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Nestor Reserve Maduro Sale

Chocolate Thunder.

The Nestor Reserve Maduro is made by Nestor Plasencia (hence the name!), and it’s a beautiful cigar rated ‘93’ by Cigar Aficionado’s Insider. Yes, I said ‘93’. This coffee-black, box-pressed beauty comes cloaked in a very attractive Honduran maduro leaf. This wrapper looks so smooth and rich, like a pool full of dark chocolate. The filler blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos, combined with a Cameroon binder help give this cool-burning cigar its rich, creamy taste and firm, crisp, salt-and-pepper ash.
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Torpedo Maduro (6.5"x54)
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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Nestor Reserve Maduro”

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4 out of 5
Not too bad for the price. Tasty smoke
a good cigar for the money. You will have some issues with a few but worth the price.
2 out of 5
Nestor Reserve Maduro Torpedo
Honestly I didn't expect much for the price however, these are still unsmokable after a few months of rest. The wrapper looks like it was dyed and leaves a brown stain on my hands from just picking them up, they have a very uneven burn, you fight with these sticks more then you smoke them. I gave a 2 since they do look pretty nice and you can get a few puffs out of them, also i have given them to beggars that I don't really want smoking my better smokes so they have saved me a few bucks. All is not lost, this was my first online order of cigars ever (been smoking for around 12 years) and I am really glad I found CI. I was looking for a cheap everyday cigar cause my Partagas and CAOs keep going up at my local store. CI beat the heck out of my B&M and even though I gave up on finding a cheap everyday smoke they have samplers of name brand brands I actually like at big enough discounts that I don't feel bad using them as everyday smokes.
Customer Testimonials
I picked up a 5er of the torpedos on the auction site for less than $2 a stick because I like Maduros and these looked nice & dark. I let them sit for a couple of weeks before I tried my first one this morning with coffee. It lit easily and draw was fine. Taste was pretty good, not as sweet as some other maddys but not bitter or bland. Nice smoke output, burn was a little uneven requiring a few touch ups. Everything was fine for about the first 2 inches when I noticed the smoke output decrease dramatically. I thought maybe it was going out but it was still smoking although not much. I also noticed the wrapper wasn't burning much. Uh oh, my cigar has gone POW on me, it's digging an escape tunnel. Some judicious use of my torch rectified the situation and while still uneven, at least the whole cigar was burning again....
Looked forever to find these beauties. I've been smoking cigars for 30 years and regardless of price and reputation these don't have to take a back seat to any of the others. Thanks CI!
I have been smoking these for years and have never found a better maduro cigar...and believe me I have paid for and smoked the best out there! The ocassional burn issue is easy to get past, and the flavor is rich, creamy, spicy, and rolls over the tongue like clouds roll over the mountains...with a total saturation of the taste buds...flavor bombs, chocolate bars...and a clean woman aroma abound.
The Nestor Torpedo Maduros I recieved taste absolutely great. The problem I am having is to keep them lit. They tend to burn uneven and continually go out requiring several re-lights to the point where it becomes work. Would love these if I could keep them (burning) going. Tried one right out of the bundle and now the rest are sitting in the humidor.
Probably the worse cigar I've smoked. It burns uneven, hard to stay lit and some will burn inside the wrapper and not the outside.
After bashing these in a reviw several months ago.... I've finally got to the point where these cigars are living up to their press. My issue before was the draw. No matter what I did, these cigars would not draw. I couldn't give these away quick enough! Finally after 8 months in my humidor, we have a winner. Maybe I got a bad batch, but my advice would be to give them at least 5 months.
Fantastic smoke. Highly recommend...if they return to stock.
....As with all my cigars, I gave these 2 weeks in the humidor before lighting up the first one. While the cigar had a great taste, the draw was so tight that I put it down less than halfway through. I decided to give them another week and had the same result. A month later #3 was the same. It's now been 3 months and I'm having the same issue with the one I'm smoking as I type this....
After reading all the raving reviews, I thought I give them a try, was I disappointed! So much so that I'm taking the time to write this review.
If you paid $8 you'd be happy with this stick. At what CI sells 'em for they're a steal.
I would give this a 3.0 to 3.5, the low rating is for the very uneven burn, both cigars I tried had a slow side the complete length. Appearance was good with a dark vein free wrapper. Pre light draw clean, rather soft after lighting, double hits required for what I consider an ample amount of smoke. Taste was OK, not something I would reorder but a decent smoke for the money.
Looks descent, hype was good but.....these WON'T burn hardly at all. The worst ive had ,some too loose some too tight? WTF I guess il let 'em sit a week and then see. So far not happy, I hope its the moisture content being WAY too moist
middle of the road taste, and some serious burn issues. The bahia maduro they offer is a much much better cigar at a similar price point.
I love maduros and I am always looking for good deals on them. There are good ones out there that are inexpensive and a great deal. These Nestors are just one of those. They are constructed well (I love that dark wrap), burn well and taste good. They are not by any means the best of the best maduros out there, but for the price, who cares. If you just want a great "maduro" smoke without worrying about the cash you forked out for it, these are your sticks. Try them, they are a good all around cigar, perfect for those everyday smokes. I know what you aficinados say, it is not the price but the taste that makes a cigar great, well the price in this case is an added bonus to a good cigar.
The favor and taste of this cigar are very good, BUT the quality of the smoke is sub par. As a result I do not like to smoke them because they are difficult to draw and they burn unevenly. Maybe I got a bad mazo, but they all exhibit this problem. Again the tobacco quality, taste, and favor are good, the roll/box press is very bad.
Terrible. Rotten burn from the start. Stale, off flavors. I can't give these away fast enough.
What a let down, I expected more based on the positive reviews. This is a mediocre cigar at best and that is being generous. Don't let it's looks fool you, better smokes available at that price.
Maduro lovers, take note. This is an outstanding everyday deal! Great price, Great dark maduro flavor. Subtle chocolate tones, with that great "heavy in the hand" feel and nice thick clouds. On a slight down note (though not unexpected) every single one "canoe'd" on me in true maduro fashion.
Picked up the 7x50 torpedo's after seeing a special and reading everyone's reviews. Put them in the humi for a couple of weeks and just had my first one tonight. I have to say this is one great smoke. It is a bit like a tongue suppressor at first, but I just reshaped the end to a more round shape after it had moistened up a bit. For less than $2 a stick on a CI special - I can't beat this as a go to stick. This cigar will always have space in my humi. Thank you CI!!!
i really like these dark beauties (El Mejor Espresso), very tasty have a nice feel to them. if given some time to rest in the cedar you will bring out the cameroon binder. about the only fault i can find is the draw is a little tight on some of them. would and will buy again.
Just wanted to drop you a line & thank you for the e-mail on the Nestor Plasencia sampler you were closing out. All of the cigars are fantastic & the price is more than reasonable. To bad more smokers haven`t tried these blends. They would really be in for a treat! Thanks again.
Great smoke, long in flavor. CS-N7A Good looking, dark, oily cigar. Couldn't wait to get this smoke lit! Only down side, the box I received may have been a little too moist, as it kept extinguishing itself out. Other than that, LOVE THE FLAVOR!
An absolute amazing cigar (El Mejor Espresso). Will be a regular in my humidor, and I just want to bite it like a candy bar. A wonderful Maduro with chocolate and cherry tones, burns very well to the last half inch. People that I share these with cannot beleive the price. This cigar is in my top 5.
I aggree with all thats been said about the NRM (Nestor Reserve Maduro),but I was blown away with the Toro (6.0x 54). This is a really great morning cigar.All the flavors are there but slightly more subtle in intensity.What a stick ,WOW! At the golf course I gave one to a friend and as we played along we kept getting comments "What a great smelling cigar,where can we get some?"I forgot about all my bad shots that day ha ha. Of course I steered the questioneers to Cigars International website. My golf buddy recently purchased a bundle of the torpedo size and is still thanking me for finding this great buy.
I know the description says what size it is, but I was stil shocked when I got my 1st shipment of the Nestor Reserve Maduro. It is a full blown beef steak of a cigar. I'm tellin' ya, a Porterhouse. And the flavor was like one, too. A full hearty flavor, thick and almost chewy in the finish. Lots of dark flavors. Espresso, Dark Chocolate, Guinness beer. All things dark and lovely. And a GREAT bargain to match.
Have been shopping for a box press Maduro for the desk humidor for a while now. After smoking several brands this is the keeper. (Nestor Reserve Maduro) Consistently a great smoke. When entertaining at work the conversation always turns to the cigar and not shop talk. Impressive and not a bank buster.
Nestor Reserve Maduro Double Corona. Unlit medium draw opened up somewhat after a little rolling of the cigar between the fingers. I had stored these the cigars in my humidor for 6 months before smoking. The profound earthiness you initially smell when you crack the seal on a box is much tamer after some time in the humidor. After lighting the stick there is an initial burst of spice which mellows out after the first inch burns back. The wrapper burned even and true and formed a very firm salt and pepper ash. The taste had notes of sweetness, mocha coffee, and a nice taste of lightly earthy tobacco. The cigar remained consistent and smoked cool all the way to the last two inches. At that point over an hour had elapsed amd it was time to put it down. The overall impression was a well constructed, flawless cigar that smoked cool and maintained it's flavor from beginning to end, with some complexity to the taste. If you like LGC Maduros or CAO Blacks you will like the Nestor Reserve Maduro. It's a great smoke and a great value.
If you like the "El Mejor Espresso" you"ll love these babies, "Nestor Reserve Maduro". Solid medium body, nicely put together, smooth, flavor's of coffee, cocoa...nice sweetness from the wrapper and consistent throughout the stick. Can't go wrong here.....enjoy.
I tried these and love them (Nestor Reserve Maduro)! They are smooth and very much like the Victor Sinclair Vintage on steroids!! A little stronger and some spice in the background. A perfect after-dinner cigar, you want to smoke these in a relaxed setting.
"Smoke'em if you got'em" and if you've got these you'll be smoking them all day long. Great maduro cigar (Nestor Reserve Maduro). The torpedo puts out billowing plumes of heady, white smoke, the aroma is awesome and the flavor just as rich as many maduors listing for twice as much. Can't go wrong with these!
I bought the sampler and these are great cigars (Nestor Reserve Maduro).
As a huge Cameroon nut, I rarely buy maduro-wrapped cigars. After receiving the e-mail special ($30 for 20 cigar sampler), and seeing the cameroon binder,I decided to try them (Nestor Reserve Maduro). I figured if I didn't like them, I have a friend who loves maduro's to give them to. He only got one! This is, by far, the best maduro I have ever smoked! While I do not taste the spice that previous reviewers mention, the smoothness of this cigar makes up for it. I smoke 4-6 cigars a day, and like medium to full blends, but the smoothness of this cigar makes it an excellent morning smoke for a heavy smoker like myself. I will definitely add this one to my everyday list!
Well this is definately another "down-to-the-nubb-burn-your-fingers-cigar" (Nestor Reserve Maduro). Fantastic mild to med. with wonderful flavors. If you like maduros just go on and buy htis awesome smoke.
One of the smoothest smokes out there (Nestor Reserve Maduro). I'm a fan of the 5 Vegas Series A and if you are too, give these a shot. Don't let the price of these bundled smokes fool you, they are worth your time and deliver a great bang for the buck. Creamy cool burning goodness at a price only CI can give us. Pick them up!
This cigar (Nestor Reserve Maduro) I picked up a bunch put them away, way back in my humidor and several months later WOW!!! GREAT TASTE creamy taste, hints of coffee, and I swear there could have been bits of chocolate all through out this cigar.
Excellent Cigar (Nestor Reserve Maduro)!! I got a bundle of the torpedos,if you like maduro you cant go wrong here,medium body,with very good flavor. I got these at less than $2 A stick on A email deal. Keep them coming CI!
My go-to cigar (Nestor Reserve Maduro). Without a doubt the best cigar for the money. Some cigars at three times the price are not nearly as good as these.
My go-to cigar Nestor Reserve Maduro). Without a doubt the best cigar for the money. Some cigars at three times the price are not nearly as good as these.
This cigar (Nestor Reserve Maduro)is AMAZING. A '93' rated cigar at around $2 a piece is a downright steal. It pumps out some serious amount of thick smoke. The flavor is medium bodied with lots of really smooth coffee and cream notes. This is one to smoke all the way down to the nub. I don't post a lot of comments, but this is definitely something to sing about. And CI is a pretty awesome company to buy from too...The customer service is unbeatable.
WOW! I got one of these (Nestor Reserve Maduro) in a CI brown bag sampler, and from the moment I saw it I was impressed, beautiful box pressed Maduro torpedo. I drooled over this for a week, and finally cracked it out after a great spicy hot fajita dinner! I enjoyed it with a Dr Pepper and it was pure heaven! Lots of spice, great even burn, lots of smoke, great feel, nice hints of chocolate, cool and crisp! Now I have a bundle on the way!
Wow, is all I got to say after receiving the internet special E- mail for nestors reserve torps (Nestor Reserve Maduro). I have been buying them in 10 packs for a couple of years now and thought they were my own little secret until they became back ordered every time I called in starting about 6 to 8 months ago. I agree with other comments that they are of the quality of a 6+ dollar cigar. For me, they are always consistant and smoke like a dream and at 34.95 for 25 (internet special), they are the deal (or steal) of the year!
I have never sent in any comment on cigars but I have to with Nestor Reserve. I have smoked better cigars but at nowhere near the price of a Nestor Reserve, especially at the CI discount. It is tasty, consistent, well-made and any flaws that do exist are minor and not even worth mentioning. If I was only allowed to smoke one brand of cigar, you can bet it would be a Nestor Reserve.
OK, let me start out with a small negative (real small!). When you purchase Nestor Maduro's (Nestor Reserve Maduro)via the bundle special (I have not purchased them via the box so that may be different), they are a little hard when you receive them. At least mine were. But, and it's a big but, when you let them cook in your humidor for about 3-4 weeks and then unleash them, watch out! Fine construction (I love the quadrado box shape), smooth very slow burning and awesomely tasty smoke. Great golf, beach, and or by the fire with your neighbor and a bottle of wine type cigar. I've smoked many different types of cigars over the years from Avo to Ashton to Romeo y Julietta to Macanudo to Davidoff's to TTT's and let me tell you, this cigar looks/feels/smokes like a $5-$10 dollar cigar, hands down! Good job CI and please keep the deals coming, we all appreciate them!!!!!!!!!!!
Banded or unbanded (and for you "aficianados" out there you don't know a great value when you see it)this cigar (Nestor Reserve Maduro) can't be beat. Great draw, mellow flavor that is consistent all the way thru. Just keep them coming, banded or unbanded.
Truly Fine ! Wish I had bought a truckload.
Got a bundle of these (Nestor Reserve Maduro) recently when they were your weekly special. Have smoked a few with my golfing buddies (that I have to supply with cigars) and we all really like the taste. I have suggested that they try buying some of their own and perhaps even offer me one from time to time. Of all the online vendors, I suggested CI for service and price. Keep up the good work. And get some more of these smokes in stock.
I just received the "unbanded" Nestor Reserve Maduro and could't wait to try one...glad I did! This is the best cigar I have ever tried - period. Perfect draw, slow burning and taste too good to be true. The last thing this cigar needs is another glowing remark, but here it goes: it is a real beauty! Heck, even my wife (who, by the way, dosen't always love the sight of my cigars...strange isn't it?) commmented on the superb construction and great looks - no kidding, she really did! Now, all I need is a Nester Reserve Maduro humidor (take a hint CI). PS Please, everyone, listen to me: STOP BUYING THIS CIGAR. You are driving up the backorders and I can only afford to buy three boxes at a time.
I first heard of the Nestors from a good friend of mine who told me that his son really enjoyed the Nestor Torpedos. I thought to myself, they look okay, there on the mild to medium side, and the price is right. Normally, I smoke a medium to full bodied cigar, but when my neighbor turned me on to one of these beauties, I was hooked! The smoothness and coolness, the incredible draw, the volumes of smoke, the hour and one half to two hours of pure bliss, oh my god, I can't get enough of these Nestor Plasencia's works of art! Please do whatever you have to do to keep these awesome smokes coming!
I enjoy maduro cigars and I'm partial to the torpedo style of cigar. The nestor reserve maduro torpedo is simply one of the best available in my opinion. Nuff said ! M.H.
I have to say that Nestor Reserve Maduro is simply the best cigar that I have smoked in my short cigar smoking career that includes about a dozen or so "top" brands. The draw is outstanding and the cigar has a unique and complex cocoa/coffee/woody taste that finds the exact balance between mild and wild. Damn I should have bought two boxes of 7x50's now we are looking at 7-10 days...I'm not gonna make it.
Nestor Reserve is one of the prettiest and tastiest smokes I have ever experienced. I appreciate your company a lot - friendly, helpful and efficient with a great selection and excellent prices.