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CAO Criollo

The CAO Criollo cigar is a beauty through and through. 

To blend such a masterful full-bodied cigar, CAO combines a vintage Criollo ’98 wrapper with fine Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos, creating the perfect marriage of Cuba and Nicaragua. The term Criollo (cree-oy-yo), originating in Cuba, actually means simply "native seed." Made in Nicaragua of Cuban-seed tobaccos, the Criollo cigar offers a robust, rich and satisfying taste, a flavor that simultaneously hearkens back to the taste of old Cuba with a nod toward the rising tide of outstanding cigars of Nicaraguan origin. Packaged in gorgeous, commemorative boxes.

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

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5 out of 5
My favorite cigar. Thought they
My favorite cigar. Thought they were gone. Glad you still had some left.
Customer Testimonials
The CAO Criollo Pato was a really fine cigar. I enjoyed this cigar from foot to nub. A medium bodied, medium flavor cigar. Excellent construction, gorgeous wrapper, rich and creamy smoke. Complex but not overly spicy and no harshness at all. You can definitely tell that this was blended to be Cuban-esque in the flavor profile. I would have liked a bit more body personally but the body does balance with the flavor. Well worth the money spent. If you can't afford a box pick up a sampler. You WANT to try this cigar. A very hidden gem by CAO.
This cigar is the poster child for the definition of creamy. Excellent contruction with an amazing aroma. Unlike others, I didn't find it complex at all. Just very smooth with no unpleasent after taste. Definitely worth a try.
The best! Absolutely the best and I don't know why CAO doesn't push these as much as they do some of their others. They are, in my opinion a 92 at least!
Two words best describe this cigar...freggin Amazing. This cigar is worth the money and more. I believe that it far surpasses my former CAO favorite (CAO Black). This is a complex cigar that lives up to that title. One of the most complex cigar I have experienced in my 5 years of cigar smoking. A must buy if you can afford to spent the money.
One of the best cigars you will ever smoke from CAO. A great draw, taste and nothing but relaxation. Had it with a cup of bold coffee. Even brought out the best taste out of the coffee.
very smooth with a lot of cedar through the nose and pepper on the tongue.the best cao imo!
Very fine cigar, this ( CAO Criollo Pato) . Plenty of flavour without a trace of harshness. The pre-light aroms almost convinced me not to light the thing, just spend an hour or so smelling it! Must try a larger size.
Ive been smoking my CAO sampler (absolutely fantastic freebie) and was blown away with the "Criollo". Delicious sweet wrapper (taste like the CAO Black wrapper) hints of vanilla, spice, fine flavorful blend of tobacco. Again, very reminiscent of the CAO Black. If you like the black, you'll love this. Rated a solid 94. A winner.
I'm fairly new to cigars, and picked this one up in CI's Friday Night Fights (CAO Criollo). I enjoyed it tremendously. Very thick smoke, very tasty...even for a novice. It held a great ash throughout.
What a wonderful suprise. I have smoked several of the CAO brands and they are all pretty good to better than average stogies. However the Criollo is just right for my taste buds. It is the first cigar I have smoked (and I have smoked a bunch of premiums cubans included) that I would say was creamy. I try to stay away from the "slightly nutty, hint of cinnamon" kind of descriptions with cigars but you know this one is creamy and tasty. Like a great meal in a good restaurant you just sit back satisfied at the end.
This cigar (CAO Criollo) has such a unique taste and fantastic grey ash. The flavors this stick gives off are dynamic! Coffee and creamy aftertaste makes this a smoke you can always count on. I enjoy this cigar while sitting out on my deck in the summer, so I just bought some and tucked them away in my humidor to get even better for next year.
After aging several Bombas (CAO Criollo) for a few months in my humidor, I fired up a couple. What an excellent smoke! With every draw, your palete is reminded of this cigar's Cuban heritage. Its a robust and flavorful smoke. Only gets better with age. Highly recommended.
Being a usual fan of milder cigars, I was immediately drawn to sweet scent of the Criollo’s (CAO Criollo)smoke. With creamy coffee, nutmeg, and the occasional vanilla note, I probably spent as much time savoring the smoke’s custard-like “taste” in my nose as admiring the way it balances with a the more peppery, full flavors on the palate. The wrapper is beautiful, with a sheen of polished leather. Very consistent in quality and flavors throughout. A great smoke after a filling meal.
If you're looking for a boring, one-dimensional cigar, this one (CAO Criollo )is NOT for you. This is one of the most complex cigars I've tried. Every puff seems to vary in strength and taste. It's like a smorgasborg for the taste buds. Mind boggling. Thanks CI for including this one in the COTM!!!
Tried the Criollo this morning out of boredom, just wanted to try something new. I love CAO and this cigar exemplifies why. Totally awesome! Very smooth, slow even burn with a complex taste that subtlety changes throughout the cigar. Fantastic after dinner cigar. Thanks CI!