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Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds

For a limited time, enjoy additional savings on select sizes of Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds. Discounted pricing is reflected below.

Thanks to minor cosmetic blemishes, Rock Patel’s Vintage 2nds cigars are a steal!

It’s amazing, really, to watch the success of Rocky Patel’s new blends over the past two years. You’ve got to admire him. Initially hailed for his innovative, full-throttle Indian Tabac cigars in the late 90’s, yet just a few years later Rocky was cast aside as an outsider by most of the clubby cigar makers, the usual suspects claiming to be superior because of their “3 bazillion years in the business,” and “100 generations of family experience” in tobacco. But Rocky just kept plugging away, the hardest working man in the business – a guy who is on the road constantly, visiting even the tiniest of retail shops and working countless days in the factories of Danli, Honduras. In fact, I’ve been with him numerous times to Honduras; it is a sight to watch him relentlessly push for perfection, driving everyone in the factory nuts, single-mindedly devoted to crafting a great product. So it’s good to see things come full circle for him, garnering a slew of 90+ ratings and high praise from all who sample his blends.

Particularly good are his RP Vintage cigars. And particularly special is this deal. You see, his rate of rejection is much higher than average, thus a small mountain of “Seconds” has been accumulating in the factory. These Seconds are labeled as such because they have been rejected strictly for cosmetic reasons. The wrappers are a little splotchy here or have a slight discoloration there. The blend is the same, box-pressed and aged to perfection​. You could burn them blindfolded and detect no difference. The beauty is that the price is far, far less. Just keep in mind: this is not a regular production cigar. My supply is dictated strictly by what the factory happens to have available to ship me. That’s why I recommend you act soon if you’re interested.

Note: As mentioned above, supply is dictated strictly on what the factory happens to have available.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill Maduro 1990 (7.0"x48)
BDL OF 15 Backordered $132.00 $54.99
Churchill Sumatra 1992 (7.0"x48)
BDL OF 15 In Stock $132.00 $54.99
Perfecto Maduro 1990 (4.0"x48)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $91.00 $49.99    
Perfecto Sumatra 1992 (4.0"x48)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $91.00 $49.99    
Petite Corona Maduro 1990 (4.5"x44)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $93.00 $44.99    
Petite Corona Sumatra 1992 (4.5"x44)
BDL OF 15 Out of Stock $93.00 $44.99    
Robusto Maduro 1990 (5.5"x50)
BDL OF 15 In Stock $117.00 $51.99
Robusto Sumatra 1992 (5.5"x50)
BDL OF 15 In Stock $117.00 $51.99
Toro Maduro 1990 (6.5"x52) Sale
BDL OF 15 In Stock $132.00 $49.50
Toro Sumatra 1992 (6.5"x52)
BDL OF 15 In Stock $132.00 $54.99
Torpedo Maduro 1990 (6.1"x52)
BDL OF 15 In Stock $147.00 $59.99
Torpedo Sumatra 1992 (6.1"x52)
BDL OF 15 In Stock $147.00 $59.99
Overall Rating 4.34 out of 5 Based on 87 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds”

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5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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4 out of 5
Nice experience
Good cigar, good price, good service
5 out of 5
Out of this world.
Amazing smoke. Burned for an hour and 45 minutes. Great flavor very smooth pulled great. A must have.
4 out of 5
Great flavor & lush smoke
I've had the regular Rocky Patel Vintage cigars and they've always been great. These 2nds really are just as good. The flavor is great. Robust but not overwhelming. Good construction and pretty even burn. I'm really amazed at the amount smoke that comes from them. Extremely lush & plentiful. If you're someone who likes a lot of smoke, this cigar is for you.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel secounds
I'm told they are the same but with small flaws but I find them to be rapped not as tight burn fast and uneven next time I'll go ahead and pay for the first runs
2 out of 5
Not as good as touted
Not as good as touted
5 out of 5
Haven’t Got ‘em yet
title says it all
4 out of 5
Go to smoke
I like these a lot. When I can't decide what stick I grab one of these. Always consistent n never a burn issue.
5 out of 5
RP Second in First Place
I was skeptical that these "seconds" would be even close to firsts of other well known brands .Well, I was wrong....these are great box pressed and well aged cigars. Smooth, flavorful, with a nice even slow burn. Great value.
3 out of 5
they're o.k.
the 2nds are o.k. in a pinch.The regular vintage 1992's burn better and taste better.maybe that's why the 2nds are cheaper.
3 out of 5
Good Price but so so smoke
The cigars were rolled well and burned great. Flavor was okay but not great. Would not buy again.
4 out of 5
rocky 2onds
Rocky Patel vintage seconds are a great buy, they are perfect with no obvious flaws, a little too mild for my taste but very flavorful ,
5 out of 5
Rocky 2nds
Stay away from this cigar. I don't want to run out of them. So stay away. The best kept secret among cigars needs to stay with me. I am selfish about them, so stay away.
5 out of 5
consistently excellent
awesome selection prices and service as always
3 out of 5
Every day cigar
For the price it is a good every day cigar. Well constructed and a pleasant smoke.
5 out of 5
great didnt taste like 2nds
great didnt taste like 2nds to me!
4 out of 5
I would order again!
My son in law received his Christmas cigars in great condition and of course he loves them. Thanks, I will order again!
5 out of 5
Vintage Rocky Patel
Excellent cigar very consistent with half the price. I've. Been smoking them for years and still very enjoyable.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke
5 out of 5
A must buy
Great cigar. Better value
5 out of 5
Great Smoke.
Great Smoke.
5 out of 5
Obviously seconds
These are tasty, but burn unevenly--even after a month in the humidor
5 out of 5
Good stuff here
Strong and flavorful and well worth the money, as a matter of fact they are a steal!
5 out of 5
1990 Look like beautiful chocolate bars
very strong but much cheaper than firsts. I might order a different size.
1 out of 5
Wrappers fell off
I realize I purchased seconds. But, did not expect the outside wrappers to come loose from about half the bundle. Otherwise, great smoke
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds
These cigars are very good and I’ve ordered them several times. They have a nice dusty coco coffee flavor and burn well. Not sure where the imperfections are in this cigar.
5 out of 5
A bargain in a world without bargains!
Put me down for a refill on these pleasures!
3 out of 5
Not a good burn, disappointing all around, was expecting much better from Rocky
5 out of 5
Great smokes
Couldn't find the blemishes in these cigars. They burned well & tasted great. What a bargain!! Thanks.
4 out of 5
Really smooth smoke. Even burn. I didn't know what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised. A very smooth and leathery feeling stick. I'd buy it again as a smoke now go to need for aging this bad boy.
4 out of 5
A very good deal on the 1990 Rocky Patel
I've ordered these a few times now as a fan of the 1990 Rocky Patel. Minor blemishes don't bother me, so this is a great value. I have experienced a few sticks that were wound 'tighter' than a standard 1990, so I feel it's not just blemishes which result in them being seconds. But if you can live with a blemish, a lack of a band, and some variation in the draw, this is a great deal. This latest batch has been great.
5 out of 5
These cigars have a very floral scent and flavor. Great 45 minute smoke, obvious aged tobacco.
4 out of 5
I likey.
Not bad! This my first time w a pressed stick, and I like them. When you burn you will notice that as the cigar gets warmer, it starts to regain its round shape about a half inch or so from the cherry. Burns well and even. People saying it doesn't burn well should not ash the cigar. The ash acts as an insulator, and will keep a near perfect burn. Outside wrapper is perfect. i had a Toro... Can't say there was much I didn't like other than the first few mouthfuls of smoke were very barnyardish.
5 out of 5
These are seconds?
Wow, I love these things. They have become my everyday go to cigar. Great flavor, and, they burn evenly. I like to keep these in my humidor, along with my other favorites. BUT, once you try and find out you like them, stock up, as supplies are limited at times, and as they grow in popularity, they seem to sell out quickly!
5 out of 5
Why did I wait so long
I've been buying from CI for years and have never tried their seconds...omg...I will be buying these again and again.
5 out of 5
Great delivery time.
Never had any problems with quality or service. It's the only company I buy from now.It only makes sence to stay with the best.
5 out of 5
Best selection
best selection of well known brands are low prices. Also a good selection of factory sec
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Great Smokes. Who cares about a blemish on the wrapper!
1 out of 5
Don't waste your money
I have tried to smoke 5 of these and can barely get any air through the stick. I'm not sure what is causing this but these are impossible to smoke.
4 out of 5
Great Value
Incredible cigar for such a modest cost. Great Value
5 out of 5
RP Vintage 92, the Best
I've tried a wide range of cigars over the last 20 years but the Rocky Patel Vintage 92 is consistently the smoothest, finest tasting cigar of all.
5 out of 5
I love RPs and these are great. A nice, smooth short smoke when time is running low.
4 out of 5
Vintage Torpedo 1990
A good solid smoke throughout. Paired with a kentucky bourbon and held well. Will buy more.
2 out of 5
Have bought these before with great success but this time around, the wrappers were very dry and fragile. Unable to really get through a smoke so far for the first 4 cigars. I guess it can be hit or miss.
4 out of 5
Good cigars
Good cigars
5 out of 5
Good smokes
You can't go wrong with 2nd. Save money and get a bundle of good smokes!
5 out of 5
Great Cigar, Great Value
These are great cigars for a great price. Dave
5 out of 5
Great selection and prices.
Great selection and prices.
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel Vintage 1992
Absolutely my go to smoke daily. Friends are always trying to get me to try their brand cigar but they always fall short.
5 out of 5
Havenly smoke
For the price they are offered at, this smoke is very fulfilling. I am a Rocky Patel fan and I am grateful to be able to buy these seconds. There is such a small difference in the rolling quality that I will be buying them agian and again and again.
4 out of 5
Not too shabby
Overall not a bad smoke. While I have doubts that these are actually seconds; they are probably made just for this particular line, the smokes are still pretty decedent. This was my second purchase of these brown gems, and I will likely come back for some more.
5 out of 5
Love them especially the price
You can't beat these cigars, no label who cares! Taste is the same, smoke is the same.
5 out of 5
rocky patel vintage 2nds robusto 1990
I have enjoyed the 1990's for many years. they have been a good consistent smoke every time. I would recommend to every one.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar, Packed With Flavor
I'm inherently skeptical when I see seconds fir the fraction of the price of the original, so when I ordered these I had some level of concern that they may be assume lesser cigar sold as the same name. Fortunately I have been highly satisfied with these cigars. These are premium quality cigars that are full of rich flake. They stay lit, burn evenly and taste phenominal. For what you're are paying power cigar, ordering these is a no brainer. I don't see how you could be anything but elated.
2 out of 5
Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds Toro 1990. not the same as before
I have been purchasing the 1990 as well as the 1992 Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds Toro. They have done something different to these cigars, besides the packaging. These cigars now smoke harsher and have a bitter taste to them.They don't stay lit, (maybe because they are so moist), but this never happened with the older 2nds. I think this cigar is totally different than what they had been producing. I had always loved this cigar for it's draw and flavor, not anymore.
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds
Very good cigars at a great price. I have really enjoyed them and plan on placing another order soon.
5 out of 5
great for 2nds taste like 1rst
I would buy these over and over again. they are a great price and a great smoke. Only criticism is they go faster than 1rst but not by much. Also the wrapper can be thin but still provide enough coverage.
2 out of 5
The quality of these are not what they used to be
Very dis appaointed in how the roll is loose and the brn is inconsistant. Used to be 1 or 2 of the 15 would be questionabe. Now all 15 are low quality. I don't think I will be ordering these from CI anymore.
5 out of 5
Great kept secret!
Great smoke, a lot of bang for the proverbial buck!
5 out of 5
Cigar afficianado
Great Cigar, smooth and tasty and smokes smooth down to the nub. Consistent quality boxed pressed. Minimal aftertaste. I couldn't find a good reason for calling them seconds so 5 star based on cigar and price.
5 out of 5
Five star
Nothing but great cigars and service.highly recommend anyone that wants great cigars at great prices to visit cigar international
5 out of 5
Great cigar
great taste never fails. Great price
5 out of 5
Rap Seconds
A good value I would buy them again
5 out of 5
A very fine deal.
Great taste for a great price! These are quality smokes for a fraction of the original price. Go for it!
2 out of 5
Not the best I have had delivered
stale and loose even after a month in the humidor. Burned up the middle. I have had these in the past and they were good, ranging from great upon delivery to needing a couple of weeks in the humidor. Not like this last batch.
2 out of 5
The quality has dropped precipitously
The quality has dropped precipitously in these cigars. I won't be ordering them again.
5 out of 5
These cigars are really consistant.
These cigars are really consistant. Always a very smooth full bodied smoke that you never tire of. Remarkable value!
5 out of 5
Good smoke
Good smoke, why pay more?
4 out of 5
Great Everyday Go To
This a fine go to cigar if you want an everyday smoke that is a step or two above. It is such a good value.
5 out of 5
RP Vintage Toro '92 2nds
Top 5 cigar in my book. You can smell and feel the aged tobacco and realize you have something really special in your hands. The only difference from the regular version and the 2nd is there is no band. Burns straight like a razor. I'm hoarding these as I type.
4 out of 5
Unbelievable pricing
I was pleasantly surprised by these cigars. They provide a nice smoke for late afternoons and can last a while. The flavors are readily noticeable and pleasant.
4 out of 5
Not flashy, but still great.
My first CI order ever. That great Rocky Patel taste, (Sure, not as good as a RP Decade or such, but still better than most!) Made affordable by a few blemishes but fundamentally they smoke the same and taste good. Smashed square, you'll get used to smoking a rectangle. Sure, no flashy band to say "Hey, i'm smoking a Patel" but again. Good buy. Arrived just in time to celebrate the birth of my second niece.
3 out of 5
RP vintage 2nds 1992
Good everyday cigar.
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds Torpedo 1990
Outstanding smoke for the money. Have purchased multiple times and will continue for a great every day smoke.
5 out of 5
Phenomenal cigar, worth every cent.
Had the RP Vintage '92 Toro box pressed. One of the best cigars I've ever had, the same exact cigar as the originals except negligible gauge differences(can't tell unless you inspect for a good while). Burns super smooth and straight as a knife, tastes so good and smoked every one to the nub, already ordered my next mazo.
3 out of 5
Good but not the same
excellent construction and burn excellent draw, was not as flavorful as what I remember the banded version being ,for the price I can't complain, overall have had very good luck with Rocky Patel's I just tried the American select that I really enjoyed
5 out of 5
Great cigars - great deal
Great cigars - great deal
4 out of 5
Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds, Churchill, 1990 Cigars review.
I have enjoyed these Gems. They are smooth and burn evenly from the strike of the first match. I would love to buy more and stash them in my Humidor. In fact, I will buy more. I recommend these to anyone who is looking for a tasty Cigar, one that is imbued with a Cross-Blend of Flavors!
5 out of 5
RP Vintage 2nds Petite corona review
Very good smoke, has very good taste, a little robust yet very smooth, burns good.very happy with the cigar
5 out of 5
Love cigars
ci always delivers! Great cigars at the best delivery, great informative videos!
5 out of 5
Awesome price and quality
Awesome price and quality
5 out of 5
Always a great smoke....
Always a great smoke and a fantastic value No band, who cares? A few blems, who cares? Great Rocky smoke, I care!
5 out of 5
Great bang for the buck
Don't let the "2nds" moniker deter you from ordering/smoking these. These are great Rocky Patel smokes at a great price!
5 out of 5
Great value
Great value and a great smoke
3 out of 5
Rocky Patel Seconds - Great But....
These are a great value and smoke. But they ship them very dry. You cannot smoke them for at least a week. That is my only complaint other than that they are a great smoke and value.
5 out of 5
Rocky Patel 2nds
Great price excellent cigars very consistent flavors I order a bundle at least every other month
4 out of 5
2nd's were good.
Got these for a good knock-around smoke. Out of the 15, there were a couple that canoed and a couple that were hard to draw, but all in all they were the right price and they ARE Rocky Patel Vintage 1990.
Customer Testimonials
This is a steal! Minor blemishes makes the buyer a winner. You will be smoking a top notch cigar made by Rocky Patel.
A great little smoke! Worth the money and will purchase again!
What a sweet deal. These are my all time favorite cigars and with the price of the 2nds I can even share a few. Packed with flavor and incredibly smooth with a soft draw for plumes of smoke. These are a must have.
My favorite all around everyday cigar. I smoked one of these simultaneously with a regular Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and could not tell a bit of difference. Therefore, I was convinced there isn't any difference with the 2nd's and always have several in my humidor.
My absolute favorite cigar! The entire RP brand is delicious, I haven't found one I didn't smoke to the finger tips. But at this price, who cares if there's a vein? They burn true, smoke easy, and are cheap enough to turn into a Yard-Gar. Highly recommend this one.
These are just as good as the real deal and a helluva lot cheaper. Don't listen to the bad reviews get some while you can. I have been through a bundle and haven't had one problem with them. Burn great and taste spectacular!
Amazing cigars. Got the perfectos and enjoyed every one. Will be buying them again. 8 out of 10
Just smoked one of these right out of the box and it was great!! Great smoke output, great performance, great aroma, the only reason why these didn't make 1st's is due to cosmetics (minimal blemish) only. Great buy! Can't wait to buy more.
Wow, these are a hidden gem. Very good burn and no draw problems. On #2 of 15. Very impressed.
Has been my go to smoke for the last couple of months. Its an all around great smoke.
I smoke the 1990 and 1992 in the Churchill size. They are virtually indistinguishable from the firsts. Slightly tight on the draw in the beginning, but opens up about an inch and a half in. Consistent performance and flavor profile over time. Medium to medium full and no nicotine strength. Perfect any time of the day. One of my favorite sticks.
These are great little smokes.
These are nice cheap sticks. They taste like the vintage but I ocassionally find some with a tar-ish taste. You get what you pay for.
Always a favorite of mine. Love the petite corona for those times I can't sit around for an hour to enjoy a great smoke.
The 1990 is one of my favorites. Great any time of the day stick and the seconds are absolutely the same as the firsts in construction, burn and taste.
Excellent cigar for an every day smoke. Excellent flavor and excellent price.
Nice flavor, but the draw was a little tight for my liking. Good value for the money no matter what the label says or doesn't say...
Unbelievable! It's now my new favorite.
I have enjoyed these cigars since their release and anyone I've introduced them to loves 'em as we'll. Great draw throughout with consistent, smooth flavor. My favorite in the humidor.
A friend had given me a couple of RP Vintage 1990 Robustos. I'm a Mild/medium kinda guy and these guys sat in the humidor cause the deep color scared me off. I shouldn't have waited! Great cigar. Well made. Even though very RICH in flavor, the smoothness allowed wimpy old me to really enjoy them. When I went cigar shopping, even at CI, these fellows ain't cheap. But, at the bundled 2nd price, they are a steal! I also picked up a bundle of perfectos for walking the dogs. They burn well and are good to the nub.
Got a pack of Robustos 1990 and they are fabulous! Very full bodied with tons of flavor and very chewy! Gobs of dark cocoa and expresso! Some sweetness and ZERO spice! No pepper zing either! Very smooooothy..... The only thing was the burn. Wonky at times and had to relight it. Annoying, but oh, GREAT flavor! Highly recommended!
One of the BEST CI DEALS on the site ! These babies are every bit as good as their high dollar brother “Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Torpedo”. It has just the perfect draw & not too powerful with hints of caramel and cocoa. There is a bit of sweetness like a cherry chocolate or sweet cedar complementing its flavors. GREAT DEAL THANKS CI!
I may be one of the few who is not pleased with this purchase...bought a bundle in early March...fell in love with the Decade so I thought I would try these on the many great reviews...finding the draw on these sticks to be really hard...seems like I have to draw way to hard and getting a real bite when I do... I have also tried trimming less..than a little more...maybe I'll try a plug....I took them out of their plastic wrap and will let them sit in my humi...even at a little less than $3.00 a pop I will not buy these again.
A friend turned me on to the Vintage 1990. I'm pleased with the seconds, but I've smoke three of them now and each one needed to be re-lit for the last third. I also detect more bitterness from these than from the firsts that I've smoked. Overall, I'd still buy these again.
Great buy, excellent cigar for the golf game!
Good flavor but not great. I had quality issues with the burn. I would avoid theses for the price versus the value. The Nicaraguan 2nds smoked these. Way over rated in previous reviews!
Wow these are great. They have every characteristic of the Vintage line except for minor blemishes. Hardly noticeable. These are a great buy. The draw is great just like almost every Rocky Patel cigar.
I've been ordering the 1992 Toro 2nds for years. I first started purchasing the 1sts. I was told the 2nds are just as good and was happy to learn I was told right. It's just a wonderfully satisfying smoke, smoked down to the last 3/4". Can't recommend it too highly.
My favorite smoke is the Royal Vintage and these are pretty darn good!
The vintage imo is the best rocky patel blend. It's smooth, creamy and full of chocolate flavor makes this one of the best smoke under $10. The 2nds just makes this tasty beauty even a better deal.
I can't believe these are 2nds. Wonderful flavors and price.
Bought these bad boys for a bachelor party and they did not disappoint. Couple snobs complained about the lack of bands but were put to bed after they found out how much I paid. Excellent flavor and draw!
Thank you that humans are imperfect because these joys wouldn't be available. Secondly, lets thank Patel for their high standards because some of these 2nds I feel as though COULD have passed as regulars to my eyes, and their integrity, honesty and standards now has me as a consumer not only for 2nds, but for the first. Now, with that there were issues. ROTT the first burned super uneven the second a day later burned even but I had some wrapper issues...(wait need to take a puff :).... The Cigar itself is scary, scary good. Considering these are their seconds... they are better than most brands first, seriously. I typically don't like to smell OF smoke but I blow every puff onto my clothing so I can bathe in this wonderful blend and cherish every moment. I purchased the Robustos and only having 2 basically ROTT, I cant imagine what a few months will do. RP seconds, I applaud you for your high standards because if I spent the money for the firsts I would be upset, but thank you for staying true... I cant wait to try a first someday, but, for now I am a consumer for seconds... most companies first cant touch your seconds.. TY
These are great for the price, but some of them have a very tight draw....
Love the cigars; incredibly fast delivery. Way to go CI!
What a deal! What a cigar! I've been smoking the RP Vintage 1992's for about 5 years and they are my go to cigar. I was more than excited to find RP Vintage seconds and didn't hesitate on pulling the trigger based on all the reviews. All i can say is WOW! what a smokin' deal these are. I compared them to the few Toro's i had left in my humidor and i gotta say i honestly couldn't tell why they were seconds. QC at the factory must be strict for these to be considered seconds. Why would you pay retail on firsts when these seconds are every bit as good (if not better because of the price). Phenomenal cigar at an exceptional price. Needless to say i'll be ordering more the next time i head south of the 49th parallel.
The best.
I purchased these based on the endless, outstanding reviews on this website.... halfway through the cigar, it gets very bitter. I have smoked two with the same result and have had to end the cigar prematurely....
These cigars are beyond amazing! Absolutely a great smoke...burns perfect, great draw, taste magnificent and cost a fraction of the price. I personally won't be purchasing regulars if the seconds are in stock...
I got a mazo of Vintage 90s and shared with my ISAF Italian buddies here in Afghanistan. A few of them knew immediately what they were smoking. How can you give out these expensive beauties? they asked... I did admit to giving out one of the best cigars in the world, but not that they cost hardly anything. The 2nds smoked as good as the 1sts. Not a one was ugly. The quality of the roll was top notch (of course for's natural). I'm ordering more real soon...just have to buy a stick first to keep my new best friends back.
These are my favorite cigars for the money. Hands down can't be beat. And I have CI to thank for drawing my attention to them! I will be back for more. Considering buying a second humidor just to stock up on RP seconds!!!
Seconds huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA........If not for careful inspection of the wrapper and the lack of the band one could not tell. The flavor and the smokability are there. Solid smoke by all accounts.
I just bought a bundle of the 92 torpedos and the 90 petite coronas and was wondering why people say they are identical when they are not box pressed the same. The 92 torpedos look different then the regular line because they are more rounded and not box pressed. I really enjoyed the 92 seconds and would buy again but in my opnion they are not the same because of the shape. I have not received the petite coronas yet but was wondering if anyone has tried them and if they were box shaped.
Just got the 1990 robusto and I have to say that these are a solid smoke. This is my first Rocky that I've had, and I'll definitely pick up another order of these! Can't beat the price and the quality...
Have been a Rocky fan for about 2 years now and like the Edge Lite, American Market, and Vintage 2000 & 2002s. Based on Rocky's quality, consistency, and the reviews here I couldn't resist trying a pack of the Vintage Seconds Torpedoes. I like torpedoes and, generally they are rolled by the more talented torcedores so my expectations were high. I've smoked six of them so far and 3 have been wonderful, just like the banded ones, but the other three have been complete duds. One was like trying to suck through a pinhole (despite ramming a poker through it) and had to relight it a dozen times before giving up. The other two also needed relighting and made canoes that would make the Mohicans jealous. I hope the rest are better, but right now, I can only say stay away from these! The savings are not nearly worth the real price you pay.
what a great cigar (RP Vintage 2nds) . i smoked one a few hours after i smoked a rp vintage 1990. i couldnt tell the difference in taste or burn. the only difference i noticed was the color. the 2nds were a little lighter in shade. still dont know why these would be called 2nds, they are a 1st in my book.
With all due respect,RP Vintage 2nds you would be a fool not to fill your humidor(s) with these tasty treats if you like the RP Vintages. Personally, I'm a '92 kind of guy. I never immagined I would be able to get this at a bundled price. Now, my standard go-to cigar is a RP '92. As for the missing band, We would just have to remove it anyway. Rocky just did it for us! Thank you, CI!!! As long as they are in stock, I'm buying them.
These smokes kick butt. (RP Vintage 2nds) Best deal out there. Better than the Davidoff private label seconds. Taste as good as the firsts. Had about 10 batches with only one a bit loose on the roll. 1/3 the price of the firsts and well worth it. Everyone who's had these are convinced. Try 'em and see for yourself.
Ordered a bundle of the '92 Robusto and '90 Perfecto. (RP Vintage 2nds) I can't believe these are "2nds"!! Some sticks I'll be damned if I can find an imperfection. Others are very minor, perhaps a sunspot or a less than perfect cap. Each one has been pure joy to smoke, a new favorite!! Perfect burns, long white ash, great taste. I'm buying these again!!
i received my bundle of '90 torpedoes(RP Vintage 2nds) a while back. I smoked a couple here and there and really enjoyed them. Then I forgot about them. I recently found them in the bottom of my humidor a year and 4 months later and finally smoked one. THESE ARE NOW MY FAVORITE CIGARS. Sure it took a year or so, but like i said, THESE ARE NOW MY FAVORITE CIGARS. Buy a bunch and leave them in your humi for a year or so. Believe me, it's worth it.
Had been hearing about RP for a while finally picked up an 'overpriced' vintage 92 second at the local shop. I'm relatively new to the world of handmade premium cigars. I've monkeyed around with some Victor Sinclairs, Fuentes, Hoyo de Monterrey etc. This supposed reject pretty much blew away anything in this price range. Burns well and in line with the audio and reviews. This was the first cigar that I actually smoked one after the other! Rock Patel is an evil genius.
Just got my 1990 Robustos (RP Vintage 2nds) and man I can't say enough about these cigars. I've been smoking cigars since the mid-90's and I have to say these easily are in the top 5 list of cigars I've had. These will be permanently ensconced in my favorites as long as CI has them available.
Just got my '90 Robustos (Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds). I won't pretend to know what the real one's are like but I can tell you this is one fine smoke. From the second you yank one out of the cellophane the buttery wrapper gives you your first indication your in for a treat. The draw is smooth, the burn is even and slow, taste is complex and flavorful, and the finish is clean as a whistle. I'm no expert but I agree with CI, 2nds are a steal!!
New to CI I just got my RP 2nds 1990 robusto, RP must be a stickler about perfection. I could not find any blemishes at all, and best of all I put it up against my real vintage 1990s and could not tell the difference. the draw was perfect, and the burn was even will pick up some more RP 2nds before they are gone.
'92 Churchill (RP Vintage 2nds), I got these about two weeks ago and have smoked about 1/2 of the bundle. These might be the best stoogie I've ever smoked. My experience is just as our friend Gonz's review for back a couple of years. I hope CI carries these for life.
I just got my order of 1990 and I am proud to say I am a new member of the RP 2nds bandwagon. I challenged myself to let them rest in the humidor for at least a day w/o the cellophane wrappers. I was rewarded with a smoothe, creamy, almost floral at times in the first third, smoke that was so easy to draw and just got better with each puff. Loads of sweet smoke and the complex flavors that lingered on my palate made me wonder how the originals, (which I have never had), could be any better. I too was very hard pressed to find the blemishes which speaks loudly of Rocky's level of acceptable vitolas to carry his name. I have a bit more room in the humidor and I think it wise that I go ahead and put my order in, for some 1992's I think this time. Definitely in my rotation from here on for as long as they hold out. Cha-ching Badda-bing CI!!!!
I recently purchase some RP vintage 1992's "seconds" could not tell why they were seconds!! It took everything I had to let them sit in the humidor to refresh after their transit to my house. An EXELLENT cigar! New to the cigar world I was lucky to have discover RP's stuff. Wonderful cigar, great price, thanks
The 90 is one of my top 3 smokes. I can't believe how lucky we are to have this top rate smoke at an unbelievable price of $3/stick. I received a regular 90 (not a 2nd) with a sampler pack and can't tell the difference. It will be a sad day when these 2nds are no longer made. By the way, I just tried the 92 and it now has moved into my top 3 also. Maybe even surpassing the 90. Thanks CI for the great deals.
Do not pass these by (RP Vintage 2nds)! I was very sceptical at first, as the regular vintage cigars are extremely enjoyable. I get them in the mail and almost throw them away. They are not a consistent color, the wrap is about 90% as perfect as the original. Then I smoke a couple, as the first one was as good as the original. If you like this smoke, get these seconds. You will not notice the difference, I swear!!!
I, along with a few of my fraternity brothers, bought 2 bundles the churchills (RP Vintage 2nds), which just came in yesterday. As soon as I took them out of the box and bundles, I right away knew that this was the best deal I had ever found. Rocky Patel must be the pickiest man in the cigar industry. I couldn't find anything really wrong with these beautiful sticks. The ONLY thing that is wrong with them, and it's not even wrong in my book, is the color of the wrapper. THAT"S IT. No blemishes on the wrappers or anything. And let me tell you, that's not the best part. My brothers and I knew what we had to do. We had to fire a few of these babies up. So we did, and they were fantastic. The smoke laid a sort of nuttiness and earthiness down on my palate, not being too heavy at all. And the fact that they were only a little over 3 bucks a stick made it just that much better. A+ deal and A+ smoke in my book.
Just over $3.00 a stick (RP Vitnage 2nds)! It arrived in a triangular cellophane mazo of fifteen individually wrapped cellophane smokes without bands or any labels on the outer packaging (not as shown in CI’s advertising). The square pressed torpedos are perfectly constructed with no observable blemishes whatever, although the maduro wrapper color varied ever so slightly from stick-to-stick. With no moisturizing smoked directly from the cellophane, the pre-lite draw and aroma is superb, and it lit easily. The maduro wrapper is beautiful and adds a robust taste to the blend. However, I still prefer the 10-year Sumatra, but just by a shave! The taste is identical to its full price brothers, the opening is airy with just a hint of spice and nut, it evolves into a creamy almost juicy taste by the one-third mark and from there on it is lip smacking with tastes of chocolate and hits of charcoal toast. The draw is easy and it booms out smoke! The grayish ash holds firm for the first third and the burn is even all the way to the nub. Though medium bodied this fantastic maduro cigar creeps up on you when smoked to the nub so watch out! All the evolving mellow tastes lull you into thinking it is a candy bar so you smoke it to the end and then it kicks. This year I have smoked many of the top cigars in the industry from Perdomo to El Rey Del mundo, to Partagas and this second is right up there even when pitted against its namesake. Rocky Patel is taking blending and construction to the next level if he calls these masterpieces seconds! These seconds are exclusive to CI and on constant backorder and I shall be on that waiting list because when he stops manufacturing these blends (1990 & 1992) the seconds will disappear and only the pricy boxes of firsts will be available.
After having enjoyed the Vintage 1990 I thought I give the 1992 a try as well (RP Vintage 2nds). They were just as good a smoke as their older brother. Sometimes its hard to believe all the hype about certain cigars but these Rocky Patel's meet and exceeded all my expectations of a cigar for this price. This is a can't miss deal. I've ordered more of both.
Was extremely happy with the bundle of RP Vintage 1990's 2nds I received. It was worth the wait on back order for these beauties. Shared one with my Dad and he loved them so much he's going to order some himself. Can't miss with Rocky! Was hard pressed to find the blemishes. The taste was great as well as the aroma and they burned evenly with a nice firm ash. Ordered more before they're gone.
Just got my first order of RP Vintage 2nds four days ago and I am ordering more. These slow-burning sticks throw off so much flavor they seem to consume all senses at once-very unique, complex, yet surprisingly mellow. I'm thinking I might have to buy a larger humidor just to stockpile a few bundles of these. CI, when are you going to go public? I want to buy some of your stock!
IT'S hard to tell why these (RP Vintage 2nds) are 2nd's.i only saw one small place that probably could have been considered a defect.Rocky Patel's standards must be high if these beautiful cigars are getting rejected.But i'm glad, because these are incredible cigars at value prices.i'm wondering if i should build another "coolerdor" and stockpile these.
The RP Vintage 2nds. "Holly Crap!! smoke them with your eyes closed and you'll think your in Heaven".
All I can say is what a value with these Rocky Patel Vintage Seconds. I picked up the Toro 1992's and wow I could not tell why they were seconds. Each of the 15 cigars had a smooth even draw and the complex flavors were fantastic. This is the best value in a cigar that I have found yet. You feel like you are smoking a $10 cigar rather than a $3 one! Thanks!!!
My favorite smokes have been CAO Gold for many years. I tried the robusto sampler which contained CAO Gold, Perdomo Reserve, RP Vintage 1990 and 1992. I liked the RPs so much I purchased a bundle of RP Vintage seconds. My number one smokes are now RP Vintage. I like the 1990 a little more than the 1992. The seconds are spectacular at $3/stick. I'm sold on RP.
Wow! The RP Vintage 1990's have always been a favorite of mine since my first taste, but these Vintage 2nds are A STEAL! Same wonderful blend, but much cheaper. Definitely an "everyday" cigar for me. Thank you CI for introducing me to them!
I find it hard to believe that these RP Vintage (RP Vintage 2nds) 1990 Petite Coranas are seconds. They taste every bit as good their expensive "cousins". Fantastic draw on every one. They are consistantly outstanding.
The only difference I can find between the Vintage seconds (RP Vintage 2nds) and the the actual Vintage line is the nifty band on each stick. If you're a poor college student, as I am, or just looking for a good deal BUY THIS!! What a creamy, spicy mixture of wonderfulness, mixed with a little amazingness.
Incredible....absolutely incredible. I ordered the petite corona RP Vintage 2nds and let me tell you, one of the most finest cigars I have ever smoked. I have a few RP Vintage 1990's on hand, and I can't tell the difference. When I am pressed for time and I'm craving ANY cigar, the RP Vintage petite coronas are the ones I grab. I gave a few to a friend as a gift, he told me to give him the name of the company selling these. I told him CI, and to hook me up with some of HIS cigars he orders from Cigars International! You've got another client CI!
Where else can you get a 93 rated smoke for 3 bucks a stick? These (RP Vintage 2nds) are truly a great smoke. I keep ordering more. I've ordered the firsts as well and there really is no difference in flavor or quality.
They (RP Vintage 2nds) are a great cigar and the price is very reasonable. Why buy the first line ones when the seconds are just as a much higher cost?
I recently was invited to my bosses end of the year party. Upon my arrival I shared with with the rest of the group my Rocky Patel Seconds(RP Vintage 2nds). They were a huge hit. Everyone that smoked had one, people that didn't smoke tried one because they just smelled so good, and my boss who has been smoking cigars for over thirty years said that this was one of the best cigars he ever had. I told him the brand and the price and he couldn't believe his ears! Thanks CI!
I have always been leary about buying seconds but you made the RP Vintage Seconds sound so good I gave them a shot. You were right! Other than the fact that they are not boxed pressed I can't tell the difference and if there is some flaw in the appearance I can't see it. Can't beat the price. Thanks CI
I can't believe I only paid $2.66 each for these cigars (RP Vintage 2nds)! They are outstanding! I smoked one right when I opened the package and it is a SUPERB smoke! I've smoked way more expensive cigars than this that couldn't touch this one. It burned perfectly and evenly, with a perfect draw, too. It had a nice tight ash, too. Toward the middle, the flavor started changing, getting richer. I smoked this sucker right down to my fingers. Really, a great, great bargain. I'm gonna give one of these to my cigar smoking buddy and let him enjoy it, too, and when he's done, then I'll tell him how much it cost. He's gonna flip and I predict he'll order a batch for himself, too. Thanks CI!
Come on....Stop advertising these (RP Vintage 2nds)! I don't want anyone else to find out about these! I would have to say that this is probably the best buy you have!
Was hesitant at first, then went to Big Smoke and asked Rocky himself about the 2nd's (RP Vintage 2nds). He assured me they were the exact same as the regular, the only difference is they had no band and cosmetics on the wrapper. So I decided to give them a shot and now they r my staple everyday smoke. A $9 cigar for $3, there is no beating this deal.
WoW! I have no idea why these are called "seconds" (RP Vintage 2nds)? They are absolutely delicious! All I can say is I got a bundle of them yesterday and the day after tomorrow I am ordering 2 more... maybe 3.
These are too good to smoke --- so I am hoarding them. Got six bundles now. Medium bodied, sweet, slight pepper taste,... delicious. I have yet to find a cigar other than the RP Vinage Second that I nub EVERYTIME and I have been smoking cigars for 15 years.
Had a chance to punch one of these (RP Vintage 2nds) and light her up this week with a buddy of mine who grabbed your bundle. It was indeed the taste I remember from Rocky. Don't be afraid to buy these because of the word "2nds" They are everything you expect from RP. It's a no brainer.
I am now on my third bundle of these wonderful cigars from Rocky Patel. I first tried the Vintage brand from a local store, and I can't believe that I can by these beauties for one third the price I paid at retail. All you have to do is try the Rocky Patel Vintage 2nds once and you will realize that they are just as good as the full price cigars.
I ordered my bundle on Friday, received it on Monday and finally bit into one of those beauties on Thursday! Let me tell ya, I don't know how anybody would pass up a deal like this on RP Vintage 2nds? A nice medium body, smooth with a slight bite...excellent. I will probably order myself another bundle soon just to have. Thanks CI for the deal!!!
Recently I made a couple purchases from your company and was 100% satisfied with the products I received. My first purchase was a bundle of Rocky Patel Vintage seconds (Excellent!) My next purchase was the CI-All Stars #3 and the selection was great. I thoroughly enjoy the readings in your catalog. I especially like the way each cigar is detailed by the taste, the boldness, the wrapper, the filler, etc. Your company has made my cigars smoking days very pleasurable.

RP Vintage 2nds


I've hesitated to write this pick for a few weeks now, I admit it, I was trying to keep these for myself and not let the masses know how awesome a deal this is. I'm not kidding, first time I saw them in our catalog I did a double-take...what? RP Vintage Seconds? Can't be. Well my friends, it's true. Strap me up and call me Sally if I'm not telling ya that these are the best darn Seconds I've ever smoked. We seem to sell more and more Rocky Patel products around here, and I've had the pleasure to be passed an RP Vintage a time or two (the bosses upstairs were nice-enough to pass us "geekers" a couple smokes after a Rocky Patel visit a few months back, I'm forever thankful) and smoked it until my fingers were charred purple. Listen sister, if you haven't spent your grocery money yet, forget the TP and get yourself a couple of RP Vintage but if you can't live without a couple extra 12-packs of Charmin in the closet like me, you need a bundle of these Seconds.

I'm getting soft and with two kids at home soaking my candy bar money, I'll try almost any cheap smoke. My only 3 requirements for smoking a second are:

  1. There are no visible fingernails sticking out of the wrapper
  2. It's doesn't unravel when I snip the end
  3. My ears don't bleed when I try to suck through the cigar

Yeah, tough requirements, eh? So I grabbed me a 15 spot of the Churchill '92s. No fingernails, and after a quick snip, no unraveling of the wrapper, and a quick, firm, but easy draw. So far so good, let's continue. Spark it up baby, this one made it past the screeners. A few strokes in and the flavor is spot in - a meaty, full flavor that leaves a deep creamy walnut splash at the back of your tongue. The finish lingers but doesn't erode your taste buds and anything you might eat or drink later. But, they'll sure take on the heartiest Guinness Extra Stout or McEwan's Scotch Ale any day of the week (if you haven't tried a McEwan's Scotch Ale - awesome!) A solid persistent body holds throughout the 7" cigar and won't leave you begging for more. In fact, you might want to throw a PB&J sandwich into your stomach a few minutes before lighting up, for some reason, these leave me a little woozy. The charcoal gray ash forms and drops on demand, just perfect, slow-burning construction.

The best part about RP Vintage is that they're consistent and the same is true here with the 2nds. I started writing this review over the course of several days, have smoked another 1/2 dozen, and they're all identical, identically good. With each one I get a slight awkward shaped burn to start, then it evens out nicely after about 1 inch, and the flavor holds every step of the way. The aroma is powerful and fills your personal space for days, so I don't recommend a shared office or your bedroom. Also, in case it matters, they don't have that nice box press (well, they come in a bundle, duh!) that the RP Vintage has. Nevertheless, bargain, bargain, bargain.

Light'em up,