorful and very.. shall I say.. Masculine cigar. Big thumbs up! -D
DT of Austin, TX
Absolutely one of the finest smokes (Carlos Toranon Virtuoso) ever (IMHO). I smoked my first one with a good single malt and my second with a fabulous Sangria sitting on the front porch, it was splendid with both--how many cigars can you say that about? I really enjoy the flavor of bitter green herbs that lingers on the taste buds. Smooth draw, smooth flavor from first draw to the nub.
SS of Grove City, PA
I've really only smoked one of these things (Carlos Torano Virtuoso), a torpedo which is not my favourite shape, but found the cigar very pleasant. About medium in strength with a delightful flavour, even burn and very good draw.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
I've always thought the Torano family's cigars to be reliable, well-made, a good value and excellently flavored. In large part, that opinion continues with my receipt of the Baton vitola in this marque. A note, however: there's nothing remotely resembling "creamed coffee" about the wrapper to this stick. It's a maduro, plain and simple. The wrapper is almost black, very few veins, with a well-made pigtail cap. The front-end of the flavor profile features hay and some spice, which gives way to a coffee quality at the midpoint. The end stays pleasant right to the nub. This baton never needed a relight and burned straight and true. I'm very fond of the lancero vitola because it puts a blend to the test. It also tests the smoker's abilities, since honking on a lancero the same way one would a toro creates real problems due to the lancero's higher heat profile. I'd say this is a medium-bodied stick, at most. The Toranos are making some very nice cigars.
RW of Victor, WV
Heh... Over a year ago my brother gave me a Virtuoso and an Exodus from a Torano sampler he got. The other day I got curious and fired up the Virtuoso. I generally prefer medium-bodied smokes, so the dark wrapper worried me. SILLY! This baby is rich, smooth, and complex. I could make up stuff like leathery, chocolately, nutty, but crap, it's just a fantastic tasty smoke. No pepper, no bitterness. While the aftertaste stays with you for awhile, it's sweet and pleasant. Tonight, the Exodus. Different flavor, same unbelievably satisfying experience. If you like RP Vintages or Punch Rare Corojos, these smokes give you better rides for less money - try 'em.
RL of Phoenix, AZ
This is the smoothest stick I've burned (Carlos Torano Virtuso). Not for the mild smoker though. Spice, wood and some cocoa, a complex smoke. Visually, this Toro is a piece of eye candy. Construction, burn and draw was excellent. A great smoke with cognac. Do yourself a favor and burn one! My current favorite cigar.
MK of Lancaster, PA
I received this cigar (Carlos Torano Virtuoso) in my Cigar of the Month club. This cigar is so tasty from beginning to end. I only smoke out on the back porch and it was getting a bit chilly even with the portable heater going. My toes were getting cold but I didn't want to end that wonderful smoke. Great pair with Grand Minia Cognac.
DD of West Springfield, MA
Just received a Virtuoso in a brown bag sampler and wow I already got my moneys worth! Nice strong but not harsh smoke that has a really nice taste. I think I found a new cigar for my rotation! Nice job Carlos Turano!
JP of East Rutherford, NJ
I received one of these (Carlos Torano Virtuoso) in a brown bag sampler, after I finished smoking it all i have are three words to say about them... I'm in LOVE
BN of Hilo, HI
WOW !! I just finished this Carlos Torano Virtuoso outside in the rain on my back porch. I am talking clouds of smoke from heaven I was in almost trance could not beleive the easy wonderful draw all you had to do was breath thru the thing to say the least I was happy. Came in the brown bag sampler . I am looking to buy a box.
DT of auburn, CA
Carlos Torano Virtuoso Cigar: I have a resently started smoking cigars. I received a sampler in the mail from Cigars International and A silver band on the darkleafed cigar cought my eye. as it was a few days before my birthday I decided to wait untill saturday to smoke one. May 3rd came and after a great diner I pulled out the sampler and took out the Carlos Virtuoso. The dark wrapper had a nutty earth smell. I clipped the end and Lite it with a wood match the a end lite well. The first draw was warm and had a walnuty aroma and an earthy taste it was strong but not overpowering. it held a lite even when I put it down to get a Guinness the rich taste went well with the Virtuoso. The smoke was thick and full flavored the nuttyearthness taste lasted to the last. for being the first real cigar (other then the cheep dollar ones at the conner store) it was a very enjoyable first start. to my new hobby.
DP of Fort Worth, TX
Just finished my first CT Virtuoso Encore and it didn't let me down. What a smooth smoker; very rich flavor with voluminous amounts of smoke. I'm glad this was a smaller cigar as it started to hit me in the stomach/head towards the end. Nice cigar, great construction and even better that I received it as a birthday gift.
TS of Corona, CA
Excellent cigar, (Carlos Torano Virtuoso),deep rich flavors,wonderful aroma,this slow-burning robusto took about 1hour and 15 minutes and boomed huge volumes of smoke,burn is perfect and that excellent draw that you always find on Torano cigars.I have to"rate" this cigar a '92'.Masterfully done,I guess that's why it's called Virtuoso!Well done Torano family,thanks CI!
RK of College Park, MD
I have not rated many cigars, but more than willing to take the time to share my opinion on this masterpiece. I have had the pleasure to smoke 5 of these since purchasing a 10 pack about two months ago. The consistency is relentless!!! It is refreshing to know what I can expect when I go to the humidor and select one of these. I can't believe that I spent $24 (for 10!) on such an absolutely perfect cigar. Just about everything I look for in a cigar is here in this robusto. Earthy, dark chocolate, and coffee flavors run deep in this cigars veins!!! I will definitly be buying a box for myself for Christmas!!!
HC of Oak Park, IL
Nice smoke. RL from AZ wrote that if you like RP Vintages or Punch Rare Corojos that you will like the Virtuoso. He is absolutely right on. I would also add the CAO Bazilia to his list. My first Virtuosos were included in a sampler and I smoked them down to the nub. Just purchased 25 for my next binge trip. Get them on sale while you can!
The Carlos Torano Virtuoso - Forte - Toro is an EXCELLENT cigar. I have smoked 3 of these now from a 10 pack and have smoked them down to the nub burning my fingers! By far one of the best cigars money can buy. I punched them and could not believe the draw and flavor. As the Virtuoso burns it is a true pleasure for the taste buds. I am savoring these and will definitely order more. I highly recommend for anyone with a taste for a full flavor cigar. Thanks CI for making these available at a reasonable price!
RS of Kitty Hawk, NC
While I generally like Toranos, this cigar just didn't do it for me. Aside from a touch of spice, I thought it was kinda bland. It is a great looking stick, but for me the smoke was not very good at all.
Just got a box!! Great cigars from start to finsh smooth, and for the price you cannot go wrong. The box is beautifully constucted, and can be used as a small humidor. Another great deal from CI..
IM of Brooklyn, NY
I find it necessary to comment on the reviewer who stated that Virtuoso has a maduro wrapper. Wow! Just shows you how little is known about the tobaccos that make up such a fine cigar. 1st, there is nothing about Virtuoso that even remotely resembling any Maduro I have ever smoked. The wrapper is a sun grown Habano that is about 10 shades lighter than most Maduro leaves. The tip off is the dark mottled spots that darken the overall reddish hue of this leaf. A characteristic of sun grown leaves. The flavors are pure Habano. Peat, wood & spices rarely if ever encountered with a Maduro wrapped stogie. A very good Habano cigar. We have come to expect it with Carlos Torano blends. Highly recommended. 90/100
Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy smoke output and cool burn. Crisp and dry on the palate. Medium strength with solid medium flavors. Heavy flavors of nuts, cream and chocolate with a slight floral and cedar hint on the exhale. Mild pepper spice hits the throat and lingers. Flavors compliment each other and blend well.
All of the Torano smokes are FABULOUS!
SH of Bayville, NJ
I've been experimenting lately buying less expensive cigars. Notice my wording... "Less expensive", not "cheap". I'm trying to find quality cigars that are low in price. These fit the bill. I'm no expert, can't tell you about different flavors that I detect (leather, woodsy, chocolate, gym socks, etc) but can tell you if I like it. Definitely like it. I wasn't really impressed with the first couple but after only a couple of weeks in humidor they are tasty! If you know of any medium to full flavor smokes that are relatively inexpensive and GOOD, let me know.
JP of Benton, KY
I received one of these Virtuosos in a CI sampler a couple years ago and I have been buying boxes of them ever since. Full body, but very smooth and they always burn nice. Great cigar!
GV of Sterling Heights, MI
These are about a $2.00 per cigar so the price is right if you can get them on special.
JM of Lancaster, PA
Hands down my favorite cigar right now. Exactly what a medium-full cigar should be. Gets a little stronger than most at the end. Great smoke for a night of drinking with the guys or just out on the back patio relaxing. This is a go to smoke when you want a premium that won't let you down.
WP of Cincinnati, OH
"BB", I find it necessary to suggest you reread "RW's" review. He was talking about the Lancero, and it most certainly IS a black maduro! I know because I just opened my box of these fine batons and enjoyed two of them.
LS of Burkburnett, TX
Just received my box of 25 Toraño Virtuoso Panetellas and was quite impressed with the box/humidor. Its beautiful, white, heavy and seals well. I'll use it as a travel humidor later. The Virtuosos are full-bodied and tasty- I'm enjoying them!
LS of Burkburnett, TX
Great smoke. Love the Virtuoso. Delicious, lasting, great flavor throughout the smoke. Burns even and I'm so glad I took CI up on the offer.
Another winner, as usual, for Charlie Torano. Love the construction, taste and even burn of the Virtuoso. They have a prominent place in my humidor.

Carlos Torano Virtuoso

Posted by Steve R
I've been drooling over this cigar since the summer. Released at the 2005 RTDA in New Orleans, the Virtuoso from Carlos Torano "had me at hello". The Carlos Torano booth put on a show, passing out delicious samples of vintage port to help commemorate the release of Reserva Decadencia. But, my focus was on Virtuoso. Touted as the strongest Torano-made cigar to date, I remember licking my chops in anticipation, just like I am as I write this, peeking inside my recently purchased box of Crescendos every 5 minutes.

The Virtuoso is a pretty cigar. Especially when looking at the masterfully tapered Crescendo. The Nicaraguan wrapper is incredibly smooth; oily, vein-free and the color of creamy milk chocolate. The blend of long-fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Panama gives off a robust, earthy pre-light aroma while the pre-light flavor offers the slightest bit of pepper. These attributes carry over into the smoke as it burns. Each puff exudes a thick smoky cloud that surrounds me as I enjoy a creamy bouquet of earthy and woody notes, finished by a crisp, tobacco aftertaste. About midway through, the full-bodied character catches me off guard, making me a little dizzy as I get up to grab another glass of water. The evident strength snuck up on me and seemed to hit me like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, it faded just in time for me to enjoy the spicy blast of earthy flavors on the finish, leaving me satisfied for the night. Two thumbs up for Torano Virtuoso. This is a wonderful after dinner smoke that will hold its own against any robust stout or 'slowly-aged' scotch.