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Mark Twain

Silky smooth 50-54 ring Churchills for 3 bucks.

If I cannot smoke in heaven, then I shall not go.

In addition to being a true American treasure, Mark Twain was rarely seen sans cigar. The man’s list of positive attributes didn’t stop there - humanitarian, novelist, humorist, scholar, plus world class jump roper and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master. Just kidding about that part. Mark Twain cigars also happen to bring an extensive list of positive attributes to the table. All smooth and mild, all tasty, all extremely affordable, all monster Churchill sizes ranging from 7”x50 to 8”x54. Draped in a silky Connecticut shade wrapper and generously filled with an aged blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers, Mark Twain delivers a flavorful, mild to medium-bodied experience. Notes of oak, cream, white pepper add to a rich tobacco core, completing a mellow but eventful 60+ minutes of your time.

For 3 bucks, these big boom sticks are the ultimate value-priced handmades.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
No. 1 (Churchill) (7.0"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $120.00 $59.99
5-PACK In Stock $30.00 $18.00
No. 2 (Double Corona) (7.5"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $130.00 $59.99
5-PACK In Stock $32.50 $18.00
No. 3 (Presidente) (8.0"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $59.99
5-PACK Backordered $35.00 $18.00
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Customer Reviews of “Mark Twain”
Tastes as good as advertised, but the construction is much better than I expected. A very nicely rolled, slow-burner that'll routinely leave 2 - 2.5 inch ash. I'm happy to have found this one - a nice option to my morning when I don't want a sweet baccarat or am not quite up for my regular 5 vegas gold.
DB of Ellensburg, WA
Yes! I scored a box of these for under 40 bucks. How do I get away with that sort of thing? Built like a churchill that goes to the gym a lot, I can't call this thing a 'stick' - it's a branch. And it's a tasty branch: very smooth and mellow, but still flavorful. The draw was just right, and it burned even from front to ... still front .. middle... almost back .. back. It's like watching Spaceball 1 fly by. Buy some, and smoke it with someone you can stand hanging out with for an hour and half or more.
MB of Milford, MA
What a beautiful smoke! Perfect construction, draw and burn.
CD of Bristol, CT
This Mark Twain cigar seems like a gimmick, but it isn't. This cigar is the real deal Holyfield. For about $3.00, you get a very good mild-medium bodied cigar with excellent construction, nice burn, real tobacco flavor with hints of cedar and wood, and a clean smooth finish. Samuel Clements would be proud!
EW of Mclean, VA
3 boxes in and I can safely say this is one of the most flavorful, consistent tasting mild cigars I've smoked in the last few years. Leave your "price = quality" attitudes at the door, this cigar is a keeper!
BY of Okeechobee, FL
Honestly, I was skeptical about these. I only ordered them since they were the daily deal and my entire order shipped free with it. I figured even if I didn't like them, I got them for next to nothing and could hand them out while I smoked the "good" cigars. Boy was I wrong about these babies. They are smooth, creamy, ashes well, and keeps me on the porch - and out of my wife's hair - for about an hour. My 2nd order has been sitting in my humi for a week. If you like it mild and mellow and have some time, these are it!
CC of Lamarque, TX
Right out of the box this is a pleasure. Nice construction, good solid burn, plenty of smoke, and a nice taste on the palate. I smoke med-full usually but this is a great change up. I'll always have some in the humidor.
KE of Beach Park, IL
I smoke mild/medium and don't have a good taste for nuances. I found this stick (#3) mild but harsh at the same time if that makes any sense. This was right out of the box so I'll give the rest some time to age and hope they improve.
RT of Panama City, FL
I bought a box of the #3s (the biggest ones) and I'm definitely going to buy these again from now on. I was working my way through all the top selling mild cigars here at CI, but after trying 5 Vegas Gold (which I found too strong) then trying Mark Twain, and after finding them to be mild, mellow and even tasting until the last 2 1/2" or so, I see no reason to test others. You have to set aside at least a good 90 minutes to smoke one.
DI of Huntington Beach, CA
good construction,easy draw,even burn. mild smooth smoke. a real cigar.
DO of Desoto, TX
creamy smooth and mellow (just the way I like my gars). and big churchills to boot (another way I like my gars). the twains are my everyday cigar. I've found a home with the twains or maybe the twains found a home with me I should say.
NP of Bensenville, IL
Everything about this cigar is top notch. When I first got them in from the UPS man I took two out and gave one to a friend. We sat down and enjoyed an hour and a half of great smoke and commented on how good these were right out of the box.
SA of Hiram, GA
This is an inexpensive cigar, but it's a good cigar. I got the churchill and --once it's done its time in the humidor--it's about an hour-and-a-half time committment. So, make sure you grab a couple craft brews and good buddy to smoke with you as the women-folk stay inside while you puff these on the patio. For a mild cigar, these really do have a lot of taste. I got toast, a hint of pepper, and tobacco flavors. This is a consistent cigar from foot to nub, and I didn't get a bad stick in the box. Worth the money? Heck to the yes! They're also good to share with guys that can handle a long smoke, but might not be quite ready to appreciate your more expensive stogies. Get a box!
MP of Canoga Park, CA
These arent half bad for the price. If kept in the right condition, they burn pretty even and have a good flavor for a mild cigar. They're way cheap too. I scored a 10 pack at auction for 13 bucks. Not the best, but would buy again...just maybe not a whole box.
DL of Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Smoked the No.2 and No.3 size in this line up. Great breakfast cigar or anytime cigar for price. Good natural tobacco taste and goes good with coffee. I have this cigar and Vegas Gold as morning lineup before work. Highly suggest for the price and the sticks burn for a long time!
TH of Morristown, TN
Having read the reviews, and I thank all of those who write them and wished more would write. This is the way I find out about cigars, and if it is worth the risk of purchasing them. As bad as I disklike saying this, and it goes against all of the other reviews. The first cigar I opend, cracked the cap when I went to cut it. The second one burned up to two inchces longer than the other side, and the flavor was less than enjoyable. I may have received a bad batch, and will leave in the humidor for a long period of time before trying another one. I ordered the 7.5 X 24, but if I had it to do over again, I would order the 54 rings size with the 8 inches in length. I'm only one who is not happy with the condition of the cigars, but again these may have come from a bad lot. When I smoke another one, if it acts the way the first two have I will send them back to CI.
DM of Taylor, MI
I didn't have the experience that SA had when I opened one of these right off the truck. It was so fragile, flavor lacking, and burned hot and fast. After putting it in my humi for a few days, it turned around 100%, and I enjoyed it all the way down to my fingers. Pretty good even burn, and an enjoyable mild with loads of flavor cigar. If I had it to do over again, instead of ordering the 7.5 X 52, I would have chosen the one with an 8 X 54 ring size, due to the length needs something a little bigger in rings size. Will buy more of these, but strongly recomend you put them in the humidor a few days prior to smoking.
DM of Taylor, MI
Just a great kick back cigar. Perfect for a relaxing evening with a tall glass of rum and coke. The No.2 are perfect for the price and I can't wait to order a box of No.3.
NL of Newport News, VA
Right out of the box great smoke. NO. 3 box purchase was well worth it. This cigar smoked very smooth. Burn was even and ash held for over 2 1/2 inches which is nice. Not much maintence needed. Smoke was extremly smooth and aroma was divine. Definatly just a light and enjoy, and for 3 bucks a stick, I cant see a better alternative. These have replaced my CI Mistakes, and Acid Kuba Kubas as my regulars.
JS of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
I am a novice and this is the cigar experience I was looking for. Immediately after I lit it, I realized why. This is very similar to what my sicilian uncle, a WWII tank vet, smoked in his barber shop. Most particularly, the aroma and how the smoke hangs in the air. What I like most is the mild finish as I don't like a strong flavor lingering on my palate. My ONLY complaint is the difficulty I had unsticking the label from the outer leaf. That one more inch was worth the effort. An excellent long cigar for beginners.
TV of Fresno, CA
This is an inconsistent cigar. When you get a good one, it's very good but it's a real hit and miss. Aging helps but you still get some that have bad draw and harsh flavor. An OK cigar but there are other comparably priced cigars that are superior.
GS of South Haven, MI
I got a 7x52 in a sampler pack and the first few inches were a little harsh and left a bad taste in my mouth. but it did get better as I smoked more. I will leave the other 3 in the humidor a while to see if they improves.
Well, I got 5 of the #1 in a sampler. I smoked one right out of the gate and I was not impressed it was like blah. I did however leave the others in the humidor for about three weeks and WOW that made a world of difference. It smokes great, no relight good ash and great flavor. I will buy some again but I will leave them mellow for awhile.
The outside of the box says, nothing better for the price. This is so true. Even burn, easy draw, perfect construction. For $3 for a 54 ring 8 inch beauty, these are truly a terrific deal!
CM of Denver, CO
Always smooth and so good. This has become one of my favorites and at an unbelievable price. I always keep plenty of these on hand in my humidor.
FR of Douglasville, GA
I ordered a box of #3. Outstanding smoke! Excellent taste and a fragrant aroma. An easy draw and even burn. Would go perfectly with a morning cup of coffee! I will be ordering a box each month! Due to the length of time it takes to smoke one, this is an excellent choice for one's day off!
JC of Indianapolis, IN
Incredibly mild, but very flavorful. I didn't know what to expect from the "toast" taste described in the rundown and by others, but that is exactly what it tastes like. Strong toast and oak throughout. Very pleasing and will DEFINITELY be buying again.
A box of Double Coronas was my joyous introduction to the CI way of doing things, and having enjoyed my first order so much (so far) I've purchased a number of boxes, bundles and tins! This smooth stick was to smoking what the man it was named after was to story telling. Smooth taste with an even burn and long ash, and it stayed cool to the end. I did let them have 4 or 5 days in the humidor before I lit up the first one and it was so worth the wait. Recommended to beginners and long time aficionados too..... and certainly a box I will order again.
DD of Pontiac, MI
Ordered a box of #2 and the first one off the truck was great. Even draw, slow burn and plenty of pleasant white smoke. As a novice smoker the taste was smooth, and has a nice finish. Gave one to my buddy who introduced me to cigars, and he thoroughly enjoyed it as well! Time in the humidor makes them even better. No wonder they have been selling like hot cakes!
TB of El Cajon, CA
I'm more of a medium-full type of guy, but I got these in a sampler pack so I gave it a shot. Glad I did. Great flavor that was consistent throughout the whole stick. I will definitely be ordering some in the future, especially with its great prices. If you're a medium-full guy looking for a change or to "come to the other side" try one of these.
FR of Staten Island, NY
the MARK TWAINS are some of the best cigars ive had in some time I love the the toast taste about half way and for the money i would buy them anytime one great cigar
MB of Grover Beach, CA
I'm a full flavor guy (Ruination, Diesel, Flathead, La Bijou, etc), but my wife thought she would be nice and buy me a box of Mark Twain #1's for Christmas....... I almost asked her to send them back, but didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I said "what the heck" and gave them a try. At first light, they are REALLY mild, but to my surprise, they began to pick up some pretty decent flavor after the first inch...... once I got down to the second half, I would certainly classify these as more of a medium than mild. These turned out to be a fantastic after dinner cigar out on the deck along with a good cup of coffee. A good reminder that it doesn't have to be a powerhouse cigar to be tasty.....
FW of Miamisburg, OH
I'm in my 5th box now of these wonderful cigars. Each one has been a great draw and smooth all the way to the finish. Not only are these great on walks, but on golf courses too! They are wonderfully mild, yet have a quite unique taste. Not sweet like other mild cigars, but just the perfect blend without the bitter taste in your mouth at the end. Great cigar!
well, not much to say that hasn't been said. its a right good cigar I tell you what, and its a bloody shame ol' mark couldn't smoke 'em his self. he'd find it a better endorsement than the typesetter he busted on. but its mellow, smooth, and for the price, I feel like im robbing CI, but thanks to these fellas behind the counter, so to speak, us shoppers get the best deal for our dough. long live CI!
TF of Trumbull, CT
I would like to add to the chorus of praise on this cigar brand...very mild...sweet and creamy...awesome smoke at a good price and a nice box to boot.
Easy to light. Very good construction, draw and burn. Slight uneven burn requiring only one touchup. Heavy smoke output but light on the palate. Mild strength with medium flavors. Sweet cedar and cream flavors with a slight white pepper finish. No change in strength or flavor profile but does become a bit harsh and bitter in second half.
I always passed over these for fear they would let me down. I figured the cheap price and gimmicky name were sure signs of poor flavor and construction. But DAMN! was I wrong! I personally have yet to try a stick of this size and quality at $3 a piece. When the sale email came out I decided to read the reviews and was surprised by all the positive comments so I gave them a shot. 3 days after they arrived I decided to order another box. Now I just need to grow a Mark Twain beard so I can truly fit the role.
Have my first Mark Twain Churchill this afternoon with some coffee. Great smoke. Very mild and flavorful. I think it is comparable to the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999. What a value. Great smoke and I'll do it again. Thanks CI for the great stick.
AK of Topton, PA
With a name like Mark Twain you might suspect this cigar to be gimmicky but, to my surprise, this cigar is incredibly enjoyable for a mild bodied anytime cigar. This beauty is well constructed, has a moderately even burn, releases the ash around two inches, and has a consistent creamy flavor from foot to nub. The best all around mild bodied, flavorful yard cigar I have tried. With continued consistency, you can expect this cigar's price to increase with its reputation.
RT of Eagle Point, OR
I met a guy a week ago at a garden center...he was about 20 yards away and I could smell his cigar...told me wife and she agreed that it had a nice aroma...started up a conversation and he said it was a Mark Twain and how inexpensive it was...couple days later I had to put in an them yesterday and had to have one today...have to admit it was very very good... especially the price. Nice and mild , no bite...very easy draw and great plumes of was huge but lasted a little over an hour which was fine with me...I will be getting more of these sticks for sure...
DE of Gibbsboro, NJ
A good cigar for the price.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
I got some of these in a sampler and they turned out to be the favorite of the bunch! Each one had a great draw and a silky smooth character with some spicy notes. I was so pleasantly surprised I am definitely going to order these again. Definitely more than worth the price.
JM of Petaluma, CA
I ordered a box based on all the positive reviews and was not disappointed. Usually a medium to full smoker I found these to have ample spice and the sale price made this a good buy.
MK of Waianae, HI
Absolutely fantastic mild cigar with wonderful aroma, burn, and taste. There is no reason to buy a different brand if you're looking for a smooth, mild cigar. Does anyone know who makes these?
DO of Arlington, TX
This is my go-to golfing cigar. Two cigars easily last 18 holes. Very smooth cigar with nice construction.
"Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man's enjoyment of his cigar." - Mark Twain As a relative newcomer to the world of cigars, I found this cigar to be very enjoyable. It had a slow burn, lots of smoke, lots of ash, and a very consistent flavor throughout. They arrived about 2 weeks ago and have been sitting in the humidor (once I got it seasoned). My dog was thrilled too, because I smoked this as I walked him so his walk was twice as long as usual. When we came around to the house, he was ready to go back inside. But, I was still not done with the cigar. So, I set it down, put a cup under the Keurig, added some Kahlua, and headed to the garage (don't smoke in the house) and spent another 15 minutes finishing it up. I have had cigars that cost twice or more as much as this cigar that I didn't enjoy half as much (the CAO CX2, for example). I am going to be sure to keep room for these in my little humidor. And if I run out of room, I'll just have to buy a bigger humidor in order to make room.
DB of Hainesville, IL
Surprisingly good. Would definitely put these up there with the 5 Vegas Gold.
PS of Ocean View, NJ
Nice cigar. Well made and great draw. Overall it's a good smoke.
ML of Pinson, AL
Big and Mild! A solidly mild smoke, creamy to the nub! Listen carefully; can you here old Sam calling to you? Enjoy!
JK of Morrison, OK
A nice, smooth smoke! And like Mark Twain, I will enjoy several while rolling down the Mississippi River this summer on the American Queen!
Wow, what a great cigar!
DB of North Babylon, NY
Have to be honest. Had to see what Mark Twain was about. Overall... not a bad smoke. Buying another box. GC the Fat Cat
Smooth broomstick. My only complaint was the rings were a little tough to remove, but that had nothing to do with the great taste.
RS of Utica, NY
Great cigar. Have never been disappointed with brand. However, I'm saving them for cooler weather because they last at least an hour on the back porch.
DM of Fort Smith, AR
Mark Twain is a GREAT Mild Cigar. Great Draw and mild Taste. 3 Jumbo Sizes are a plus. More Bang for your buck!! GREAT BUY....
PR of Park Ridge, IL
Very good light cigar for a Sunday morning.
Very smooth and creamy stick. Definitely tasted a bit of oak near the end. This puppy burned about an hour and a half and never required to be relit or touching up. Very even burn throughout the experience. If you are a mild cigar person or want to try something new, definitely consider these!
looking for a nice long mild smoke? look no further these will not disappoint nice smoke nice price thanks CI
RM of Sunrise, FL
They are just ok. For the price I can't complain....
BA of Fenton, MI

Mark Twain

Posted by Brock

Being in the CI retail stores for many years now, I noticed that I get a lot of requests for specific styles of cigars & one of the most popular requests in general is for “Good, BIG, mild, cheap cigars that are reasonably priced.”  Some of these guys don’t want to pay much more than a Buck-a-Stick for anything 8” or bigger, but then again they’re probably not smoking for the taste & pleasure that so many fine, lesser expensive cigars can bring.  So I’m focusing on one of the best cigars to fit that bill (while still being priced at a helluva value) that I’ve seen come along in a long time – Mark Twain cigars.

Rich B, of Bethlehem, PA was one of the very first customers that walked through our doors over 10 years ago and he is still coming in to this day.  A true-grit type of guy. He’s a decorated WWII veteran, father of many, & grandfather to even more (there's a small town in Florida comprised solely of his progeny).  He’s been everywhere & done everything & he’s not easily impressed.  But I digress.  He has always been very specific about what he wanted from when I first met him, and that’s still exactly what he’s looking for in the 10+ years that I’ve know him.  Great, BIG, MILD cigars that are around $3.00 each.  I’ve delighted him with so many treasures over the years (and some clunkers too) but all-in-all I have become his go-to guy when he comes in and wants to try something new.  On his last visit in we were just then getting the Mark Twains into the store for the very fist time so as I opened up a box of the Churchill size No. 1.  Now 7”x50 surely is one of the larger vitolas of cigars on the market, “But wait,” I said, “There’s more.  And you’re going to LOVE these cigars!”  With Rich B. somewhat intrigued, but still more annoyed that I hadn’t yet filled his half-dozen lighters that he brought in for me. (**Note here** At either of the CI retail stores we will always fill any butane lighter FREE OF CHARGE that you have if you bring it in to us)  He said, “That’s great, if they’re under 3 bucks each I’ll take a box.”  I didn’t even mess around with opening a box of the No. 2 (a 7.5 x 52 behemoth) but skipped directly to the box of No. 3’s (a whopping 8” x 54 tree-trunk of a cigar.)  I saw his face light up when I pulled one out and handed it to him.  When I told him it was the same price for any size he just about hugged me (well, I think I caught a faint smile anyway) & since that day he’s been back once a week for a box of his new favorite cigar.  Mark Twain No. 3.

Now, as you may or may not know milder cigars aren’t usually my thing.  But this one I had to try, and I figured “Go Big or Go Home.”  So I sparked up one of the 8” x 54 No. 3’s yesterday morning.  It had just snowed a few inches the night before & I wasn’t going to be too busy that morning with the icy roads & school closing so I started my day out with a 2+ hour commitment of a cigar.  It was nice and firm in my hand with a smooth-as-silk Connecticut wrapper & it lit up quickly & evenly for such a large cigar.  The draw was perfect & I got creamy puff after creamy puff of thick, billowing smoke.  As I sat at my computer working and helping out the customers that came in I laid it down very infrequently & at about halfway through I discovered that I was really enjoying this cigar.  It was as creamy & smooth, with a lot of good flavor throughout & it hadn’t changed a bit since I lit it over an hour before.  I paid more attention to the 2nd half of the cigar, and although the flavor increased & it became a bit oaky it still retained that rich creaminess and I enjoyed each & ever puff from that beauty.  I finished the Mark Twain No. 3 after about another hour or so & I was so delighted that I had the opportunity to enjoy this very well made, Good, BIG, mild, cheap cigar & if this is what you look for in a cigar then put this one on your next order.  You won’t be disappointed!