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Indian Tabac Sale

For a limited time, enjoy BLOWOUT pricing on all Indian Tabac boxes and bundles. Discount reflected in prices below.

A robust classic from Rocky Patel.

Rocky Patel is a cigar-making fool rolling out a new premium blend every time the sun comes up. As a retailer - and the one who has to develop catchy descriptions for every last one of Rocky’s handmade creations – it’s easy for his older blends to get lost in the fold. Hell, this gem - Indian Tabac  - would be forever off my radar if I didn’t see hundreds of boxes going out the door each week. While Rocky’s 93-rated Vintage and 95-rated Decade receive all the buzz....the classic blends of Indian Tabac continue to shine and are only getting stronger.

So what makes this cigar so good? Lemme tell ya. Indian Tabac utilizes the same premium, aged long-fillers and carefully fermented wrappers as Rocky’s most expensive blends....but the cigars are half the price, if not less! Dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrappers, or seamless Corojo wrappers conceal a complex recipe of 3-year old, long-leaf tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica. The smoke is rich and spicy, offering a deep, meaty core with toast, oak, and leather. The smoke grows more intense during the slow burn, completing an eventful medium to full-bodied smoke built with top-notch quality for half the price.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Chief Corojo (Churchill) (7.5"x52)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $120.00 $59.99    
Teepee Corojo (Pyramid) (5.5"x52)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $110.00 $44.99    
Tomahawk Corojo (Toro) (6.0"x52)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $110.00 $49.99    
Overall Rating 3.75 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Indian Tabac”

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4 out of 5
Great Smoke
Very good and smooth for the price.
5 out of 5
Love Cigars
Disappointed that you are no longer carrying this cigar!! Love this cigar!
3 out of 5
Average Cigar
This cigar was easy to smoke but not as smooth as I like. For the price though they are OK. Nothing to write home about for sure.
3 out of 5
Honestly, I bought these because they were on sale at a good price. The flavor changes little throughout the smoke, and there is a bitter, almost hoppy flavor that persists. I won't be buying any more.
Customer Testimonials
I picked up a box of the Tomahawks and though I lean to a slightly more full flavored cigars. these taste good and are well made Gordos at a great price.
One of my favorite cigars. BUT, I must have gotten a really bad (or 2nds or 3rds) of these. They only burn down one side, go out within 2 minutes if you don't take a draw. Go the standard "talking points" when I called. Too much moisture in your humidor. Have tried everything since then to the point of leaving them out in the open. Same results. Ash will burn down one side if you can keep it lit. Has anyone else had this problem. Am reluctant to order another 25.
Bought a box and have had several so far. The flavor is great but had a tight draw some and all of them ran on one side. Will continue to finish them slowly but probably won't replace them unless they fix these issues. Good cigar for the price.
Had my first ever Rocky Patel cigar that had a tight draw. But the second ITMaduro I lit up was HEAVENLY. What a great cigar, reasonable prices aside, this is an awesome cigar for maduro/spice lovers like me!
.... This is nothing more than medium in body and strength, and not even anywhere near the Med-Full spectrum, this one is barely a few notches above the mild-med side....
Great flavor. Complex and entertaining at very reasonable price. Produces a thick, hearty smoke. I've enjoyed these with various whiskeys, cognac, and ports. It pairs nicely. My only complaint is that the burn can be inconsistent and sloppy. I've given a few to friends who had the same complaint. If you're looking for full bodied flavor with a good bang for the buck, this is your cigar.
If you can get these cigars cheap, by all means do so. Do not think you are purchasing an everyday type smoke with the Rocky Patel pedigree. Bad draw issues, uneven burn and it seems to me that these cigars are dyed darker. Be a smart shopper when you encounter these cigars.
Constantly touching up. So far i've smoked 2 of them with the same results. I can only get through half before i give up, which is a shame because they taste good.
Great cigar! heavenly aroma with deep earthy flavor with hints of chocolate. This is the way a cigar is supposed to smell and taste. Got this one in a ''Black Friday Maduro sampler''. This one and the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro were the best cigars in the sampler. I loved all the cigars in the Black Friday sampler, but the 2 mentioned above are tops in my opinion.
I just can't catch a break with these. The burn is HORRIBLE. The taste is good but so far I've purchased a mazo of 25 and a box of 25 and all I've smoked to date... with a few months rest I might add, have been a pain in the rear to enjoy. I just don't understand the reviews with the "great burn" comments.
ATTN ALL CIGAR MAKERS! Get in touch with the people who roll these cigars and ask them how they make the draw perfect, so I don't have to get a headache from drawing so hard on some of yours. This is a great looking cigar, well rolled, with barrels of smoke. It should be noted that it is on the strong side, and not meant for those who only smoke mild. Even though it was robust, it was smooth from beginning to end. A cigar that I need to keep a few in the humidor.
Bloody Great Cigar!
I bought a box of the pyramids, and love them. First, they are a great smoke. They remind me of how maduros tasted years ago. Leathery, a little woody, a little pungent and earthy but still cool burning. In other words, just great! I have passed out a few to my cigar smoking buddies, and they are nuts about them too. Everyone likes and remembers this old fashioned flavor profile. And the pyramid shape always causes another cigar smoker to stop me and ask what I am smoking. They love the shape and the dense black color of the wrapper. Many have never seen what we used to call a "torpedo" shape cigar. These are an excellent buy.
I am working my way through my introduction sampler, and the Indian Tabac Super Feurte Maduro was just one amazing cigar! From the moment I lit it up until I reluctantly put it down, it was one fine smoke...and though it says "super feurte"(spanish for super strong), I found it to be exactly to my liking and not so strong as to be off putting, though I had my doubts when I decided that was going to be the 2nd one I fired up...My 1st choice, a Graycliff G2, was not so enjoyable, it tasted just too mild...IT Super Fuerte Maduo was a Super Smoke.
Excellent smoke if you are a Maduro smoker as I am. I burn a LOT of Maduros while driving cross country US and Canada and I rate a cigar by taste as well as by miles, this stick has got it all! I can get approximately 100 miles interstate and good flavor throughout with 1 of these! Highly recommended cigar from the guy you see in the big red truck:)
Im new to smoking cigars and got this one in a sample pack. I will be ordering a box of these. Even burn and wonderful taste. I didn't want it to end (I smoked it till it almost burnt my fingers).
Nice burn, draw and look. Have a chair near by and a cool one to put against your fore head. Strong finish for a mild cigar smoker like myself. I enjoyed this one very much!
WOW it had been 20 or so years since my last Good cigar, (Cuban) Indian Tabac are the only ones for me. The first 5 min, hold on to your hat, they are very strong!, they smooth out nice. Creamy, bold flavor with little or no after burn. All in all an excellent cigar.
WHOA! A $10 Cigar with an everyday price. No harshness no bitterness, just a smooth flavorful smoke! This baby has a lot of BARK and NO BIGHT! Size, 6X52. I will be back for more and more of these. Thanks CI.
Got the (Indian Tabac Maduro) awhile back and have just been letting them sit in my humi. Today I went outside and decided I wanted a smoke. Grabbed this sucker and it has been one of the best smokes I have had in a very long time. Very easy draw. Lots of smoke. Very flavorful. When I get some money I am definitely grabbing a box of these.
I just recieved a 5 pack of the boxer(Indian Tabac Maduro) . I know Iam supposed to stick them in the humi for a couple of days, but I just could'nt wait. I just got done burning one, It is a very nice cigar great aroma,a little strong of the bat, but mellowed nicely after about a inch and a half. The burn got a little uneven about half way through, but corrected it self by the 3\4 mark. Draw and cap were excellent. Iam a full bodied smoker so I found this very nice even at mid-day, probably would be even better in the evening with a nice whiskey, or after dinner. This cigar has a nice bite to it, and was very enjoyable, about half way through it even started tasting alot like the joyo de nicaragua 1970 which I really love and there twicwe the cash. All in all a very nice smoke, and for the price point you cant beat it. I will make room for alot more in the humidor.
I got these in a sample pack (Indian Tabac Maduro). I waited until I smoked a few of these before making a comment. I thought the first had to be a fluke........I was wrong. This is a very good cigar, probably one of the most complex smokes I've had. The longer you smoke it, the better it gets. I was pleasantly surprised.
ok a mild smoker here but this is a treat (Indian Tabac Maduro).....the flavor and such is a real experience. what a treat for us "milder" me you will like this one.
ok i am a mild to medium smoker and do not always have the time to enjoy a complete gigar. take one of these and cut it in half, and get a full smoke in one half the time.(Indian Tabac Maduro) light it, let it cool down for a minute, and enjoy. one of the best for this type of smoke, trust me.
"Indian Tabac Maduro"....Have a glass of "whatever" next to you to put out the fire, WOW! 4 Alarms! This is one hot strong smoke. But wait, about 10 mins. into it... it really mellows... to a 2 alarmer. Beginners beware. This is a 5 Vegas Series "A" anomaly on steroids. However, if you like a wonderfully rich and complex cigar full of spice, leather and yes some creamy undertones look no further. This is one great tasting stick. ENJOY.
I am a 68 year old farmer from the cold country of Michigan and I always have a cigar in my mouth.I have tried a lot of brands and sizes but BOY let me tell you this (Indian Tabac Maduro) is one fine spark plug. It's smooth and easy to smoke.Wow rather have one of these than a new tractor (well) almost! The sales staff and customer service staff go beyond the call of duty.(cheers) Well got to go feed my animals thanks CI
Whoa!!!! Nelly!!!! This cigar(Indian Tabac Maduro) is like a swift kick in the teeth. But instead of a burly man doing the kicking, its more like a Playboy Playmate doing it. VERY (cannot emphasize very enough) spicy. The first draw is like inhaling black pepper, but in a good way. The rest of the smoke is like a very fine wine, crisp and clean with very little after taste. My only two complaints are the EXTREME (again on the caps) feeling of suffering a hang-over for about 3 hours after smoking this and the fact that the ash fell off and it wasn't even a inch smoked yet.
What can I say... almost speechless (Indian Tabac Maduro) you owe it to yourself to grab a bunch or a couple of boxes trust me my friend you will not be disapointed juicy tell the very end.
Great cigar (Indian Tabac Maduro),great value,nice slow even burn, great draw,lots of flavor will order again for sure.
If you are interested in a great full bodied cigar at a great price, then this is the cigar (Indian Tabac Maduro) for you. I love it, thank you!
I just received my box of Indian Tabac Tomahawk Maduro, along with a box of Diesel Churchills for my son (23 y.o.) I just finished one of the Tomahawks. It is a great cigar. Thank you for the fine cigars and the great service. You have become the only online cigar store from which I purchase my cigars.

Indian Tabac Maduro

Welcome to a complete different spectrum. Indian Tabac Maduros put the "POW" back in cigar smoking. If you love Macanudo, Lord of Jamaica, Don Diego, or Carbonell, don't bother with this one. I'm shocked. I've never been more surprised than when I lit this one. The first 5 drags almost knocked me over. Let me start by saying I smoke a lot of maduros. Usually, and I stress usually, they yield a milder, almost sweeter drag than it's natural counterpart. Nope, not here!

This cigar is gorgeous. Silky, dark brown maduro wrapper (not black like some of the maduros coming from Perdomo and CAO) with hardly a blemish. I pulled the Tomahawk for this review and at 6.0" and 52 ring, it's a plentiful cigar with a lot of tobacco stuffed in there. I use a bullet punch b/c I'm too clumsy with a guillotine and I sucked some air through just to make sure it wasn't plugged. There's nothing I hate more than plugged cigars (well, except maybe a plugged Cuban cigar I smuggled from Cancun - that's a story for another time.)

Like most Indian Tabac cigars, this too lit with ease. Just a few seconds with the torch and it was fired up. Well, prepare yourself for the first 10 drags. It's spicy, damn spicy, and strong. It's almost like they jammed hot sauce in the center. My tongue tingled, my heart started racing, and I couldn't believe I wanted more. It's a flavor I've never experienced. So powerful that I needed more. Again, this ain't no beginner's cigar. The burn is perfect and the ash will hold for a long time. As you know, I smoke these on my 45-minute ride home and on an empty stomach, it made me light-headed and jones'n for a Big Mac.

After about 10 minutes, the "POW" subsides quite a bit. It starts to mellow and by then, you're ready for it. The smoke is generous and the complexity of the flavor tell you the tobacco has been sufficiently aged. You'll want to smoke it to your fingertips and I promise, the second one will surprise you just as much as the first.

Indian Tabac Maduros offer a great change of pace. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. Remember my words about those first 10 minutes. It really doesn't compare to anything else I've every smoked. Enjoy!