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Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Sale

For a limited time, enjoy BLOWOUT pricing on all Indian Tabac boxes and bundles. Discount reflected in prices below.

A one of a kind super premium from Indian Tabac.

The Cameroon Legend is a very good cigar, worth the coin if you were to pay even full retail prices. So at the deal I’m offering you, it’s downright ridiculous! These big ring gauge beauties are rolled with true African Cameroon wrappers, which perfectly complement the vintage Dominican Corojo and Brazilian Mata Fina long-leaf tobaccos. Masterfully blended and aged to perfection, this flavorful medium-bodied cigar pleases the palate with its assertive bouquet of robust flavors. You will smoke it down to the nub!

But perhaps best of all, CI is wiping 50+% off the regular retail prices: that's a chunk of change.

Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Robusto Grande Maduro (5.0"x52)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $157.50 $44.22    
Toro Grande Maduro (6.1"x54)
BOX OF 25 Out of Stock $178.75 $49.28    
Overall Rating 2.75 out of 5 Based on 8 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend”

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1 out of 5
Disappointing, not as good a brand as it used to be
poorly made, tip falls apart in small as if it is a machine made cigar. I'll never order Indian Tabac again.
2 out of 5
Did not burn evenly,if you
Did not burn evenly,if you put it down and had to relight it taste was charred.see why rocky Patel doesn't make them anymore. Y
4 out of 5
very well constructed. Great cigar
very well constructed. Great cigar and a value.
2 out of 5
1 cigar = 12 matches
I have enjoyed these in the past and am hoping I just got a box created by a disgruntled employee, but I have gone through about 15 of the first of two boxes I purchased, and every single one of them has required anywhere from 10 to 15 relights. Hoping the second box burn a bit easier!
2 out of 5
adulterated with dye
adulterated with a dye that stains your hands and mouth. occasional bitter taste and hard draw.
1 out of 5
Poor taste. Harsh.
Would not buy again. Other Indian Tabac cigars I have tried are very good but this one is junk.
5 out of 5
indian tabac
Awesome cigar
5 out of 5
Feels like you totally got over!
There is something about the Cameroon Legend Grande Maduro that really feels Grand and makes you feel Grand! The feel of quality in your hand that comes from excellent construction and generous ring size, the storm cloud of rich, sweet smoke and the complex but smooth tobacco satisfaction combine to make a Regular Joe like myself feel like a Big Shot, even more so knowing the price didn't blow the bottom out of my wallet! After all, isn't that what we all want? It's good to be the King!
Customer Testimonials
I picked a 5 pack of these (Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend) and boy what a great cigar. I was in the mood for something bigger and a longer burn and Indian Tabac is great. It compliments my scotch perfectly. It has a nice spicy taste to it with a light burn to the lips. Each one had an even burn and no canoeing. This is definitely a finger tip burner.
A truly great smoke (Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend). This is a long, creamy smoke with nothing but smooth flavors. One of my favorite!
I purchased a box of the Maduro Wrapper Cameroon Legends from the "Make Me An Offer". I wanted to dabble in a large ring cigar, but didn't want the large prices. I recieved them, and not having much patience, lit one up right away. I was pleased to find a smooth, flavorful smoke that I just couldn't get enough of. Days went by till my next one, and once I lit it up, I didn't seem to get the same "wow factor" as the first one I smoked. After a few weeks of Rocky's and 5 Vegas cigars, I loaded my travel humidor with the Indian Tabac Cameroon Legends Maduro and headed to camp for a fishing weekend. Needless to say, I got twice the "wow factor" than the first one I smoked. Now I'm kickin myself in the rear for waiting so long to burn them again. Great, even draw with a magnificent flavor and lovely aftertaste. I hope I can get them for the same price as before.
I recieved a box of these smokes(Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend) in the maduro rapper for my birthday 7 months ago. I still have a few left!!! Thats pretty amazing for me as when I like something I smoke it up right away. What I mean is these babies need to be charished!!! They're that good!!! One minor problem that I experienced was the draw was slow, but in the end that made them that much better as they took longer to smoke equaling more enjoyment!!! Try one today!! A+++ also for pricing with almost all Indian Tabac smokes!!! Its tough to beat low prices with such great quality!!!!
The minute I smoked my first (Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend)a couple of years ago, I was hooked...I enjoy the Rocky Patel line, but I keep coming back to these, so smooth and great tasting...I never thought I would have an absolute favorite, but the Legend is it...
This is one of the most awesome cigars (Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend) I have ever smoked, there is nothing quite as satisfying as puffing on one of these giant Gorilla Maduros, I have tried to substitue other large gauge maduros, and there is nothing superior and damn few that equals.
These chunky fellows (Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend) are heavy in the hand, smooth on the palate, relatively easy on the wallet, and when you dance with them they are light on their feet. I don't think you could pack more flavor in a cigar if you tried. Africa, Brazil and Cuba are represented in the blend that years ago would have cost a small fortune. Starts sweet, stays mellow builds into a wonderfully complex juicy smoke with very light spice. The wrapper is oily and tastes rich and creamy on the lips.
I must agree with my fellow "Rocky" lovers. I first encountered the "Cameroon Legend" in the "Big ring sampler". I enjoy all of the Rocky Patel line, but the Legend is my hands down favorite! Smooth, mellow and slightly spicy on the pallet. A real pleasure for times when I can relax with a snifter in hand. Thanks to CI I can afford truly great smokes and feel like an important guy. You guys rock! Keep up the good work!
Like my own bravado, The Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend is now a legend in my own mind. The pre-light bouquet is spicy-rich. I almost wanted to take a bite. As I lit up, I knew I had a cigar in my hand. Its heavy feel and thick ring gauge made me pay attention to each and every draw. Thick billowing smoke surrounded my head like a crown of Cameroon goodness. Definitely not one to smoke if you are in a hurry, the Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend experience takes a long time. But it is time well spent.
I bought a 5-pack (Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend), smoked'em like I was on death row!!! Purchased a box, great cigar, the cameroon wrapper is very tasty. Will keep in the humidor.
WOW! I first had the (Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend) what a awesome smoke, I was a little intimated at first, but that soon went away. It was so creamy and smooth but full of flavor all at the same time, The perfect way to spend my hour and half commute home on a friday evening. Monday I ordered a box of the 552 robusto's and they were just as good. Perfect burn,nice solid cap all the way to the nub. This is my new go to smoke. Thanks, guys.
I don't usually find smaller cigars a good smoke. But I got the Robusto Grande at the sister auction site at a great buy. I was looking for a shorter smoke time cigar than my normal smokes so I tried these. I'm hooked! I don't know how RP manages to get all that great flavor in these cigars, but these are really tasty. A smooth even burn, great construction, and lots of woody, dark coffee and leather taste. I could close my eyes and easily imagine a mild maduro. No touches of cinnamon, caramel, latte, citrus, etc. Just a great old fashioned tobacco smoke. I have smoked a couple of these robustos to the nub (about an hour and 15 for me), and they were all great all the way to the end. When I am down to the last few, I will definitely be buying more.
WOW and WOW again. I smoked threw a box of these in record time. If you like a full flavored cigar with tons of smoke buy a box of these. They do have their problems they tend to run and need to be touched up but for the value I dont mind at all.
A good cigar! Smoke while watch or listening to football either on tv or radio.
When I received these cigars, it obviously had some time in the humidor, and it reflected in the taste. It was a very smooth, mellow cigar. I am partial to cigars with the Cameroon wrapper and this one did not disappoint. I can not believe I got these for just 2 bucks a cigar. I will buy again.

Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Maduro

Steve R
The Cameroon Legend by Indian Tabac features a series of monster-sized parejos that could easily intimidate a rookie enthusiast, especially the Gorilla, a 58-ring gargantuan that commands 2 solid hours of your attention. These thick ring gauges allow Rocky Patel and Nestor Plasencia to really get creative with the blend, creating a lineup of balanced, full-flavored cigars that smoke smooth and slow. Although they have some kick, they’re not as strong as they look. We just received a nice sized shipment of Cameroon Legend Maduros. They contain the same vintage long-fillers as the natural, but feature a dark broadleaf maduro wrapper. I’ve yet to try these, so of course, I decided to give it a go, and as usual, I chose the largest size.

Simply put, the Gorilla Maduro is massive. It’s dense and heavy, and the dark Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper seems to make it look even larger in my hand. Just walking back to my desk with this oversized toro in hand results in looks from my coworkers. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am going to smoke this now. I break out the v-cutter and make an ‘X’ in the cap using two cuts. Despite the amount of tobacco used, the pre-light draw is perfect – a little effort needed, but not too loose. After using ¾ of a can of butane, the Gorilla Maduro is on fire and I’m puffing away. Prepare yourself for an extended timeout, because this guy will be a serious, but enjoyable, investment of your time. The thick broadleaf burns slow, and seems to crackle like a fireplace with each puff. Each draw presents a depth of rich, smooth flavor that coats my entire palate. I notice toasty hints of wood, and the slightest bit of spice on the back of my palate, probably from the Brazilian tobacco. Ironically, it’s quite mellow in the strength category, which is probably a good thing. Had this been a full-bodied cigar, I might be lying face down on the floor by now. The flavors are presented in a gentle, organized manner. It opens smooth and deliberate, but continues to evolve as it burns, taking on new personalities inch by inch. It’s like listening to a CD – one track slowly fades out while the next fades in. Never overwhelming, the Cameroon Legend Gorilla Maduro is a gentle giant. Next time you have 2 hours to yourself, I recommend lighting one up!