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Blue Label B2 Cuban Wheels

Deep discount on price, no discount on flavor!

A star is born. Hailing from the hallowed halls where Gran Habano and Blue Label - among others - call home, B2 is a gem that's ripe for the taking. Here's the deal: packaging is minimalist, the blend is all substance, and all costs were focused on making a deliciously flavorful handmade at a sharp price. Eyeball these plumpin' 30-count wheels lustily - the salivary glands start pumping and the wallet is safely out of harm's way. B2 is as low as $39.99 for a big-boy wheel of 30 cigars. That's bang for the buck if I've ever seen it.

Handcrafted in Gran Habano's Danli, Honduras factory, Blue Label's B2 employs a dark Nicaraguan-grown Habano leaf overtop a complex blend of aged Nicaraguan and Panamanian tobaccos. Medium to full-bodied, B2 is brimming with dense, hearty flavors and complexity. Notes of earth, coffee and leather coat the palate while sweet and peppery nuances round out the mix. Satisfying and delicious, B2 is a thing of beauty that answers the bell when you need Cadillac flavor at Yugo prices.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (7.0"x50) WHEEL OF 30 In Stock $120.00 $44.99
Double Toro (Gordo) (6.0"x60) WHEEL OF 30 In Stock $135.00 $49.99
Robusto (5.0"x52) WHEEL OF 30 In Stock $105.00 $39.99
Torpedo (6.5"x52) WHEEL OF 30 In Stock $135.00 $49.99
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Customer Reviews of “Blue Label B2 Cuban Wheels”
I bought a wheel of robustos in nov. I gave them out to friends and son-in-law's. I figured an average smoke, for the price. I pulled one out yesterday 3-4-11, and found out sitting for 3 months made a world of difference. Smoke's as good or if not better than most 8-12 dollar cigars. [ calif taxed ]. Warm and smoked with a cup of coffee. Smooth, medium burn, smokes to the nub. Great smoke!!
GS of Ione, CA
I purchased the wheel of B2's Robustos solely outa curiosity and the reviews online. When they arrived, as taking them outa their cellophane and put them in the humidor, I noticed they are quite moist as if freshly rolled. At the same time, they have a wonderful pre-light sweet-spicey-cinnamon-vanilla aroma to them. My wife even liked them. Regardless of the moistness, I decided to fire one up. First quarter-inch was a bit harsh, but very quickly smoothed out into a very rich sweet, spicy smoke. Very enjoyable. The cinnamon truly comes thru. Some cigars improve with time in the humidor, some do not as they have already peaked. I suspect these will mellow and improve with some time. Still a nice rich smoke as is and a very good cigar.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
Just got my wheel of 30 double toros , very good cigar !!! Will order agin and recommend these to my friends .
JS of Michigan City, IN
I got these when they went on sale. A nice everyday smoke but, the longer they sit the better they taste. The only thing bad is the blue ribbon that is glued on. i want to smoke them beyond the ribbon and that sucker is hard to get off.
JS of Garden Grove, CA
Well, I ordered a wheel of the robusto after reading everyones fan mail. I have to say, for the most part I agree with the reviews. For an affordable, everyday smoke you would be hard pressed to beat this deal. The most important element obviously is how they taste. A nice, straight forward tobacco flavor, with just the right amount of spice, although, they do need a bit of humi time, as they are a bit fresh. Do not hesitate to grab some if you are looking for an everyday smoke. With all the positive, let me mention the negative: CI has these listed wrong. They are definitely a mixed filler cigar, and they list them as long filler. They are rolled a bit loose, and the burn is definitely not perfect, however it isn't bad. Again, grab a bundle. At the price, you will definitely be surprised.
EM of Lafayette, IN
Just got my B-2's today. Wow!!! what a cigar, super price for the quality you get. Don't hesitate on this one. I've been smoking cigars for over twenty years at least two a day and I can't remember a better cigar at this price point. Nice wrapper, even burn, and a great flavor without knocking you out. I'm on my second now and I'm going to order another wheel before they sell out. CI, you rule.
SS of Telogia, FL
I kind of hestitated about getting another unknown "special", but boy was I surprised. From the luster of the wrapper to the easy draw to the mouthfuls of rich, creamy smoke - this cigar is awesome. And the low price makes this an excellent value. My buddy insisted on sharing the last order with me, so I'm already coming back for more.
DN of Apo, AE
It makes a great everyday smoke. It is superior to any other cigar I have had in this price range and just as good as most 5-7 dollar cigars I have smoked. It's only flaw is the occasional stick that is a little off on flavor or draw, but out of the 20 or so I have smoked only 3 weren't great, they were however still worth finishing.
JW of Clarksville, TN
I've let my bundle rest for several months and I'm still not real impressed. They are average at best and the construction and draw are inconsistent. Not a total waste of money, but I feel there are better bargain cigars available from CI. Pirates Gold or Don Rafael maduro are better values in my humble opinion.
JS of Fleetwood, PA
For the most part, very good. A few to start out were spongy and horrible to draw. On those few, the tobacco tasted very young. But the rest are very well worth it. Medium bodied with some spice and a nice earthy taste overall. I'm not surprised to see these on backorder with this kind of price....
KP of Long Beach, MS
The B2 Churchills have become my "everyday" smoke. It's a great deal on a great "medium" cigar. Very tasty, complex, but not overpowering. Highly recommended.
TN of Arvada, CO
Bought a bundle of these in July 2011. Right out of the box I thought these were just OK. Let them sit a few weeks in the humidor and they weren't any better. They are harsh with a sort of tangy bitterness throughout the whole smoke. Started to give them out to my buddies to see their opinions and they had the same result. Been three months in the Humidor and they aren't much better. Can't for the life of me figure out why so many reviews praise them as so great. Have about half a box left. Will let them set in the humidor till next spring/summer to see if they get better as a few reviewers stated.
SM of Brushton, NY
Great smoke at any price, it is a nice everyday smoke with lots of consistent flavors, produces a good amount of smoke and is pleasurable in the nose. Don't pass this deal up, you won't be disappointed.
ST of Milford, PA
Just purchased my second batch of b2's. Can't beat the price and you know these suckers aren't that bad. good enough where It'll be my everyday smoke and I don't mind passing a few to my freeloading buddies at the poker table.
RG of Hudson Falls, NY
I bought a wheel of robustos and let them sit in the humidor for a few days. Smoked the first one, went back inside and grabbed another one. Great flavor, smooth draw, even burn, great price. Buy some NOW!
DM of Sparta, WI
Finally started smoking some double toros I've had sitting in my humi since 7-13-12. The smoke is plentiful, taste is smooth and the price is right. These sticks get better the longer they sit; really enjoyable.
TS of Corona, CA
Blue Label B2 Double Toros. Was expecting them on Saturday, but they arrived Friday. Having smoked about 3, so far, I'd say they are a very good, well made, robust, solid cigar, these. If I have a criticism, it's this: What kind of glue are they using on that lovely blue ribbon? Epoxy? This is a cigar you can enjoy right down to the nub. If you can get that blue ribbon off.
JP of Tripoli, IA
Took the plunge and bought my first wheel. They ain't the prettiest gal at the dance, but she's good enough to dance with without a bag over her head. Leave these sticks sit a week in your humi and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Good, consistent taste. Not over the top, but real smokeable all the way down to your digits. This is a definite do-over and a great every day stick. The only real con is band. It's too low to just smoke it and throw it (waste too much) and the glue they used to put 'em together makes removin' 'em almost like spinal surgery. Take your time and use a nice thin blade or scissors and then enjoy a solidly good cigar. P.S. TO MANAGEMENT ... find the little gopher that's gluing those bands on and glue his fingers together, then transfer him to shipping. 'Nuff said .... buy this it's a good deal and good smoke.
RR of North Port, FL
Great cigar; price aside. Give them at least 6 months to age and they are great. Not so good OTT. Give them 6, and they are very good.
SB of Madison, AL
Just smoked my 4th B2 from my recent order. These cigars are very nice. They star off with a really smooth vanilla flavor then move to a leathery vanilla peppery flavor. The vanilla fades off towards the end being taken over by leather and pepper. They are a bit spongy when you first get them, but setup nicely after a week or so in the humidor. I got the Double Toro's (6X60) and I get about a two hour adventure out of each one. The burn on these bigger sticks has been a bit uneven at times, but I attribute this to wind and poor lighting technique. If you are thinking about these - I say go for it!
JS of Cumming, GA
WOW!!! I've been looking at B2 blue label for a while, but have been afraid to try them. I just received a 5 pack today to see if I wanted to order a wheel. I must say I am suprised at how smooth these are for the price point. I can't wait to see how my better these get after a few weeks in the humidor. Smooth, leathery, some spice on occasion. No burn problems, only complaint would be a tight draw, which was a suprise since the feel of the stick is somewhat spongy. A must try, I will definitely have these on hand as long as I can get them.
MT of Gilbertsville, KY
I have been eyeing the B2 for a while .When it came on sale I figured It was my time to get them . I bought 6X60 size . I waited 10 days after I had them in my humidor and I am absolutely blown away . It is smooth ,tasty and delicious . At the midway there is actually a very sweet spot , almost candy like . Besides the aromatic smell , cologne-like smell it leaves on me is amazing . I have been complimented by 2 ladies in CVS drugstore . I was behind them ,they did not even see me ,but they turned around and ask me what kind of cigar I was smoking . There comment was their husband and all of their family were cigar smokers and they were smelling like ash trays . As far as I am concerned that is also a very positive comment coming from 2 females . Regardless to say I will be buying more . Thanks a bunch ,CI has done it again!!
AU of Rockville, MD
Just got the B2's in the mail. Tried one right away (no will power) and I was just about blown away! Loved the leather taste and pepper finish.The price is out of this world for such a good stick. I can imagine what they'll be like after resting for a few weeks! Great going CI!
JS of Davenport, ND
Just got a big wheel of 30 from the Hamburg store...b2 impressed for such an affordable cigar...the band was not glued on, just slid right off and the densely packed heart of the smoke allows it to stay lit, even if you pause a lot between draws...the ash stays at least an inch or more before wanting to fall off at all...for $1.33 a throw...anyone still smoking phillies or dutchmasters or swishers should step up and try'll get more for your money. For those that need a "brand name" don't be afraid to try them and compare to other medium robusto's you've had and be happily surprised...if you're an everyday cigar smoker, these will fill the bill without sticking you with the cost of it.
DC of Reading, PA
Hands down, one of the best deals in the cigar market. All around in value and flavor. I hesitate to hand it out to my friends, I like it too much. the uneven burn(sometimes) is long forgotten because of the great taste. A for sure "finger-tip burner smoke", for me anyways...
I have been ordering these cigars in 60 ring and for the price are outstanding tasting richer and smoother that sticks cost 10 to 15 dollars a stick I am sending them to men serving in Afganistan
Sucking on a 60 ring as I write this. Nutty, creamy and slight peppery finish. A pleasant smoke after a little humi-time. Goes great with my cup of Turbo shot coffee! Great price for a nice everyday cigar! CI rocks my smoking world, thanks!
I have purchased well over 400 of these cigars. I normally buy the 6x60 ring since i like the larger ring. I definently recommend taking them out of the plastic and putting them in your humidor. The longer they sit the better they get. I have never had a bad one yet. I have been smoking for over 25 years and have had cuban cigars and all the hype about them. These are one of the best everyday cigar you can buy. I highly recommend them. 5 stars
Great everyday smoke that has consistent qualities not often found at a bargain price. Will be reordering!
DS of Phenix, VA
The B2 Churchill just might be the perfect golf cigar. Great even burn even in windy conditions or in a car with Windows down. Nice draw not too easy or too tight. Very importantly, the thing just doesn't go out. Left on in the back porch to go inside for a drink. Got waylaid and didn't get back for good time. Pick up and a couple puffs and it's back. Held up in my mouth well - can chew on this sicker no problem - which is important when golfing. None of this matters if doesn't taste good, and this one does. Medium strength. Tobacco, earth and a nice touch of spice. At this price will be handing these out on the course.
DO of Jefferson City, MO
I must say that these cigars are excellent, they have a nice flavor. I'm still kinda new to smoking cigars but have been a big fan of the A.F. Hemingway. For just over $1 per their an excellent smoke. The problems that I have had was the burn has been a little uneven at times and seems kinda loose. When I first opened the box and had one it was a little harsh although with a few days of sitting in my humidor they were excellent.
BN of Oceanside, CA
This is an smooth everyday smoke.
CT of Waterford, CT
Just bought some of these at the recommendation of my father, and boy was he right! These bad boys burn clean and smooth, with an excellent flavor quality that is bigger than the price. I recommend these to anyone looking for a daily smoke, something for special occasions, or something to impress the cigar snobs in your life. Pick some up and enjoy!
GW of North Richland Hills, TX
These cigars have a mild flavor, puffy white smoke and very nice construction. They have become my new go-to cigars for an everyday smoke. Buy them. They are better than most cigars in this price range and better than some that are more than this price range.
OM of Staten Island, NY
I ordered both the churchills and torpedoes so I've not only got 60 of these babies to smoke but get to taste the difference between the two. The torpedoes have a better flavor but they both lack flavor pretty much altogether. They're very, very "green". It's almost as if they took the leaves outta the barn as soon as they were done drying and had turned brown and decided to roll cigars with them right away. In fact I am almost willing to bet my life this is exactly how they are made. They have good construction, burn well and even if your humidity is right (no more than 68%) and have a good cigar smell off of the foot. They're great if you just want a cigar but don't want to burn one of your nice ones. Perfect for a filler cigar in between the good ones.... I don't feel like I've been ripped off either. Honestly I like the re-released "Original Cubans" better than these even though they're more loosely rolled than the B2's. If flavor is not important to you then go ahead and grab a bundle, you get alotta cigars for your money!
SG of Pompano Beach, FL
The name is appropriate with these. If you want to taste a cigar similar to a fresh cuban Montecristo then the torpedoes get close. They are not "good" tasting or have alot or much of any flavor.......yet! And that's the rub here. These are very similar to fresh cuban cigars in that they are very green and like fresh Monte's, they have a bit of cardboard taste to them. I like them and the taste and scent of one burning under your nose grows on you. Very well constructed, these will really shine with a few years age on them. So buy a wheel for smoking right away and another wheel for stashing away for a few years at least and by 2~5 years you will have a wheel of very good, premium cigars that you got for next to nothing.
SG of Pompano Beach, FL
Great quality cigar and for around 1.50 per stick this is the best bargain on CI, I will always keep them in my humi.
MS of Milford, CT
Good deal for an everyday smoke. Some of these cigars had burn issues, uneven and also had to be re-lit often....
These aren't bad cigars. Good flavor and nice burn for the price. My only complaint is the blue ribbon: It doesn't come off easy, and I like to smoke my cigars down to the nub.
GH of Yorktown, VA
This is my go to cigar. I order the double toro and am impressed with the cool, slow even burn. They have a thick, creamy smoke with a hint of winter spices. I don't have the patience to allow them to sit in my humidor, but I can only imagine how well they might age and mature. These cigars rock; the great price is just an added bonus.
Fair. Not something I would try again.
RR of Monee, IL

Blue Label's B2 Cuban Wheels

Posted by Keith

Blue Label - the original Blue Label - is simply delicious. Frankly it does not get the attention it deserves. Medium to full-bodied, rich in flavor, handcrafted by Gran Habano in Danli, Honduras. The cigar equivalent of nymphomaniac centerfold model with a trust fund. You get the idea. Smokes like a gem, priced like an economy all, a winning set of attributes. 

But now there's something better - at least in the value department. It's a spin-off of Blue Label called B2. B2 is impressive on many levels. Packed in big, meaty Cuban-style wheels of 30 cigars, it dispenses with the ornate packaging. In fact, it's stripped bare – no boxes, no artwork. Just a simple, elegant blue cloth band as its signet and arriving at your door in a big, honkin' cube of tasty cigars. Its simplicity is beautiful. It also means a killer price and a blend that's all substance.

Blue Label’s B2 brings a dark, Nicaraguan Habano wrapper leaf. It's gorgeous. Thick, chocolatey-brown, and loaded with oils. Inside a robust blend of aged Nicaraguan and Panamanian long-fillers resides. Each stick is firm and well constructed with a rich, bold pre-light aroma. Immediately after lighting, a powerful dose of spice presents itself, then settles quickly into a smoother, more medium-bodied smoke. As it burns a complex array of flavors are revealed: notes of earth, cedar, pepper and espresso. The smoke is thick and creamy. The finish smooth and somewhat sweet. Throughout the burn, it builds ever so slightly in strength, resulting in a medium to full-bodied finale. Traditional through and through, refined, flavorful and balanced. B2 is a tasty and satisfying blend. It won't blow your mind, but you shouldn't expect it to. What you can expect is a very solid, exceptionally well-made $1.50 everyday handmade with abundant flavor.

Consider the fat sizes to choose from, consider the price, and consider the delicious, medium to full-bodied flavor. Then consider B2 your new everyday favorite....the alternative is to consider fitting yourself with dunce cap.

Blue Label 'B2'

Posted by Steve R

With CIGARfest this weekend, time is of the essence. We’re all pumped as hell to welcome 3,000 cigar lunatics representing all 50 states, but let’s face it: it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of prep time. Work that’s fully worth it, but work that leaves little time for a staff review. Fortunately, I have some added incentive to write this review. Some inspiration if you will.

You see, every time I drive to work I listen to ESPN radio. I’m a huge Mike and Mike fan. And not a day goes by that I don’t hear the same silly commercial. A winery comparing buying wines to buying cars. “You wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it, so why buy a wine without tasting it?”

Really? Comparing a bottle of (soon to be gone) vino to a car purchase? Seriously? Let’s face it. A decent bottle of wine can cost you as little as $10, even less by the, eh? Then there’s the rule of permanency....since the first bottle usually doesn’t last past appetizers, is it really vital to taste the wine before breaking it open with a spaghetti dinner? If you’re buying wine that’s so expensive it must be tasted, no questions asked, this review probably isn’t for you. Surely you light your expensive pre-embargo Cuban cigars once owned by Mark Twain with $20 bills, and have no room in your household - let alone mind frame - for a solid, buck-and-change cigar with [gasp!] no band. If you’re in my camp, celebrating the success of finding a delightful bargain knowing you might hit a homerun, but strike out now and on.

Onto my review: Blue Label ‘B2.’ Like the original Blue Label, this sales stud hails from the Gran Habano factory of Honduras. If you’re familiar with Gran Habano, you know they have a knack for bringing quality, Cuban-esque handmades to the table for minimal coin....they’re always consistent and always delicious. Despite the modest price tag, ‘B2’ is no different. Available in 4 generous sizes, Blue Label ‘B2’ is packaged up in aging room fashion: hefty Cuban wheels of 30 with no bells or whistles, just a simple blue ribbon for a band.

I have the 6”x60 Double Toro in my hand. The wrapper is silky to the touch, thick, and durable. Like a piece of leather hugging a truckload of Nicaraguan and Panamanian long-fillers. If you’ve ever held a Gran Habano cigar, you know they come packed to the brim, heavy in the hand, and solid from head to toe. I find this size to be very enjoyable. A tame, medium-bodied bouquet full of flavor and charisma.

The cigar opens with a rich, slightly peppery blast of tobacco flavors. Thick clouds of smoke fill my palate and the air above, releasing a lovely aroma that’s earthy and zesty. Awesome. After a few minutes of burn time, a dense core of earth presents itself. The spices move to the finish, complementing a lovely sweetness from the dark Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Midway through, things really get interesting. The cigar becomes very complex, thanks to a thick 60-ring comprised of bold, contrasting tobaccos. Sweet cedar, coffee bean, and leather join the fray and hit different parts of my palate as a sweetness is left on the tip of my tongue. The velvety smoke clings to all sides of my mouth, leaving behind a tingly spice that lingers long after each exhale. Full-flavored and medium in body, a great combo you’ll find in the Double Toro size. While the other three sizes tend to gain strength as they burn, this 6”x60 beast remains mellow and tame, something you could puff on constantly without sacrificing balance for harshness. I love it. The quality, the flavor, the smoothness, the’s hard to find a bad thing to say about this cigar, especially when you factor in price.