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Nestor Miranda Doppelbok

Sunglasses not included.

After a slew of highly rated releases, Nestor Miranda transitions to something a little easier on the wallet. But that's the only difference - the flavor and construction are still on par with their counterparts. Doppelbok, commonly referred to around the office as DB, is crafted with a dark, leathery Habano wrapper that's loaded with oils and a rich blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers. Notes of nuts, cedar, and earth overlay a rich tobacco core, creating a smoke that's flavorful and interesting throughout every inch. But despite its abundance of flavor Nestor Miranda DB is smooth, creamy, and mellow in body. A winner indeed, and just $2 apiece....for ever and ever.
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Robusto (5.0"x50) BDL OF 20 Out of Stock $120.00 $39.99    
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Customer Reviews of “Nestor Miranda Doppelbok”
These a full flavored with a rich and creamy smoke. A deal for $2. During the middle of the stick you sometimes get an off ammonia like fume that goes away quickly. That does not bother me, because for 99.9% of the time these taste and smoke like a $15 stick.
OM of Staten Island, NY
I love these sticks. The Dopplebok's are tasty, hold a nice long white ash and don't break the bank. Highly recommended as a nice daily smoke. Size, flavor, and cost are all perfect.
SB of Baltimore, MD
I've smoking cigars since the LBJ administration. I bought a bundle of these sticks on sale. And then I bought another. And then I bought another. For the first time in my life, I have found the perfect go-to cigar. It's my first stick of the day, everyday. If you can wait a month to smoke them, you will be rewarded handsomely. I keep a month's supply resting so I can dig in the following month. This cigar is spicy like Garcia likes to make his blends. And then it blossoms like a beautiful flower. The flavors shoot out like fireworks on the 4th of July. It's nutty, earthy, very very creamy, spicy, a tinge of vanilla, and a little fruitiness. It is medium bodied and full flavored and complex. The size is obviously perfect for this blend. I tell you this now, CI....that if you stop selling them, I will hunt you down and make you smoke the other guy's house brands for the rest of your life....LOL! This cigar is a keeper. Kudos to Nestor and CI!
PK of Milwaukee, WI
I'm used to smoking and enjoying a wide range of cigars, especially my first love... MonteCristos, however, during a biker rally in Ruidoso, NM my buddy from las placas invited me to smoke a Doppelbok and boy was it a good cigar smooth from begining to end and sweet enjoyable aroma. It truly is an everyday cigar. Finally, the price I would easliy pay $10 dollars for this cigar.
LG of El Paso, TX
Very nice cigar! Smoked well, tasted great - toasty! Great price! Buy them and enjoy them.
MG of Cherry Hill, NJ
I just lit up my first doppelbok and I must say I am very impressed. I had originally bought the 20 pack because at $40 how can you go wrong? I was going to keep them as a give to a buddy cause I am smoking and feel bad cigar, but these gems are wonderful. Easy to smoke, great draw (used a punch) and it has a subtle complexity that matches many $10 smokes. It is not quite as good as my absolute favorite (liga pravada no. 9 or its understudy the under crown) but it does have enough creamy leathery goodness to match many of my other favorites at a fraction of the cost. I am very pleasantly surprised.
AW of Valrico, FL
This is a great cigar. Burns evenly nice even taste easy draw and can be smoked every day. This is one of my favorites especially because of the price.
SG of Socorro, TX
Undoubtedly one of the best $2.00 cigars I've tasted. Would highly recommend this stick to anyone who would like to smoke an inexpensive well made and pleasant cigar.
For 2 bucks a stick I wasn't expecting much but boy was I WRONG. I have only been smoking cigars for about two years now and I can honestly say this is one of the most relaxing cigars ive put my lips around. Draw is excellent, smoke is beautiful, smell and taste are great. I just ordered me another bundle (maybe two or three) and I'm going to let these babies sit in the humidor for 5 or 6 months but you never know I may sneak one before then
RT of Sour Lake, TX
About halfway through with my first Doppelbok and boy am I glad I didnt give it away. Extremely smooth, just the right amount of spice...and for $2!? How can you go wrong?! Will be buying more of these in the future.
MR of Woburn, MA
Medium-bodied, easy on the wallet. Notes of cream in second 3rd through the finish. Noticed smooth smoke, and an easy draw. Will revisit to check for consistency.
JM of Waipahu, HI
Got these in a sampler. I couldn't believe how good these were. Great flavor and burn. Nice spice also. I would highly recommend these if you're looking for a great everyday cigar. I'll be ordering more by the bundles!!
Thank you for getting them back in stock!! I was going nuts waiting for them to come in. These are my go to cigars without a doubt!
TS of Elkhart, IN
I purchased a sampler a while back which had a Nestor Miranda Doppelbok with them. After being in my humidor since the winter months I finally got it out on this nice June day to smoke it. OMG was this a great smoke! It had this particular lingering flavor that I couldn't get enough of. Had to buy a box.
I just pulled one out of my humidor after I let it sit in there for about three months. Let me tell ya, AMAZING SMOKES! Considering they are 2 dollars a stick! I need more....
RS of Ladson, SC
This is my everyday smoke. Burns evenly, if not a bit fast but never bitter and has a nice finish. I'll smoke it till I need a roach clip! Good quality, I have never had a bad one. They are sometimes difficult to find and frequently on back order. A blue collar cigar but my humidor is not complete without them.
LS of Arvada, CO
Excellent Medium strength stick with plenty of flavor. Was surprised me most was how easy the draw is. When you have to work at a cigar, it takes the fun out of it. Nice easy, slow puffs is what this stick deserves. Great with a morning coffee. Definite buy.
AK of Topton, PA
Not bad, not bad at all. I got the Doppelbok in the Dogs Breakfast sampler and was pleasantly surprised. I'm a 2 cigar a day smoker during the work week and a gazillion cigar smoker on the weekends. This is my morning wake me up stick. Draw is great, lights good, burns evenly, taste is superior for a 2 buck chuck. Aging these cigars is a real plus, my first ones sat for a couple of weeks and it seemed to mellow them a bit. If you got one, smoke one. Enjoy.
JJ of Burleson, TX
Nestor Miranda Doppelbok 5x50, right off the truck, light was a little difficult, a little touch-up needed. Draw medium, sometimes had to take two consecutive deep draws to get a decent amount of smoke. Nice construction for a $2 stick. Wrapper burned a little irregular, wanting to split and curl up near the thicker veins, but no issues really. Ash was an ugly yellow/brown color and flakey, but was firm enough to hold for at least an inch at a time before I discarded it for fear of it falling in my lap. Give them at least a good week or two in the humidor for best results, but you can still expect the typical $2/stick issues occasionally. My cigar smoking buddy has had wrapper unraveling issues with both of the sticks he has smoked so far but I have not had the same experience with three that I have smoked so far using a punch cut. Pretty mellow and one dimensional, but there is a nice nutty and woody element here that keeps it interesting. All in all, probably the best $2 cigar, (regular CI discounted price), that I have had. But unlike some other reviewers have stated, I certainly would not pay $10 for this cigar. Realistically, there are too many great mid-priced cigars that CI has specials on occasionally, bringing their prices down to the $3-$4 range, to pay any more than $2 for this stick.
CP of Edmonds, WA
After smoking 10+ of these bargain sticks I am back to order another bundle of 20. I still say this is the best $2 cigar available, and a great humidor filler. The perfect medium bodied give-away stick for your buddies that don't smoke many cigars and who wouldn't appreciate your finer selections. Yet still enough woody and nutty character to keep it interesting for yourself when you want a quick, inexpensive smoke.
CP of Edmonds, WA
Very good cigar.
Got one of these in a sampler. Liked it enough to order a 20. Taste is nice and smooth. Definitely worth the price. Little inconsistent on the draw between the stick, but that's a nit. Great yard work cigar.
MA of Amherst, NH
I received my first one of these in the Brown Bag special and immediately bought a bundle after I smoked it. It's a fantastic price for a great cigar!
JP of Virginia Beach, VA