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La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte

Oscuro + Fuerte = cigar nirvana.

Oscuro Fuerte is a bold expression from La Herencia Cubana. Unlike the medium-bodied LHC Original, LHC Oscuro Fuerte is a rich, full-flavored morsel packed with aged long-leaf ligeros from Nicaragua's top growing regions: Esteli, Condega and Jalapa. Topping it off is the crown jewel: a dark and lovely Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper that completes the feisty recipe. Chewy, lip-smacking layers of crisp tobacco flavor smacks the palate, tamed only by refreshingly sweet undertones on the finish. The smoke is toasty and oaky, clinging to the palate with each puff and lingering long on the aftertaste. The strength hits you up front, then mellows ever so slightly, before gradually becoming stronger, resulting in a full-bodied, full-flavored crescendo.
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Belicoso (5.0"x56) BOX OF 20 In Stock $160.00 $69.99
5-PACK In Stock $21.00
Robusto (5.5"x54) BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $59.99
5-PACK In Stock $21.00
Toro (6.5"x50) BOX OF 20 In Stock $140.00 $59.99
5-PACK In Stock $21.00
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Customer Reviews of “La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte”
Wow ! Well made, perfect draw, and consistant flavor. At a price that makes this cigar a really good value !! If your a maduro lover you can't go wrong !!!
LW of Sylmar, CA
Got one of these in a CI sampler pack, only to have my friend grab it and smoke I bought a bundle because he made bold claims as to its merits. Well let me tell you, we each had one to celebrate the new year and his words rang true: flawless construction, easiest draw EVER, and from tip to nub an overall glorious experience. And whaddya know, we just bought 20 more! Highest honors for Oscuro Fuerte, senor!!!
PA of Burbank, CA
Don't sleep on these!!!! Great smoke!!!!
CC of Petersburg, VA
If you like Diesel or the AAA, you'll surely enjoy the LHCOF! A little richer than Diesel, less power than the AAA - a PERFECT in between! It's becoming one of my favorites. The belicoso has excellent flavor, complexity, burn and construction.
GR of Sterling, VA
Since I very much enjoy the 'regular' La Herencia Cubana it seemed natural I should try the Oscuro Fuerte version. I'm very glad I did. Really well made and a joy to look at, this cigar has an excellent draw, firm ash and a dead-even burn. The flavour? Full and tasty. The powerful pre-light aroma was a very good indication of how the cigar smoked. I'll need more of these.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
Guys, this cigar is a steal at these prices. It's very solid and firm in the hand, construction is absolutely excellent, quite unlike most other sticks I'm familiar with. It was actually so solid and hard and firm that I thought the draw would be bad, but upon clipping I found that it was perfect. The burn was straight, even and slow, the flavor excellent. This one's full-bodied but smooth. I'd probably pay twice as much as what CI's asking for these. Good flavor, good draw, great feel in the hand, great value!
JL of Wilkes-Barre, PA
You feel as though it's 1960 and you're puffing on a nice fat Cuban cigar with one of these. Thick, hearty and bold - yet smooth and flavorful. Very Cubanesque cigar.
BV of Columbia, TN
I smoked one right off the truck. I often find it hard to identify flavors the way some reviewers do, but right off the bat, I got the sense of coffee and sweetness just like the review said. Full bodied, but in no way overpowering, this stogie is going to be one of my regulars.
IW of Hoboken, NJ
Had the Toro size and I have to say I really enjoyed this cigar. Full body with tons and tons of flavor. AJ knows what the heck he is doing. I have had 3 and each one is consistant flavor and I don't have to "nurse" the cigar much. Cant wait to try the other sizes. Hint! Hint! JOE!!
SB of Monroe, LA
Another great cigar at a great price. Very full flavored with ample body. I'm happy to see more oscuro's coming out. I like the fuller, richer taste over the maduro. Its not overly complex, but at the price its another must have. This one has developed into a smoother but full flavored cigar after a couple months in my humidor. The construction, draw and burn have always been perfect.
TF of Rockford, IL
I truly appreciated my customer service rep's advice and knowledge at C.I. He listens and is willing to steer a customer into broader horizons when it comes to new cigars. I was a little skeptical about this cigar because of its "fuerte" label, but was I surprized. It is one of my favorite cigars to date. This is not one I'd puff on with my morning coffee, but in the evening after a good meal; this smoke lends itself to creating an end to a perfect day. Its construction is dense and chewy with very rich, creamy smoke. Its boldness comes from the complex blending that also tastes of bitter-sweet chocolate and espresso on the palate. The balance is evident upon lighting it and never disappoints. I love this smoke and boxed them after trying just one. I now have a complete humidor w/ a variety of fullness and flavors. I can't wait to get home and light one up!
PC of Penfield, NY
This Oscuro wrapper is truly mind-blowing and produces flavors unlike any other that I have smoked. Dark (unsweetened) chocolate and a raisin-esque flavor is what I get once you get pass the first inch. They have shown great burn and flavor consistency over the 20+ sticks that I have burned. I would have to classify the strength and intensity of this blend a few notches below its brother the sumatra, however the flavor profile is much more balanced, clean and rich.
KC of Kaneohe, HI
I just got these in yesterday and smoked one last night. Very consistent, great draw and construction. Not a lot of complexity or change up during the smoke until you get to the last 1/3. It has a very long and slightly spicy finish that I found to be the most enjoyable part of the smoke. Definitely worth the money!
RT of Sugar Hill, GA
I wasnt ready for this one. I bartend and I normally go to work a hour early to smoke a cigar. Randomly grabbed this out of the box to give it a try. Light it up. The flavor was strong yet completly smooth. I had a 5x50 that came in a sampler. It took close to 40 minutes to smoke. The whole time i was thinking how impressed i was by it. Finished it and got up to start work and my head was certianly floating a bit (ligero?). All in all a wonderful cigar and i cant wait to smoke the rest in my box.
JS of Prior Lake, MN
Wow, this cigar is on the money fantastic flavors, well built, and crazy draw my kind of cigar do your self a favor
AP of New Carrollton, MD
I had gotten a few of these in a sampler and decided to finally burn one after 6 months. OMG! I wasn't expecting much but this cigar is phenomenal. I had tried the original La Herencia before and I liked it but this I love. The burn was super easy, the draw was like breathing, the flavor was med-full and very complex. Love the notes of roasted nuts and 75% cacao. Just an awesome cigar. Normally I wait a few minutes before each drag to enjoy the flavor of the cigar but with this one I smoked it down to the nub within 30 minutes of lighting. Oh by the way, I never had to "baby" this cigar. Consistent burn and no re-lighting necessary. If you are reading this review buy it. You will not be disappointed. 20 cigars of this caliber for 59.99 is a steal. Thank you CI for another home run!!!! Now just make a big ring sampler with this, nubs and some Gurkhas and let me know first. =)
YC of Los Angeles, CA
LHC Oscuro Fuerte is awesome!!!! I am a Huge fan of the PA Leaf. I wasn't too sure about buying a box because it was a fairly new cigar, but I got them with one of those Freebie deals, and since then my cabinet humidor is mostly filled with these. This is a complex full bodied cigar, the construction is hardy, the wrapper is chewy, dark and oily, and I have not had a bad burn yet. The draw and burn are perfect, I have cigars is my humi that are 15.00+ and they don't even measure up to this. And the price is awesome for a cigar of this caliber. Thank you CI for the Introduction to LHC!
RG of West Chester, PA
Fantastic thick smoke. Good construction. Even burning. Moderate strength. Smooth aftertaste. I routinely smoke these down to a nub. They are a great smoke. If you are sitting on the fence, just pull the trigger. You won't be sorry.
JV of Great Mills, MD
In an issue of the CI house rag several months ago, there was a chart that had "if you like this one" on the left, and "then try this one" on the right. The goal was to give us a similar smoke at a lower price. Having tried and liked the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Generosos, I tried the corresponding La Herencia Cubana Ocsuro Fuertes. Wow! I actually like the LHCs better, and at a reduced price to boot. Thanks, CI.
LD of Bloomington, IL
A really outstanding cigar. Easy draw, plenty of smoke, nice aroma. Great construction. A bit of pepper throughout the smoke. I enjoy them right down to the nub. Take your time and enjoy this one.
FS of Middle, MD
Picked up a couple of LHCOF sticks in a CI sampler pack not long ago...putting flame to this bad boy was like "oh yeah!!!"....nice burst of flavor on the palate, lots of smoke engulfing me, make this a keeper!!!
DC of Goodlettsville, TN
What an absolute steal! Excellent, peppery full flavor smoke with a dark, oily thick wrapper. It has a perfect medium draw and the construction and burn is just excellent. I Bought a five pack and will now get a full box.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
Half way through the sampler pack and this cigar is a true gem and described well by CI staff. I have not had anything with this taste. I have 75 to 100 cigars coming may way wish I would have waited as this cigar will be in my humidor in the future. If you want something different this is it. It is like breathing in fresh air with a spring/summer taste
TH of Morristown, TN
Very good cigar I got in a sampler. I love AJs work i.e. Diesel and 5 Vegas Triple A. After smoking a few of the aforementioned today I tried this one. It was very smooth and I found it to have the spice of the Diesel but smoothness of a 5 Vegas.
WD of Arvada, CO
I was turned on to this cigar by Joe at the superstore this year and boy was he right. This is a well constructed, beautiful cigar. The wrapper is flawless and thick and smells incredible. The smoke is powerful and full bodied but never overly so. The taste is classic and ranks with the Unholy Cocktail. But the best thing about this cigar is the value. At $3 a pop you can't go wrong. This little monster will deliver a flawless burn for over an hour and won't let you down. Overall this is one of my favorite cigars and my humidor will never be without one. Thanks Joe!
JA of Middlebury, CT
Can you say OUTSTANDING! This is a cigar that comes in a sampler pack, and I was so wrong on what I thought about the cigar when I looked at it. The dark wrapper gave the impression that I was going to smoke a cigar along the line of a Diesel or other robust cigar. While I can't say it was mild, what I can say; It was smooth as silk from the start to the nub. The ash lasted over an 1 1/2 inch (I measure it with a ruler), and a perfect even burn from start to finish. This will be a cigar that I will order a few when I have room in my two 50 count humidors. If your not trying any of the sampler packs that CI offers, you are missing out on finding great cigars. Yes, there are a few that I can't stand, but there are more good than bad. My knowledge of cigars have increased so much due to the many different samplers I've ordered. CI knows how to put a good package together, and I will purchase every sampler they offer until I've tried all the different cigars. I keep a record on each cigar I smoke that allows me to go back and look at what I had to say concerning the cigar. There are 30 different entries, and I have purchased a few boxes of the ones that stood out when smoked.
DM of Taylor, MI
EXCELLENT cigar. Got one in a sampler and definitley gonna get more. Great price too.
LL of Copley, OH
Don't let the name keep you from trying this cigar. While it is full strength and flavor it has A remarkable balance that keeps it smooth and enjoyable from start to finish. The flavors of this cigar run from spicy cedar to A sweet caramel finish and everything in between. A must try cigar for full flavored fans. I personally score this cigar 93. A truly great cigar.
RB of Rockmart, GA
WOW !!! Fantastic smoke! This one is definitely not for beginers. Very full in flavor & very tasty. I honestly don't know why this stick is not rated over 90. I've tried almost 80 cigars this year & this one has been one of the best! You can't go wrong with this one. I'll be buyin' more in the future. Enjoy!
DB of Unadilla, NY
Firstly, Oscuro Fuerte translated in man quite literally means, Hairy Chested Neanderthal. Thats what I was expecting, an unrefined beast of a stick that would kick my face in. To expect and be wrong, well that my manly friends is a beautiful thing. On the light I was taken aback by how mild this cigar was, with a slight cedar and an unmistakable sweet flavor, the flavor of an Arizona Sweet Tea. If you feel manly enough to light this cigar take a deep draw and picture the most beautiful day in Georgia. Sweet tea, warm weather, and the smell of fresh cut grass. Even if you are at the North Pole trying this the first taste will warm your heart and set your mind at ease. Now, if I might make a personal suggestion, pair this cigar with a glass of Dogfish Head's beer Raison D'Etre. Be warned though, you have about ten minutes of perfect pairing heaven. After ten minutes the cigar keeps the already mentioned flavors but receives depth. Now you're on that Georgian porch with sweet tea accompanied with the most soul quenching meal you have ever had. That how this cigar becomes. Full and rich, gritting its teeth and asking you "Have you had enough? Still think your a MAN?" Spice slowly floods in as you get to the lower third and ends with a subtle coffee. Might I say, La Herencia Cubana took the unrefined manly Neanderthal called Oscuro Fuerte and changed him. They educated him, gave him a proper shave, and made him into the man few could strive to be. Get this cigar but only if you are man enough. -Godspeed All Man
BP of Wellsville, NY
Comes out kicking you in the teeth with spicy and strength. After about an inch in it settles down and is a good strong and smooth smoke. Both myself and my buddy commented on it having a sweet finish. This one definitely makes my top 5. complex with some kick!
SS of Long Beach, MS
I'm enjoying this cigar immensely. The smoke is rich and full and it smells wonderful. I've smoked 5 cigars and they all burned consistent and even. I'll be keeping this stick in my humidor all the time. Great value........ like it a lot.
BM of Portland, OR
Just bought a box of the Toro (6.5" x 50) after trying the flight sampler. Great rich/full smoke....... Wonderful taste. It's my new favorite cigar.
BM of Portland, OR
I had been wanting to give these a try and finallaly bought two singles (belicosos) on the bid site. WOW! What a great smoke. I love maduros and have smoked a lot of different brands but this is spot on. The flavor is rich, smooth, and chocolaty. The burn is even all the way to the nub. As soon as I post this review I am ordering a box.
PS of Pekin, IL
I just finished one of these and was pretty impressed. I got it with the CI Sizzler Sampler (which is awesome) and it has been setting in the humidor for several weeks. The flavor was immediately noticeable and pleasantly strong. It had a good draw and appeared to have good construction upon initial inspection. It burned relatively evenly also. The only complaint I have about this particular one was that I found out after lighting it that it was pretty dry. It started to split and fall apart as I was smoking it. But I think it had to do with it probably being an older cigar because of how long it sat in the humi before smoking it. I would definitely buy this one again.
ST of Fpo, AP
I had smoked the regular La Herencia and liked it, so I bought a box of the Core version. Loved it, but it's a bit pricey. Decided to try the Oscuro Fuerte... Wow! What a great smoke! I prefer it to the Core. To me, it's much more flavorful. Full bodied, but not over powering. Burn and draw are excellent. You cannot go wrong with this one.
Just got a 5 pack of the belicosos yesterday and already finished my third, and I think I'm going to start a fourth! Perfect draw and great construction. What a great cigar! My go-to has been the Diesel Unlimited. But this I think beats it on flavor and construction. Needless to say I just ordered a box!
I got one of these in a throw-in pack that CI sent to me because part of an order was delayed in shipping. I have bought them again several times since. This is a very tasty and well-constructed full-bodied cigar. If you want a really good smoke without paying a fortune for it, look no further.
I have been enjoying these for some time now. It is probably the best $3 cigar on the market. Can't imagine why they are on backorder now. I like the toro the best. Great flavor, great burn, and construction is is top notch. A.J. didn't cut any corners on this one. A great everyday smoke.
Core! One of my all time favorite 'gars & since I tried & liked both La Herencia & Oscuro, I am buying a box of the beefy 5.5" X 54 Gordo Robustos, as much for the five lovely Core cigars, (that retail for the total cost of this purchase) as for the twenty La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte Robustos. Wow! That's a mouthful. Say La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte Robusto five times quickly. Another typical, but very solid AJ Fernandez offering. All the usual. Construction, check. Medium/full bodied, check. Complexity, check. Bang for the buck, check. A good, solid, affordable luxury. 89/100 AJ Fernandez is beyond brilliant. He has so many blends that are either very good & inexpensive or totally off the charts & eight bones plus. Both approaches seem to work. I rarely encounter one of his blends that I don't immediately put into my rotation or in storage, for a rainy day. Many good deals can be had, on over twenty terrific AJ Fernandez vitolas, if you keep your eyes open.
La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte toro is a well constructed, firmly packed example of the brilliance of AJ Fernandez. I have come to worship his talent & crave his cigars. LHCOF is draped with a leathery Oscuro leaf that brings a lot of oomph to the party. It burns evenly, is loaded with medium bodied flavors like leather, toast, black tobacco & an underlying sweetness. At a cost of 3 bones per 6" X 52 toro, it is hard not to like the blend. My Father has a stogie called La Reloba Oscuro, that is similar to the Fuerte & costs about the same, when you can find them. I really like both vitolas & keep a few in storage. If you like medium/full flavored butts & like me, rely on finding deals to help keep you well stocked with enjoyable blends, give La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte a try. My previous rating of 89 jumps to 91/100 with a few weeks storage. Delicious!
Like so many GREAT cigars coming out of Nicaragua the La Herencia Cubana Oscuro is one of MANY that rival Cubans,at a1/3 the price. this is a no-brainier. I just LOVE this stick-- thick and creamy-a must try.
I've went through at least 15 boxes of these since trying my first stick. For the money, they're the best smoke out there.
MR of Crown Point, IN
great smoke for a reasonable(cheap) price! could easily be a daily smoke for the price!
TF of sioux falls, SD
Originally thought this was a cheap cigar thrown into offset the cost of more pricey vitolas in a sampler. It was long and skinny so I'll assume it's a Churchill. The cigar was quite flavorful and smooth. Not what I expected from the dark wrapper. A really enjoyable smooth smoke. Contrary to other reviews, I had a real hard time with the draw. Still a cigar worthy of a permanent presence in my humidor albeit a different size.
SS of Chapin, SC
This is my favorite cigar. The taste is good but may be too Full for some. The Robustos are great. They consistantly buren even, draw easy and if you are a fan of the 'long ash' this cigar will not disappoint you. I like to 'punch cut' them and it woorks out very well. Enjoy one today.
DR of Scranton, PA
Lit one of these firecrackers up straight off the truck. Has a beautiful draw from beginning to end. Lots of smoke and rich on the pallet. It's a bit of an ass kicker so if your not used to full-bodied it may just punch you in the back of the head! Gave one to my buddy and it blew his sox off at first light. If your not used to playing with the big dogs then you better leave this one alone and stay under the porch.
JR of Orlando, FL
How much are these things? A gordo robusto or an over sized toro for 3 clams! Are they really jam packed with long leaf ligeros from Nicaragua's 3 top growing regions? And expertly draped with a stunning Pennsylvania Broadleaf? Do they deliver full bodied/full flavored enjoyment & a flavor profile that will have you drooling? Yes, yes & yes. I am ordering yet another box of these gems before they disappear. For my diligence, the terrific folks at Cigars International are insisting I take a fiver of the indescribably delicious La Herencia Cubana Core lightly box pressed toros for free. Core is like Oscuro Fuerte on anabolic steroids. Bolder, brasher, bigger everything. So extraordinary that I gave it a re-donkulous 95/100 rating! Last time I looked, this 6.5" X 52 dream of a smoke was commanding upwards of 10 simoleans per vitola! I'm no math whiz, but 5 Core toros are a real value of over $40.00. Getting 20 very good AJ Fernandez stogies like La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte for about a buck a stick investment is what I call a value! It's cliche, but it's an absolute "No-Brainer"!
This forever unsatisfied uber-picky batsard is BLOWN AWAY! Six years of trying recommended cigars as an amateur enthusiast, and not a one has ever became a favorite. At best there were half-loves. That has changed NOW! With a Stone's IPA (yes, this smoke was so good an IPA couldn't hold it back), before I even lit up I got this addicting heavy rich sweet aroma off the tobacco that I couldn't not, and did not want to stop sniffing. You know its going to be a good time when you want to keep it around as incense before you even taste it. I light up and from the start, its better than most cigars at 1/4-1/2 in. The first half remained just past medium-full to almost full in profile, without being overwhelming in strength. I spent a long time thinking how to describe this, and this is the best I can come up with. Coffee studded pecan brittle sweetness with a lightly leathery medium deep dark nutty wood. Yes, I said pecan brittle. One thing that made this unique from any other cigar I've had was the intense aroma of natural sweetness, never actually being sweet, but makes you think of inhaling a fresh opened bag of demerara sugar! Incredible! I wanted to spend more time inhaling just the toasting body of the cigar itself almost more than actually tasting it! That good! The body was the best constructed I've ever had the pleasure of sampling. I actually had a 1/2 inch canoe from the start due to my match fumbling, but I left it alone. Know what? It corrected and evened itself out! What a smart smoke... Perfect draw, but was light on the smoke volume, my one of only two complaints. My second complaint isn't a fault of the cigar, but personal preference. The second half got INTENSE. The strength ratcheted up to kick ass full. It overwhelmed the balance of the palate. That natural tobacco sweetness was still there, but got a little lost in the increasing strength which turned to more intense leather and dark wood burning charcoal briquettes. I want my first box!
CG of Airville, PA
Picked up a box on sale without having tried these before. I have to agree with other reviewers here: effortless draw, gorgeous wrapper and an amazingly hearty, rich flavor without being over the top. I've been smoking one every other week since they arrived off the truck and each time I am amazed at how much better they get just from a resting in the humidor. When I order my next box I'm going to stash five from this first box deep in the humidor to see how another year or two of aging does on them. Looking forward to the results!
RM of Portland, OR
Some cigars are worth an occasional single purchase. Some are well worth buying a 5 pack here and there, and then there are the sticks that you have to buy a box at a time. LHC Oscuro Fuerte is a BOXER for sure. They are super great maduros with just enough sweetness to tame it strength with an intoxicating aroma. Considering their price, and consistency it is hard to pass them up. My cigar buddies are amazed after smoking one that they are so affordable. I hope the keep rolling forever. It is a life-long smoke.
ME of Mauldin, SC
Ordinarily, I don't like "full flavored" cigars; most are harsh and nasty (at least to me), rather than flavorful. The first Oscuro Fuerte I smoked seemed to follow this pattern (they are a bit rough when first lit), but after a few minutes it smoothed out and we were off to the races. After the initial blast, these things just get richer, smoother and more flavorful; the more of it you smoke, the better it gets. I burn them until they burn me, and hate to throw one away then. Wonderful smoke. I was hooked after the first one, and always keep some around.

LHC Oscuro Fuerte

Posted by Keith

New off the rolling tables in Esteli, Nicaragua comes Oscuro Fuerte, a gorgeous line extension from La Herencia Cubana. This rich, extra-strong LHC brings big flavor and knee-knocking strength. Take a seat son, this will only hurt a little. Indeed, Oscuro Fuerte is a powerhouse blend packing heat and bringing the thunder. Its potent, sumptuous PA Broadleaf maduro wrapper pairs with bold, searing ligero filler tobaccos from the growing regions of Esteli, Condega and Jalapa. All told, this LHC is visually striking to say the least, offering a deep, dark chocolate colored wrapper bursting with tooth and glistening with an oily sheen. In fact, before even sparking it up you can imagine the flavor within, just waiting to be uncorked and run roughshod over your palate. Rounding out its discernibly good looks is the cigar’s heft – well-packed, firm, heavy in the hand. Clearly this carefully constructed black beauty was designed for the seasoned cigar smoker.

From first light on, the draw is perfect and the smoke thick and dense. Not overly complex, it brings rich notes of espresso, licorice, spices plus a long and toasty finish. As it develops, a slight sweetness and increasingly pronounced spice becomes clearly noticeable. The first inch or so is medium in body, but as it burns the power increases markedly. Frankly, as it nears conclusion I can really feel the strength most noticeably in the gut. Not unbearably so, but enough to let me know who the alpha male is. A distinctly tasty profile from start to finish coupled with impressive strength and flawless construction make LHC Oscuro Fuerte a winner, winner, chicken dinner on all fronts. Considering you can pick up a box in the $3- $3.50 per stick range, it’s also a phenomenal value. C’mon. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cigar of this caliber for such a price at any store (other than CI of course, chum).

As a general rule, cigars with this type of deep black oscuro wrapper aren’t normally to my liking. I find that while they normally offer well-placed richness and strength, they linger on my tongue in unnatural form….making me want to scrape my mouth clean to rid myself of the troublesome beast. But that ain’t the case at all with Oscuro Fuerte. It’s strong and rich but feels properly fermented and utterly natural on the palate. It’s a bit heavy toward the end yet remains uber-flavorful and nicely balanced.

Fans of full-bodied maduros, feast! La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte delivers the goods.