Strength: Full
Wrapper:Habano, Sun Grown

Nica Libre Potencia

Note: Nica Libre has undergone a packing change. The new packaging is set to arrive soon, so I'm offering up a rare chance for you to grab the old stuff at a serious discount. Supplies are very limited. 

Potencia takes the Nica Libre name to new heights. A small-batch, Nicaraguan beauty from the Oliva family with a whole lot of character.

Potencia is the latest offering from Nica Libre....and it’s superb. It’s a small-batch, Nicaraguan beauty with character in spades. Carefully crafted in the Oliva factory with a dark, reddish-hued Habano Sun Grown wrapper and a robust blend of well-aged Nicaraguan ligeros, Potencia brings a deep, complex flavor. Powerful yet smooth and refined – and loaded with layers of coffee, spices, earth, and dark chocolate overtop a rich tobacco core. It’s a bit pricier than the original, but well worth the coin. A very limited production item – when they’re in stock, act expeditiously.

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Strength: Full
Wrapper:Habano, Sun Grown
Belicoso (5.0"x54) BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $123.60$58.21    
Strength: Full
Wrapper:Habano, Sun Grown
Churchill Extra (7.0"x52) BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $160.20$119.95    
Strength: Full
Wrapper:Habano, Sun Grown
Double Robusto (5.0"x54) BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $123.60$58.21    
Strength: Full
Wrapper:Habano, Sun Grown
Double Toro (Gordo) (6.0"x60) BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $155.00$61.07    
Strength: Full
Wrapper:Habano, Sun Grown
Torpedo (6.0"x56) BOX OF 20 Out of Stock $149.80$61.07    
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Customer Reviews of “Nica Libre Potencia”
“I've done a fair # of reviews on this site but I can honestly say this cigar doesn't really need one. Just buy a box and you'll thank me for it.”
SS of Portland, OR
“Just recently burned the two in last month's club offering. This is an excellent smoke.”
DM of Colton, CA
“I smoked a Churchill and a short torpedo size of the Nica Libre Potencia. I was quite impressed. The torpedo tasted like a campfire--but in a good way: Pine, hickory, maybe a hint of barnyard. It was bold but not overbearing. When I read that this cigar was manufactured by Oliva I was not a bit surprised. They certainly know how to blend and roll a cigar. I’ll be smoking more of these.”
AF of Bloomington, IN
“They are great. Nice addition to the nica libre line.”
JH of Killeen, TX
“I've always loved a quality Nicaraguan Puro with a major preferrence for Padron and especially the Anniversary series. Great cigars! So, I see these Nica Libre Potencia at a great price with a decent review to boot. Decided to cop a couple of boxes and fired up the first one last night. I smoked that sucker 'till it burned my big fingers. This is one of the most delicious puros I've ever had. As good as any Padron with a Cubanesque taste. No bite. No BS. This is one amazing smoke and if you love GOOD Cubans or high end Padrons, you need to toast this foot ASAP. A remarkable achievement by the Oliva family and my props to them for creating another masterpiece. Burned even from foot to head, a perfect draw with excellent construction and voluminous amounts of smoke on an easy draw. Can you tell? VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! If I had to score this one I'd say it was a, a 94!!! You must try these babies. Can't wait for another this evening. Wow.”
RP of Fort Myers, FL
“Smoked a Double Robusto right off the truck and dang! What a great smoke it was. Immediately made me think of JDN Antano 1970 and Oliva V. Perfect construction, heavy in the hand, perfect burn, great flavor, nice oily sheen...what more can you ask for. Burned it down to my finger nails! Can't wait to see what a little age does for these.”
DB of Acworth, GA
“If you enjoy the Oliva V, these are the same cigar. Not sure about the aging and other particulars, but I have boxes of both and can see nor taste any difference. As a matter of fact, my only gripe is that the Torpedos are rolled too tightly, way too tightly... both Potencia and Oliva V. Yup they are the same. ”
GG of Florence, OR
“I've enjoyed Nica Libre cigars from the beginning, and this one just adds to the pleasure. I found the big, fat 60-ring job a little difficult to keep burning evenly, but since I was just sitting in my chair enjoying a drop of Quinta De La Rosa port, it was almost fun to keep messing about with the cigar. This is a worthwhile one.”
MM of Leesburg, VA
“If Nica Libre was a poor man's Padron, this Potencia version could be a poor man's Oliva Series V, but the catch this time is, this is a better cigar, no joke, I find this cigar to be a bit more powerful and richer in flavor, more balanced too, deep leather and spice, a long spicy sweet finish, burned very slow, the toros I had lasted 45 minutes or better.”
JS of Moraine, OH
“Description is right on. A very good smoke IMHO.”
JL of Lodi, CA
“I think this is P4P the best ligero habano wrapped nicaraguan I've had. Hell, the best "Ligero" marketed stick period. Cain F is good, LFD doulble ligero is close. JDN antano both blends are in my humi as well. All competitors are more $, not any better. The power, taste and smoothness is uncanny. I like this one better than the serie V by Oliva as well. Value price, but boutique in all othet areas, gents. I enjoy drying them out b/c ligero is so thick and retains moisture. And they age FANTASTICALLY! I LOVE the belicoso, dbl rob is nice and the churchill 10pk is in the mail as I write! Snatch em up, Dogg!!!!”
BP of Kirkland, WA
“Nica Libre Potencia, one word. Brilliant!!!! nuff said!”
JW of Plainfield, IL
“Are we sure these aren't just the Oliva V? The construction and flavor profile are almost an exact match, which is by no means a negative, Great smoke!”
DF of Houston, TX
“These are the identical cigar to Oliva V.... identical”
GG of Hamburg, PA
“WOW, this is a great cigar!!!! I thought i would give it a try and I'M glad i did It reminds me of my favorite cigar MOW Ruination I will keep a stash of these in my humi, a must try cigar, you can't go wrong with this one.”
KH of Baton Rouge, LA
“Okay. Here is the truth for me. These are good smokes alright. For my dollar, try some Sancho Panza for a better bang for your buck. These are good but there was nothing that stood out at all. A typical fairly good but not outstanding cigar.”
CS of Rock Springs, WY
“Got a 10pack of these off of Joe's Jambalaya - they're pretty darn fantastic! Flavors are the routine habano flavors, but a balanced, ample mixture of sweet and savory spices (on the retrohale) as well as a unique brown-sugar-esque sweetness (sun-grown wrappers have that particular sweetness [probably due to sugars left from photosynthesis when the leaves are primed]), AND a considerably hi-strength blend, make this a very unique savory-sweet cigar. Both draw and construction have been (for me, at least) consistent. No wonky burn, no draw problems whatsoever, no soft-spots. For a Churchill, this is a definite steal for a box purchase of $120. This cigar could definitely go for a higher price-range. Five out of five.”
DS of San Antonio, TX
“Great cigar. Got this one in the cigar of the month club. Double Toro size. Liked it so much that I just ordered 5 more.”
EN of Twinsburg, OH
“the best, i will never let my humi get below 20 of these”
KS of Roseville, MI
“The Nica Libre Potencia, what can I say, I was viewing my CI magazine looking for something new to me to try. I ordered 20 Nica Libre, and got a 5 pack of the Potencia for a up grade Deal. All I can say is Wow!!!!!! I am online right now ordering a box...I was at my local watering hole drinking a cold one and fired up a Potencia for the first time. For me, it was one of the finest Cigar ever to hit these lips. From the light up to all the way to the stub, a great Cigar. CI, thanks for the upgrade....”
JR of Houma, LA
“As everyone before me said, i say it also... WOW!!!!! I read one bad thing in the fan mail, someone said that it was rolled to tight. Not in the ones that I got. perfect draw... execellent burn... fantastic flavor and nose.”
JB of Lambertville, NJ
“I finally polished off a box of these this week(about 18 months since purchase), so it's time to reflect. Full-bodied deliciousness? Check! This really is the Oliva Serie V's little brother, as most people suggest. The only problem I had was structural. Nearly every torpedo I smoked had a tight draw, requiring several cuts and a little massaging to ease the smoke through. I absolutely recommend the Potencia, but if you really want the torpedos, try a 5-pack first and see if you can handle the frustation.”
“This is my go-to cigar. It's exclusive to Meier & Dutch (CI & Friends) by Oliva and it's a perfectly made, gorgeous, spicy little puppy. About one out of ten comes in a little medium-ish, but consider this a mouth-popping full, which is what cigars are all about if you ask me. Those who call this a "poor man's Oliva V" are pretty much on target. The Vs are maybe a little bit more consistent, but quality of production, appearance, and taste are very, very close indeed. Highly recommended.”
“I bought a box a couple of months ago based solely on the reviews and I haven't regretted it. It's a fine smoke. While I wouldn't say it's of the same flavor and character as a Oliva Serie V, it is of very good quality and great value for the price.”
DS of Niwot, CO
“Got a 5-pack of these about a year ago as a little extra bonus when I ordered from CI. WOW! It has since become a regular in my humidor. The taste, draw and burn is outstanding! Do a blind taste test and you would swear you were smoking an Olivia V. Why this cigar doesn't have a 90+ rating is a mystery to me! Just goes to show you cannot judge a cigar by a "rating" gotta just get out...try em....and SMOKE EM!”
“Oliva V's are my every day smoke and I really don't see how people can say that they are the same. The Nica Libre Potencia is a great cigar and has a similar flavor profile but in no way share the same full deep flavor of the Oliva V. With that being said, you can't go wrong with the price versus quality with the Nica Libre Potencia which has definitely found a spot in my rotation.”
“it's a damn fine looking cigar, to be sure. the wrapper is gorgeous. this is one of those cigars that looks great laying in their box (cello off of course). prelight told me the cigar might be a little tight, and it was. it was a belicoso so maybe i'll try cutting more off next time. the cigar is strong, but it seems like it's trying a bit too hard. seemed strong just for the sake of being strong without a whole lot of flavor profile or complexity. the wrapper started to crack a bit at some point, but i was rolling it to try and loosen it up so that one is most likely on me. hopefully with some time these will settle down and develop a bit more.”
CE of Milford, PA
“Rivals Cain Maduro for my every day favorite and that is after trying over 100 different CI cigars over the last year and noting my preferences. It is not as dark as the Cain but has the same controlled power that I like. I would buy these or the Cain depending on the price at the time, but always have both on hand.”
“Just as good as the Nica Libre 1990, but just a little bit better.”
SW of Abingdon, VA
“These were awesome! I will definitely get these again. My everyday stick is Perdomo 10th Year Campaign Churchill. I occasionally get Diamond Crown Maximus but CI was out of stock so I decided on the Nica Libre Potencia. Great choice!”
AS of Austin, TX