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A jet black beauty from CAO cigars.

CAO’s Mx2 is a long-awaited, limited production cigar that employs two flavorful wrappers. The outermost leaf is an ultra dark, super oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, while the inner wrapper is a fuller-flavored Brazilian Maduro. This double-wrapper combination promotes a rich, flavorful smoke that’s smooth throughout with lingering hints of spice. To mix the pot even more, the folks at CAO use a blend of select long-fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, and the Dominican Republic to complete this complex cigar, packing it full of spicy sweet layers of flavor.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (7.0"x56) 5-PACK In Stock $42.05 $29.00
Belicoso + Xikar Lighter (7.0"x56) BOX OF 20 In Stock $168.20 $110.80
Box-Press (Robusto) (5.5"x55) 5-PACK In Stock $40.00 $28.00
Box-Press + Xikar Lighter (Robusto) (5.5"x55) BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $105.13
Dagger (Corona) (4.0"x38) TIN OF 5 In Stock $15.00 $11.99
Dagger + Xikar Lighter (Corona) (4.0"x38) 50 CIGARS In Stock $150.00 $97.75
Gordo (6.0"x60) 5-PACK In Stock $44.55 $31.00
Gordo + Xikar Lighter (6.0"x60) BOX OF 20 In Stock $178.20 $117.55
Robusto (5.0"x52) 5-PACK In Stock $36.05 $25.00
Robusto + Xikar Lighter (5.0"x52) BOX OF 20 In Stock $144.20 $94.60
Toro (6.0"x54) 5-PACK In Stock $39.05 $27.00
Toro + Xikar Lighter (6.0"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $156.20 $102.70
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Customer Reviews of “CAO Mx2”
A very good cigar and the only CAO line that I really like.
DD of Havelock, NC
Except for the flavours I've never met a CAO I didn't like and the MX2 is at the top of the list with it's jet black maduro wrapper. I'm a big fan of madoros, the darker the better. MX2 is so great you just can't put it down.
TT of Eupora, MS
Great stuff. Wasn't too sure about the two wrappers but these things (CAO Mx2) pack a huge flavorful punch. Good flavor, good draw, decent burn (even with the added thickness it burns well though a slow starter), and good price makes this a no brainer.
JP of Naperville, IL
The CAO Mx2 is by far one of the heaviest and richest smokes I've had. If you like them rich and full than this is the cigar for you!!
DC of Rock Hill, SC
I regularly read all reviews of the cigars CI sells...thanks, all, you have been right on, on numerous occasions which has served me well...I post also...Smoked today a Toro for first time out of a flight sampler...very, very good...I'm not a great fan of maduro's cause usually they are too sweet, this one, not. Just great volumes of smoke, even burning, nice taste in the back of the throat. I DO inhale all of my cigars...this one has a little bit of pepper but nothing a seasoned smoker cannot enjoy without coughing their remaining tonsils/adenoids out, lol. Price wise, right and spot on. Thanks CI for a great offering! Semper Fi!
JH of Crowley, TX
In my opinion, this baby (CAO Mx2) is the best cigar CAO has ever made to date. It is better than the Italia, Brazilia, Cx2, and even the Sopranos line. The Mx2 is a beautiful Maduro cigar with a dark and oily wrapper. It had a good draw and produced lots of thick, white smoke. A mild to medium-bodied flavor with hints of espresso, tea, and cocoa. It finished off with a sweet taste. The only problem was that the cigar did not draw evenly. However, the Mx2 was extremely satisfying and I enjoyed it immensely. Do give it a try, won't you? Cheers!
EW of McLean, VA
In my opinion, this baby (CAO Mx2) is the best cigar CAO has ever made to date. It is better than the Italia, Brazilia, Cx2, and even the Sopranos line. The Mx2 is a beautiful Maduro cigar with a dark and oily wrappers. It had a good draw and produced lots of thick, white smoke. A mild to medium-bodied flavor with hints of espresso, tea, and cocoa. The only problem was that the cigar did not draw evenly. However, the Mx2 was extremely satisfying and I enjoyed it immensely. Do give it a try, won't you? Cheers!
EW of McLean, VA
I have found the CAO Mx2 to be the best tasting cigar I have tried to date, and I have tried 67 different cigsrs. If you are liiking for a full rich tasting cigar from start to finish, look no more.
LH of San Diego, CA
Wow, this thing gets great reviews. I may not be as enamored as some of the other reviewers, but I've said it before, and will say it again - CAO makes such a high quality cigar, you just can't go wrong. For a maduro, this cigar did an impressive job of dialing in the right amount of smoothness to balance out the more intense flavors. A half hour after smoking, I noticed a chocolaty aftertaste, reminding me of the tasty cigar I just had. I think I'd like the experience more if paired with either bourbon or coffee .. or coffee with bourbon in it.
MB of Milford, MA
DELICIEEEEOUS! (CAO Mx2) Imagine your favorite richest dark chocolate dessert and your favorite rich, silky sipping whiskey or brandy in a cigar, it is all that and more. There is no more enjoyable smoke I can think of. It is at the top of my list of faves,which includes the likes of Turano Tribute, El Rico, Joya Antanos and El Rey robusta largas.
CS of Panama City, FL
Best cigar (CAO MX2) I ever smoked. I've tried them all, but give me a MX2. CI should try to keep these in stock at all times.
DO of Pahrump, NV
Fantastic (CAO Mx2)!!!! If you like a full bodied chocolaty yummy cigar run, don't walk and try this puppy. I hope CAO will produce this for a long time.
MK of Lancaster, PA
Wow, this is the most flavorful cigar (CAO Mx2) I've ever had. Nice and potent, thick smoke, smooth flavor. It didn't burn evenly for me, but I smoke very quickly when I've got an amazing cigar on my hands. I love 'em. Stop reading, buy it.
NI of Northbridge, MA
Want a full-flavored smoke? This is it (CAO Mx2). Perfect burn all the way to the nub...makes me want to look in my old box of college memories and dig out a roach clip.
EB of Woodbridge, VA
Tim Ozneger is doing a wonderful job with managing the blending of some of what I feel are some of the best cigars on the market. The MX2 is one for them - it is a sexy, full bodied delight. The cocoa hints are amazing, the dark oily sheen to the wrapper is alluring, truly a joy to smoke. My rate, this stick: 90
C of SSouthern, CA
Recommended by a close friend, I would like to continue the trend of satisfied customers thanks to the CAO MX2. I was quickly drawn to the smooth yet medium-full draw from the MX2. By far one of CAO's best creations!
Bought the MX2 at a cigar shop in PA last year on a business trip. Lit it up with a buddy of mine sitting on top of a parking garage of a hotel after a day of work and immediately loved it. I've always been more of a maduro type and this cigar had everything a maduro lover could want. Hadn't smoked another again since last week and it didn't dissapoint. I got another one waiting for me for this weekend. Can't wait. Think I'm gonna buy a box. Peace!
SP of Babylon, NY
This is a fantastic cigar!!!! This definitely ranks in my top 5 cigars. The CAO MX2 is a cigar that you enjoy from start to finish. Even burn, thick ash & smoke & one that you can sink your teeth into. I usually smoke this cigar either out on the golf course, out on the boat or playing poker with the guys. It's elegant, smooth, great looking & the flavors are unbelievable. Strong & bold yet very smooth. It doesn't burn your lips or throat like alot of cigars do. By far one of CAO's best creations!!!! And the price is right. If you like maduro cigars & havn't tried one of these yet, do yourself a favor & buy a box. You won't be disappointed.
MR of Howell, MI
These cigars have an unbelievable full taste that's sweet and spicy, yet are remarkably smooth. (CAO Mx2) I love everything about these cigars. I hope CAO keeps making them.
SW of Visalia, CA
So I had a couple of hours of chill time on Fathers Day... I had a CAO Robusto MX2 in my humi, from a sample pack I bought. WOW, loved every minute of it. I had a nice Lager with it and I could not believe how flavorful and sweet this was. I had thought it may be a bit too strong for my taste, but it was super smooooth and had such a nice flavor. Perfect draw and burn... An absolute pleasure.
JC of Somerset, NJ
I tried the MX2 at a CAO cigar event and loved it, a nice full bodied cigar with great flavor and taste. I got myself a box!
CP of Yonkers, NY
I have smoked hundreds of different cigars and this is the one (CAO Mx2) I always want for a special occasion. I love everything about it. This one is absolutely the best I have smoked to date.
RH of Spokane, WA
Has to be my favorite maduro. Very dark wrapper on this one. Full bodied with lots of smoke. I have yet to have a bad CAO.
CS of Chattanooga, TN
I haven't been smoking cigars for very long, so I was told to take it easy before jumping to the maduros. Well I bought a MX2 out of curiosity and can't stop thinking about them! By far the BEST smoke I've had. I've got to keep a box in the humi at all times. Out of the 40 cigars I've tried this is #1 hands down.
BJ of Owensboro, KY
I am a big fan of CAO cigars and the Mx2 is one of my favorites.
LF of Port Jefferson Station, NY
One of the best I've smoked. Like smokin' a steak. To me it's right there with the Partagas Limited Reserve Robusto. At more than half the price less. Enough said.
JS of Mentor, OH
This cigar,(CAOMX2),is like smoking a cup of dark rich coffee!Has underlying spice that supports, but never overpowers,the coffee,caramel,and robust,meaty flavors. Very flavorful,perfect draw,slow burn. What more could you ask for? Just found a new favorite maduro,well done CAO,thanks C.I.!
RK of College Park, MD
The (CAO Mx2) is as dark as they come, and as flavorful as they come! Excellent construction and burn, nice cedary-spicy aroma. CAO outdid themselves on this one.
GR of Sterling, VA
I bought a set of CAO MX2 Daggers, I'm a fan of small cigars and these are terrific ! Nice medium smoke, lots of flavor, and nice even burn. I gave one to a friend of mine, and his eyes lit up ! I highly recommend these smokes if you like a medium to full flavor smoke. Don't draw too hard on them, and they stay cool all the way down.
KG of Rochester, NY
Well, one of the best! Okay, right out of the box: At light up- very strong peppery flavor with chocolate. One inch in, still peppery with a great deep, dark tobacco flavor. After one inch; Mellows out a bit with a slight mushroom flavor with pepper. Yeah, and I'm not even good at describing this flavor stuff but this smoke will let you. Stays well above medium until the last two inches then the strength picks back up for a great finish of pepper and spices. EXCELLENT!!!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
I just enjoyed my first, and certainly not my last, Mx2. I have to agree with the others on here that this smoke is top notch. From the initial light all the way to the nub. A very smooth, and very rich smoke. This little beauty will definitely be a mainstay in my humidor.
JH of Parryville, PA
Quite an experience. Very mild tasting until the last 1/3, then the flavors kicked in. Burn was good. The power kinda sneaks up on you like a glass of wine.
DE of San Angelo, TX
Great cigar! Just got this one with my cigar of the month pack. I will be buying more of these for sure.
EN of Twinsburg, OH
I only have three words for this tasty stick: Scrum-diddily-umptious!
TG of Wayne, NJ
I got an MX2 from a sampler pack. It was very tasty but it was one of the worst made cigars I've ever smoked. The wrapper unwound while smoking. I eventually just pulled the whole thing off down to the binder. It was also **very** hard to draw and burned slightly unevenly. Maybe this was a bad apple???
To be short and sweet, its a great smoke for the price. I had some wrapper issues, but other than that, I recommend them.
GK of Kahului, HI
One of my favorites. A Mx2 and a bottle of scotch I'm set and happy as can be all night!
SJ of Louisville, KY
Love this cigar.. one of my favorite smokes!! Ends as delicious as it starts.
A different smoke. Not what I expected, but can't wait to have another.
DW of Dallas, GA
I recently had two of these bad boys in a period of around a month. The first one was great. I love the flavor and bought another one. The second one would have been awesome but it was wrapped insanely tight. I felt like i was sucking a pea through a straw. This is not typical and the only CAO I've had this problem with. I loved the first one so much i am more than willing to buy again.
JA of Blacksburg, VA
This here is one powerful smoke. Right as you take that first draw, BAM! You're hit with that double maduro and all its spiciness. This guy coats the palate, and leaves a rather pleasant aftertaste that makes you want to have another. A bit pricy in my opinion, but overall, a great stogie to have after a long day.
PC of Longview, TX
Just finished off an MX2 Robusto; a medium bodied smoke with LOTS of flavor. The double wrapper was a little tough to get lit, but provided loads of very dark roasted coffee flavor along with an almost burnt toast note and some leather. The draw was a little tight, but managable. I am a fan of CAO and this is right up there with the others. This is a full flavored cigar, but surprisingly mellow and smooth.
PO of Fairmont, WV
Wow, what a surprise this gem turned out to be. Sat in my humi for a little over a week before I just enjoyed this stick. A wonderful medium smoke with full yet smooth as a baby's bottom flavor. Never overpowering all the way to the nub. Chocked full of mouth watering flavors of rich tobacco, rich coffee, leathery notes, spice, dark chocolate, and even a milky creaminess that blend perfectly throughout the entire cigar. Construction was flawless as was the burn. It even held a two inch ash consistently. Don't let the darkness scare you away. This is a must try. I now have another must keep in my rotation. Enjoy my friends!
SK of Slatington, PA
My wife loves Cao 's and this is her second favorite one behind the brazilia. Great construction, perfect burn and it always cuts cleanly.
JW of Anchorage, AK
Delicious. I very much enjoyed this cigar. bold, full flavor but still sweet and smooth all the way through, just perfect. I am definitely developing a love for maduros, and this "Maduro Times Two" really helped to confirm, reinforce and build that love. CAO has quickly become one of my favorite brands, and this is one of those cigars that I will make sure to always keep on hand in my humidor! Yum!
ER of Templeton, CA
I received 5 Toro's for Christmas. Me and a friend have been puffing on them since new years. Great construction and even burn for the most part. The extra wrapper is a nice touch too. THe draw is a little heavy but given the flavors of this cigar I think it is suiting. Speaking of which, this cigar is full of flavor. Espresso, Earth, and a hint of leather are all present but the flavor that tantalizes me the most is Dark Chocolate. It is just a hint but it isn't something you see every day. These are good, get them while you can. It makes a wonderful "Dessert" cigar for after dinner or if you want something hearty to keep you cozy on those long winter days.
PF of Syracuse, NY
Wow, I can't believe all the positive reviews. Maybe mine was a fluke, but it was awful. It smelled AND tasted like dirty ashtray. Humidity and temp in my humidor are good, so no problem there. The WORST I've smoked so far.
VC of Brooklyn, NY
I usually don't smoke the last 1/3 of most cigars because they get too hot and harsh for my taste, but the Mx2 I could not put down. Very mellow and cool with copious amounts of delicious thick smoke. Strength and flavors of rich espresso and dark chocolate and light, pleasant spice but not peppery at all. A couple minor issues with construction, a small blemish in the beautiful dark, oily wrapper at the halfway point and the wrapper started to come loose 15mins in, but all manageable. Thick maduro wrappers can be a bit of a challenge to light and burn evenly, but after a minor correction in the first inch, it burned perfectly down to two fingers left. Draw was medium-tight but still easy enough to be enjoyable. This stick sat in my humi for a couple months because I was concerned about the strength of the double maduro but it was exceptionally smooth, paired well with a stout beer and will now be in my regular rotation. Draw lightly on the last third and you will enjoy this smoke down to the nub. I foresee a box of these lovelies coming in the mail soon.
CP of Edmonds, WA
In my opionion this cigar is as close to perfect as you can get aside from a unlevel burn. But the feel of the cigar along with the draw and flavor profile are absolutely fantastic. I would buy again even if they do tend to run during the burn.
SO of Pingree Grove, IL
Had my first the other night, what a great smoke! I see more of these in my future.
RT of Reynoldsburg, OH
Plain and simple, CAO makes some really good cigars. If you like maduro cigars, the MX2 is the cigar for you. It's just that simple.
CL of Vinton, VA
One of my favorites, and the first cigar I've ever purchased a full box of at once. Smooth, earthy, chocolatey. Perfectly compliments a coffee/espresso or stout if you enjoy a cold one with your smoke.
MB of wasilla, AK
If you're on the fence, try it! If you're thinking it's not your cup of tea, try it! Very pleased with this stick. Burnt perfectly, very smooth (even my wife commented on the smoothness) very complex arraignment of flavors & apparently very good aroma based on those around me. I would DEFINITELY not be ashamed to hand one out to any experienced smoker. If only my Wolverines were on top of the Irish I'd say I was completely satisfied tonight lol. Don't pass this stick up. Fyi, sat in my humi for only a month before lighting.
TR of Garden City, MI
I got several of these in a CAO sampler pack and they are absolutely awesome. Please don't hesitate to try them out. They are worth every penny.
DC of Sharpsburg, GA
I got two of these in the CAO Dream Team pack. Two words: freakin nice. I smoked one when it first arrived and the second two weeks later, satisfaction at its best. Thanks CI.
CM of New Haven, CT
A great cigar at a great price.
JC of Westport, MA
Easily one of The Top Five in a recently purchased C.I. Sampler. In fact, one of the Top Three. This is one fine stick with an extra measure of The WOW! Factor (for lack of a better phraseology on account of an uneducated palate). For sure there is no "cedar" "leather" or "truffles". I guess I like Maduro wrappers. I was thinking about buying a bundle of The Edge Fumas, yet, now I'm thinking about a five-pack of these gems. No kidding.
JC of Oklahoma City, OK
Got this in the Backyard Boogie sampler. The burn and the construction was flawless for my taste. This is about the perfect smoke for me; nice full flavor, just the right amount of bite, and for the price it's going to be hard to beat.
CM of Webb City, MO
Still one of my favorite cigars!
One of the best maduros I've ever tasted, and very smooth. Definitely the best small cigar for flavor that I have ever had. Not the best or most consistent construction, but a good job overall. I normally smoke A.F. Cubanitos during the day, and the Mx2's are a perfect change of pace. I've enjoyed them immensely.
RC of Boise, ID
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