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J. Fuego Origen

J. Fuego Origen. All Corojo....all good.

Jesus Fuego comes from a long bloodline of premium tobaccos and handmade cigars. Since 1876, the Fuego family has been growing the world's finest tobaccos, producing one of the finest leaves in the world on the 'El Corojo' farm of Cuba. In 1995, Jesus Fuego - the Fuego family's 5th generation - moved to Central America and became one of the industry's premier blenders.

J. Fuego Origen pays homage to the tobacco that established the Fuego name: Corojo. Made entirely of superior Corojo tobaccos, this bold, Corojo-laced cocktail is teeming with flavor. A beautiful Corojo wrapper - a proprietary leaf grown in Brazil - embraces a robust combination of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf Corojos inside a flavorful Costa Rican Corojo binder. The smoke is hearty to the core, coating the palate with full-flavored, full-bodied spices throughout the burn. A feisty bouquet complemented by earth, leather, and rich tobacco nuances. Satisfying, spicy and eventful down to the nub.

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Corona (5.5"x46) BOX OF 21 Out of Stock $123.90 $110.00    
5-PACK Out of Stock $29.50 $27.00    
Grande (Robusto) (5.5"x56) BOX OF 21 In Stock $178.50 $150.00
Originals (Corona) (5.0"x44) SLEEVE OF 60 In Stock $150.00 $135.00
PACK OF 5 In Stock $12.50 $11.50
Robusto (4.8"x49) BOX OF 21 In Stock $140.70 $125.00
5-PACK In Stock $31.00
Toro (6.0"x50) BOX OF 21 In Stock $149.10 $133.00
5-PACK In Stock $32.50
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Customer Reviews of “J. Fuego Origen”
I've smoked 20 or so of the Originals and they are great. Coffee, chocolate and molasses. Give them a try, they are fresh and they will only get better with age on them, but great right off the truck.
GG of Florence, OR
This cigar is fantastic! Great flavors! Excellent burn and draw! Very tasty! Very strong! (Strongest cigar I've ever smoked, Nicotine buzz wise. Stronger than the CAO LX2! I like that. Sit down, puff, and enjoy. Excellent with a good whisky, Scotch preferably. (for me at least)
MG of Cherry Hill, NJ
Try the 5 pack originals. These 100% hand rolled's all look a little different and are rough around the edges but are fully loaded with dark chocolate, earth and molasses. Wrapped in an attracted paper with the Origen design, they age well in the humidor. This is a cigar you can light up for a quick fix. If you are looking that little cigar that compares to your full bodied robustos, try these. The larger vitolas are very complex, and rolled to perfection. All the descriptions are right on the money. They're no the same as the originals which were taste tester until Fuego decided to release them for sale. Two different cigars with different palates.
PW of Charlestown, RI
Triple Corojo goodness, probably why I love these so much. Sneaky lil buggah - smokes for about 40 minutes, start to finish on the stronger side of medium with a full-bodied retrohale. Full of leather and spice...hello to the max!!!
JM of Waipahu, HI
I like to have a few corona sized cigars ready whenever a Robusto or larger vitola is not viable. I also like a corona as a change of pace. J Fuego's Origen Originals are a good example of a smaller, shorter smoke that delivers full bodied/full flavor, without requiring an hour or more to complete. As noted, they are a bit rough in appearance. The 1st one I tried had a large vein running the length of the cigar & a small tear in the wrapper near the head. They come unbanded, wrapped in paper & ready to go, since they are pre-cut. It is a figurado shape, just slightly smaller in ring gauge at both ends, compared to the middle. Don't be fooled by their rough appearance. These little firecrackers have a ton of flavor, delivered full bodied. Notes of black tobacco mingle with caramel & spice. This is an eventful small cigar, that should please medium/full advocates alike. There are three other blends available, including a maduro, a corojo & one called Sangre del Toro. They can be found online for about two bones per stick, which makes them a decent buy.
Great cigar. Taste, construction, flavor, draw, burn, smoke output, and duration 4.5/5. Medium to full. Highly recommended.
AM of Canyon Country, CA