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Liga IV

For 80-cents, this is in a “liga” of its own.

Light it up and you’ll notice a smooth, creamy flavor for the first inch. The ash is light gray and holds firm throughout. The flavor is pleasant with a dry, distinctly floral flavor and notes of cedar. The finish is long, lingering, and nutty. It remains consistently mild through to the end – very relaxing with enough zest to keep it interesting. Liga IV: a mild handmade blend at a very favorable price.

(pronounced "leega four")

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Almirante Corona (5.5"x43)
BDL OF 25 In Stock $62.50 $29.99
Almirante Corona 2-fer (5.5"x43)
50 CIGARS Backordered $125.00 $44.99
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Based on 8 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Liga IV”

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5 out of 5
A go to cigar.
Inexpensive good tasting everyday smoke.
5 out of 5
very good every day cigar
very good every day cigar
4 out of 5
The Liga IV contains some of the finest tobacco I've encountered. The price is quite acceptable, too, for the quality of the leaf... but the production quality leaves a bit to be desired. On average, I lose about 6-8% of the product due to poor rolling--much too tightly rolled to draw sufficiently; even after piercing (when successful.) I have seen numerous complaints regarding this characteristic--nothing has changed. I will continue to purchase Liga IVs regardless. Perhaps that's part of the problem (with getting changes implemented): as long as it sells, why bother changing it???
5 out of 5
Honest Dealer
I've been buying many brands of cigars from CI for years. Have always been satisified with services and all products. Fair prices and fast, reliable shipping.
5 out of 5
I have been smoking the same Liga cigars for about seven years . I've tried others but none suits me better than the Liga IV. Their are mild full of taste they burn perfect . Very very rarely have I found one that is to tight to smoke .If you are looking for an anytime cigar try Liga IV and once you do ...well at least I do good as any that I have smoked...there is no harm in trying them and Cigar International will have them to you in just a few days time . Oh almost forgot...the price for such quality is...very affordable . Thank you Cigar International . One very satisfied Customer. Thank you , MB
3 out of 5
The last batch I got were extremely dry and loosely packed.
5 out of 5
The Liga IV Cigars are mild and burn well after a day in my humidor.
4 out of 5
liga iv
nice mild smoke last longer then you'd expect
Customer Testimonials
These cigars were a great smoke with a good firm ash and they stand up to some fairly good gnawing. Well made and burn time is about 45 min. The cream flavor insert in the first inch flavors the stogie very well. An outstanding cigar all around.
Like so many have commented already. the Liga IV is a smooth great tasting cigar....if you can manage to get it to draw! I purchased these cigars because in Illinois where I reside, it generally gets kinda cold this time of year and a small cigar is a heck of a lot easier to deal with rather than my preferred torpedo shape. This was to replace the Magellan Dominicans which I have purchased for many years due to the fact that the Magellans were inconsistenly rolled and had some issues. I called CI customer service (which was great) and she suggested they were over humidified(just received them that day) and I should let one set out for a day or two to dry out and see if that was better. Bottom line;no. I did not return these because shipping would have been prohibitive so I kept them. When I can get one to draw it is a good little cigar for the price. I have however reordered the Magellan"s to be the short smoke of choice in the winter.
The first one tasted good. Mild and light, but good flavor. It didn't burn evenly, though. I struggled to keep it lit well enough to enjoy it. The rest are gonna sit in the humidor for a while, then hopefully I'll get to enjoy the flavor and find that my first experience with these was an unfortunate, but isolated incident
I am a frugal shopper. I bought a bundle and have to say I was surprised at the value. They are smooth, and I liked them. A couple were a hard draw, but that's to be expected. I will be buying these again. Are they top of the line? NO. Are they a good smoke for the price? YES
I got the Liga IV 2-fer and I was not disappointed. While not even close to a "Great" cigar, they are far from bad, in my opinion. For the price they can't be beat. I smoke at least one per week, and they are a great cigar for giving out to friends who aren't serious cigar smokers. Glad I made this purchase.
The first batch I bought was decent as an everyday cigar. Bought a second batch and was thoroughly disappointed. The fill and burn is uneven and some were overfilled to the point you would need a vacuum cleaner to draw any smoke.
I ordered this just so I could have something for " on the road" . This is a GREAT cigar. Super mild, easy draw -- sometimes I puff and don't know I'm to the nub until I burn myself. if you need something for everyday that you don't want to think about don't hesitate to buy this one.
the first time i tried a liga4 was from a brown bag sampler i got about five years ago. it was a robusto size, not a large ring size and a little shorter then the alimirante size offered now. i did eventually have it after a few weeks and it was pleasant, smooth, and generally a good mild cigar. i ordered another brown bag and got another. when i saw the 2fer i ordered them and although not the robusto size found them to be very tasty, no construction problems, and the whole batch smoked like you want. i reordered to replace my stock since i smoked them up, at least 3 or 4 a week. horror of horrors they were on back order and took several weeks for them to arrive. after about a 2 week rest in the humi i lit one up, ugh, terrible burn and it was like trying to suck mud through a hose, in fact i think the mud would have drawn easier. so disappointed i contacted customer service and considered returning them. i took a chance and put them in the bowels of my humi, it holds about 300 cigars and forgot about them for a few months. when i finally dug them out and lit one it was as remarkable as the first ones i tried. smooth, even burn, etc. etc. was so glad to not have to scratch them off my list. still order them to this day and as a precaution leave them sitting for a month or two and enjoy them immensely. just wish ci would offer other sizes ( hint: robusto ).
WOW!! this was my first purchase of a big name cigar! I was EXTREMLY satisfied with the Liga!! and extremly satisfied with Cigar International!! I will Be back!!
June 2010. I too read the reviews and thought these were the inexpensive cigars to go for. When I first tried a couple. they tasted like wet grass. I thought: "Nuts" and threw them in my humidor. Several months later, I wearily pulled one out. To my surprise, it was a fine smoke, and I did not have any burn problems. I actually thought them good enough to give away to people at a party where I created a Cigar Lounge. Sláinte!
I purchased a bundle of these. (1) I really like the taste. (2) I could only get two of the sticks to give a burn that I could draw on, also their packed too tight. (3) I sent my back to CI for a refund. If I could get a draw out of them I would make these my daily cigars. CI Please have the manufactuer fix this problem.
It's a shame that a great tasting cigar like the Liga won't burn half the time ... why don't they just take them off the market. Come on makers, we know that you know their not worth anything if you can't smoke them. I was set to buy more, untill I read the comments.
This is the only cigar order I have ever returned to CI for a refund. I've taken chances on buck-a-stick deals from CI in the past and just gave them away when I did not like them. I would be ashamed to give these away so I got a refund.
An update to my previous review. With the first bundle I smoked I had no problems and enjoyed the very mild, creamy flavor of these as an early morning cigar. The second bundle I ordered had maybe 10-cigars that were plugged. The third bundle ordered only; only six were smokeable, rest were plugged and thrown out.
I picked up the 50-stick deal thinking I could stock up on what sounds like a nice "morning with coffee" cigar. I can tell you I have been through at least 4 of these and each one is plugged. Totalled them... I had to cut one literally in half to get a draw at all. Now, I can tell you the TASTE is incredible... maybe they are a bit too wet, not sure but I am disapointed in that this is one tasty stick and I have 46 of them mulling in my humi... bummer. At least I paid the "deal" price.
I agree with most of the remarks, except alot of mine did'nt burn even and the ash was a little loose. They tend to burn a little better when I laid them out for a day or so. Excellent flavor, long mild finish. Worth the money. Will buy again.
Burned my first Liga IV yesterday....1st experience not memorable. The primary purpose in ordering this batch was to find a filler for my humidor for those friends or guests that are not really into cigars, so these would be my handouts. The first Liga IV I pulled out randomly after unwrpaping was heavily veined and felt a little soft or squishier than I am used to. Lit it up and for the first quarter of the stick I noticed the mild creaminess as described in other reviews. Getting to the half way mark it lessened and the draw suddenly disappeared, the description of drinking a milkshake by another critic here was pretty dead on. From that point on what goodness I had experienced turned to ashiness and left that taste that reminded me of my first experience with a cigar which was a giveaway, I ended the cigar early and switched to the Palma Real which I ordered as well (this was a better experience). I will re-visit this cigar one day if I don't hand them all out by then.
first half is more cigar than typical in this price range. last half burns uneven and gets hot, typical of wrapper and tobacco of this quality. rave reviews are nonsense. cigars rather mild odor, isn't sweet or lasting. this is priced about right. it fills your mouth with smoke but no memorable enjoyment.
below average gar, very hard to draw. If you have a good one, it's an ok all around smoke, if you have a bad one....?
A fine smoke. Cool slow burn. A fine cigar for playing cards because you don't need an over sized ashtray. Will produce a firm 1 1/2 inch ash.
I bought these about 3 months (Liga IV) ago thinking 50 cigars for $30 bucks is a good deal but is the cigar really worth spending $30 bucks on. Once I got them I wasn't really amazed at first, it was a good mild taste that burnt smooth. After smoking a few I pulled out my Punch cigars from my main humi, and started smoking them and placed the Liga IV in for a rest about a month later I pulled a few out and I was amazed at how much better they where. Very Smooth great taste and even burn even on the Veiny ones. If you buy these make sure to put at least half of them back to age you wont be disappointed.
A really fine everyday smoke (Liga IV). A cigar that can be enjoyed by any cigar smoker, new or old. A great price! I hope they never stop making this cigar.
The Liga IV can be very good with an easy draw and and even burn. However the batch of 50 I got were hardly ideal. About every third stick burned very unevenly, was loaded with leaf veins (sticks what ever you want to call them) and was like sucking on an extra thick milk shake with a paper straw. When I lit up one of these and realized what I was smoking I just threw it away and got another one. At 29.95 it was not the deal I thought it would be. $19.95 would be worth taking a chance on this one.
I am new to "the leaf", so please bear with me. My palate is that of a 24 year cigarette smoker and highly undeveloped. I have read all the fan mail for this particular smoke (Liga IV) and I will agree with "most" of what I read. It is toasty/nutty up front and a cedary pepper on the back end. It is a little harsh at first, but not to hard. The draw is great and the burn is symmetrical and even. However, to be honest, the wrapper is really veiny, toothy as hell and some even gritty. Don't get me wrong, for an "everyday burner" at 60c a piece, I have no complaints. But let's being honest, you know you are smoking a buck-a-stick (or less) cigar. I am hoping a few weeks (or more) in my humidor will mellow it and I’ll live with the wrapper at this price. For my money, the Punch London Club (5x40) at $1.08 per stick is a quantum leap better than the Liga IV, albeit 48c per cigar more. Also, the Punch comes in natural or maduro, both the same price. $26.95 per box o’ 25 right here at CI! Overall, the Liga IV is “good for the price”. Will I buy more? We’ll see what some humi-time does… Thanks CI and keep on rockin in the free world!
To be honest I was not expecting too much, given the low price. However, I was surprised. (Liga IV) Other than being a tad dry, the cigars are mild, pleasant tasting and have a nice aroma. For the price, you cannot go wrong. They make a great early morning smoke with coffee or just an everyday cigar.
I first tried Liga IV's by scoring a deal online. I thought to myself, not bad, not bad at all for under a buck a stick. A few months later it was time for me to tie the knot, and I decided that I would have a cigar bar at my wedding. Since I was on a budget I wanted something inexpensive, good tasting, and mild (for the newbies). This was the first cigar that came to mind. I received many compliments for my choice and some of the veteran smokers were asking me where they could get them. Thanks for the good memories.
As usual, I have to concur with Gonzo, rarely do you find gems like this one in the morass of discount junk that floats around the cigar world. And as usual, Joe has knocked this one out of the park with the two-fer deal. The Liga IV is a smooth even-burning cigar with creamy vanilla tones and a very smooth draw throughout the cigar. They can look a bit veiny at times, but rest assured these are ugly ducklings just waiting to be lit. The ash holds on for a good 1 inch and never get that cheap cigar acrid taste that so many are wont to do. These are a fantastic 45 minute to an hour smoke, and for the price here are a must have item.
This is a great smoke.(Liga IV) This is my everyday cigar and I have been smoking them for a year. Wonderful at the start and I almost always have to remove the band because I smoke them to about an inch long. No bite. Hints of pepper, cedar and creamy nuttiness. They burn evenly and are an incredible deal.
While I generally smoke a fuller bodied cigar (Punch, St. Luis Rey, Hoyo 1066), I was looking for a milder early morning cigar to enjoy with coffee. I am frugal (read cheap) and wanted a inexpensive cigar to smoke on a daily basis. This Liga IV fits the bill. A mild cigar, yet has enough flavor to keep it interesting. Has a bit of a sweet finish with a slight underlying creamyness--never harsh. Reminds me a bit of Gispert flavor wise, but a bit milder. Wrapper is a little rough, but hey, what do you want for such a price? It's a long filler that burns evenly. A great cigar fot the price if you are looking for mild. Also only took three days after ordering to show up at my door! Outstanding!!
These cigars just go to show that you don't have to spend a bundle of money to get a fine tasting and well made cigar (Liga IV)!
A+ for new smokers. a must try (Liga IV). Got this with a sampler and will be buying these next week. I am new to smoking cigars but and love patels vintage 90, but this is must. Earthy in the start but has a cherry finish. I finally know what people mean when they talk aabout hints of chery. Nice mild but flavorfull smoke all the way through. Never became to spicy or over powering. Relaxes but does not crush you or make you dizzy. I actually wanted to eat when finished. The next morning I had no taste from the previous night. Sorry if the evaluation is rough, but I am knew to cigars. Newbies try this cigar you wont be disappointed I assure you
What a great smoke and an awesome bargain (Liga IV)! Construction was great and felt real firm although the draw was light to medium. Ash burned pretty even and held for about 1 1/2". This was a full 45 minute robusto which is decent. A great cigar to offer to an occasional herfer or for one who prefers a light-bodied cigar. If I had blind tasted this one I would have put it in the $6 to $8 range.
A Beautiful Cigar (Liga IV). This is a TOP SHELF smoke by any other cigar brand's measure. Smooth, clean, and creamy, with an absolutely perfect ash; $7 or $8 cigar in the retail shops- no questions asked. I have smoked them all, and am a big fan of A. Fuente, Montecristo White, R&J Vintage #3, and CAO Gold. Keep making these cigars and you will always have customers.
Liga IV was a wonderful surprise. I enjoyed it so much. I have been passing it to all my friends to try it. I heard no negative comment. Eeveryone loved it. Excellent cigar...I recommend it highly
A very well made cigar (Liga IV) with an easy, flowing draw. This corona from Cuevas and Toraño won me over with its smooth, creamy smoke and nutty flavor. Light cedar notes and a slight peppery cameo round out the taste. The finish is relatively short and dry. In short, a pleasant and satisfying smoke and a great deal. Hard to beat that.
Wow!! This is the best bundled cigar out there!! While Morro Castle and Flor del Todo are excellent smokes for the money, Liga 4 is in a class of its own. The smoke almost has a clean flavor to it. The hints of cedar stays in the background, with a leathery quality to the smoke. The construction of the cigar is top notch, while the wrapper is smooth and flavorful. If this cigar was in a box it could easily sell for double the price and still be a nice deal. Leave it to CI to bring us spoiled smokers yet another great deal!!

Liga IV

Steve R
As I write this, Liga IV is being counted in by our receiving crew. Crates upon crates of silky smooth Liga IVs, waiting for a home. I haven’t picked any from the shipment that just landed, but I still remember the samples like I smoked them yesterday. The first thought that ran through my mind upon receiving them was “Farmie”. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Farmies, they’re unbanded (but expensive) bundles from Vega Robaina, a Cuban brand that smokes super-smooth and has one of the silkiest natural wrappers I’ve ever set my eyes on. The Liga IV wrapper is strikingly similar: smooth and silky with a few veins here and there, but nothing short of flawless. To keep things short and sweet, I shuffled through my tasting notes for this cigar, which I’ve summarized below:
  • Milk-chocolate wrapper with a few sizable veins, but nothing too drastic. No soft spots and a nicely applied cap.
  • The flavor is extremely mellow, and the cigar never grows more than mild-bodied. However, it offers a pleasant, dry, woody flavor that starts out with a slightly creamy opening.
  • The creaminess fades after about 5 minutes, while the cigar continues to dish out a consistent, smooth flavor that hints at wood, almost like well-aged cedar. How long have they been sitting on these?
  • Although mild, the flavor is interesting and relaxing, leading to a fantastic evening on the golf course, less a double-bogey or four.
In a nutshell, that’s Liga IV. A soothing new handmade coated in a gorgeous natural wrapper leaf, jam-packed with well-aged long fillers. It may be a little too mild to cap off a big steak dinner or a night at the China buffet, but this cigar will pair perfectly with breakfast or lunch. If you enjoy mellow, but flavorful cigars like Cusano’s c10, Hoyo de Monterrey or CAO Gold, I recommend giving this one a try. It’s along the same lines and a heck of a lot cheaper.

Liga IV


Saturday morning, raining like it's never rained before outside (yet it rained for 8 straight days last week and we're due for another 7 straight this week) and my eyes glued to the Weather Channel as the 3rd major hurricane of the season (Wilma) begins its path toward Florida. What a year, what a terribly stressful year. Perhaps it’s because I'm growing older, but I find myself concerned, worried, simply stressed out about stuff like this. And it's been a brutal year for natural disasters. Looking for some comfort, my cigar consumption has grown. Morning, afternoon, night, nightcaps, whenever the mood strikes and the escape into some peaceful calm is necessary. Getting lost in the blue-gray cloud that surrounds me is my solace.

I've splurged today on the Liga IV Torpedo, most expensive of the line, yup $2 per stick. Made by Torano in the Dominican Republic, I expect a well-made top-of-the-line cigar, they've rarely disappointed me. But I'm used to pricier Toranos, more along the lines of $4 per cigar, can they really get quality into a $2 cigar. So with some suspicion, I split a bundle with another fella here at the office. Clipping the torpedo tip and taking a pre-light draw, the draw is perfect and oh so easy, firing it up is simple and smoke is released in huge wafts around my the famous words of Frank Costanza on Seinfeld "Serenity Now! Serenity Now!"

The wrapper, and I'm not quite sure of the origin, seems like an Ecuadorian Connecticut - smooth, silky, few veins, solid! There's a floral character you'll sense before you light it as well. I'm not a big fan of floral, and it gets me nervous, but after lighting, it disappears turning into a more aromatic flavor that is super-mild and soothing. Reminds me of the 5 Vegas Gold without any hints of spice. The finish is fairly non-existent the first-half of the cigar, but picks up and leaves a mild, non-intrusive mild macadamia or cashew remnant behind. I'm finishing my morning carafe of decaf-mocha-latte-thing now and this is the perfect complement. Anything heavier and it might steal the thunder, and that's the last thing we need right now is thunder and lightning.

The cigar is a quick burn and with frequent easy draws of that mild creamy flavor makes it a 30 minute smoke (and I nubbed it after about 20 minutes while writing this review, now it's a faded memory, let me spark another then.) The construction is firm but not hard, ash holds long and firm, and you'll be impressed with its consistency from beginning to end. I nubbed it at about an inch and it started to burn hotter and more floral-y. I probably should've dropped it a little sooner, but ahh, I hate to waste good tobacco.

Liga IV is a worthwhile entry into the under $2 budget rotation, any time of day or night, enjoy.