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La Gloria Cubana Serie R

'R'guably La Gloria Cubana's finest.

The La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigar utilizes an Ecuadorian grown Colorado shade wrapper, or Connecticut Broadleaf maduro, concealing an extensively aged blend of Mexican, Dominican, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan filler leaves. The result is a richer, spicier, fuller bodied version of the regular La Gloria Cubana cigar line. Using thicker ring gauges, the Serie R helped pave the way for today’s thicker, bolder cigars.

The Serie R has been honored with a 92-rating noting: "Rich in color with an oily wrapper and superbly crafted cap, this short robusto draws and burns evenly. Sweet woods and floral notes are balanced by spices, earth and hints of dried orange peel."

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (5.7"x56) 5-PACK In Stock $37.45 $30.00
Belicoso + Colibri Cutter (5.7"x56) BOX OF 24 In Stock $179.79 $134.83
No. 3 (Gordo) (4.5"x56) 5-PACK Out of Stock $29.45 $23.00    
No. 3 + Colibri Cutter (Gordo) (4.5"x56) BOX OF 24 Backordered $141.36 $106.03
No. 4 (Robusto) (4.9"x52) 5-PACK In Stock $32.45 $26.00
No. 4 + Colibri Cutter (Robusto) (4.9"x52) BOX OF 24 In Stock $155.76 $119.57
No. 4 Maduro (Robusto) (4.9"x52) 5-PACK In Stock $32.45 $26.00
No. 4 Maduro + Colibri Cutter (Robusto) (4.9"x52) BOX OF 24 In Stock $155.76 $119.57
No. 5 (Robusto) (5.5"x54) 5-PACK In Stock $36.45 $29.50
No. 5 + Colibri Cutter (Robusto) (5.5"x54) BOX OF 24 In Stock $174.96 $134.54
No. 5 Maduro (Robusto) (5.5"x54) 5-PACK In Stock $36.45 $29.50
No. 5 Maduro + Colibri Cutter (Robusto) (5.5"x54) BOX OF 24 In Stock $174.96 $134.54
No. 6 (Gordo) (5.9"x60) 5-PACK In Stock $41.45 $33.50
No. 6 + Colibri Cutter (Gordo) (5.9"x60) BOX OF 24 In Stock $198.96 $153.26
No. 6 Maduro (Gordo) (5.9"x60) 5-PACK In Stock $41.45 $33.50
No. 6 Maduro + Colibri Cutter (Gordo) (5.9"x60) BOX OF 24 In Stock $198.96 $153.26
No. 7 (Gordo) (7.0"x58) 5-PACK In Stock $47.45 $38.50
No. 7 + Colibri Cutter (Gordo) (7.0"x58) BOX OF 24 In Stock $227.76 $175.73
No. 7 Maduro (Gordo) (7.0"x58) 5-PACK In Stock $47.45 $38.50
No. 7 Maduro + Colibri Cutter (Gordo) (7.0"x58) BOX OF 24 In Stock $227.76 $175.73
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Customer Reviews of “La Gloria Cubana Serie R”
I purchased 2 Herf A Dor packs. El Gordo #40: La Gloria Serie R + Herf-a-Dor and a Romeo y Julieta 1875 Herf-a-Dor Combo. The deal on these were great and the lighter that came with the La Gloria is a terrific lighter, but the La Gloria Serie R were sadly disappointing. Not sure how they got a 92 rating. On the other hand the Romeo y Julieta 1875 fabulous and I will order them again when they are back in stock.
GR of Kamloops, BC
The best Vitola of the bunch is the No. 3. Short and bitter sweet. Deep earth and raw cocoa dominate this cigar. It also has a zesty dried fruitiness toward the end. This is an everyday, all day smoke. Full bodied and full smooth strength.
PW of Charlestown, RI
La Gloria Cubana Serie R: I prefer the natural over the maduro, and I have tried each cigar in this series from the piquenios to the #7's. IMHO the best is the #6. It's got the right combination of length and ring gauge. There's something in these cigars, maybe a special tobacco, maybe something else, but it acts, for me, like a neuro-toxin. I can be as angry, sad, or frustrated as I've ever been, then light up a #6 and within a few puffs all is right with the world again. This doesn't happen for me with all cigars, nor with all of the Serie R's, just the #6 and #7. Your results may vary if the receptor in my brain is different than yours. As for taste: I taste Oak or Mesquite, floral, and a tiny bit of orange rind. They always burn perfectly and always have a perfect draw.
CL of Wyoming, PA
Had the natural #5...not a bad smoke...not really the flavor I prefer, but it has a bold flavor with a good amount of smoke production...I will have to try the maduro version, as that is more of my type of smoke...
SA of Fort Worth, TX
I have yet to find another full bodied cigar that I enjoy more than the La Gloria Cubana serie R in maduro wrapper. If you treat these cigars well and keep them properly humid, then you will not be disappointed. This is possibly the most flavorful fullbodied cigar that I have tried. If there is one out there that someone would say can trump it, let em know.
TR of Wyoming, MI
I burned one of these down this afternoon and I have to say it was absolutely incredible. Fantastic smoke with a rich hearty flavor while remaining smooth. Burn was even all the way around all the way to the nub. A very enjoyable smoke worthy of the 92 rating that it received by the experts.
WN of Las Vegas, NV
La Gloria R... I so fondly remember my 1st one, instant love.... I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one who gets "High" (for better lack of description) while smoking a good cigar... Like a similar smokable substance, I too feel strong euphoric effects while smoking certain cigars. The La Gloria R is by far one of my favorites. While a bit pricey off the shelf, CI offers this gem at a reasonable price for common man. Thanks CI! Maybe it's just a Pennsylvania thing???
The Serie R Pequenos are the best small cigars I have tried to date. Most small cigars lack the flavor of their big brothers; not these.
I have never had a cigar burn so perfect. Picked one of these up in a sampler. The tastes were pronounced and assertive, the wrapper was perfect, the burn was razor sharp, so I can totally see the 92 rating. Probably would have been rated higher if it weren't for the price. Great smoke!!
AF of Minneapolis, MN
Once this Series R was referred to as my go to smoke, actually this is my number smoke! Fabulous full body cigar.
Fell obligated to offer my honest unbiased review of the 60 ring series R madero to any serious smoker. This cigar was very enjoyable in every way. Not trying to sell anybody,just an honest review of my experience with this cigar. Well constructed. Burned beautifully?no touch ups needed.Complex throughout. Very nice aroma.One of the best Madurese I have ever smoked. Not too pricey when you consider you get 24 per box. Hated to put it out but don't like burning my fingers. I will buy more.Really enjoyable and I am a serious cigar lover. Take for what it's worth.
I'm halfway through my first one of these, and I just had to post something while it was on my mind. I love this cigar. I'm not sure of the number or size, but I picked it up in the current "Chosen One 4" sampler as of March of 2014. I've always been a La Gloria fan, and this one is the best I've had from this brand so far. I've smoked several of the N series, and while the taste and draw is similar, the N series always released a large amount of smoke off of the end of the cigar, so much that it often was annoying. This is not the case with this R series cigar. This is going to be one of my go-to cigars. I look forward to finishing this one off and seeing how it holds up to the nub.
AB of brazil, IN
Love at First Taste... What an incredible experience
CI of Huntington Station, NY
Smoking my first one right now. #4.......very nice! The construction is fabulous, even burn, nice feel, nice look. My son gave me this to try, and I have to say I taught him well. For the money, this is absolutely amazing. Very smooth with LOTS of smoke. Effortless puffs, yet a solid draw. I hope they're all like this, cause I'm looking to order a fair amount. This just joined my stock pile, and I have a good one. You don't always have to spend the big bucks to get the big dollar experience. I only wish I would have found this stick sooner. Better late then never.............
Robusto #5. Wow. The spice at the front end is very powerful. I love it but it could be too much for someone not used to it. After a bit the spice mellowed some and the flavor could be best described as "savory." Very much like enjoying a fine steak. Very complex flavoring. Spice was still there but not as strong or by itself anymore about 1/3 in. Did need to touch it up some and that brought back the spice to the forefront for a bit. Overall one of my favorite smokes, plan to buy more and also try other sizes.
DO of Jefferson City, MO
#5 Natural. Incredibly spicy start! Loved it. After about 1/3 mark the heavy spice tapered off a bit and went to background a bit. still there but not as overpowering and smoke was more "savory" is the best word for it. Like a great steak. About halfway in got a very heavy nicotine rush. Needed a touch-up and that brought out the spice again. One of my favorites. Will be getting other sizes to try. Not for a first time smoker though, very intense cigar.
DO of Jefferson City, MO
By far the most tasteful cigar good shape, magnificent taste, less expansive and more relaxing then a full body massage.
BL of Phoenix, AZ
La Gloria Cubana Serie R (No. 4 - Natural): Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Very little resistance on draw and very heavy amount of smoke output even when at rest. Thick and oily on palate. Mild to Medium strength and medium flavors. Flavors of very light initial citrus followed by caramel and sweet leather. Tobacco has a slight sourness on lips. Medium length finish of leather and aged tobacco with no spice.
So...I purchased these with my new humidor and I don't know, maybe since I'm a newbie but this cigar was awesome. Amazing flavor and maintained a full burn. I felt so relaxed and, call me crazy, but felt buzzed. Could have del asleep with the way it made me feel. I'm edited to try more and share with my experts. Great cigar!
AC of Homestead, FL
Over all, one of the best out there. The nice thing is, if you had one 2 years ago and smoked one today, you get the same cigar. No fussing with the blend, no tweeking and ruining a good thing, just a damn good cigar.
Bang for the buck, the #6 natural is my "go to" cigar. Hey, I love an Ashton VSG, Padron, etc. - but this cigar has the right price/value point.
DS of Stilwell, KS
Was looking for a smooth maduro and saw the reviews on this one. I picked up a stick at a cigar shop and wasn't disappointed. For a full-bodied cigar I couldn't tell. I didn't find it overwhelming at all. Maybe my palate is maturing because I usually prefer mild to medium cigars. Lots of creamy smoke with an excellent burn. Very tasty. I'm smoking it down to the nub as I type this. I'll be ordering a few more of theses for my humi.
SP of Milton, MA
Good God, man! This maduro is beauty IN the beast, I kid you not. Had one right off the truck with a phenomenal beer. I had never paired a cigar with a beer, but the Founder's English Porter was friggin' perfect! And this cigar is a sturdy & powerful bit of decadence. NOT an everyday smoke, for me! I could save these for a special occasion, but prefer to make smoking the Serie R maduro THE special occasion. I do recommend that you eat first.
PS of Decatur, GA
Just got these in a Herf/5-cigar deal. The construction is fine, the draw is a little hard and the cigar is trying to convince me that it a fine smoke as I am smoking it and writing this review. Well it is doing a good job of changing my mind. I was going to give it a bad review, but the longer I smoke this the better it gets. The draw is now just fine, it's medium/full body and I find it well balanced. I'm smoking the last third now and have to admit that its not too shabby. Overall it is a nice cigar with lots of smoke, with flavors that remain in the mouth (pepper,earthy,hearty). I would buy these again, they are a nice smoke for after dinner or with a drink. The cigar took me about 1 hour 20 min. to finish and it never got hot or bitter. If you like medium to full bodied cigars that are well built and want to try this, go ahead you wont be sorry.
I absolutely love the robustos. Maybe my favorite smoke. Full bodied with a flavor that holds up even when paired with a peaty scotch.
DM of Rohnert Park, CA
By far one of my favorite smokes.
JR of Weatherford, OK
This is a great cigar, smooth all the way to the end.
Excellent smoke! One of my all time favorites.
EC of Tully, NY
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