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Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion

Say hello to Antano’s new brother, Celebracion!

Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion is the latest premium from the makers of Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 – one of the hottest, strongest smokes on the market. Using the same Nicaraguan grown Habana-seed fillers and binders utilized by Antano, the Celebracion sports a super smooth, aged Habana-seed Criollo wrapper leaf. The end result is a complex, flavorful, medium to full-bodied cigar that’s easier on the palate than its older brother. A must try cigar, that's priced just right.

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  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Churchill (6.7"x48)BOX OF 20 Backordered $145.00$113.10
5-PACK Backordered $29.50
Consul (Robusto) (4.5"x52)BOX OF 20 In Stock $125.00$97.50
5-PACK In Stock $25.50
Corona (5.5"x42)BOX OF 20 In Stock $113.00$88.14
5-PACK In Stock $23.00
Toro (6.0"x50)BOX OF 20 In Stock $133.00$103.74
5-PACK In Stock $27.00
Torpedo (6.0"x52)BOX OF 20 In Stock $155.00$120.90
5-PACK In Stock $31.50
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Customer Reviews of “Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion”
“awesome cigar (Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion), i look forward to trying it in the toro size. the consul size burns very evenly, producing a tight, white to light-grey ash, and lasts a good 45-minutes to the last third of the cigar. a pleasant, heady aroma is produced along with a medium to full flavor, but not hot or harsh. some leather, tobacco, and earthy flavors are evident with the usual perceived sweetness of a nicaraguan puro. this cigar is a nice preview to the full-bodied antano! not recommended for the mild, dominican smoker.”
ks of Carlisle, PA
“I would compare this cigar(Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion) to Edge Corojo in terms of strength - but there are differences in other aspects. Most important, Celebracion stays pretty spicy all the way through while Edge keeps the strength but loses the spice. Also I think that Celebracion has a bit more complexity of flavor.”
GM of Union City, NJ
“The Consul size of Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion was a potent little spark plug of a cigar. I'm a seasoned cigar smoker, and this brand delivered the goods in complexity of flavor and strength. Not too many cigars surprise me with their strength, but this one brought it! Thanks CI!”
SC of Shreveport, LA
“This is the cigar(Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion) that the gods want me to smoke ! Strong, tasty,good to the last nub”
JT of Eagleville, PA
“I like this stick (Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion), maybe not as much as the Antano, but I like it. It is toothy - just what I expect from Nicaraguan tobacco. However, infused with a delicate spice and a chompy, leathery finish. I think this is a gritty back 9 stick, sneak a snifter of Onoroco... you'll have a blast! My rate this stick: 88 ”
CS of Southern, CA
“I have to disagree with the other gentlemen. To my palate, the JdN Celebracion torpedo is a very smooth, mild to medium smoke with a subtle, sweet wrapper that reminds me somewhat of a Felipe Gregorio Pelo de Oro (but I have been known to exagerate from time to time). The last third can burn a little hot, but the burn stays even and true. I've never had the smaller sizes, but if you like the small ones, then you should definitely try the larger ring. It's good!”
MG of Malibu, CA
“Spectacular cigar(Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion). IMO much more flavorful than the Antano. Defintely worth keeping some in the humidor.”
BM of San Lorenzo, CA
“Just plain delicious!Hey C.I., see if Dr.Cuenca would make this also in a Gran Consul size 4.7x60-would be awesome!Thanks C.I.”
RK of College Park, MD
“Antano lovers will find the Celebration blend quite familiar. Celebration shares a common filler & binder, but utilizes a different wrapper that makes it slightly less full bodied. A nice way to enjoy JdN's distinct flavor, without the sensory overload of some of their other blends. Highly recommended & available in the popular Consul size (4.5 X 52).”
“this is a good cigar. strong, but flavorful and balanced, not just sheer power imo. for me, some of jdn's smokes, flavors get lost in their attempt to make things strong. this was a nice cigar. i've smoked a small robusto, and what seemed to be a gordo, the bigger ring gauge was a step up and allowed nice flavors to develop.”
CE of Milford, PA