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Pirate's Gold Special-Edition Big Boys

A jaw-breaking collection of Rolando Reyes' best.

Delicious, mouthwatering, scrumptious, appetizing, savory - check! Big, fat, beefy, corpulent, gargantuan, oversized, ponderous, stout, chunky - all of the above. Heavily discounted....absolutely.

When it comes to tasty, affordable handmades, no one does it better than Rolando Reyes and his legendary Puros Indios factory. And when you're jonesin' for a little something on the plumper side of big-ring, Pirate's Gold from Puros Indios is in a league of its own. Carefully handcrafted in Honduras, Pirate's Gold employs a dark natural wrapper from Ecuador and a complex blend of Dominican, Brazilian and Nicaraguan long-fillers. After a long cedar nap in the aging vaults, these big-ring lovelies dish out a smooth and mellow array of earth, coffee, pepper and spice. You'll love 'em, you'll crave 'em, you'll scream their name from the hilltops....and they're starting at just $1.49 apiece. Wowza!

Choose from the deep list of extra-generous size offerings, make a mental note of the near laughable price, and add to cart immediately. Because once they're gone, they're gone for good.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Diademas Maduro (Perfecto) (7.2"x62)BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $150.00$28.84    
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Customer Reviews of “Pirate's Gold Special-Edition Big Boys”
“Piramide #3 Maduro (torp) is a fine smoke. I was surprised at the quality for such a low price. Fits the bill for when I do not want to burn a 7-dollar cigar. A nice maduro experience. No complaints here. A fine smoke at an even better price.”
FF of Eau Claire, WI
“There's a reason that the Rothschild (robusto 5x50) maduro is sold out, besides being the least expensive 20 pack. I think they were the first to be offered in this line (along with the naturals), so there were some age on them to begin with. I let one sit in the humidor for a good period of time and one day, for whatever reason, just plucked it out. It was tasty, the burn and draw were perfect. I think word got around that they were a gem. So, I hope they bring them back, and are very careful that they are up to that standard. Ahoy matey, shiver me timbers. Whoee, good cigar! (P.S. Can't vouch for the other sizes/shapes.)”
SL of Mclean, VA
“I picked up a box of the Semi Maduro's for cheap on Cbid. Just got done smoking my second one and I must say, this is a tasty treat. You can definitely taste the pepper toward the end of the stick. It's not so over-powering that you want to put it down, in fact it's just enough to keep you wanting more. The flavor doesn't change much throughout the entire cigar, nor does the strength. This is a medium strength cigar at best, so if you're looking for something to knock you off you're feet, this isn't it. It's just a great tasting smoke, especially for the price.”
CC of Muncie, IN
“This cigar was everything I have come to expect from Rolando Reyes. The construction was excellent, the draw and burn were great and the tobacco was top notch. The price for all of these factors together, is really a gift from Mr. Reyes and CI, thanks to you both.”
SW of Karnes City, TX
“Some booty I actually don't mind kissing for a change (Pirates Gold Big Boys)! Tried the Piramide #3. Pleasant mild taste, good burn, loads of smoke and a great value! These may be my new daily stick for awhile. Gonna try the Maduro next. Great deal as always CI!”
FG of Clinton, MD
“Just finished a box of the Gordo Maduros and I will admit that for the price, they were great smokes. I'll definitely be getting more.”
TH of Seward, NE
“This would have been a great smoke even if it weren't at this price. The price just makes it a mandatory buy. Smooth, even draw, plenty of smoke with quality flavors. I got a mild spice and a little woodsy taste (sorry for my adjectives, I'm a beer snob, haha). Definitely worth the price, I will probably pick up some more. I was smoking the torpedos.”
DM of North Las Vegas, NV
“Last year I was spending at least $4 a stick at my local tobacconist every weekend for a decent Saturday night stogie. This year I am enjoying the heck out of aging CI's awesome and affordable selections. This smoke is a good example, they are far and away superior to what I was paying that $4 a stick for last year.”
EW of Richland, MI
“Got a freebie 5-pack of the Churchills and, shiver me timbers, they're surprisingly good Mateys!”
MS of Merrick, NY
“I bought a whole box of Pirate's Gold without tasting one beforehand. I've never done that before and I was not disappointed. The flavor is strong without being over powering and they draw really nice. The price could not be beat.”
DC of Andover, MA
“Tried these on a whim, because price was right. Pleasantly surprised! Enjoyed almost entire bundle. The reason is I saved 2, in bottom of Humi. A real nice cigar, for everyday and whenever. You will remember, they are there. And probably smoke them all. That good! I need to order more.”
BJ of Henderson, NC
“This cigar is amazing, started smoking cigars about 5 months ago only to see my first purchase and cigar I truly love the most has now vanished. The taste is out of this world!”
AF of Wyoming, MI
“I just got in some Maduro Pefectos, big salomon size. Not the best, but a decent smoke. I've smoked Pirate's Gold before and they were good. The ash is white, the draw is good, taste mild to medium; not bad. The finish was on the rough side because I smoked it down to the nub. Add in the price of $29 a bundle of twenty and you have a deal. I'm glad I already ordered two more bundles. Great deal.”
ML of Pinson, AL
“I am forever trying out the specials, while looking for a decent quality $1 to $3 cigar. I tried a bundle of the Pirates Gold Reserva and was disappointed. Even for a smoke while mowing the lawn or doing yard work, they just are not good. They burn terrible, are very harsh.... There aren't many cigars that I would never buy again, no matter how cheap they are, but this is one of them.”
“One word... "DELICIOUS". I wish I had ordered two bundles, these are a tasty smoke just watch your fingers because you will be to the nub.”
“Damn fine smoke. I love the taste and it burns excellent. Bought 20 of the toro's, worked out to 1.50 a smoke. I smoked 10 sticks in 10 days, and am now trying to savor the last 10. Wish I would have bought more.”
JA of Vancouver, WA
“good cigar !”
SM of Houston, TX
“Pirate's Gold has long been a favorite of mine. It is a great everyday cigar. I was sad to see them hit the clearance page.”
JB of Eunice, LA
“The shape of a ice cream cone. Very dry. 60 Ring at the end of the cone.”
RL of Syracuse, NY