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Punch Bareknuckle

Punch Bareknuckle Cigars - The new full-bodied evolution of a legend.

This little number, rightfully called Punch Bareknuckle, deserves 10s across the board, that's for sure. When you're smoking Punch Bareknuckle, the grass is already as green as it's ever gettin' and it's always sunny in Philadelphia. One of the most respected brand names in the world - Punch, a stout, exceedingly tasty blend, with a highly attractive price point. Yeah, this thing's a homerun. Draped in an oily, richly-hued Ecuadorian Habano Sun-Grown wrapper and jam-packed with long-fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua, this Punch cigar brings the 'wow' in droves. A looker that tastes even better, Punch Bareknuckle cigars deliver a full-bodied, full-flavored profile that's layered with notes of pepper, earth, espresso, and sweet cedar. Bold, but impressively smooth, this new handmade is certifiably delicious.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (5.0"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $79.99
5-PACK In Stock $40.00 $28.00
Belicoso + Ashtray Combo (5.0"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $84.99
Elites (Corona) (5.2"x45) BOX OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $59.99
5-PACK In Stock $30.00 $20.00
Elites + Ashtray Combo (Corona) (5.2"x45) BOX OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $64.99
Pita (Toro) (6.1"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $180.00 $89.99
5-PACK In Stock $45.00 $32.00
Pita + Ashtray Combo (Toro) (6.1"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $180.00 $94.99
Rothschild (Robusto) (4.5"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $69.99
5-PACK In Stock $35.00 $24.00
Rothschild + Ashtray Combo (Robusto) (4.5"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $74.99
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Customer Reviews of “Punch Bareknuckle”
Wow, this is one powerful cigar! Great smoke, but be prepared, this can kick your butt! Definitely will get another box of these.
TH of Lake Park, IA
Well...I got a box of Elites last week and was blown away! Smoked first one the day after delivery. If these improve with age, they'll be a masterpiece. If they stay as they are, there great. I ordered more today. Punch, GREAT CIGAR, CI, GREAT DEAL. DD, GREAT short review...please have this free (PUNCH or CI) ash tray. HA!
DD of Bay Minette, AL
What a great suprise! Sometimes you want a cigar that you can chill out with and enjoy the experience, this is the one....need to order more while I think about it!
JT of Ashburn, VA
Punch Bareknuckle is a winner. If you like full bodied smokes like MOW Ruination, Diesel or other similar brands you will enjoy this cigar. Construction, draw and burn are outstanding and the price is right. Powerful, yet complex and smooth. Should age very well. Do it.
JS of Fleetwood, PA
Nice cigar! Great construction, smoked evenly all the way down. Not quite full bodied, but full of flavor. An easy smoke with notes of earth and leather.
LG of Cumming, GA
well balanced and complex flavors make this cigar great.i've gone through half a 10 pak and the consistency is good, nice burn a little snug on the draw but tons of smoke that's kinda meaty! very smooth through the nose w/ big cedar notes.definitely recommended
CB of Vale, NC
Got one of these in my cigar of the month, I had been looking forward to trying it. To say the least I am still nursing the burns on my finger because I just didn’t want to put it down. I will definitely be getting my hands on a box soon.
JL of Fpo, AE
I agree with one of the reviews that put this cigar in the Diesel category, with a smooth flavor. After receiving this in a sampler, I really didn't want to smoke it due to black pepper being in the description. I'm a person who can enjoy the Punisher, and other full cigars, but I just don't care for the black pepper in anything I smoke. The Punch Bareknuckle was so smooth, that the only way I noticed the black spice was the slight sting it left on my palate. If you enjoy the Diesel, San Cristobol, and others in this flavor bracket. There is no way you can go wrong on making an order of these great cigars.
DM of Taylor, MI
The Rothschild is one tasty little smoke. To describe it I will coin a new descriptive: cedarpepper. It's got it in droves...
TT of Vancouver, WA
Punch Bareknuckle has an oily wrapper and is a nice medium flavored cigar. I noticed when smoking it has flavor notes ranging from pepper, earth and a slight espresso taste. From my understanding it is labeled as a full flavored cigar but I don't believe so. It was a pleasure to smoke and stayed cool until the vary end lasting around 45 minutes. The flavors matched well with whiskey, I was drinking Woodford Reserve.
GJ of Lafayette, IN
I left a review awhile back for these. This cigar gets so much better overtime. Getting ready to move from the elites to the size up just so I can enjoy them even longer, and at $80 for a box of these you better believe I'll be picking up a few boxes!
DM of Kansas City, MO
wow is about all there is to say! this little number has very rich and bold flavors all the way down to just about the nub. right from the beginning i had the perfect burn all the way, nice sweet but savory smoke. Can't wait a few months to see how much better they'll be out of my humidor.
DM of Kansas City, MO
Just smoked the second Punch Barenuckle out of 10 that I ordered. The first one was too tight and didn't draw well. Couldn't finish it. The second one, however, was delicious. Hopefully I just got one bad one in the bunch. Smokes like a full bodied cigar. Plenty of smoke and a perfect, even burn...a slooow burn. Great flavor. Quality ash. Not a super strong cigar though. Medium to full bodied...
GW of Cleveland, TX
Great Smoke! Started with 10 and a week later ordered 20 more. You won't be disappointed.
AM of Eden Prairie, MN
I bought a 10 pack of the Bareknuckle Rothchilds on a whim. I have enjoyed every Punch cigar I've ever smoked, so I figured I'd like these too. I have indeed. I taste chocolate, walnut and plum flavors on my amateur palate, and the smoke is thick and juicy. Masterful construction gives a great ashline, and the wrapper is slick and oily. Great to buy another box.
BM of Perryville, MO
This was my first full strength cigar (I've been smoking about 3 years now, only on my deployments), and I have to say, I guess they're not for me. To me it felt like they just threw the flavors in it and it all just kind of meshed together. I'll admit that I LOVED the strength of it, but the blend of flavors just wasn't for me. I smoked 2 1/2, and gave the other 2 away. Based on other reviews I guess the full flavored cigars just aren't for me.
JC of Lockney, TX
My brother-in-law and I just had our first and couldn't believe it, great cigar. Punch has out done themselves. We just ordered a box ! Thought about keeping it a secret so stock wouldn't run out but had to share, enjoy ! congrats !!!
I was given one by my daughter's boyfriend and just loved it, I was upset that it finished. These will be in my box.
HN of Matamoras, PA
I've been looking for a cigar that I just can't get enough of. You know one that you can smoke everyday and just don't get tired of. This is it!
AB of Olympia, WA
This cigar was a great addition to my humidor. I enjoyed the smooth but complex flavors that this stick creates. Great even burn, tightly rolled, with a nice draw from start to finish. I will keep this as part of my humidor collection.
TC of Fredericksburg, VA
I must say "Punch" is back in the game with this BAREKNUCKLE. I have purchased these several times and they seem to get better finding different nuances everytime I smoke one. If you haven't tried this you should. Everyone should at least make this a regular in their HUMI!!!!
To answer those that wonder what happens after aging, it only gets better!! You can tell the difference starting after 3 months and it only escalates after. Smoking a Rothchild now and it has been sitting patiently for 6 months. Very oily, toothy experience. Dark cocoa flavor and rich roasted Maui coffee notes. Great price for the experience. Can't wait to smoke in another 6 months.
Beautiful and well made. Burns perfectly as all Punch, but I really did not care for the taste.
ND of Nooksack, WA
Got a good deal on these. Tried it and fell in love with the taste. Good burn, and a good deal.
You hear the rhetoric about Punch. It goes like this. "Punch used to be a full bodied blend." "They haven't kept up with the times." "Ya-da ya-da." Personally, I totally disagree with these well worn rantings. The original blend is every bit as viable today, as it was 40 years ago when I enjoyed my 1st Rothschild. Enter the fray with Bareknuckle, which is full bodied & full flavored. The taste is fantastic. Loaded with spice & that oh so familiar flavor profile, that lets you know you are smoking one of the finest. Punch. Check out the price point on these, too. Very affordable. Just another reason to trust Punch to provide fantastic cigars, without charging us an arm & a leg. Give Bareknuckle a try & see if you don't agree. I know I will be figuring a way to grab a box of Rothschilds to go with the few Pitas I already have resting in my humidor.
My very first cigar was a Punch imported English Market Selection. And I loved it. I bought a sampler which only offered the Bareknuckle. Hesitant to order 5 of something I might not like, I bit the bullet and did. Am I glad! The first thing I noticed was the wrapper. Pretty much the same as the first. Delicious. No flavoring, but if I didn't have a lighter, I'd be content to lick the wrapper for half an hour. Thick skinned, nice oily sheen as it burns. As someone remarked, a firm cigar. Great draw. Not hard to take in, but no mouthful of hot air here. Great fragrance, it actually drew a hummingbird in for a sniff. Magnificent flavor. While other cigars have been wonderful, I find myself coming back home to this. With pleasure. Will definitely order more.
KG of Belgrade, ME
I must say, I was blown away by this cigar!! This little smoke had one of the best draws I have had in a long time. If you haven't tried one you need to order a few, I have already stocked my box and it will be my new go-to stick!!
I give it a WOW! This was a very nice surprise and a great smoke. Had good flavor yet was incredibly smooth all the way down. Punch Barenuckle has restored my interest in medium-full bodied sticks. Highly recommend!
JC of Ontario, CA
I could not wait to try this after hearing decent reviews. GOOD: Well constructed with a handsome wrapper and a very smart foot band. BAD: The first 1/3 was the taste of a charred cask barrel with nothing enjoyable about it. I was so disappointed my friend and I tossed the stick. It was in the humidor for slightly over 30 days. I have since seen reviews where they indicate a few months in the humidor was needed for this stick. My Punch wrapper did appear much lighter in color than those I have seen online....
TK of Rouses point, NY
Had the Rothschild...Well done Punch, well done. A damn good stick. No fancy description to offer, just a wonderful smoke.
JS of Colorado Springs, CO
When I saw this cigar had the wrapper at the foot, I thought, "Here is Punch's imitation of the Rocky Patel Edge and they're not even trying to hide it." Not that there's anything wrong with that. As a Punch fan for years, I grabbed a five-pack to try, and Rocky better start looking over his shoulder. This Punch has a great flavor profile, lots of nuances, almost a sliding-scale of flavor, if you will. Every puff is a surprise. It's not a flat, gut-punch flavor at all. Plus, it's much cheaper than The Edge. Sorry, Rocky. The five-pack was so good I now have a box on the way!
Very good cigar. Impressive flavor.
Since discovering Punch Bareknuckle a year ago, I have smoked 2 ten-packs of the Toro, 3 boxes of the Rothchildes & the odd Belicoso/Torpedo. It has become my favorite blend, toasty, complex & just affordable enough to be an everyday smoke. Now I want to try a box of the Elites, a sensible 5.2" X 45 Corona, that I hope is every bit as fantastic as its larger brethren are. At the current sale rate of 2 bones & 4 bits per vitola, I can make it more than just a rotation stogie. Elevate it to "Must Have" status & always keep a box on hand. Highly recommended for Punch lovers & full bodied freaks alike. 93/100 Try a "fiver" & see if you don't agree.
Been smoking cigars for about a year now, and noted that my pallet is pretty mild - medium in terms of cigar strength. I received the Barenuckle as part of a sampler and have been hesitant to smoke it. After letting it sit in the humi for 6 months I finally broke down...Holy muther of Mary is this a great gar! ! Flavorful, but not stick to your mouth lingering. Finished smooth and oh so tasty. Left me a bit light headed afterwards, could have been because i was so awestruck by its amazingness, but man was it a treat to smoke. Will order again.
BD of Winnipeg, MB
The "Deal" is 20 juicy Punch Bareknuckle smokes for sixty bones. Five each of the four sizes. This is a good deal. The cigars would cost $66.25 themselves. So the loony tunes CI can't stop there, they throw in a triple flame Bugatti "Executive" torch & a ten buck gift card. Purchasing the lighter would take a US Grant. Not to mention the ten clams cash! Basically, the twenty vitolas are free! Can you say "No-Brainer"?
Smoked one 2nd. Day ROTT. Wow.Very nice. Burned fast but they haven't rested. More medium then full.Great flavor and the price is right.
Hadn't had Punch in a while and these did not disappoint. Like all Punch these were just a great consistent flavorful smoke. Like revisiting an old friend but unlike my Punch memories there was not one with a tight draw. Great cigar and another CI special home run. You guys rock. I will never buy retail again.
I was very pleasantly surprised by this cigars. Good flavor,Good burn,tons of smoke. Definitely made their way to the top of my list.
Decided to try my first box of Punch Bareknuckle in my spring/summer stock order and so glad I did. I don't know if it was because it was my first cigar of the year or the crazyness of the price that has me so impressed! The flavors are abundant and construction is punch quality. I had previously watched and read many reviews on this stick. Most saying it had no flavor changes through the smoke but as I tore into the Elite I had a flavor shift about half way through that blew my socks off because I was not expecting it. I will not hesitate to pick up another box when these run out.
Have smoked Punch before. But couldn't find one that fit my taste. And to be honest was on the fence about these too. But I took a gamble, and ordered a full box. Well, I must of had an ace up my sleeve.(and all the reviews helped too) Damn! A Punch that I couldn't put down! Glad I took the risk, and now will keep these in regular rotation. And at a great price to boot. Hell, yeah! Thanks C.I.
SM of Kokomo, IN
I ordered my first box of Pitas in June, 2012, not long after they first came out. While I realized they wouldn't be everybody's favorite, they quickly became mine. I've bought more Pitas, and some Rothschilds. Recently, after buying some Gran Cru's and Rare Salamones (both really nice cigars) I'm back to my Bareknuckles - another box of Rothschilds this time, in July, 2014. They're full-bodied, to be sure, but that's what I'm looking for. They smoke cool, evenly, and consistently. They don't offer any surprises (not very complex) but they're damned fine cigars from beginning to end. As soon as I free up some more room in the humidor, I'll be reordering more of these gems. They're slowly but surely turning me into a one cigar kind of guy. Bravo, Punch, bravo!
So I'm strolling the walk-in humidor and breeze by the Punch section. I hadn't heard of the Bareknuckle but loved the name and decided to pick one up. One night I sparked it up while Redboxing a movie on the ol' laptop. Oh yea! Great burn, great taste...and loved the smoke. I had to cut the night short and left her to burn out. Keep in mind this is GA and humid in the summer evenings. The next day I'm doing errands and get back to the house. She's still there and I think...should I. Yes, yes I should. Holy must have really opened up over night cause it was great...the second time around. I've bought more since that night and plan on picking up a 5 pack for my bocce ball game next week. Well done stocking these CI!
One of my current favorites. I keep these as a backbone in my humidor for parties and bumming around with my cigar crew. If you like a good smoke that won't break your wallet, this one is for you.
CM of Columbia, MO
Awesome cigar! I had one few day ago that came in a sampler I ordered fell in love with it and ordered a box, can't wait for it to arrive!
VC of Port Chester, NY
Not bad, not bad at all. I will order these again.
CW of puyallup, WA
Hyperbole Free Review: This is a good cigar at this price. Recommended buy. I bought a box of Toros. One smoked poorly, and that was probably due to poor humidification/temperature control in transit. The rest of smoked well. Be aware, I'd call this a full-bodied cigar. It has a more, and thicker, flavor than the Punch Uppercut. That's to be expected since the Uppercut is much larger ring gauge cigar, which throws off the wrapper to filler ratio. And since most flavor is in the wrapper...the Uppercut ends up being a less flavorful cigar. But back to the Bareknuckle - it's a recommended buy at the CI price. If you can afford slightly more expensive cigars, you'd upgrade from Bareknuckle to Diesel Unlimited or even Hair of the Dog. Bareknuckles are slightly less expensive and a slightly poorer smoke by comparison. But they are priced right and this is definitely a cigar-smoker's cigar. I'll buy them again and never will I be embarassed to share them with cigar-loving guests.
BP of Norfolk, VA
Well, I'll be damned… Still a bit of a newbie, I learned early on that I enjoy a full-flavored smoke. Had a few other Punches and they were okay. Seriously, I'd smoke 'em again if a buddy offered one when I'm not already equipped with a killer. (In other words, I WILL turn down a Budweiser, even if I'm NOT equipped with a good craft beer. [No offense, Bud fans.]) BUT the marketing & the reviews on the Bareknuckle piqued my curiosity. While the burn has not been perfectly even on this, my first, I'm puffing on a hearty smoke that billows bountifully, while offering solid, full-flavor - bold without over-stated pepper - and a creamy mouthfeel that goes oh-so-nicely with a Sazarac. (Though, a straight Woodford or Booker's would do just fine, I have no doubt.) Full for full-sake this is not. There is real art in this aesthetic experience. Just try one. I dare ya!!!
PS of Decatur, GA
Yep. That's a damn fine cigar! I will be ordering more.
PS of Decatur, GA
If you don't like this, you may not like cigars. Very nice at any price, and a steal at around 70 bucks a box.
JC of Austin, TX
Ba-BOOM! Love it!
WS of Taylor, PA
When Punch Rare Corojo Rothchild are out-of-stock, the Punch Bareknuckles are a great alternative!
This is a tasty cigar. Punch is a fantastic cigar maker, and I knew a box of these would be awesome even before I tried them.
MF of Park Ridge, IL
I would've thought AJ had his hand in this. Very nice, smooth, solid wrapper. Excellent, razor sharp burn. Outstanding smoke, volume, and flavor. I have a box and I will be getting more. Nice job Punch!
Punch used to be a full flavor brand but has not kept up with the times. Well they have jumped right back into the forefront with this blend. An earthy, woody, coca beauty with a slight bitter flavor on the edge. Plenty of thick chewy smoke and a "Bareknuckle" punch to the gut with strength. My kind of evening cigar. Got a 5 pack added on my last order and they have earned a spot in my humidor.
What a great cigar for the price.. These are great for a weekday smoke on the back porch, a puff on the fairway or I can grab a handful to take to a party and give them out...
GB of Dublin, CA
This is a tasty, somewhat complex cigar. Great burn, great taste, great price. For $50? Hard to beat!
DF of Elmhurst, IL
fantastic from start to finish got a sampler with one in it and liked it so much that I had to get a box of 20
SH of Harker Heights, TX
I've smoked several different sticks recently (within last 3 months) from a variety of companies...A.J Fernandez, Gurkha, Torano, CAO, Gran Habano, Ave Maria, La Perla Habana, Partagas, etc. and have experienced construction problems in some of the sticks EXCEPT for the Punch. Smoked an entire box of the Elites with no issues whatsoever. Perfect wrapper. perfect draw, razor sharp burn and great taste. Seems like some blenders are in a rush to get out product and QC is a bit on the soft side...again except for the Punch. When I get frustrated with a poor performing stick I brush my teeth, rinse out, wait a few minutes and light up a Punch Bareknuckle Elite. Life is good again!
Outstanding cigar for the price. Highly recommended.
PL of Laguna Hills, CA
A true pleasure to smoke.
SF of omaha, NE
Punch Barenuckle is an excellent cigar. Will buy more soon!!
KU of Interlochen, MI

Punch Bareknuckle

Posted by Steve R

If you’re on our mailing list, you’ve likely seen Punch Bareknuckle on the cover. Eye-catching, no? Rightfully so, because I’ll say it up front: the mighty Punch brand was desperate for a blend like this.

Years ago, Punch was among the strongest blends on the market. Times have changed, new makers have entered the fray, powerful new tobaccos have been produced, and Punch quickly evolved into a classic brand with a classic flavor profile. All things considered, it is best described as medium-bodied, but incredibly consistent and expertly well-made. Unfortunately, today’s enthusiast demands more, and the Punch portfolio hasn’t grown to meet these demands.

Bareknuckle changes all that. At play, a dark and leathery sun-grown wrapper grown from Habano seeds in Ecuador, overtop a long-leaf blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers, laced with ample ligeros. While the use of these powerful tobaccos aren’t sugar-coated with rare growing techniques or proprietary fermentation processes, when blended by the masterminds inside the legendary Punch factory and combined with said factory’s unrivaled quality control, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve selected the Belicoso. Why? Well, surprisingly’s the first Belicoso ever to boast the mighty Punch band. Surprising, I know, but pleasantly so. The cigar opens in brutish fashion, dishing out a bold, meaty array of aggressive flavors. Earth, black tobacco, and leather smack my palate with each puff, followed by a long, toasty finish with (surprisingly) subtle spices. The cigar is rock hard but delivers a perfect draw, leading to a very slow and cool burn. About 10 minutes in and I’ve burned through less than an inch, and the flavors have gradually toned down, allowing more subtle nuances to surface....flavors that were no doubt hiding in the background. I now note a touch of oak and a soothing trace of coffee bean, just before the long, toasty finish sits on my taste buds each time I put the cigar down for a temporary rest. Complexity....something I’ve been wanting from Punch for some time.

But, what’s even better about this cigar is its underlying strength. Punch Bareknuckle is no doubt full-bodied, but deceivingly so. There’s a ton of flavor, which many folks will confuse with strength....but pay close attention to your gut, because you will feel the ligeros there. Your head won’t swim throughout the burn, but the methodical increase in strength from the first inch and beyond will leave you satisfied, as if you just polished off a juicy steak or plate of ribs.

The final leg is everything Punch should be. A rich, flavor-packed, bold bouquet with an interesting combination of noble and delicate flavors. Roll the smoke around in your mouth a bit before each exhale. Release some smoke through your nose. Focus on the warm, charcoal-like aroma wafting above. Three suggestions to truly appreciate this bold new face of Punch.

That’s my take on Punch Bareknuckle. A necessary blend to reinvigorate the legendary Punch brand, and reinstate its place among the industry’s premier full-bodied cigars.

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