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Man O' War 2nds

No Man O' War left behind.

If you love Man O' War, you're in for luck. MOW seconds offer the same rich, full-bodied flavor at a hefty discount. Made with a dark, oily Ecuador Habano wrapper and well-aged Nicaraguan filler, the Man O' War is rich, spicy and thoroughly enjoyable.

These are factory selects, meaning the only reason they didn't make the grade was due to aesthetics. Some of the wrappers may be too light or have uneven color, but they'll still burn well and taste great. Talk about a value, these definitely won’t last long.

Pssst....hey you. Yeah, you. We received a small shipment of Man O' War Ruination 2nds. A very small shipment in two chunky sizes. They're available down below. I suggest you get'em before they're gone.

Disclaimer: this is not a regular production cigar and our supply is dictated strictly by the number of seconds the factory happens to have available.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Corona (6.0"x44)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $105.00 $49.99    
Double Corona (7.5"x52)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $150.00 $59.99    
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $105.00 $49.99    
Robusto (5.5"x50)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $120.00 $49.99    
Ruination Belicoso (5.7"x56)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $165.00 $64.99    
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $165.00 $64.99    
Ruination Robusto No. 1 (5.5"x54)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $150.00 $59.99    
Toro (6.5"x52)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $135.00 $54.99    
Torpedo (6.1"x54)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $150.00 $59.99    
Overall Rating 3.67 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Man O' War 2nds”

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4 out of 5
ruination 2nds
Watch for some unraveling of wrappers;otherwise a tasty smoke.
4 out of 5
Great buy
This is the second bundle I have ordered and they are great. The taste is always consistent but occasionally some will burn a little loose. Great smoke that I plan to always keep on hand.
3 out of 5
A good value for the money
These sticks burned well with a heavy but pleasant flavor. In general I prefer the smaller ring gauges (like this one), since there's more a greater wrapper to filler ratio, and the wrapper is normally the star of the show. I got these on special, so for the money I'm very pleased. A good everyday cigar that won't hurt the wallet!
Customer Testimonials
Months have passed & the furor that consumed the arrival of all of the sizes of MOW & Ruination 2nds has passed into indifference. Still, I see that the so called lonsdale size is available, yet no one seems to be interested or even writing reviews since the other sized vitolas are no longer available. Having purchased over 100 of the coronas, or lonsdales, since they all have been MOW coronas, no matter what the order, I still have about 20 in long term storage. They seem to mellow after a few months of slumber & are a 1st choice for me when I desire a medium bodied cigar. I might just have to drop into the MMAO section to see if a great deal can be had on a couple of mazos of what I consider to be a superior 2nd. It's just my luck that these inexpensive, yet top grade smokes are around at the same time that I have made a change in the size of stogie I prefer, smoking mostly smaller ring gauge spleefs. These oversized coronas are perfect!
As these fade into memory, I am taking one last plunge & ordering two bundles of the "Lonsdale" sized corona at 6" X 44. Two previous bundles yielded me thirty of the best one hour smokes imaginable, considering the deal I managed through the "Make Me an Offer" section of the web site. Both were habano wrapped 2nds of the Man-O-War blend. I have been giddily consuming them since they arrived & love them. Sure they are 2nds with a soft spot here or a minor wrapper flaw there, but perform well overall & taste eerily like their 1st run brethren. Good enough for me & plenty good enough for the mooch I give a home-banded 2nd & dare him to tell the difference. If he could, he would be buying his own! I am hoping for at least one bundle of the Virtue Lonsdales, a creamy, smooth Connecticut wrapped treat, but more Man-O-War is fine too. Time for CI to make a call to AJ & ask him to drop off a couple truckloads of any recent over-runs or 2nds that may be lying around the factory. "Viva La" all things Fernandez! Highly recommended & usually not available. I'll be looking for their next arrival.
The Man-O-War 2nds went on discount recently. Two days later, when I had secured enough funds to place an order, the only shape left was the lonsdale. I considered the options. The only lonsdale in the entire line is a Virtue. However, Man-O-War has a corona that measures the exact same 6" X 44, so it could be that too. Enough thinking about it, I hit the buy button on two bundles before they became a memory too. I could hardly wait for the package to arrive & it did today. I eagerly opened the treasure to find two neatly wrapped bundles of 15 Man-O-War Coronas. I was giddy with delight. Not that I would have minded a bundle of the Virtue, but because Man-O-War is among the best cigars available, in my opinion. I just love them! To make sure, I sparked one up immediately & my suspicions were confirmed. The real deal. Tastes the same, which is to say, fantastic. Burns the same, which is to say, perfectly. Construction, check. Firmness, check. Draw, check. For two bones per vitola. Wow! I am in heaven. I'm reordering at least two more & will be happy with either option. Maybe the gentlemen at CI consider the 5.5" X 44, Side Project Little Devil or the 5" X 42, Puro Authentico to both be lonsdales. Any way you slice this deal, you are sittin' in tall cotton.
Took a little longer than usual to arrive but worth the wait!
Scored some of these in the corona size. Absolutely perfect right of the truck. Draw and construction was same as the firsts, only thing I noticed was my wrappers looked a little lighter than the firsts that I have had. Tasted identical though.
As I sit smoking a 3 bone Man O' War 2nds robusto, I can't help but think how much I enjoy a good cigar. At a reduced price, of course! Well, these are good stogies. And I have saved over 40% of the regular cost of a 1st run product. Ok, so these are so good, so convincing, that I had glued Man O' War bands on them, so I can pass them off on my vitola mooching buddies, as the real McCoy. that is, if I don't smoke every single one of them first. Honestly, I can't pass them up, when I go searching for a smoke. 8 bone beauties sitting right next to them & I grab the discount stick 9 times out of 10. Expect some slight burn issues or maybe an occasional wrapper tear, but I guarantee you will fall in love with them, if you are a MOW fan. I'm a MOW addict now & just waiting for this line to go on discount, so I can grab as many as my paltry means will allow. Folks, this is a 90+ rated 2nd. Now that is a rare bird!
These are very good. Can't tell the difference between "banded" Ruinations and these. Always a nice, light, consistent draw and excellent flavor. Still a bit expensive for seconds, though, at >$4.00 each in the bundle.
Being a big fan of AJ Fernandez products, I am always on the lookout for deals. Man O' War 2nds are not the cheapest you can find, but do represent a major discount when compared to the full price of 1st run product. I had to try one of these MOW Robustos as soon as they arrived. First glance reveals very little difference between the 2nds & regular production cigars. The wrapper looks a bit lighter, but otherwise seems indistinguishable. They burn, taste & smoke like 1sts, which is what I had hoped for. Thanks to MMAO, I have less than 3 bones invested per vitola. A long cedar nap may even help improve this product. Overall, I am extremely happy with the purchase.
These cigars are a great deal and definitely are up to par in the flavor department. As some have noted here, and the description says, the flaws are in the wrapper. I have only had one flaw that was through the binder as well and caused some smoking issues. My advice is to pick up some cigarette rolling papers from your local tobacco shop. They're dirt cheap, just tear off a patch, lick the cigar, and apply the paper. It will seal the hole and won't cause any flavor issues. That works for any cigar, and it has saved more than a few dropped sticks for me.
I've ordered AJ Fernandez overruns about 4 times and have been happy with all orders. BUT the MOW robusto 2nds are falling apart and in my opinion don't always taste like a MOW. Really unhappy with this order, I guess I learned a lesson.
....Only half of these were ok. They had good flavor but the wrapper would peal off and some of the wrappers had holes in them when I got them. Kind of a risky purchase even at these prices.
These cigars are amazing. I originally got 4 Ruinations in the Cheaper by the Dozen sampler and was blown away. I then decided to try the Ruination 2nds and I cannot tell the difference. What an amazing cigar. You will not be disappointed.
I couldn't tell the difference between the Ruination and the Ruination seconds. These babies are tasty! Wrapper is good, burn is great, ash good enough. You can't go wrong! Just don't tell too many people; I'd like to continue to buy these!
I'm here to put your fears to rest concerning the Man o' War "seconds". I've always liked the Man o' War line, particularly the plain old Man o' War. The Ruination is a bit stronger than I care for, and the Virtue a bit too mild, but the Man o' War is like Goldilocks' third try - it's just right. So when I saw the Seconds I was tempted, but also cautious. Figured there had to be something wrong with them. Finally, though, frugality overcame caution and I picked up a bundle of the coronas. I've had six or seven now, and every one has been perfect. The flavor has been spot-on, and not a single burn or construction issue. I can't speak for the other sizes (yet) but, as a cigar-smoking tightwad, I can definitely give the Man o' War Seconds my stamp of approval.
Best cigar purchase of the year for me. I love them!!!
Just picked up a bundle of Corona's yesterday and couldn't wait.... this smoke is amazing! Super slow burn, bright white ash that sticks to at least the half way mark. This cigars is solid and don't let the corona size full you into thinking it's a "quickie"... set aside a full hour for this bad boy. YUM !!! I doubt that I will have the discipline to let these "age" in my humidor. I'll gladly buy more when there's room in the humie.
I smoked a MOW 2nd back to back with a regular MOW torpedo. Absolutely no difference in flavor or complexity. If you can tell the difference, you need to get into the cigar rolling business, you'll make a lot of money!
An absolute steal. Taste and construction is identical to the regular production. These cigar makers are so anal about the looks of the wrapper, but I couldn't tell the difference. Is it really worth paying near double this price for the 1sts, just to have a band on the cigar, and a box? However, you must age these a couple months first to smooth them out, but that goes for the reg. production also. After that, these Men 'O War are ready for fightin'.