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John Bull

Mellow but flavorful Connecticut-wrapped lovelies....for an incredible price.

The best part about this cigar is the quality-to-price ratio. There are better cigars out there and there are far more pricey cigars out there....but if you want a good quality, mild handmade at a tremendous price, this is an ideal 'everyday' option.

Oh my! John Bull combines a silky Connecticut Ecuador wrapper with an aged combination of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. Together this holy cocktail delivers a pretty smooth, mild to medium-bodied bouquet. The cigar billows with thick, creamy, voluminous clouds, consuming the palate in rich fashion and leaving behind pleasant notes of cedar and toast. Hey, for an everyday mild handmade, John Bull is an enjoyable and satisfying solution, brother. Packed in big, chunky, cedar boxes of 30 cigars....all at a price that’ll keep you coming back for more, a dozen times over.
  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Britannia (toro) (6.0"x48) BOX OF 30 In Stock $105.00 $49.99
Bulldog (robusto) (5.5"x52) BOX OF 30 In Stock $105.00 $49.99
Crown Corona (5.6"x44) BOX OF 30 In Stock $97.50 $39.99
Prime Minister (presidente) (7.2"x54) BOX OF 30 In Stock $135.00 $59.99
Sir Winston (churchill) (7.0"x47) BOX OF 30 In Stock $120.00 $54.99
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Customer Reviews of “John Bull”
Just got these in the mail today. They are great cigars, even right out of the box. A few days in my humidor should make them even better. Its not the best cigar i have smoked but it is a boatload better than some $10 sticks i have smoked. For a buck and some change a stick, you just cant go wrong, and have plenty to smoke on.
JS of lake charles, LA
I ordered a box of the bulldogs (30)...let them set for a week with a humi pillow in their own box...very nice, smooth, great white ash and no bitterness...great to unwind with late at night while surfing the cigar site...the wooden box in itself is a great humi! I gave 10 of them to my buddy...liked them equally well...just an all around great cigar! Will buy again.
JH of Mena, AR
This is a great cigar that gets even better with a little time in the humidor. Smooth with a good draw and long ash. Better get yours before CI catches on and raises the prices like they did with the pirates gold-another great smoke.
SA of Tulare, CA
With a name like John Bull and a bulldogs face on the label you may be thinking this cigar is destined for CI's un-smokable page. You would be dead wrong. This is a very good mild cigar with an even burn, nice ash, large amounts of smoke and a creamy taste, ranks up there with Gispert 5 VEAGS gold! John bull proves a cigar doesn't have to cost a house payment to be truly good.
BY of Okeechobee, FL
....this is a great cigar , if you like smoldering newspaper. Don't waste your money, I'm sorry I wasted mine....
DA of Fresno, CA
These caught my attention when I saw a box (not bundle) of 30 (not 20) for 1.66 a stick. I took a chance and am suprised how good they are. Cream and cedar with a little spice, in my opinion a near perfect cigar. Excellent burn and draw they compare favorably with Gispert, and 5 Vegas gold. From now on this will be my regular go to smoke.
JC of Albuquerque, NM
This is a Great smoke for a $1.80 a pop. I favor the Robusto for its large ring size, which makes for a cool smoke. It smokes mild and smooth. Construction is excellent, with a perfect wrapper and a securely attached cap that always cuts cleanly. Burn is even and the draw has never been plugged or overfilled. This has become my everyday favorite and I haven't found a cigar in its price range that comes close.
AS of Dunnellon, FL
Bought a box of the Presidentes last week. Have smoked five this week and have enjoyed all of them. Have never tried Ashtons but Steve-o's review was right on about this being an above average smoke for the money. Starts mild but seems to strengthen a little about half way through. At the current price, will definitely be buying more.
GC of Birmingham, AL
I'm confused by the negative feedback below; Ashton reps, perhaps? I've smoked a fair number of John Bulls ever since Steve posted his review back when and have enjoyed every one. In fact I just returned from a trip to Texas and this was the cigar I smoked on the road with my coffee. I enjoyed it in most of the Southeast and in part of the Southwest. Thousands of miles later I still like 'em. Creamy, mild, & oh-so-easy on the wallet.
TH of Hendersonville, NC
a very tasty mild smoke, a great change from the heavier cigars I typically enjoy. Good yard gar or morning smoke with a cup of joe.The price is spot on and quality is good
SH of monroe, NC
I have to agree with TH of NC. This cigar is not bad. Easy draw, slow burn, mild. The other two are acting as if they are smoking a King Edward or White Owl or other machine made. This is not bad at all. I would buy again.
DM of monaca, PA
Not a bad smoke, mild , nothing really bad to report on this stick. I've haven't had a problem with keeping this stick lit however towards the middle it canoed a little bit but it easily corrected itself. I was surprised with its packaging for the price of a box of 30 it came in a very nice cedar lined box. Seems like other competitors at this price range just roll em up in a wheel or wrap in plastic.
RG of Hudson Falls, NY
the staff review comparing this to Ashton is utter nonsense....i wont buy again
SR of Parsippany, NJ
I was very reluctant to try John Bull, despite the positive reviews. I mean, how could a cigar cost under $2 a stick and still be worth smoking (other than while mowing the grass)? I finally broke down and boy was I AMAZED! This cigar smokes extremely well. Perfect, even burn. Perfect draw. Mild, yet complex flavor akin to Ashton or even AVO yet way less. This has become my daily go-to cigar; ahead of many other more expensive ones in my humidor. What a find!
PL of Minneapolis, MN
I honestly have to agree with the negetive reviews. I orders a box of the Sir Winstons (churchills) and am very dissapointed. After reading the most recent reviews I was optomistic about these but the optimism is misplaced. The cigars I smoked had little to no flavor. They did burn pretty well if not a little fast for about the first half but after that I had a difficult time keeping them lit. My humi is sitting about 70 - 71 percent and my other smokes don't have the same problem. After wasting this money (and other purchases for some cheaper smokes) I think I am going to keep buying better cigars.
LB of Topeka, KS
I love these, I hope they're always available! Perfect mild taste, perfect draw, always burn perfectly as well. My every day cigar, I buy them by the box!
BN of Columbia, MO
Got a ten pack in the Bulldog size. Good cigar. Excellent burn and very well made. Good flavor. Mild/med. Nice change from my usually med/full favorites. Great value.
MB of Rensselaer, NY
I have smoked two John Bulls and both have been great! They are mild but very flavorful with hints of creamyness and cedar. They are a very nice change from the heavier cigars I usually smoke. I am ordering a box and they may possibly become my new go to cigar. Best bang for your buck! At just over a dollar a stick, they can't be beat! I have smoked top shelf cigars that weren't as enjoyable. They will definitley be put in to my cigar rotation.
CJ of Sallisaw, OK
Because of fan reviews I've purchased many good cigars in the lower price range, such as the; Calle Ocho, and Dan Rafael. Taking advandage of the; "Make me an offer" web page. Something you need to try if you haven't gone to the site yet. I had a chance to order a 10 cigar sampler for a low price. Unless this John Bull changes on my second cigar, this was one time that I'm in the minority in not liking the cigar at all. However, I've learned that leaving cigars in a humidor for a long amount of time can really make a difference. Because of the bad experience I had with the one John Bull I smoked, it will be two months before I try another one. Unless the rest in the humidor turns this cigar into a different flavor, I want be ordering any more. Again, there was a cigar I ordered from CI called; Oliveros XL Bold. The first time I tryed this cigar was right off the truck. I disliked it so much that I buried down in one of my humidors and forgot about them for over two months. One day as I was looking for a cigar to smoke I saw one of these. The humidor had perfomed an act of majic, and turned this cigar into one I have to keep on hand. If this happens with the John Bull, I will update my review. As of now, the week in the humidor didn't produce a cigar that I would purchased nor suggest.
DM of Taylor, MI
Pros: Cheap, nice box, good looks, has a name. Cons: Frequently need to re-ignite, some tunneling, inconsistencies in cigar, some are hard others a little mushy, some bitterness toward end of smoke. Will I buy it again? No, unless they improve it. Lot of better cigars priced in this range.
NL of Wahiawa, HI
Use these as my puff-and-toss when walking the dog. If you don't birddog 'em, they'll stay mellow and creamy. Give 'em some time in the humi and don't expect a Tatuaje and you can't go wrong. Rule Brittania!
JC of Sherman Oaks, CA
Got these as I am new to cigars and wanted something Mild. I must say not a bad flavor right out of the box, a little harsh burning, but after 24 hours in the Humidor they are much much smoother. I set a few aside for the next few days. Well worth the money however for a <$2.00 a stick smoke.
JS of Marion, NY
Bought my first box of Crown Corona. I read some of the reviews that suggest they were not very good but the box quantity and price made me give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor, draw, ash and creamy smoke. Smoking the cigar slowly (slow draw without rushing in-between draws) I found the cigars to be quite good. I am looking forward to smoking the rest of the box and purchasing more in the future. Great every day smoke in my opinion. Of course I am not a cigar afficianato or expert but they were quite pleasurable. I believe I made a good choice.
TM of Tinley Park, IL
I agree with all the positive reports on the John Bull. I had bought a couple of the Prime Ministers when I was out of town and loved them. Upon returning home I couldn't find them locally and was diappointed! Low and behold CI had them and I instantly bought a box of them. Trust me for the $ you can't go wrong with them! They are my go to stick in the humidor. Kudo's to CI, I won't buy any place else...
SC of Port Orange, FL
A month ago I bought, for the first time ever, a Box of John Bull, Presidentes, and every one had a great draw and tasted fine, though I have had better flavor from many cigars. A week ago, I bought another box of the same cigars, and was sorely disappointed with the consistency. Every other smoke allowed barely visible smoke through it. The draw was very tight and, of course, then the smoke gets very hot long before the end. I'm finished with John Bull. Too bad, because I really like the size with the larger ring gauge. But, on a lighter note, the best inexpensive cigar I've smoke is the Palma Real. Completely consistent for 15 years now.
RB of Massena, NY
Not a fan.... just not interesting. We'll see how a couple weeks in the humidor might help.
Tried a box of the bulldog (robusto) liked them. Ordered my second box, great back yard smoke.
These cigars are terrific. Let them sit for a month and they're great; more than that, and you'll be blown away. Nutty and toasty and one of the best mild-medium cigars in my rotation. In fact, it's bumped two other cigars I bought regularly, because the John Bull beat them both.
Got a box of John Bull Coronas in my last order. I wanted to see what they were like. I found them to be a really nice smoke after a couple of days in the humidor. Straight out of the box I was underwhelmed. Letting them rest and normalize made all the difference for me. While they are a wee bit milder than I really like I can see myself picking up a box now and again. Well worth more than the purchase price. So if you are a fan of mild cigars I say, buy a box . Let them rest a few days and, then enjoy a pretty damn decent smoke.
AS of Humbird, WI
These cigars are good for beginners. They are extremely light in flavor but still burn decent. I wouldn't recommend a box, but they are fine for ordering a 5-pack.
KP of Eugene, OR
Just ordered my second box, the first didn't last a month. Great everyday smoke and no reason not to share it!
JH of Alma, MI
Best Cigar for the money!!
This is a really solid cigar. I highly recommend this one. It is super light, flavorful and you always get a nice consistent burn. I wish they offered these in bundles where you could save money versus the box. Great cigar!
I was very pleasantly surprised about the bundle I purchased as a Tuesday 2-fer. Well-made and smooth flavor for this price point. Don't smoke much Connecticut, but I may just re-order these when I run out to have some milds in the humidor for when the mood strikes.
AS of Greensboro, NC
Just got my CI order and decided to fire up a cigarillo I got 50 for a buck with box buy. These are very mild, lots of thick white smoke. I can't wait to try the larger ones I ordered. Nice 15 minute smoke with a slight peppery after taste. I`ll be ordering more of these and with the CI deal for 50 for a buck ya cant go wrong!!!
AD of Callensburg, PA
Just got a box yesterday and smoked one right away. Well constructed cigar with a great pre-light draw. It's a flavorful stick, not the strongest by no means but a tasty smoke nonetheless. I can see these in my rotation.
To compare John Bull with Ashton is a stretch, pure & simple. Tried a box about a year ago--and they do come in a box--and felt I got a fair to middling smoke for the price ($39.99 for the corona). Had a nice mouth feel, good flavor and body, but the exhaling thru the nostrils is more harsh than peppery. But all things considered, John Bull is worth the budget conscious smoker's attention. P.S. The box was so nice I couldn't bring myself to toss it, so I gave it to a neighbor. I still look at it whenever I go over to share cigars.
KK of Valdosta, GA
These cigars are much better than expected. Great to share with friends and won't break the bank or embarrass you. They burn well, and they age nicely in your Humidor. I will buy them again. My thanks to CI for another great box.
A great smoke for sitting on the dock just blowing smoke. A good flavor. A funky burn once in a while, nothing you can't catch up. A pleasant mild to middy taste. Once in a while a little hot towards the end, but the construction and the taste overall is consistent and good. I've reordered a couple times and will again.
Great cigar, easy draw, soft and smooth, ordered my second box.
Got my box of John Bull Cigars and they are a wonderful smoke. Put half of the sticks in my humidor at home and put a Boveda pouch in the John Bull box and they held just as good. Keep that John Bull box at work. Very good mild tone and it drags really well. Def a box I will continue to get.
JH of Centerton, AR
John Bull Corona: These are a nicely crafted cigar, with a multiple layered cap. I put them in my humidor for about 7 days to let them stabilize from the shipping. These have a nice easy draw and what great flavor. Truly a great deal. I will buy more in the future. Ikeman
IS of Louisville, TN
Good everyday cigar and so far all have been perfectly constructed. They do vary in strength from cigar to cigar. I've had a few be very mild and a few give me one hell of a buzz. On the other hand all have had good flavor. Over all not bad for less than a buck.
Let them sit a week. Then enjoy. Great taste and construction. The fact that they are having a hard time stocking all sizes, should be a good indication. As my dad says, "don't stop at a restaurant with no cars in the parking lot". These have become my go to cigar.
MB of wolfeboro falls, NH

John Bull

Posted by Steve R

SCHIP Buster Series - Volume 4

Unless you’ve been asleep at the wheel the past month or two, you know that SCHIP has hit home. This bill places a heavy tax on all cigars, and has resulted in higher prices starting 4/1. Some manufacturers are using this tax as a vehicle to introduce price increases that, in some cases, go above and beyond the level of the tax. In several cases, manufacturers have instituted multiple price increases on the same cigar, capitalizing even further. On top of this, some cigars are already quite expensive, and any new increases (whether it be additional costs or taxes) could possibly put them out of reach for the working man. In an effort to provide you with optimum value, I will be matching up two cigars each week. One expensive cigar and one lesser-expensive option, comparing them based on flavor, satisfaction, construction, and price.

Volume 4 – Ashton and John Bull

Today’s review will be a tough one for some to swallow, largely due to the fact that John Bull is brand new and most of you have yet to try it. However, I can assure you, it’s a good match-up for Ashton. Ashton is a popular, expensive cigar that rivals the ranks of Macanudo and Davidoff. A mild-bodied handmade crafted in the Dominican by the Fuente family. John Bull is another mild-bodied cigar, but it is made in Nicaragua and comes equipped with a very low price point in value-sized boxes of 30.

Hopefully you’re still with me here. If so, let’s move on.

Ashton – When it comes to mild, high-quality Dominican handmades, the classic Ashton is usually one of the first brands people speak about. The brand has enough ratings in Cigar Aficionado to field most of the NFL’s teams, and has been rated as high as ‘92’. Ashton combines a golden Connecticut shade wrapper with aged Dominican long-fillers. I chose the Double Magnum, which measures 6”x50, sits heavy in the hand, and offers a nice, glossy texture.

John Bull – This cigar is brand spankin’ new, and comes from Nicaragua. Out of the gates, it has already been called “the working man’s Excalibur.” It’s mild in body, using a thick Connecticut-seed wrapper from Ecuador to conceal a mellow blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. The wrapper is a few shades darker than the Ashton’s Connecticut leaf, with some tooth and oils to boot. To keep things comparable, I chose the 6”x48 Britannia.

Again, I hope you’re still with me here. Especially those that enjoy Ashton on a regular basis. I know there’s a good amount of you out there, so please read on as I break down the flavor and quality of each....

Ashton – Over the years, I have come to really enjoy mild-bodied cigars. They offer a subtle, but sophisticated level of flavor and, when done right, today’s makers are producing mellow smokes that are really quite rich and enjoyable. The Double Magnum is smooth and shiny with no veins, and it offers a nice, cedary pre-light aroma. Off the bat, a creaminess coats my palate, followed by a toasty series of tobacco and cedar. The aftertaste sticks around just long enough to pick up more toast and wood on the tip of the palate. The cigar isn’t overly rich, but it’s balanced and pleasant. Ashton is known for consistency and quality, and this Double Magnum drives this point home. The flavor is consistently smooth and pleasant, while the burn remains slow and straight. A full-bodied fan may not reach for Ashton all too often, if ever, but I can easily find a spot for this cigar in my morning rotation, as I feel the crips (but creamy) flavors will pair nicely with a bold cup of coffee. The mild-bodied character lasts throughout the burn, while the cigar continues to pump out thick clouds of creamy, white smoke.

John Bull – This cigar is brand new to us, and has only been featured in one catalog to date. So far, sales are promising and, based on the “working man’s Excalibur” comments from our retail store customers, the brand seems to be off to a good start. The cigar is pretty, with a dark, toothy appearance. Upon first light, I note an interesting mix of dark tobacco flavors and crisp, mellower tobaccos. This mix is a result of the Nicaraguan and Dominican leaves inside, and it’s complemented nicely by the Ecuadorian-grown wrapper’s rich, creamy influence. There’s some sweet cedary tones during each puff, while toasty remains on the exhale. The slightest touch of pepper is found when the smoke exits my nose. The Ashton fan might consider this to be mild to medium. I say medium would be a stretch, as John Bull is a solid, mild-bodied handmade with a good balance of contrasting flavors. The Britannia burns a little quicker than the Double Magnum, but I am not going to complain about that. This cigar can be enjoyed brainlessly, puffing away while doing just about anything, but enjoying it thoroughly.

Ashton and John Bull. Two very different cigars made in two very different countries of very different tobaccos and priced at opposite ends of the price spectrum. Ironically enough, they’re surprisingly comparable in terms of flavor and quality. That said, I’d have to give the Ashton the edge here with a ’90,’ while John Bull sits comfortably with an ’88.’

But, price is obviously part of the equation. John Bull carries an everyday price point. The MSRP for its largest size - a massive 7.25”x54 presidente known as the Prime Minister - is $4.50. Furthermore, the economical boxes of 30 allow us to sell this size for a paltry $2, which is becoming even more rare as the effects of SCHIP become increasingly more real. Ashton is expensive. We all know this, and the brand’s closest size – a 7.5”x52 Churchill – maintains an MSRP of $9.30. That’s more than double, and we sell it for a little over $8 apiece. A big difference.

Both cigars are mild and pleasant, so this toss-up comes down to what you’re looking for. If you’re a stickler for big brand names and flashy ratings, Ashton is one of those brands that has established itself in that realm. However, if you’re just looking for a mellow smoke to enjoy on a regular basis, John Bull is a fine choice. Now that price has entered the equation, the tides have turned....slightly.

John Bull: