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Pinar del Rio Fumas Sale

Fuma, Fuma Fuma!

Strike up the band and ready the fireworks, because here comes another showstopper. Enter Pinar del Rio Fumas, Dominican-made lovelies that taste great and come bearing the now endangered buck-a-stick price tag. If you’re looking for high tea at the Ritz, look elsewhere. But if you’re jonesin’ for a cold 99-cent pint from Joe’s Tavern, there’s a barstool with your name on it. At play is a rich combination of Cuban Sandwich-style Dominican tobaccos wrapped inside a scrumptious Habano wrapper. The result is a medium-bodied cigar that delivers creamy, nutty, and leathery notes before a crisp and cool finish. Quality handmades for pennies on the dollar? It’s a doubt.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Corona '44' 2-fer (6.0"x44)
40 CIGARS Out of Stock $140.00 $23.77    
Petite Corona 2-fer (5.0"x40)
40 CIGARS Out of Stock $120.00 $21.06    
Overall Rating 4.25 out of 5 Based on 8 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Pinar del Rio Fumas”

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5 out of 5
Pinar del Rio
These are a great smaller cigar for an everyday smoke. The 2fer offer is just what suited me.
3 out of 5
too tight
the ones that will draw are good but about half were too tight to smoke
5 out of 5
Great smokes
Great smokes
5 out of 5
Pinar del rio
They are great huge bang for the buck
5 out of 5
John Bull tim
Great price for a good smoke
5 out of 5
PDR Fumas
I thoroughly enjoyed these.Not dry,smooth smoking,I will be getting these again!
4 out of 5
Good sticks, great price.
Good everyday short smoke. The longer I let them sit the less bitter they were. I'd pull the trigger on these again.
2 out of 5
Pinar Fumas
Half of them were unsmokable, rolled too tight. I miss the flor de todo.
Customer Testimonials
PdR Fumas were a little stronger for me than what I was wanting, but I smoked 4 to make sure. One was very tightly rolled making for an impossible draw. As far as taste, when it was described as earthiness for me, it meant dirt. Every time I smoked one I couldn't get past the smell of dirt cover scent like when deer hunting. It was by no means a bad cigar, just not for me. I gave them to a friend that says he loves them and plans to buy more on his own. I didn't find the construction issues that are stated in other reviews, not counting the very first one being too tight. So I would have to say if you lean to a strong smoke. then these would be great for the price.... 40 smokes for around $27 with s/h; you just can't find better deals than Cigars International.
Anybody claiming a bitter taste or flaky wrapper: you are not storing your cigars properly. I'm not saying you are not going by the rules; sometimes external factors are at play. Bitter taste=over-humidified. Flaky wrapper, under-humidified or in too warm conditions. I can't believe how good these are for the prices. They just keep getting better in the humi, too.
I didn't have very high expectations for this cigar when I ordered, but was surprised that it's not a bad stick for the insanely low price. If you're looking for something to handout to buddies give this a try, it has some nice crisp tobacco flavors.
Great cigar and a welcomed addition to my coolerdor. Will order again.
PLEASE get in some more of the Pinar del Rio Fumas Torpedos. These are really good cigars for the price, and I am anxious to re-order.
Some had a kind of a strong draw and the flavor was definitely off but for a bundle of 40 under $25 I can't really complain a lot. I will be buying them again.
Terrific smoke for the $$$!!! I have to admit that I was skeptical even after these reviews, as I have gotten some really bad cheapies from CI, but this time it is money well spent!
Little cigars with BIG flavor! I ordered these by mistake (ain't booze great!). Wanted the 44s but hit the wrong button. I tried them anyway and was totally blown away! These are great! I'm still going to get the 44s, but there will always be some petite 40s in my humidor.
Very good smoke for the money.
I bought a bundle of these in the 42 corona size a few months ago and even my non-cigar smoking buddies liked them. So I bought bundles and a plastic ammo can to act as a poor man's humidor for everyone for Christmas. Then I ordered more for myself. On the two-fer sale price of $22.50 for 40 cigars, you simply can hardly go wrong. I say hardly because I have hit some lousy cheap cigars, but these are definitely not among them. Going to grab a couple of more bundles and load up my other humidor All told I've bought over 160 of these, so I think that's about as much of an endorsement as I can give.
This is an OK smoke, it just wasn't the right one for me. Initially it had a moderate earthy taste, but it turned heavilyy towards peppery very quickly. Good draw, irregular burn on 70% of my two bundles and most had wrapper problems.
Got the 6 x 42 Corona 2-fer for 56 cents a stick. If you keep them overly vigorous puffing...they deliver outstanding medium-bodied flavors. If you get them too hot a bit of harshness creeps into the throat. So far I have smoked about 8 of them and have had no burn issues or tunneling problems. One of the best sandwich type sticks I've ever smoked. It won't win any awards, but it's one hell of a bargain!
Hate to write a negative review but 7 out of 7 fumas had a very hard draw.... Flavors not bad but a tough draw.
I'm new to the handmade cigar thing so I've been trying a bunch of the $2 sticks and these were pretty good for my newbie palate. Burned well out of the box and even better after some time in my humi. I'll get them again for sure.
If your not expecting much out of these that's OK, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Got my 2-fer Churchills in today, smoked one right out of the pack, and man, not bad for less than a buck apiece, and if you happen to drive off and leave it lying next to green, what the heck just light up another one, at this price you wont fret over it and you can share with your bumming buddies for just pennies.
I bought these to fill some space in my humidor. The wrapper is not the best I've ever seen. The cap is very messy... Smoke is thin. Flavor isn't the best it is cheap but it does burn even.
Excellant cigar...for the money....thanks CI!
These Pinar del Rio Fumas are great cigars! They have great construction and a great draw and they have never fallen apart on me when I accidentally cut below the cap. The aroma and flavor have this green bell pepper like sweetness with freshly ground cinnamon and freshly ground pepper with a hint of cream and leather.
Tried these on-the-cheap, while my everyday was on backorder(Roly Toro Habano). It was a bigger surprise than that 26-1 shot at Del Mar that won by Three Lenghts! Bold flavor, good draw, well constructed; my new go-to!
Wow these are awesome. I had originally bought some VS Tubos that arrived in shattered glass and returned them for the Pinar del Rio Fumas along with the Xikar HC sampler pack. I love darker, more full smokes so I figured why not try something thats cheap and I can get a bundle of. So far these have rested in my humi for 2 weeks. Ive now smoked two of these this week, one while painting in my garage and the other while mowing the lawn. I paired the first with a Sam Adams and the second with a Agave Pale ale and each went perfect. Thanks to the price of these, I didnt feel bad smoking them while doing man chores, in fact they made them fun and the wife didnt complain either. At first these smokes had a slight bitterness, but nothing compared to some higher priced cigars I've had.... The two I smoked mellowed on the bitter side after a few minutes and quickly turned into enjoyable medium-full smokes. They smelled good, were wrapped perfectly making the draw easy and gave off big clouds of smoke. I was shooting smoke rings across my garage. The first lasted me about 35 minutes with some big draws, the second lasted longer but I took my time on it. I am very happy I got these, just wished the 2fer deal was going on when I did. Right now for a few bucks more, you get 50 instead of the 20 I have. I'm glad I got these and have a feeling this will be my go to yard/garage cigar that I can smoke without burning through my expensive cigars! I just wish I had more room in both of my humidors or I'd jump on the 50 cigar deal going on.
I really like the flavor of these smokes. Unfortunately the Churchills are inconsistently made. Some are way to tightly wrapped and hard to draw. Some are to loose and burn way to fast.
Ahhh...for me, the best way to notice a cigar is to be smoking it and forgert about it. Rolling it around as usual, inhaling, and then thinking, it's nice, so nice that I can forget about smoking a cigar I just noticed. High praise, indeed!
OK. These aren't premiums. But for the money, they make a good mow the lawn, or hand out to moocher friend cigars. I save my good cigars for my scotch and special occasions. This one is great after work in my camping chair drinking a Miller High Life.
Great cigar for the price. Burns well and even tastes good!
I ordered these recently when they had them for a mind-numbing $12.95 a bundle. They're nothing to brag about, but for the price, they certainly make for a possible daily smoke. I wish I had bought at least a couple more bundles at the time. The wrapper is thin and I suggest letting them sit in the humi for a couple of days before smoking. The taste seems raintly acrid upon the initial light, but the flavor smooths out soon after. The draw is good and the sticks burn fairly evenly with a good, strong ash. All in all, They have my vote as a daily smoke for the thrifty puffer.
So good a value I ordered a 2-fer deal for myself and another for my son, nuff said? This is a quality cigar at three times the price. There I said it all!
Great smooth smoke however, out of the 20 I ordered 5 of them were no good. 80 percent ain't bad!
Honestly, when I cigar shop, I let the cigars come to me. I'll look at the deals, strengths, wrappers and brands but for the most part, I let an awesome deal come to me. This was one of them! I got a bundle and smoked my way through it and I had zero regrets. I just bought two more bundles if that tells you something. If you want a good, everyday cigar for not a whole lot of dough, this is it! I'm finicky when it comes to cigars, I don't like a whole blast of flavor and I don't like ones with tough draws or too much draw. The Pinar Del Rio Fumas fit the bill like none other. Good wrapper, undamaged, decent draw and they soak up moisture from my humidor really well! They're easy to light but if smoked too quickly, will burn crooked, but I think that's with any cigar. This is also a good one to inhale, if you're primarily an inhaler like me.
Just recieved my order a couple days ago, 40 of these for a ridiculous price of 35$ and that included shipping! On the email list with CI is a good move. I wait for deals like this to try different cigars. {Torpedo} 3 down so far no relighting, good draw ,even burn, nice aroma, all around great value. My foursome will be happy this Sunday Dad's Day, at this price sharing the wealth comes easy, keep em coming CI!
The Torpedo size is a really good smoke for the money. Great for cruising down the road on a long trip or having extras for the cheapskates in your group....
Good, but not great. A decent everyday cigar. Its hard to complain about a brick of Presidentes that I got for 60% off the normal price, so instead I'll just point out the highlights and you decide from there. The draw on the Presidentes is quite tight, but not unbearable. This stick has some good flavor though. Its a good value cigar.
Very tasty for a bargain price and it will go on your list of more for the money. Seriously well-constructed cigars for a seriously awesome low price.
Great tasting cigar.
I don't know what to think of these. It's hard to complain about any cigar that's so inexpensive, but these are so inconsistent from one to the next. I needed a bunch of cheap smokes to fill in the gaps between better cigars so I bought a bunch of these. The churchills are just plain bad. Hard to keep lit and a bitter taste when I'm actually able to keep it lit, plus severely uneven burning. The belicoso and toro sizes are much better, but they are hit or miss. The wrapper colors vary dramatically from one to the next, as does the draw and flavor. Some seem as bitter and bland as the churchill while others burn great and actually have a pleasant mild aroma and flavor. Overall, though, more bad than good. I won't be ordering these again, regardless of the low price.
enjoy them daily
Very good cigar and meaty!
A very good cigar. Perfect draw, burns a little uneven but not enough to fuss about. Great with a cup of coffee. You will enjoy these for a quick smoke.
Pretty good deal. Don't let the unfinished wrapper fool you-- these sticks taste just fine, but don't expect a $7 cigar to be hidden in this $1 wrapper. They're hard to keep lit, regardless that they have a really easy draw. You'll likely get a little tobacco in your mouth with every other cigar. On the other hand, a little time in the humidor only makes them better, and they do have a good taste and aroma. I've actually begun to like the texture of the unfinished wrapper. Overall, I maintain it's a "pretty good deal."
I tried four cigars out of the bundle of 40 that I received, I must say that I could not smoke three of them because the draw was just to hard. I am returning them.
got these for a kick around smoke,just fired one up after a month in the humiand wow they taste great.I noticed that most pinar del rios taste good after a short rest.Now don't get me wrong,they look a bit shabby and they are in no way a off the chart smoke but for the $ they fill the need.These are my go to cheapies as long as I can get em
I'm happy with this purchase; I got a 2 for one at an astronomically low price for the Robusto @ $25.00; Given the price, you wonder if you are going the correct route, after all, you get what you pay for right? Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this purchase. The construction of these Fumas from PDR was well done. They smoke like Premium brands; Good draw. The wrapper is not perfect mind you, it is veiny, but one understands that when you buy a low cost Fuma, it comes with the territory. Good flavors, even burn. My only complaint would be that the Fuma's burn faster-possibly this is secondary to the sandwich method of tobacco, hence, you end up smoking more cigars. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase; I put them into my rotation of my everyday cigars. Haven't had to toss a single one yet and I have almost burned through a full bundle in a week. I recommend these, just know what you are getting; if your expectations are low, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Best Bang for your Buck!!!!
These are not the changing flavor cigars I try to fill my humi with, but man o man for a buck apice these are keepers!Wrapers are not pretty but they smoke just fine right off the truck.They do have a nice creamy taste and a bit more than mild .I now have a great cigar to kick around in my garage where I cant smoke for an hour .!thanks CI you guysROCK and your reviews are pretty much true!
....I am far from being a cigar snob, but, to me they had a bitter taste and my wife said a horrible odor. The one bundle I bought stayed in my humidor for a year and never improved. The regular line of PDRs are great....
Got the Churchills (I normally smoke Rubustos or Toros) because I got a bundle of 20 cheap on the MMAO site. For under a buck a cigar including shipping, these are a great deal. Leathery and slightly spicy, the draw was somewhat tight to start with and the smoke was thin for the first inch and a half or so, but as I got into the cigar, the draw loosened up and the smoke became more full and rich. The cigar ashed well and while there were some burn issues, you get what you pay for. What a great cigar for the price. Would I rather have this than a Romeo and Julieta, or a punch (two of my favorite cigars) no... but for under a buck a stick you cannot beat it.
I was drawn by the price first then the reviews. The cigars went straight into a humidor and, after a month, they have smoked well with a good draw and nice taste. Good medium body with an earthy taste which is the significant reason I smoke these as opposed to handing them all out to my friends. Hard to find a good daily smoke with a true earthy taste that draws well and has a great aroma. A solid choice. Thanks to the previous reviewers since I live and die bythe reviews for cigars I haven't tried.
These are a great quick smoke. Good burn, good draw all around great stick when you don't have a lot of time.
Great cigar, nice ash, smooth draw, lovely aroma.
Pinar del Rio Fumas petite coronas....can't say that I enjoy them. I do not write reviews, but felt I needed to on this poor little stick. Hard to keep lit, bad construction and a burnt taste that just tastes like a week old ashtray. Sorry to say but I am not a fan at any price....
Got these on a MMAO got a GREAT price. I have smoked a couple of them and they are worth more then what I paid for them. My only complaint is that they burn a bit uneven. Bottom line is pick some up!!
These were plain and lacked the flavor of a "True" cigar. My son is a cigarette smoker likes them fine, I however do not
I ordered these cigars as they were cheap and most reviews were good. Very poor cigar. They must roll these up with their feet. So tight they are hard to keep lit up. Almost every one of the Toro had a poor un even burn. Out of 50, maybe three have been easy draw, even burn. Oh yes, once half way down (if one could keep them lit) the taste is amonia flavor.
I was pretty surprised with this smoke. Didn't expect much as I had never heard of it. Was planning on using this as a handout to buddies when we smoked together. Truth be told, I smoked almost all of them. I will for sure be ordering some more soon!
I can't say enough about these smokes. My 4th(?) order of these lately and very enjoyable. I've only found a tight draw on the Robusto size even after extended drying periods. These are my middle of the road perfect every day smokes at the perfect price that I reach for again and again often even over higher priced premiums. Although I have found that the Torpedo to be the most consistent and the Robusto (as mentioned) often with very tight draws. Bravo PDR.
Not bad, but you get what you pay for. Cigars outer wrappers were dry upon arrival to my home.
Either I got a bad batch or these are just well below par. Not worth any price.
Scored a Presidente two-fer bundle deal. Wow are these cigars GOOD! I have smoked 10 so far and all of them burned evenly with wonderful smooth taste all the way down to the end. No construction issues. These are better than everyday cigars.
Pretty tasteless for any price. I can't put it any other way. Better deals are everywhere on CI. Do not waste your money.
wonderful smoke great deal
Great cigar for the price! I've tried a couple of different sizes and have to say the robusto is my favorite. Not only is it constructed well it burns evenly to the nub. This cigar has lots of flavor and has became my goto cigar for an everyday smoke. Well done CI!!!
I recently purchased the robustos and I am regretting it. Very uneven burn on every cigar. Very unusual for a cigar from Cigars International.
Not a bad smoke for the money. I got the 5x40s and the finish is just a little rough.
I took advantage of the price. I ordered the presidents, and althought it's difficult to see the foot, I was pleasantly surprised. I am new to the cigar world and have tried several different cigars. While I've been sticking to the lower end of the price humidor is stocked. Time to move up! I will however continue to enjoy these PDR's. Nice flavor throughout.
Went cheap and regret it. Really lacking flavor and flavor, in my opinion, is what cigars are all about.... Shredded tobacco with little flavor. There are far better cheap sticks out there.
You can't find a bad cigar put out by Pinar del Rio, and these are no exception!!!
A great every day smoke. Nothing spectacular, but I wasn't expecting that for the price. These burn evenly and well, with a decent flavor. Very happy with this purchase.
Not a great smoke.... BUT, for the price it is a good morning smoke. Marked as medium, but closer to a full body. I've purchased both the robusto and the petite and prefer the petite. Pepper overtones.
Pretty good cigars for the price.
Got em 2 days ago. Have smoked three so far and every one more enjoyable than the previous. A nice pow from the get go and then a simply tasty spicy mix not unlike some Macanudos I've had in the past. Just a solid medium(strong medium) cigar. Also, none of the construction issues I've seen with the oilier, but very tasty Pinars I've smoked in the past. Just placed my order for 2 more bundles and that my friend says it all. At these insane prices, you just can't go wrong with this deal.
I took advantage of a CI deal on PDR Fumas Corona (44) a couple of weeks ago. I found no problem in the construction, the light, the burn, nor the ash. After smoking four, I find these cigars to be strangely devoid of any taste, either pleasant or unpleasant. They give you plenty of smoke, but that's about it.
Good pricing on good quick cigar with good tobacco taste. These have nothing fancy or complex about them in the least. They burn well, produce good smoke & offer a nice medium tobacco flavor. For the price these el cheapos are perfect. Don't confuse these with any of PDR's other cigars because those are all good sticks with some basic complexities, these are what they are.
I just love these Pinar del Rio Fumas. I keep them in my rotation. Very smooth and tasty smoke
Great smoke. Med/Strong smoke. A good find for not a lot of money.
I love these cigars. They are great for any occasion and you can pass them around and make friends with them.
This is good cigar (especially for cheap price), but in my opinion, I would place it in a humidor for at least a month before trying it (it got a harsh taste, especially the first inch of it, but later on it became better....) :)
Just starting out in the cigar world and this was my first online order I had ever placed....rugged appearance, tough draws, strong bitter pepper after taste. This was the first cigar I knew I would not be finishing right after lighting up.... maybe with some time in the humidor they will get a bit better.... Again, I'm a wicked newb and haven't had many budget sticks, so take this review for what it's worth.
Got what I paid for. Tastes better than it looks but still not as good as expected from PDR. Better to spend a little more and get more cigar.
I was pleasantly surprised by these. I got these for a steal and wasn't expecting much. The aroma reminds me of walking into a leather shop and the taste is nutty and smooth. I will purchase these again. A pleasant "before work" cigar!
I love Pinar del Rio's Reserva Limitada, so I thought I would give their budget stick a try. Still looking for the perfect $1 a stick daily. (I know...a bit much to ask for) Bought a bundle of the Toros hoping for something a bit more flavorful than my Free Cubas. Lit the first one right out of the package and really struggled with a severely tight draw. Ended up throwing it out after fighting through about 1/4 of it. Still...the flavor I was getting made me not want to give up so I lit another right behind it. This one had perfect draw and good even burn and HOLY CRAP what wonderful flavor. (No cardboard taste typical of the budget cigars I have tried) This does not taste budget in any fashion. Very rich and creamy medium flavor all the way through. When I noticed the Presidente's were in the Summer Sell-A-Thon I had to order a couple more bundles. At the price I don't care if I have to pitch one once in a while.
Took some coaxing, but if you don't mind the time, good draw and good taste for $22.50 (robusto.)
Saw a good deal on the PDR petite coronas, and was thinking they might make a good winter stick, when you don't want to freeze for too long in the cold, but are just jonesin' for a decent cigar (and cheap enough that if you have to toss it, you're not going to feel the sting too bad). I do like some of the other PDRs especially the Seleccion Limitada 2010 in the toro and the Sungrown in the torpedo. I found the fuma to be tasty, had this charcoal taste that reminded me of a well done steak coming off the grill (which I like).
Excellent cigar! I'm not much for fancy wine type reviews and really can't discern all the quoted distinct tastes as some reviewers, but I can honestly say Pinar del Rio in Corona '42 size has good tobacco flavor, mid strength. PdR's have found a regular place in my humi.
Let's get the bad out of the way first: These are not perfect cigars. The wrapper is thin and there are numerous imperfections in it. And now let's get to the good, and there is plenty of good... These are really enjoyable cigars, even burning and full of really good tobacoo flavor with mild to medium body. For an inexpensive everyday smoke they are just great. I wasn't expecting much for the price but after having tried both the Corona '42's and the Churchill '48's I was pleasantly surprised and consider these PDR Fumas to be an excellent value. I'm ordering more, and that really tells you all you need to know. Grab a bundle, overlook the wrapper imperfections and enjoy a really nice smoke.
With every order, I try out something on the cheaper end of the inexpensive smoke that I can go to any time of the day and know I will have a decent cigar. I was buying one of the Pinar del Rio Torpedo Sampler packs when I saw they had these Corona Fumas for only $1.10 apiece, so figured I would try them out. I cannot believe how good this Corona is right out of the Priority Mail Box!! I would consider them a medium body but is very smooth, had a nice ash and never burned hot. The wrapper was a little flaky, but one would expect this in a cheaper cigar. If they are this good now, they should be fantastic after some humidor time. I truly believe I have found my every day cigar. The product description was right on the money, they really are great for the price.
I recently purchased 40 of the PdR Petite Coronas from CI with the implicit objective of a small cigar for the road trips I frequently make AND that was flavorful enough that I'd actually want to smoke them. I'd been on a mission to find the perfect smoke and required an economical but tasty smoke that was easy to handle and did NOT last an hour or longer. This cigar, my friend, fits the bill perfectly. I can't speak to other sizes, but the Petite's are medium to full bodied with just enough flavor to keep me from tossing out the window after 10 minutes. Very pleased with this find. I like variety and smoke all sizes at home and find that I smoke these there too for a quick good smoke. My go to smoke at home is a 5 Vegas Classic double corona if that gives you an idea of my regular taste to base this review. I'm a fan of CI's offerings at their price points!! Great 'Bang for the Buck' !!
The only reason I bought these is because I need a CHEAP stick in my humidor. I bought the Pinar del Rio robusto. The wrapper is nothing impressive and the band is basic. Then I lit one up and was surpised at how good they were. Not the best cigar I've ever had, but for the price these are a no brainer. I'm no doubt going to get more of these. Great for an every day smoke. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.