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Rocky Patel X-Outs

Rocky Patel X-Outs are back....and better than ever.

Rocky Patel is the maker of many of today's finest and most popular cigars. He's also a notorious stickler for perfection, as each cigar is heavily scrutinized during the sorting and selection process. Of course, any under-filled or otherwise mis-rolled cigars get rejected several steps before and are never even allowed to see the light of day....that's not what's going on here. Instead, RP X-Outs materialize several steps beyond that when, just prior to packaging, certain cigars get rejected during color sorting. The color may be too dark or too light, or there's a sun spot somewhere on the leaf.

That's what we have here: Rocky Patel X-Outs. Each X-Out burns and tastes exactly like firsts, contain the same first-quality tobacco, but cost significantly less. For obvious reasons we can't tell you which is which; instead they are labeled as Liga A, Liga B, Liga C, etc. You'll figure it out. Truth be told, if you're a Rocky Patel fan, you'd be silly to pass these quality cigars up cuz there's a ton of value for the money here son.

For those of you who know and love our RP Vintage 2nds, try the RP X-Outs - tremendous RP quality for a fraction of the price.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Liga 'A' Edge Petite Torpedo Maduro (5.0"x48) MAZO OF 15 Out of Stock $88.50 $42.50    
Liga 'A' Edge Torpedo Maduro (6.0"x52) MAZO OF 15 Out of Stock $104.25 $49.99    
  Liga 'C' Super Fuerte Torpedo Maduro MAZO OF 15 In Stock $49.99
Liga 'D' Decade Short Robusto Sumatra (4.5"x54) MAZO OF 15 In Stock $144.00 $44.99
Liga 'F' Edge Churchill Ecuador Connecticut (7.0"x49) MAZO OF 15 Out of Stock $96.00 $49.99    
Liga 'F' Edge Robusto Ecuador Connecticut (5.5"x50) MAZO OF 15 Out of Stock $87.50 $42.50    
Liga 'F' Edge Toro Ecuador Connecticut (6.0"x52) MAZO OF 15 Out of Stock $92.25 $49.99    
Liga 'F' Edge Torpedo Ecuador Connecticut (6.0"x52) MAZO OF 15 Out of Stock $96.00 $49.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel X-Outs”
After much trial and error...all of which was highly enjoyable...I think I figured it out. A = Edge. B = Sun Grown. C = Olde World. D = Decade. E = Super Fuerte. F = Edge Lite. I have been smoking Rocky's cigars since the Indian Tabac days, and I have compared these side by side against the actual boxed product I've compiled over the years. If I am wrong, may the heavens strike down upon me. If I am right...well, I expect some cigar payments sent my way from fellow brothers of the leaf for my services.
WR of Williamstown, NJ
ah yes.....just received my bundle of rocky liga 'c' maduro.could it be a.k.a. olde world reserve?what agreat smoke.great deal CI!will be back for more!
JW of sturbridge, MA
This has to be the best deal going in our wonderful little world of cigars! I've tried each 'Liga' of Rocky Patel X-Outs and (despite my wife being upset) I think I've figured it out. A is Edge. B is Sun Grown. C is Olde World Reserve. D is Decade. E is Indian Tabac Super Fuerte. I've been enjoying Rocky's cigars for years and am 100% certain. Get yourself a bundle of these before the secret is out. You'll thank me!!!
CM of Skokie, IL
Simply put "order these bastards" I as you are, are a cigar freak (Rocky Patel X-Outs). We enjoy great cigars with great flavor , and oh ya we love a great value. I bumped across these and though ok why not. If their not the real thing i'm not out too much cash. I have smoked a lot of the real thing at $13 a stick. Got my shipment today. Liga C, which was very oily and frankly made me drool. It did look like the Olde World. I cut it, GREAT draw. Then i lit it, holy mary mother and joseph, it is Olde World at $4 bucks. Needless to say I need to re-order today because i was so impressed that i damn near gave away 10 and smoked the rest TODAY, i am that happy. I am prolly gunna order ten orders of the liga c, 5 of the corojo toro, and 5 or the maduro toro. Its like freakn Christmas at my office today, my employees think i'm crazy. They might not be that far off!!
MA of Jr.Wichita, KS
I recently picked up a pack of the Liga 'D' Torpedo and I can say I am more than pleased. I am still not too sure of the blend but it is something new to my palate. The construction is great. Of those I have had so far no soft or hard spots to speak of. Very smooth medium brown wrapper with a few prominent veins. A relatively light stick in the hand for it's size. Pre-light the wrapper and foot have a smell similar to the 1990 vintage but distinctly different. Obvious spice. Not enough to make you sneeze on a good whiff but strong. After cutting the prelight draw felt perfect. Easy and clear. Tasty. Very sweet and slightly woody with a bit of nut. A little Vanilla. The first lit draw starts with a bite. Impressive but not over powering or off putting. After that initial blast it mellows a bit although I think mellow is the wrong word. Retreats is more appropriate. The spice and strength are still taking shots at you but from a safer distance behind the shield of the nutty sweetness and the vanilla fog rolling across the battle field. The flavor remained consistent but builds toward to a good, strong end. Sharp burn with a relatively loose, salt and pepper ash. All in all a great cigar. I will, without question, be ordering more. The price is fantastic and the stick is impeccable. Once again I question the sanity of our good friend Mr. Patel if these are considered seconds.
PM of Salem, MA
mmm mmm good (Rocky Patel X-Outs)....just smoked my first "C" and what a notch in all ways...its a definate auto ship. Thank you CI for the recommendation...ordered on Wed. and recieved them on Saturday..standard shipping and I live on the west coast...the best of the best customer service in times when others seem to forget about their customers. I'm a customer for life
MW of Ellensburg, WA
I picked up some Liga B's at the warehouse store when I was driving up on vacation. Let me tell you, these cigars are incredible! They are the RP Sun Grown cigars, one of my absolute favorites. I can't tell the difference. Excellent price for an excellent cigar!
GR of Sterling, VA
I bought a bundle of the Liga A Edge maduro...there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between this and the original other than the lack of a label...hands down the best purchase I've made...X-outs converted these smokes from special occasions to everyday smokes!
SA of Fort Worth, TX
The LIGA D, is a price winner. Tasty, slow burning and it does remind my taste buds of it's big brother the Decade. Enjoy.
I smoke Rocky Patel Decades for special occasions and have tried a few samplers to find an everyday smoke with no luck on finding something I like, until I tried the X-Outs! These are hard not to grab more than once a day! Hope that CI gets more in stock SOON!
DS of Angola, IN
I expected a lot from LIGA "A" (aka Edge) but very disappointed. Cigar doesn't burn well, uneven with big pieces of something inside. Even the price is good I'll not buy this again. Not worth it and you throw the cigar unhappy. Could be this batch but it is not good.
My initial thoughts, "a great cigar at a great price"....until I smoked a few. All 8 cigars that I TRIED to smoke was not pleasant at all, the draw was tight and I struggled to keep them lit. Handed the remaining out on the golf course and I will not be purchasing these again.
EJ of Yigo, GU
5/18/2014....Liga A Toro Maduro 6 x 50. First one I tried had burn issues. So I took one out of the cello, let it sit for a day out of the humi, put it back in humi unwrapped for a few more days at 65% and tried it just now. Burn still needed a few minor touchups, but it was better than the first one. I think the burn issues might be caused by too much moisture. Will take a few more out of the cello and let them acclimate at 65%. I like the med/full body and flavor profile. Only downside is the strength ramps up about the half way point to a little more than I like. Hopefully this will diminish if I let them rest a while. All in all a very good stick at an attractive price point.
Got a mazo of toro maduro and it was just as good as one with a band. If the rest are this quality, this will have a place in my humi for good.
MV of Raleigh, NC
Great little cigar. High rating, low cost! Wrapped perfectly and smokes great. The flavor was rich yet smooth and the perfect compliment to a good cup of coffee. Definitely worth the money!
JB of Durham, NC
I thought they were a little soft upon arrival, so I just burie them in my humidor for a couple motns. Well worth the wait. Outstanding, smooth smoking experience. Will buy more.
Great deal on a great smoke! I ordered another mazo after smoking one off the truck. After a month in the humi even better, the rest will rest for perfection. Buy these...or I will!
JM of Johnston, RI
Worth every dollar. I picked up a bundle of the corojos on MMAO and could not be happier. I went to my local B&M and picked up the original about a week ago just to compare the two and can't tell the difference.
RA of Rapid City, SD
WOW!!! I loved these. The Rocky Patel 'Edge' is one of my favorite cigars and these X-Outs were absolutely killer. I wish I could get these in a bigger ring size but I still really enjoyed the smaller ones.
Great price, good cigar!
A full bodied cigar at a great price.
GW of Evergreen, CO
Great flavor, but can NEVER EVER get these to burn evenly (even the branded firsts do the same thing). At first I thought this was due to a bad batch, or even how I was storing them, but after numerous batches of these, and even rotating them regularly in my humidor for weeks had no effect on how they burn. There are better cigars out there...
Great flavor and great deal. Thanks. I tried one of your competitors.... and there is no comparison to CI's quality.
RL of Defiance, OH
Rocky Patel X-Outs Liga 'D' Decade Lonsdale Sumatra is my new favorite. It's a smooth, well mannered cigar with plenty of spice and bass notes. I like the 7x38 size because is gives you the strength of a full bodied cigar without overwhelming you with too much strength. You can kind sip it, so to speak.