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La Aurora 2nds

La Aurora's bread and butter, for less.

As you probably know, La Aurora is one of the cigar industry's premier factories, and represents the oldest and most respected factory in the Dominican Republic. Within these walls, a fantastic array of high-end, highly rated blends are created, including Preferidos, 1495, and Cien Anos to name a few. But the original La Aurora is the factory's bread and butter. A delicious, mild to medium-bodied, Cameroon-wrapper handmade that'll rival any cigar on the market.

La Aurora's quality control standards are some of the strictest used today. Each and every cigar must undergo countless levels of verification prior to receiving a band, let alone making its way into a box. But, even the best in the business makes a mistake here and there. That's where La Aurora 2nds come into play. These cigars are La Aurora Cameroon. However, they were rejected due to some aesthetic inconsistency....the wrapper was too light or dark, or contained a sun spot or heavy vein. Either way, the cigars smoke and taste exactly like the firsts, giving you a fantastic bang for the buck.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Belicoso (6.2"x52)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $100.20 $27.99    
Double Corona (Presidente) (7.5"x50)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $94.50 $29.99    
Gran Corona (Toro) (6.5"x50)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $90.00 $24.99    
Robusto (5.0"x50)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $85.20 $21.99    
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Aurora 2nds”

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4 out of 5
Nice smoke
Good cigar at a great price
5 out of 5
C.I., does a great job.
C.I., does a great job! They ship exactly what I order, and in the projected ship-time. Always right, always on time!
5 out of 5
La Aurora 2nds
La Aurora 2nds are as good as any 1st's I've ever bought. Smooth smoking, well made, good burn, nice ash. I just wish I could get them all year round!
5 out of 5
Great smoke for the money
For the price these are a well constructed smooth medium smoke. Definitely a good everyday cigar.
3 out of 5
little on strong side
Cover darker than it appeared on line
5 out of 5
Fast shipping!
Great service, fast shipping!!!
5 out of 5
Good smoke'n deal
I like La Aurora, I like Cameroon wrappers.....only thing wrong is they 'sell out' too fast!
2 out of 5
Sad to say because AURORA has made many of my favorite cigars but these were too strong and too tightly rolled making it a pain to smoke it. Will not buy again.
5 out of 5
Pleasurable experience dealing with CI.
Pleasurable experience dealing with CI. Recently tried Aurora 2nds - super buy like every other CI purchase
4 out of 5
La Aurora 2nds Gran Corona
Smooth good cigar
5 out of 5
LA Aurora 2nds
These are great, as a matter of fact, I can't understand why they're even being sold as 2nds. They smoke great, Look great, and I saved a ton buying 2nds. I will definately continue to purchase them, it's pretty cool being able to afford to smoke LA Aurora Cameroon as an everyday smoke!
5 out of 5
Absolutely Fantastic!!!
Man, I thought about leaving a one-star rating so as to dissuade others from buying these. But I couldn't do that to my fellow smokers! These 2nds are fantastic!!! I ordered a bundle along with a bundle of Torano's and these are 10X better! Smooth, easy draw, outstanding mild flavor.....nothing negative except they are out of Robusto's. I will have ordered more by the time you read this review.
5 out of 5
Excelent service. First class cigars.Good
Excelent service. First class cigars.Good price.
5 out of 5
good bang for the buck
Customer Testimonials
The taste and burn range from good to great. The price is great. Try them, especially if you like Cameroons. These are good enough that I let one get all dried out (by accident) and even dropped it, which caused the wrapper to completly unravel. I smoked it without the wrapper, it burned just fine and still tasted great!
This is a great cigar! Tastes and smokes like a first-run La Aurora. Quality long fillers and well wrapped, you'd expect to pay much more than the asking price. The Cameroon wrapper adds a hint of sweetness while the cigar burns true to form. Medium bodied excellence. Thanks, CI.
Bought these figuring I would just hand them out to friends or a cigar that can be trashed half way through. Rested in the humidor for a few weeks and wow. These are very good and obviously easy on the wallet. Handed some out to friends who do not really smoke and they enjoyed them! Occasional burn issues but im positive thats just from taking them from the humidor to outside (very cold and dry). Go for it, buy a bundle.
Sorry, last review was meant for another smoke. These LA AURORA 2nds are a masterpiece of LOVE. What a great smoke. I haven't had the new La Aurora Cameroon, but I believe it's stronger, these original La Auroras are just great the way they are, and "2nds", at least the ones I've had from CI, are not 2nds, they're 1sts, primos, lovelies...
Fantabulous! A bit pricey, not nearly as powerful as Ruination, but a nice, smooth, sweet, spicy, enjoyable smoke.
I wrote the review below a while back. Been smoking these for months now and they have been consistently outstanding! Too bad that my favorite sizes sell out too quickly and I am never sure when or if they will become available...I guess that's the way it is with seconds...get 'em while you can and get what you have room in the humidor for...
Love these when they're in stock! Great burn and flavor you would expect from La Aurora.
Excellent, No complaints. Very nice cigar!!
This is truly a great cigar! I cannot wait to get home and light one up every night. very satisfying and tasty.
These are my go-to cigars. Great flavor and smoke for a price I can sustain in my retirement. They are not without some issues, such as the occasional plugged cigar or loose wrappers. But, I don't think any box of cigars I ever got didn't have a dud or two, no matter what the price. I find that these Aurora cigars within 6.5" seem to have the least problems. Many thanks to Cigars International for stocking these.
These are amazing cigars. Could not tell the difference. Great deal.
Smooth and tasty.
Given the limited choices of cigars between some European and American machine-mades, and on the other extreme end, the authentic and very expensive Cuban cigars that are available at their franchise here in Tehran (Iran), tried these La Aurora Double Coronas with delight. Mild to Medium, earthy, spicy, and with a great aroma. Aroma alone is just intoxicating. If I did not know what the brand was, would have probably guessed it to be a pricy Dominican Cameroon Red Dot, which I had the opportunity to try a while ago. These La Auroras are great and will be one of my top favorites.
Construction and draw on the La Aurora 2nds were fine. Beyond that, you get what you pay for. Adjust your expectations accordingly.
Ordered the #4, BLD of 15. Great daily smoke for those of us who aren't yet millionaires. They do seem to benefit from some time in the humidor. Also agree with the reviewer that mentioned they smoked faster than you'd expect, likely due to the looser-than-average roll, which in turn gives it a nice smooth draw and decent amounts of smoke. Sent a couple to a friend who may have liked them even more than me. Worth their price in gold, I'd say. Can't go wrong with La Aurora.
The only difference between this cigar and the regular line is there's not a band on it. :)
My 2nds arrived a few days ago. Let them sit in my humidor for 4 days. Great draw, very mild with a lot of flavor. My dad and I were very impressed by the smoke. He has a good amount of the Black Pearl and the Slow Aged by Perdomo and he enjoyed this one over those. Overall the price and quality are reasons to give it a try. Besides, these are great for your mooch friends...will be ordering more.
Have just ordered my forth Robusto bundle and I must say they can't get here fast enough. Great smoke for the $$.
Thought I'd give these a try, I purchased a bundle of the #4s. I have to say I'm surprised at how good these are. I've smoked about 8 so far with no problem at all, good draw, good burn, great flavor...these are the first cheap sticks that hit that zen spot like my more expensive favorites. If you like a mild to med smoke with some great flavor for not much coin, try these! I will be getting some more as soon as I have room in my humidor.
Worth every penny and then some..get some good rest on them and you will be happy. Nice cami wrapped treat in a perfect size for this blend. Only difference in these cigars from the firsts are slight color or veins in the wrap. Must have for any botl in their humidor.
Good everyday cigar. Easy draw, creamy smoke with a pleasant aroma. These were my first bundle of cigars I ever purchased and I find myself going back to them time and again. Will always keep a bundle in my humidor.
Great inexpensive cigar, I hate to use the word cheap because there is nothing cheap about them. I have smoked 3 bundles of the #4 and recently purchased 3 more.... I have never smoked a bad one. Get them when they are in stock because they sellout fast and it takes a few months before CI restocks.
Arrived In Good Shape, Very Satisfied With My Purchase. :)
Ordered them on a weekend they were shipped with the cheap service on Monday arrived that Wednesday. I love them and the only issue so far is the wrapper but it is well worth the price, plus a dollar a stick if u ask me.
I ordered these off the factory 2nds page, seemed like a good deal, only $1.20 for a corona sized La Aurora..paid the priority mail rate because I found they get here in a very short time and don't have to spend up to ten days in the UPS system and are ready to smoke right out of the box. If resting in the humidor improves these cigars, then they really are a great bargain. True, they might look a little veiny, but the taste was really great,especially for the price. These will definitely be my 'go to' cigar when I am wanting a more mild cigar with plenty of taste. The #4 is a good corona size smoke that lasted an hour with no re-lights. What more can I say? Great value for the price, you should definitely give them a try if you are looking for a smoke that won't break your wallet. For me, the best value in a mild-medium smoke. Thanks CI, you keep making me a happy camper!!
Just got a bundle of the #4 yesterday. I've already smoked two and am very pleased. It is a nice flavorful mild smoke with hints of many different flavors. I usually smoke robustos, but try to keep some corona sized cigars around for shorter smoking times. I've found the new "go to" in that category. Excellent value if you don't care about bands, boxes and perfect wrappers. I'm gonna stock up on these!!!
Delicious smoke! Improved in the humidor to a slower more mellow burn. I think the seconds rating is mainly due to the looser rolling of these ... they smoked a little fast for the size. If you want full body you have come to the wrong cigar. Mellow, smooth, mild, with enough flavor for me. When I want a full bodied smoke that is still smooth, I go with a Punch Maduro. These would also be a great smoke for new comers. Thanks CI for the great price on a great cigar!
Wow!! I just got a bundle of these in the mail today and I'm smoking one as I type. This is great! easy draw great smoke and flavor, perfect burn. I inspected everyone of mine and I didn't find one issue at all. Amazing steal!
Great price. I have had issues with the wrapper unraveling and the rare plugged cigar. I can live with the occasional defects. They taste great, though they are not the prettiest stogies in the humidor. I'll continue to buy them as long as they are available.
I ordered a bundle of these seconds about two weeks ago. Since then, I've smoked six of 'em, and each one has been great! A wonderful, mild-to-medium bodied smoke with a tasty Cameroon wrapper. Yeah, some of 'em may look a little rough, but who cares?!
Ok, not sure what the buzz is all about these cigars. Smoking the sixth one right now of the bundle and I have to tell you that not one of them has been good. I've had three with poor draw, one with bad burn (I.e.a canoe like I've never experienced before) and the one I'm smoking now, the wrapper has unraveled from the light up. As far as the flavor goes, not enough to keep my interest. I've smoked a lot of cigars in the past ten years or so and never had this many issues with one brand, or one bundle in particular before. Bad luck? I don't know Just saying that I'm not pleased with these cigars. Not going to buy these again.
Like you, I was extremely skeptical, but was surprised to find this cigar to be a very tasty stick for the money - Honest. Burns and draws perfectly and has plenty of earthiness and a fair amount of cameroon. I'm ordering my second bundle now.
Bought these to add my homemade labels for a relatives wedding out of the country. They were fantastic...smooth, great even burn, slightly sweet finish. The one drawback was trying to light them with matches on a windy night in Aruba. Would recommend.
I'm not going to bother with my impressions of taste, draw, etc. Just know, these are the cigars I smoke everyday. I order them 60 at a time. They are just a terrific unbanded cigar. Nothing 2nd about it.
My morning coffee loves this cigar. As does my wallet.
These (La Aurora 2nds) are a great cigar. You guys called it, they really do taste and smoke like firsts. The biggest difference is of course the great price.
This is an outstanding cigar and deal (La Aurora 2nds). Just got done with my first bundle. It took me all of a week. This has become my go to cigar. Great flavor and very well constructed. It is a great anytime cigar.
I have smoked La Aurora 100 anos as well as the Leon Jimenes cigars and they are fantastic. I knew these babies would not disappoint. (La Aurora 2nds) Sure enough they were such a pleasure to smoke. I would put them up against many top quality cigars. To me the only imperfection is that this fine cigar doesn't have a label (goes to show you the high standards La Aurora requires) and for the I feel like I'm stealing them. Try one thats all I have to say. Thank you CI and La Aurora
These are really wonderful cigars (La Aurora 2nds)! I ordered the Robusto size and was expecting half of them to be too tight on the draw or too soft etc. There was not a bad cigar in the 15 ct bundle. The flavor is delicious with hints of caramel and my better half really enjoyed the room note. O and then there's the price. I am reaching for my top shelf sticks less and less as i can have 4 of these for the price of my other sticks and the flavor is as good if not better..