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Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels

One-of-a-kind puros from Perdomo cigars.

Nick Perdomo's Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels are unique because the tobaccos are already aged yet they're rolled and shipped immediately. The result is a moist, dense, earthy taste with a very slow burn and slight bite. Perdomo's puros are made of Nicaraguan long leaf fillers and wrappers. Medium-bodied with a robust and heavy, rich-sweet taste, most will find they get much milder if you decide to let them age. Perdomo quality cigars for as low as $2.50 - this deal spells bang for the buck.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Double Corona (7.0"x50) WHEEL OF 40 In Stock $140.00 $129.99
Robusto (5.0"x50) WHEEL OF 40 In Stock $120.00 $109.99
Toro (6.0"x50) WHEEL OF 40 In Stock $125.00 $119.99
Torpedo (6.5"x52) WHEEL OF 40 In Stock $140.00 $129.99
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Customer Reviews of “Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels”
good smokes right outta the box, left for a couple of days in the humi and even better, great smoke for the price.
TS of rumsey, CA
Got a five pack of these yesterday, fired one up off the truck, and I have to say that this is a great cigar for the price. Man what a lot of smoke and the taste was fantastic-------Thanks CI
JT of Irvington, AL
Bought these about three months ago,Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels smoked one right off the roll, adn stored the other in my humi for about 60 days til they met me in Germany. Got to tell you guys (and gals), if you want a good easy smoke that gets pretty damn tasty with some aging, this is a deal. Smoke them right off the roll and they are quite spicy and bitter, but let them sit for a few months and presto! - good, good smoke for little money!
I bought 2 bundles of the torpedoes (Perdomo Fresh Rolled) to give out to friends and family when my little girl was born. I wanted something that was constructed well and at least a decent smoke. I was a little concerned about the redness of the wrapper when I pulled them from the box but I later on appreciated it because these are one of a kind. These made me change everything I though about them. Nothing but compliments on these. And like the description says, they change in taste the longer you keep them in the humidor. It has been 2 years now and I have about ten left and they still are fantastic. Yes my daughter is 2, well 2 and half actually and they taste as good as the day I got them. These are well deserving of the perdomo name.
KL of Mahopac, NY
I first smoked these bad boys(Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels) at a Perdomo rolling fresh off the table and out of the Master's Hands. Spicy, robust, and unforgetable.
FJ of Middlesboro, KY
I was a little suspicious upon first opening these-they were a little too reddish-pinkish. First smoke, eh, ok, but not what I expected from Perdomo. Only two months in the humidor and WOW! (Perdomo Fresh Rolled Cuban Wheels) How little did I pay for these? Amazing layers of flavor, changing from light and bit nutty at first to earthy and woody near the end. Slow burning, well constructed, and the harshness disappears the longer I leave them in the wood. Strongly recommend-if you've got the patience to let 'em sit.
DR of Louisville, KY
Overall, a satisfying cigar(Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels) that produces an ample amount of creamy smoke. Burns fairly even and the taste was uniform throughout. The ash however was "rugged", a cross between salt/pepper in appearance.
J of BMilwaukie, OR
What we have here is simply an amazing smoke (Perdomo Fresh-Rolled). They are so fresh and moist you will just want to chew it. Superb draw, copious amounts of flavor-filled smoke and smooth burn. This is indeed Perdomo. You would think it's impossible to get such a great Perdomo blend for little cash. Pick up a wheel and enjoy. You won't regret it.
DD of Oradell, NJ
I ordered the Perdomo Fresh Rolled Cuban Wheel torpedos as a novelty - so we could try to detect the nuances in change as the cigars age. I expected them to be harsh right out of the package, but we were in for a surprise! They were loaded with creamy smoke and pleasant flavors. In fact, they are so good - we will never know how they taste with some age on them. You can bet I'll be ordering more soon...
DN of Heidelberg, AE
Torpedo Wheel (Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheel): Beautifully constructed with smooth,shiny, reddish-brown wrappers that outclass virtually any cigar next to it. Great eye appeal, they are perfectly shaped and consistent in size. They make a nice presentation when you first get them. Right off the truck they taste great, but burn real funky. I only smoked two, and they both ran down the side like a scalded dog. Had to actually clip off the end and re-light. I am pretty sure a couple of months in the humi will take care of that. I think the trick with these is that you can get a $6 stick for $1.60 if you are willing to let them age in your own humidor. I am! The taste is deep, earthy, and the draw is tremendous. If you have the means, I highly recommend them.
RP of Fairborn, OH
Bought a wheel of the churchill size (Perdomo Fresh Rolled) and couldn't be happier. They burn perfect every time and taste great. Well worth the price. Let them sit in the humidor for a couple months and they just get better. I can't wait till I have room to buy more.
VM of Kutztown, PA
I recently purchased a couple of 5-packs to try. I was especially enticed by the Rosada wrapper, but was curious about the processing method, "fresh rolled". I must say that my first impression was a happy one (and second)! I agree with a previous poster that some humidor time would be smart. I can see myself possibly purchasing a wheel at these prices. Its just a big ol' fun smoke with some nice zesty flavor. Friends and neighbors, give them a try!
SL of Lexington, KY
Well, I liked the fiver samples that I purchased and reviewed earlier. So I went ahead and picked up a wheel of torpedos. I have to say this cigar smokes like a much more expensive one. They are solid but not too firm and medium in body. This cigar reminds me of the Perdomo Fresco Maduros (wink). This is a relaxing and pleasurable smoke and I'm extremely happy with my purchase.
SL of Lexington, KY
I got to sample this cigar with some cigar buddies in Hawaii and I was pleasantly surprised. This has a nice medium to full flavor and gives you a bit of a tickle on the tongue and throat. I would imagine this is because they are not aged. Great construction and smooth even burn. Draws well and tastes great. What a bargain!
CT of Indiapolis, IN
I bought a roll of torpedos. I have smoked five of them so far. What a bargine, a lot of sweet flavor. I tried one last night with a 12 year old single malt, wow what a combo. Not the best smoke, but the best for you are going to get for under $2!
TS of knoxville, TN
I've been snagging these for some time now. They are one of my favorite guaranteed good smokes....haven't had a bad stick yet!
DD of Linthicum, MD
This cigar has a barn yard smell and the taste leaves a lot to be desired. Really boringly harsh from beginning to end with the same dull taste. not a good buy.
RM of Eugene, OR
Great cigars (Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels) for the price GREAT...............
KL of W staten island, NY
Great Great Cigar...............(Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels) !!
KW of Staten Island, NY
Quality construction and taste at an everyday price. I've found my auto-ship cigars!
TP of Lima, OH
Now this deal is a Gem! I've had my first wheel of these in my Humidor for about two months before succumbing to temptation. The CI descrition is apt; this is indeed a Cubanesque cigar. It reminds me of the old school Hondurans I am so fond of. My first cigar off the wheel was still medium/full with enough of the full to make me take note of it. Loads of classic, deep cigar flavors in great and subtle complexity. Anybody who can blend a cigar with this kind of burn/aroma/flavor is to me an old school Master. And this in a cigar priced for the working man! Nick, can I come and work for you?
RH of Shady Side, MD
Very good cigar for the money!
BS of Louisvillw, KY
My "go to" cigar. Best when aged for a few months in the humidor. Ages very nicely as a complex flavored medium body smoke. Quite enjoyable if left to mature. Try smoking one when you receive your bundle and then a few months later. Hard to believe it's the same cigar. It has all the nice subtle notes you expect from a high priced stick. A pleasant surprise.
Great everyday smoke for a great price. I've given one of these to several friends and have yet to have anyone say anything other than it is a great smoke. I keep trying to find a better cigar at this price for the past couple of years, but have been unable to. Perhaps it is time to give up the hunt and accept the facts.
These cigars were recommended to me by "DD Linthicum, MD" (see his comment). I burned one last night and was very impressed. Spicy with a little bite initially, but settled into a nice, creamy, tasty smoke. I'll definitely be ordering these again.
Got a wheel. Should have got 2. In your face flavor. Great cigar for any price.
MK of Lowellville, OH
Perdomo has always been a good cigar but sometimes their pricing has been a little out of my reach for an everyday smoke. CI has fixed that with the "Cuban Wheel" This a great cigar at an awesome price. Now I have added to my regular rotation of my everyday cigars. Thanks CI!
FF of Snoqualmie, WA
Perdomo has always been a good cigar but sometimes their pricing has been a little out of my reach for an everyday smoke. CI has fixed that with the "Cuban Wheel" This a great cigar at an awesome price. Now I have added to my regular rotation of my everyday cigars. Thanks CI!
FF of Snoqualmie, WA

Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels

Posted by Gonz
Well my friends, I've got a doozie for you this month. Like my last pick, this too is very different, not quite as "out there" as the green one, but close. I'm sure I'll get my share of "gonz, I wouldn't try that if you paid me to smoke it" emails, but it's your loss.

To legitimize my selection, I'll quote an email from one of my loyal readers (TC of Enid, OK) "you should review the Perdomo Cuban Wheel you guys sell - great product, great price, you can't go wrong!" I've been thinking the same now for months, but it's such a hard cigar to describe. OK, here it goes...

A few months back (at least 6 months or so), this little hottie from Tabacalera Perdomo's factory in Nicaragua was at our store rolling fresh-rolled cigars. She had a line out the door - no kidding, and I lined up with the rest of them to try one of her cigars. I was always told "don't buy those friggin' cigars just after someone has rolled them, they stink, don't burn, have a tight draw, and you'll just throw it out anyway." Well, I finally found a reason to take a chance. I found it to be a wonderful cigar, didn't burn poorly, had a different, kind-of "get up and dance" flavor, and a knee-knocking strength (oh, maybe that was the roller - never mind).

About a month later, we had hundreds of these fresh-rolled "cuban wheels" - 50 cigars in a bundle with a cute ribbon holding the thing together. Geez, someone must have really liked 'em (or her). Well, if that Nicaraguan hottie rolled 'em, I'll smoke 'em. Since then, I've smoked about 50 of these now. The bare bones bundles of 50 (yeah 50!) says it all. Made by Perdomo (who, last I checked has sold a gazillion cigars) lends itself to be a pretty powerful cigar.

Granted, this isn't a "holy crap, I've got to tell everyone about this cigar" cigar. But, I go back to it regularly. Why? $1.60 per stick, that's why. It's a legitimate premium that's been rolled well, burns well, and is guaranteed fresh.

But, what does "fresh" really mean? Pipe down, Francis, I'm gonna tell ya. Fresh doesn't mean you have to be standing there next to a roller lighting it up right after he puts the wrapper on. Close, but not quite. "Fresh-rolled" cigars often have about 3-4 weeks of aging on them (at least the fillers). The fillers are prepared and aged sometime before the wrapper is actually placed on it. Most of the popular "premiums" usually have a minimum of 6 months of aging.

That's why these have such a unique flavor b/c it hasn't fully matured yet and doesn't have the consistency from stick-to-stick, so don't expect it. They burn extremely well, but drag regularly, they're extremely moist and will go out a little quicker if you set it down for too long. The full-bodied flavor is very robust, no dry-mouth, but is a little rougher and sharper on the finish. A peppery spice will catch you mid-tongue. It really satisfies, and the construction is top-notch quality. Each stick might be a little different, you can almost expect it. And, as they sit in your humidor, they continue to age, so the flavor changes constantly. Once it hits that 6 month mark, they'll settle down a bit.

Smoke, chew, whatever, and as TC of Oklahoma said "you can't go wrong!".