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Montecristo Media Noche

Hearty maduros from Montecristo cigars.

Montecristo Media Noche: a beautiful, dark cigar graced by a thick Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper – oozing with natural oils. Under the wrapper resides a well-aged mixture of hand-selected long-fillers from Nicaragua, Peru and Dominican Republic. This hearty combination delivers ample oomph but in a balanced, enjoyable manner. It delivers an intense bouquet of flavor throughout, including a cedary core complemented by hints of leather and toastiness. The aftertaste is both sweet and spicy, satisfying each part of the palate equally with a savory, full-bodied cigar experience.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x58) BOX OF 20 In Stock $325.00 $199.00
5-PACK In Stock $65.00
Edmundo (Robusto) (5.0"x55) BOX OF 20 In Stock $220.00 $175.00
5-PACK In Stock $45.00
No. 2 Torpedo (6.1"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $325.00 $199.00
  5-PACK In Stock $65.00
No. 3 (Corona) (5.5"x44) BOX OF 20 In Stock $165.00 $125.00
  5-PACK In Stock $35.00
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Customer Reviews of “Montecristo Media Noche”
Montecristo Media Noche Edmundo Very mellow tons o smoke Steve O nailed it read his review as well, IMHO just about perfect construction for me a little soft great draw, oily wrapper, sweet taste very similar to the pardon 5000 maduro but a little darker. As dark a wrapper as ive seen that wasn't spray painted like some cigars. Full flavored maduro and no black tongue afterwards ;)
DJ of Annapolis, MD
These are knock out smokes. (Montecristo Media Noche) Great right out of the cello, but if you age them a bit, you won't be disappointed. I wish I had the dough or patience to let them simmer for a year, but it's my go-to when I want something completely satisfying. The wrapper is delicious... leather and nutty....The sweet spot smokes like a dream with consistent flavor. I love the churchills because that sweet spot lasts a long time. Nothing in Montecristo's line is anything like this!
PK of Milwaukee, WI
The Montecristo Media Noche is THE best non-Cuban Montecristo hands down.
GR of Sterling, VA
A very nice Montecristo. (Media Noche) This one offered a very slightly tight draw which probably contributed to its slow, cool burn. Very nice prelight aroma and an excellent flavour. At about a $10 retail price, it isn't cheap, but it's a fine, flavourful cigar. My first one went somewhat uneven in the burn which is unusual for a Monte, but nonetheless it's a fine smoke.
MM of Leesburg, VA
Just got the 2 boxes I won on Saturday. Unreal smoke. Montecristo really knows what they are doing. Really a commanding size, chewy texture, oily(which I love, Dark (which is great), Contruction (superb), lot of smoke on every draw but slow burn not super slow but doesn't burn hot. I had the torpedo Montecristo Media Noche this weekend though it was tight but good this is a nice pull but again doesn't burn fast or hot. The taste it really amazing. It has a sweetness to it like the ad says. It is quite remarkable. Really complex. Cigars say it but this one is. I used a punch which was perfect. Enjoy..........
PR of Queens, NY
Monecristo [like Cohiba] is a brand saddled with counterfeits. But you get the real deal... it's always a man's cigar. This Media Noche [named after a Cuban grilled sandwich - that will put you down], this bad boy will keep you up till mid-night! First off, for a lush and oily aged maduro Broadleaf... that was step one in creating a sassy girl. Then add a hint of leather, and as you begin to note the bouquet is light with a hint of sweetness as you draw down on it. Not a huge fan of Monecristo - but I really like this Media Noche... heck, oil... leather, spice - see a picture coming together? This is the girl at the club that buys you a drink, and spanks you all the home! My rate, this stick: 89
CS of Southern , CA
Sorry, but I can't say much that is positive about this smoke (Montecristo Media Noche). I had a ten pack from CI resting in my 3rd humi for about 8 months and I was very disappointed, I gave the rest away. Flavor was ok but very little smoke. El Mejor or a Liga Privada are much better than this.
DR of Philadelphia, PA
Media Noche is one fine cigar and my new favorite maduro. I have been smoking cigars for about 1 1/2 years now and am a big fan of Maduros. I normally stick to cigars in the 2 -5 dollar range but decided to purchase these babies because of the unreal freebie that only CI can offer which brain washes me into clicking the purchase button. The construction and burn is top shelf to any cigar I have had. It has a tight draw but comes with plenty of smoke and will not burn hot. I am not good at pointing out flavors but you can definitely taste the distinct flavor that maduros offer plus other pleasant complex flavors. It also leaves a nice sweet after taste. I normally let cigars sit in the humi for a couple weeks before smoking but could not resist smoking one immediately after these sticks arrived because of its beauty, feel, and smell. Can't wait to see how these babies taste in a couple of months.
BN of Westminster, CO
This cigar is a must have for any humidor (Montecristo Media Noche). I bought my first box of these in the edmundo size back in May of 07. Since I have bought 2 more boxes and have to have these in my humidor. The flavor is one you will want to savor over and over. I have shared a few with family members and every time they too agree it is one they need to keep as well. They are very full of flavor and will go with anything you drink with them. If you haven not tried these you are missing out.
NW of Monterey, CA
I have to admit, I was reluctant to fire-up my first Media Noche as it was the first dark-wrapper cigar I have tried since I ran out of Cohiba Blacks, which were given to me as a gift. What a nice surprise. I just did not expect such a "luxury" smoke for the price. No need to spend big bucks for a creamy, wonderful rich flavor. This one is a first rate stick and has earned a top spot in my line-up.
WM of Mount Airy, MD
The Montecristo Media Noche is, perhaps, close to the perfect cigar. Great flavours. Deep, rich, and a little sweet.... Perfect draw. Perfect Burn. A lot mellower than some of its kindred in other brands. If you like the dark tasting cigars, but want a little mellower experience, this cigar is the bomb-diggidy.
SL of Watauga, TX
Wow. Just decadent (Montecristo Media Noche). As a fan of fuller bodied cigars, I can honestly say that this delivers, both to belly and palate... Woody, leathery notes, hints of spice... Slightly sweet aftertaste... Love the Edmundo size... Can't go wrong with this one...
AW of Prescott, AZ
I purchased the (Montecristo Media Noche) and usually let cigars sit for awhile but I got a little bit too anxious and immediately lit one up. The draw was terrific. For a Full Bodied cigar it was surprisingly even and smooth til the very end. It had a deep taste that left almost a light pepper taste in your mouth. The Edmundo size was perfect accompanied with a coffee that made a perfect ending to a cold New England Night.
RB of Northfield, MA
Just had one of these after work on Friday to celebrate the weekend and wow, such a flavorful cigar. Like some reviewers had said, it has a tight draw but I like it that way. It makes for a slower burn, which was nice and even all the way through. It took a little over an hour to smoke the edmundo that I had and by the end, I thought that it will be tough to find a better smoke. Absolutely loved it.
TT of Livermore, CA
I have to say, I bought the travel pack with these for myself and my father as a gift. After I lit one up on my 30 birthday a couple weeks ago. WOW, this I do believe is my favorite cigar. I still have 3 more from the first five and have already ordered another box of 20 to let sit awhile in the humidor. If you like a more full flavor cigar than you'll enjoy these. Also if you don't have a HERF-A-DOR, buy the combo kit and get a great travel case with five Montecristo Edmundo's in it, that's a hard deal to miss out on for fourty bucks. Thanks CI
DJ of Oakland, NE
S of LRio Rico, AZ
First time I ever had and it won't be last. Extremely smooth with tasty flavor. What a nice smoking experience. It wasn't burning fast nor slow but just right. Usually there's some kind flaw with other brands. I've heard alot of good and they stand very proud when they speak. There are so many good things to say so I'll say this try them an you'll be speaking the same.
FD of Gardena, CA
Wow!The first Montecristo(Medianoche-edmundo size)that I really enjoyed.These are excellent cigars.Consruction,draw,flavor,aroma,burn quality are all top notch.If these are too pricey for you,catch them on special,totally worthwhile.Thanks CI!
RK of College Park, MD
Ordered these while deployed to Iraq. Not only did I receive my shipment in about 8 days ( fast given it went around the world) but I couldnt believe the taste. I ordered these in the combo pack with the lighter and travel humidor so I was a little sceptical about the quality of the cigar for such a low price. I sat down in the sand and figured I would give these a shot over all the other cigars I had ordered. Completely amazed over how smooth, slow, and evenly burning this cigar is. After an hour of heaven I went to bed in peace knowing this is by far one of the best cigars I had ever tasted. Will forever have a few of these at the ready.
Media Noche is a beautifully constructed smoke wrapped in an oily,dark broad-leaf wrapper that makes your mouth water just holding it your hand. It has a very smooth, perfect draw and leaves a thick smoke trail like a .357 that billows up from the foot between puffs. Nice earth tones with a sweet, almost cocoa like finish. Have at least an hour to kill before enjoying this beauty as the Edmundo (5x55) lasted me a surprising 65 minutes. This will be a permanent staple in my humi.
GS of Perkasie, PA
I bought these as part of a Herf-a-Dor combo to see if it was worth all the noise. Well I under-estimated this gem to say the least. If you want a real cigar with a great full taste, and great smoke look no further. Buy the Herf-a-Dor deal, and quickly buy another box to put to rest you won't be disappointed. Thanks again CI.
JC of San Jose, CA
This is what Montecristo should be! Excellent, balanced smoke that is medium full. The ONLY Monte that I really like!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
This is one smooth smoke. I greatly enjoyed this cigar. Very well made and quality throughout. I had to load up on these (Edmundo) after having enjoyed this one so much. Enjoy!
DS of Jacksonville, FL
I bought the Edmundo Herf-a-dor combo while deployed to Afghanistan, and all I can say is WOW. These are a great smoke with a nice, tight draw and smooth all the way. These are going to be permanent residents in my humidor.
WB of Oklahoma City, OK
Just bought my 5pk of the #3's. wonderful smoke. With montecristo you know you'll get great construction, so I won't bother with that here. What you should know is that these cigars are absolutely loaded with wonderful flavors. Some reviews on other sites say that the draw is hard but I haven't noticed that at all. These sticks have a surprisingly long burn time; I tend to smoke more quickly than others and the cigar still lasted about 45 minutes. Highly recommend this cigar to anyone.
JB of Hancock, NH
Received this at random in a cigar club shipment, and gotta say I was thoroughly impressed! Wonderful smoke, paired quite well with a Jameson on the rocks, great draw, and lotsa very creamy smoke! I succeeded in annoying the other bar patrons with the sheer amount of smokethis cigar put out! Definitely recommend this cigar! Thank you CI, I love you guys!
JS of Sumter, SC
Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Perfect white ash and heavy smoke output that is slightly oily on the palate. Mild to medium strength and medium to full flavor. Deep flavors of cocoa, coffee and molasses. Becomes milder in the second half with no spice and a hint of sweet cedar on the medium to long finish.
I hate to say it, but I am in the minority here. Picked up a flight sampler about a month ago after CI offered a great 1-day deal. Maybe my expectations were too high, but these smokes just didn't do much for me. Hopefully my opinion will change after some more aging as some reviews have alluded to. At nearly half the price I prefer others to these. Different smokes for different folks I suppose.
Fantastic cigar for the money and an excellent everyday smoke.
JN of Medford, OR
Absolutely love the Montecristo Media Noche. I received 5 of these in a sampler and have smoke my first two to the nub. I'm will order a box of these with the intent on aging them for a few months. The flavor of this is full bodied but creamy with sweetness and a nutty taste. I'm still looking for something I enjoy as much.
MD of Cedar Falls, IA
I absolutely loved these.. even creamy sweet burn with notes of coffee and a nutty finish.. right up my alley.. would've liked more chew but none the less it was a great smoke from start to finish..
GP of Brooklyn, NY
For years I was (and still am) a big fan of Partagas Black label. Never cared much for Montecristo because I like a more full-bodied smoke. But now its a toss up between the Media Noches and Montes as to my favorites. Still love the Partagas Black but cannot recommend the Montes and Media Noches highly enough. GREAT smokes both!
PD of Morgantown, WV
This is now my hands down FAVORITE cigar!!! Love the Montes and also periodically get Partagas Black label. And just tried the Media Noche sampler--may get some RYJ and H Upmann Media Noches....but these Montecristos are the best! FIVE STARS!
PD of Morgantown, WV
I have been hooked on these since I got a 5 pack with a box of Montes. LOVE them! Definitely fuller and tastier than "regular" Montecristos.
PD of Morgantown, WV
These Media Noches are wrapped so tight that even after using a "drawpoker", the effort required to draw and keep them lit becomes a chore. This has been true with every shape I've ordered, so I give up!
ES of Independence, MO
Great taste! It came fresh and fast!
ES of Haverstraw, NY
Wonderful sticks definitely and return buyer
JR of preston, MD

Montecristo Media Noche

Posted by Steve R

I’ve really been struggling this week. I can’t snap out of it. The weather has been flippin’ gorgeous and I just want to be out on the golf course. Despite putting the lives of others at risk with my horrific slice, it’s always good to be out in the sun with the guys and a great cigar or three. But, I’ve hardly had time to hit the range after work, let alone make room for the course.

Adding insult to injury, a delicious new cigar hit our docks just in time for the golf season. Montecristo Media Noche, a very different breed of the industry’s most powerful brand. Of course, the standard No. 2 Torpedo can be found among the lineup of sizes. However, two new vitolas have been introduced: a ginormous 7” x 58 Churchill and a stout 5” x 55 Edmundo. The Edmundo is actually a variation of Cuba’s Montecristo Edmundo, just made a little thicker with a 5 inch frame.

I chose the Edmundo. I love the size.

The Media Noche is dark. Very dark. The wrapper may not be the oiliest leaf on the planet, but you can feel its soft, silky texture when rolling it between your fingertips. This Connecticut Broadleaf is used to complete a long-filler blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican and Peruvian tobaccos; the same combination used for Montecristo Platinum and the new Montecristo Serie C. The pre-light aroma is sweet with a slight barnyard influence, with no hints of ligero.

The cigar is packed pretty solid. So much so, it took some extra effort to cut with my Xikar MTX. Fortunately, the pre-light draw was just fine...a little resistance, exactly how I like it. First thought after lighting: the Edmundo is a chimney, filling my palate with thick, chewy smoke and leaving behind a series of thick, pillowy clouds overhead. The burn is somewhat slow, creating a dark grey ash that’s a bit flaky, but strong.

The smoke is leathery in character with a toasty (almost smokey) note that hits the center of my tongue and the nose. A hint of cedar sneaks in just before the sweet aftertaste takes center stage. The aftertaste is very long, and the surrounding area has become filled with the lovely aroma of toasted wood. The Edmundo finishes with a bang, developing a deep richness and creeping into the full-bodied realm. Thanks to the Edmundo’s thick 55 ring, the burn remains cool right down to the last inch.

Yeah...I really need to get out on the golf course sometime soon. Montecristo Media Noche will no doubt keep my mind off my terrible game.