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Punch Deluxe

A step up from the traditional Punch.

Using Cuban-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican, and robust sun-grown wrappers, the Punch Deluxe cigar is an amped up version of the standard punch line. Rich in earthy, cedar-like undertones, Punch Deluxe is a medium to full-bodied cigar that's complex and satisfying.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Chateau L (Churchill) (7.2"x52) BOX OF 25 In Stock $186.50 $135.95
5-PACK In Stock $29.00
Chateau L + Ashtray Combo (Churchill) (7.2"x52) BOX OF 25 In Stock $186.50 $140.95
Chateau L Double Maduro (Churchill) (7.2"x52) BOX OF 25 In Stock $186.50 $135.95
5-PACK In Stock $29.00
Chateau L Double Maduro + Ashtray Combo (Churchill) (7.2"x52) BOX OF 25 In Stock $186.50 $140.95
Chateau L Maduro (Churchill) (7.2"x52) BOX OF 25 Backordered $186.50 $135.95   Notify
5-PACK In Stock $29.00
Chateau L Maduro + Ashtray Combo (Churchill) (7.2"x52) BOX OF 25 Backordered $186.50 $140.95
Royal Coronation (tube) (5.2"x44) BOX OF 30 In Stock $157.80 $113.82
5-PACK In Stock $20.00
Royal Coronation (tube) + Ashtray Combo (5.2"x44) BOX OF 30 In Stock $157.80 $118.82
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Customer Reviews of “Punch Deluxe”
The (Punch Deluxe) is the best cigar I've ever smoked, and I've smoked thousands. I buy a box or two of these and a few dozen boxes of other brands evry year. Each time I torch off one of these, usually well into a summer evening beneath the stars, I'm left wondering why I buy anything else. Enjoy.
DB of Ellensburg, WA
I could tell it would be an outstanding cigar from the mere looks and feel of it. The size was another plus no less, and I was not disappointed by any means. Much more mature than overpowering bodied and consistent to perfection. And thanks to CI, neither am I disappointed in picking up a huge 10pk for a super great price.
RP of Worthington, WV
I guess cigar makers/rollers/tobacco growers etc. must change their recipe for making a particular cigar over a period of years because the last Chateau L I smoked (probably in early to mid '90's) sure seemed to be MUCH fuller bodied-full flavored. It was the double maduro type and I remember saving out some paycheck dough every two weeks just to buy a half dozen. The one I had just this summer was truly plain and quite "bundle cigar" tasting...sad deal.
VT of Blue Springs, MO
Fresh and tasty, fine selection. A little stronger than I'm used to but I settled right in and by the end of the box was enjoying every puff.
PC of Chicago, IL
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